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Are we live in a shutdown? rajim Bismillah R Rahman Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala should have been listening. So you know Muhammad Ali he was like Ah man, my beloved brothers a cinematic lover

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having to do that. I mean, always we begin with the praise and thanks of Allah Masha Allah, Allah, Allah Allah will testify that there is none worthy of worship besides Allah subhanaw taala and we send our love greetings and salutations so beloved Nabina Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, to his pious, miniscule family to his companions and all those who follow his sunnah until the end of time. May Allah bless us to be amongst them. mean I mean when hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah, as I mentioned last week, basically hinted that, you know, last week was the 10th of Muharram Ashura, and it's a, a an event that is

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that should be a joyous occasion occasion in which Allah subhanaw taala forgives the sins of last year. But of course, it has become mired in controversy where the Sunni Shia divide is always highlighted. And last week, there were certain comments made about the Sahaba that and I don't know if you've heard, if you haven't had 100 out of your saved, if you have heard, you would have obviously naturally to insult the Sahaba and to question their credibility is a direct assault on on Islam. And so they were number of condemnations and apologies and Alhamdulillah. We move on. There's no need to to harp on that point.

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But a central question around the Sunni Shia divide, and we did a series on Shiism, six, seven years ago, it's online you can follow it. I know how to get into it. There's no reason for us to go down that road again, is

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around the caliphate and more particularly caliphate of Satan that have occurred or the alarm, because the kernel of the I would say one of the founding differences between hallucinogen Ma and the Shia and the reality of two sects. Is the leadership of the Muslim ummah after the Nabisco Saddam

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was the someone appointed? Wasn't the someone appointed? How did Abu Bakr get the job? Why don't you get the job? Was he rightfully chosen as a leader? Is he that through selected leader? Was it usurped, and this is what was claimed last week, but it was usurped, stolen by a, a plot. And we obviously take exception to that. So let's talk in Sharla today about the events How

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was the vote and people wrote down the ballots and they gave it in no, we did we raise our hands I was a backer on selectors Khalifa. Now context we know that then a visa Salam

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passed away to the Sahaba suddenly, there is also numbers away and the Gambia only die by the permission of Allah and Gambia, the Angel of Death is not allowed to pull the roof of an IV without the permission. So there is a solemn and you can look if you look at the Hadith that he mentioned, of the came back from Hajj, the prophet Salam came back much like we had had the ledger.

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And then there'll be Allah what is going to be in three months, three months off the Hajj whenever you support, so there'll be no one basically three months off the Hajj, and he's giving advice, advice to the sahaba. They think it's general. He says to them, Allah has given a slave the opportunity to stay on the earth, or to choose the Ophira and the slavers made him the choice of the harvesting Allahu Akbar, what a wise man, only Abubaker is crying, because he understand the slave that is implied here is the reason Salam. So then we Salam, as we know, passes away,

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as a shock to the sahaba. You were sick for a number of weeks, and he wasn't performing coming out to leave the surah. And so the Sahaba were in the masjid, very nervous, what's going to happen? And then on the day that he passed away on Monday, it was a Monday morning of the budget. Then at the Salem actually had a

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revival in his energy. He was felt strong, and the Sahaba had performed. They were ready in the Fajr Salah and then abbyson got up because he couldn't stand. He was so weak. The days before that. He got up and he opened the curtain. And he stood looking at this harvest, making syrup. And the Sahaba was so you know, there was so happy and joyous to see his face and see that he's standing and seeing that he's healthy that look they should be focusing on the fibula, but they focused on him. And it was like the magic. They made noise to Saito Buchan than me Salam is yeah, he's gonna lead the salah because they had already began the salah behind St. Abu Bakr he was the Imam and then the solemn

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motion to them like no you guys continue. I just want to watch you I want to see you like this. Standing together. One GEMA performing Fajr the masjid is full behind one Imam. The Imam is Abu Bakr doesn't matter which side you are. Everyone agrees that Imam was Abu Bakr, radi, Allah. And then the salam the last thing that the Sahaba saw of him was that beautiful smile. He smiled at him. And then he went into his room, and within a few hours, the porcelain had returned to Allah subhanaw taala and the person passed away, though at the time, Medina was in chaos. People didn't know they couldn't be

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Leave this was a reality.

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Like say no murder. He said this is just like Nabil Issa. He's gone to Allah, he's going to come back. Muhammad says we can't die like this. A life without an abuse Allah was something they could not fathom. And so the whole of Medina was, you know, in mourning, it was it was confusion. There was chaos ensuing.

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But yet by the end of the day, it was a Monday, by the end of the day, they had already selected a color for Khalifa, a leader Abu Bakr was selected as a hurry. So how did this happen?

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How in a few hours, we'll say no Bucher appointed as the Khalifa was the a consultation as I said, did everyone come and give the views they have an eviction was the a plot a scheme, a coup or use someone who served it as a very interesting Hadith in Sahih Bukhari that explains the events what we call the events of Suceava. The place in which Abu Bakr was appointed is cold. sativa sativa is a garden in Medina. So we are in Medina, the prophecy has passed away. He's Majid and Elisa Lam is in his house waiting to be buried now. There is a garden

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around the corner from the masjid of Nabil Salam Majid Nabi, this garden is hold the garden of Suceava and that is way the election is contactless. So in this, it's a long Hadith. It mentions the

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even ambassador, the Alon even Abbas that he has had even Abbas was now was a junior boy, but now many years later at the time of service, he is narrating 1520 now more than 15 years, but 15 years Yeah, after the defeat of Islam now he's a he's a big man. So even Abbas was a boy when the Prophet passed away 15 years later, he's a big man his name is so he says, I used to teach the Quran to some people of the module and I you know, I had reached a certain level where I was teaching senior Sahaba about the Quran as possible you can have a teacher was much younger than you among them there was up there Monday video and so he says amongst my students who are used to recite Quran with

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what's up the Romani they also great so hobby of mine, one of the 10 promised Jana. So even Abbas is while I was in his house in MENA, so it was an Hutch. I was with Abdurrahman enough on Mina. And he was with Omega even Bob. Saudi when he was with Bobby also say dominance so Abdurrahman, and I'm gonna understand this. So normally is now the Khalifa right? This is many years is off double bucket. So normally is the Khalifa is on Hajj. And even Abbas is sitting with him. And

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up there a man comes to say normal and he said, would that you say someone comes to save up their money video comes to say knock on wood, and he says to the Khalifa, wood that you had seen the man who came to today to the chief of the believers, saying, Oh chief of believers, what do you think about so so who says if Rama should die, I will give the pledge of allegiance to such and such person? Okay, what's happening here, so normal isn't much. And someone came to say normal now people from all over the world have come for Hajj like normal, and a man from we don't know his name. And that's the beauty of the Sahaba they never mentioned the name of the naughty one, this naughty man

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comes and he says to say number, when you die, what I will we will just give the oath of allegiance to my friend, and he will be the Khalifa I will choose who I want is the Khalifa and he'll be the Khalifa. Because that is how you guys did it will say number Walker. That's how you did it will say now bucket, the pledge I believe this because he says, I will give the Pledge of Allegiance after you die or woman to which such and such person as by Allah, the pledge of allegiance to advocate was nothing but a prompt and sudden action, which got established afterwards. It was a small meeting. And in that meeting, he was selected, and then Halsey became the Khalifa. So we're going to do the

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same. We're going to do the same with our friends. Omar became very angry when he heard this obviously. And then he said, I will. And then he gave basically he says I'm going to give a speech in front of all the Hajaj to explain this issue was so serious that Unhatched is going to give a goodbye. And so say now I would sit on the pulpit on the member. And the after the Salah was called and this was on Hajj and all the people there. And he says, oh people, I have been informed that someone amongst you says when Omar should die, I will give the Pledge of Allegiance I will appoint such and such a person to be basically the Khalifa. And one should not have any says and one should

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not be deceived by saying that the Pledge of Allegiance given to Abu Bakr was given suddenly and you're successful. So we can do the same thing. Just like we didn't have a bucket, we're gonna do the same thing.

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And then he says, Look at the mathematics and he's honest, he says, but no doubt, it was like that. That is how overkill was selected. It wasn't planned. It wasn't something we thought out it was it just happened on the spur of the moment for Abu Bakar selection. But then he says but Allah saved us the people from its from the fitna of such a thing and there is none amongst you who has the qualities of a worker, that kind of thing, where a group of people selects an a Khalifa suit of a private meeting, that should not happen. That is not the norm. That is not what must happen. But Allah did that because

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It saved us from a time when without to be scattered and fragmented. And also, who are you who have you have the same qualities like Abu Bakr, look at who we chose, we chose Abu Bakr

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and then he says, they don't want you to remember that whoever gives the pledge of allegiance to anybody among you without consulting the Muslims. So our default is a type of we don't say democracy will never say our defaults. But it is a consultative process. To say no woman says, If anyone is appointed the Khalifa without consultation. Neither the one giving the allegiance or the one being appointed is going to be accepted. We don't support such a thing. This must be a collaborative kind of process. So now he explains say now Bucha se normally explain to how it can become the Khalifa he says, and no doubt off the death of the Prophet Salam. Then recently passed away. He's in the house

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Satana Ahmed and a worker in the masjid, they are mourning some context here. What city are they in the in Medina waste Abu Bakr Ahmed from from Makkah, then from Makkah, we know the Hegira happened. So a few Muslims from Makkah came to a big city of Medina, the majority of the people of Medina were from Medina, the minority, we're from Makkah, you can almost imagine like in our community here we've got the Capetonians and we have our brothers from Somalia and Bangladesh where we have a small immigrant group. Now of course, the people of Makkah were in charge because the visa was in charge. So when an IV son passed away, naturally, the booters of Medina considered well, we should get to do

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our own city. Now there's a reason passed away. The city should go back to us because it's our city.

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They thought maybe Abu Bakr and going back to Mecca, that's where they are. They look from Medina. So they call the meeting so that said now I'm gonna says that when the provinces passed passed away, we were informed that the unserer disagreed with us and they gathered in sativa, they the senior Buddhists of the Medina, the people of Medina, the Assad, they gathered in a garden to discuss this matter. And so when Abu Bakr and Omar Abdullah and Aveda their three Sahaba, three senior Sahaba of the MaHA Jadine when they heard this meeting is happening. They said, Let us go to our brothers and discuss this matter before they choose a leader. And at that point, they didn't consult all of us so

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we went to them so almost so we went out to see them and on the way we make another two unsightly people who said yes, that meeting is happening. But I think the matter is almost decided they've already almost pointed a Khalifa don't go there. It's gonna cause a whole fitna, Abubakar said no let's go there and we discuss it.

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And so, say normally said

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we came to and so we the group of margerine we are Where are you going? And so before we go into the answer, so when the when the senior Ahmed and Abu Bakr when they got the to the gathering, so they come now to Suceava the people of Medina are sitting in a circle and they are discussing the issue who must be the ruler of Medina. They're about to make a selection in the gathering they see one person that are completely head to toe like a mummy is wrapped up. And that was was was that they said this is a sad, sad Ivanova, and he's sick. He's He's covered up like that because he's sick. So he's covered up because he got a fever or something and the sack is wrapped up. He is about to be

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appointed as the as the HUD is not the Khalifa as the head of Medina. That's the one we seek. He's the most senior amongst them is about to be selected. And so

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so they allowed Abu Bakr and Ahmed to come in and after we sat for a while the unsalted the people of Medina spoke and they said none they begin they said none has the right to be worshipped La ilaha illallah and they started to praise Allah and there's always begin with Hamlin praise of Allah. Then they say to proceed. Now they say to Abu Bakr and Omar, we are the unsolved we are the people of Medina. And the majority of the Muslim army is us. We are the majority of the people while you guys are the immigrants and you are the minority, you guys are small. And some people among you came so you came here now to discuss the issue of leadership but we should be the ones that are in charge

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and the caliphate and depriving it of us so this is a robust discussion, the answer or not? No mashallah Bhutan if you want it and Allah that we know there's another we should be the leaders. You guys are the minority with a majority.

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And why is he speaking?

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So you know, I'm gonna say I wanted to interrupt every time he said something I wanted to interrupt but Abubaker grab say no, I'm gonna sentence it sit down with them say anything. Keep quiet. Let him finish. So the ansata talking how they should be the leadership. We took you guys in we looked after you and they mentioned all the qualities you guys are actually from Makkah. And we're Yes, we brothers in Islam, but we should be the leaders and we are the majority of the army. We are also in charge of the army. And so say Domina says side note. I always whenever Abu Bakr told me to do something I listened. I didn't like to upset him in the past whenever that acquittal then I always

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took up a bucket aside. So he learned I just obey whatever bucket says so

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Abu Bakr then waited for the man to be finished. And then Abu Bakr got up and he gave a speech so he said Ahmed Leave it to me I'm gonna give a speech and say no, I'm gonna say Wallah he the speech he gave was 10 times better basically, in this speech, I was going to give everything I wanted to mention, he mentioned only better and He began by praising the answer and praising the qualities and said how you guys adopted us and all of this and there is no quality except that it belongs to answer and yes, you are the majority and the people of Medina said the city is your city. But he mentioned and basically the gist of a bucket is a bucket is a speech was remember that what we

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cannot have a situation where Medina has its Khalifa and Marquez Khalifa and Yemen has its Khalifa when we will be divided as Ummah forever. We need to choose a leader for the Muslims. We need to choose a leader for the most even now this point in time now is going to determine the future of the ummah. What we decide now Yeah, and so the so then he says then abacuses. So choose and he mentions and then advocate also mentions remember that the son was from Makkah, and the Prophet Salam had given that the margerine of an elite group. This isn't the NABI some saying so Allah says in the Quran, that the margerine are slightly above the answer. This is in the Quran, that the people of

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Makkah Abu Bakr and Omar and Bilal and say Nalli they are of a seniority why? Because they have 13 years of experience of torture and persecution, they became Muslim first, so they get the seniority. So Abu Bakr reminded them that as much Ansara as lofty as your qualities are the margerine have a degree above you and Allah had chosen us and the Prophet salaam Israel amongst us and so when this now became a bit of a you know, back and forth back and forth, so say no bucket seat so choose between these two main from Makkah, so it normally was on the one side, and I will buy them in JIRA and other great so happy within promise Jana, he said choose between our Aveda and let them be our

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Khalifa. So bucket picks are both there and this is you choose one of them. They have their margin in we all know the qualities they are good men let them be the Khalifa and Hollis we have one Hadith and Abu Omar pulls his hand away. And he says I will never ever be a Khalifa over a people with Abu Bakr is one of its citizens for Allah for the Prophet Salam chose you to lead the salah when he was sick, said Ahmed says when an obese person was unable to leave the Salah, you were the man he chose. And so it's a normal takes up a bucket his hand and says I pledge that you are My Khalifa. And when they did that, remember at the beginning of the story, the man said I'm just going to pledge to my

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friend like you did the same way you did, I'm going to do for my friend. So Omar says don't get confused. It was very different. So then he says Abu Bakr, I will pledge you to be the Khalifa. And then of course everyone in that gathering, basically everyone before besides Saudi Arabia, learn about the alonside there'll be Alon the one who was covered up in in the

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pledge to Abu Bakr, and at that meeting, he was anointed as the as the Khalifa. Not long after that, say no Baka goes. So this is the leadership of Medina appointing a booker as the Khalifa. And then he goes to the masjid and he gives us amazing speech about how that that I'm not the best of you. I'm the first and I'm just here to serve the Ummah and nobody stands up to rebel or to question or to criticize, because everyone knew the seniority and the leadership of Cena Bukhara, Dylan, this is how Bucha became the Khalifa. It was chaotic. It was unplanned. It was not from the decision of Saina worker to have an election, but election kind of happened without the the willingness or

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without the

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they go ahead. But of course at the times of fitna, which could have caused a catastrophe for the Muslims. If you think about what is the repercussions to the ummah. Today we're talking about something that happened 1400 years ago, where they chose a Halifa. Imagine that there was two that were appointed. Or there were three or four or one group for the other group. What kind of fitna would we have today? What kind of fitna would we have today? So Abubaker the Alon is appointed a Khalifa in a very chaotic manner.

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But what solidifies his position as the Khalifa was the fact that everyone in Medina came forth and gave the pledge of allegiance to him publicly. Everyone after that gave the Pledge of Allegiance publicly. Yes, there were concerns that the process was not consultative, even say Nalli Rhodiola was the only man to pledge Abu Bakr twice in public, the only person who gave his pledge publicly twice to show the people this is My Khalifa. But he did raise these concerns to say, You guys had a meeting and you chose a Khalifa, why was an IV or why wasn't any of the family of gonna be somebody? And so what could explain to say normally, we didn't call the meeting the unsalted hold the meeting

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and add it had we had the choice you had it been up to

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us it would have been collaborative the entire Ummah would have been discussed, but situations had had happened like that. And we say our view and this is the view the difference between Amazon and Alibaba. And the other group is we say that this aligns the appointment of a bucket aligns with the guidance from Allah and the Rasool Salam. Because Allah says in the Quran about St. obika Inlet en su fucka Nazzaro hula if you do not support an OB Salam that Allah has supported him is a Harada who Alladhina Kapha Ruthanne is Nene whom I feel of it if you're coolly Sahibi he let acid in Allah mana, Allah says in the Quran, about Abu Bakr, the Alon that if you do not follow the Viessmann

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supporting remember, Allah always supports the NABI Salam and you will always send people who are supported to the Prophet Salam, like when he was expelled from Makkah, he was alone, except with him in the cave was he Sahabi his Sahabi the only man Allah calls a Sahabi is Abubaker this the only time Allah says he said to his companion, do not be Do not be scared. Allah is with the two of us. Allah is with you and me. Okay? Allah also mentioned acerbic when an O wounded the best of all the muslimeen are those who embraced Islam early aboubaker. First day, a deja cinema worker segnale seen as aid, the four of them the very first people to become Muslim buckets of the first four were

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served on oh, what would I mean no hygiene and in the margene, what unsought and then often the answer. Well, let's have our own the axon and the people that comes after them. That follows them. That follows the example of the Mahajan and Ansara or the Allah, Allah and Allah is pleased with him, and they are pleased with Allah. Now it's panela what more of a job qualification do you want? When the Lord of the universe says, I am pleased with these people? I'm pleased with this man. I'm I my, my riddle is on him. And Allah span to of course also mentioned in other parts of the Quran, like in the Beatrice one that Allah knew what was in the hearts, and that he has promised him that

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they're going to Jana, when you look at the highest category of people, the highest category of people are the Gambia, the prophets, no one better than the Ambia the profits after them, who is the next best that will Emma, the MJC members, the Shuhada, the people who give charity or the best, Allah says in the Quran, or my youth or Allah, whoever obeys Allah rasool Allah, then you will be Molina and am Allah you will be of the very very fortunate group that Allah has favored manana been the Gambia was the queen and the cynics were shahada and the martyrs was Saudi throne and also behind the good people will have to know like Rafi ha and these are the best people that you can be

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with. So Allah had given a list of categories that is the best, the MBR are the best. The next best thing is

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the CD X Stichting. The highest level of Eman you can reach is the level of CD.

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You can reach the level of Naboo but you can at least reach the level of siddik Like Allah says in the Quran, that Nabi Isa is an IV, but his mother Maria is a C D ca. Maryam has the highest level of per lady can reach is the Eman of Maria Maria Sarah. She is a Siddiqa. What is Abu Bakr is nickname that Allah the prophet had given him Abu Bakr Siddiq of all the C dx of all the Sudhakar of all of that gathering. He is acidic, the best of them means panela, the best man the best human being, after the MBR is Abubaker. The one this is in the Quran. We didn't give that nickname. This is from Allah and Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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from the Hadith, so this from the ayat from the Quran from the Hadith,

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that epistle Salam, as we mentioned before he passed away he gave a number of of speeches, and we have these speeches recorded. And he says, The person who Allah has favored me the most, the biggest blessing I got off to Allah, in terms of his companionship, and his wealth is Abu Bakr. This is a day before he passes away that no one helped me more than Abu Bakr has done. And if I were to take a Khaleel, a close companion, a confidant, I would have taken Abu Bakr as my colleague, but Allah has taken me as his colleague. And he even says that, that all the doors of the masjid should be now what happens everyone had a side door to the masjid. So even on both their houses next to the masjid

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and you had a side door to enter, he said From today on, all those doors are closed except the door worker except the door of Abu Bakr. And of course we know that the Prophet Salam appointed Abu Bakr in that very critical time to lead the salah when he was ill. One day Abu Bakr was a bit late and to say not only began performing the Salah, and when the Prophet hurts I'll send them heard is that Omar? Tell him to stop. Only Abu Bakr Miletus Allah He stopped said number midway in the Salah and said call Abu Bakr for only Abu Bakr may lead the Muslims in Salah when I'm not the spine Allah

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So what more of a indication do we need to show the the preference of of Bukhara to be the Khalifa? But if we were to put all those things aside, but all those things aside His qualities before the Hegira while the life is gonna be Salam, how much the person loved him. We asked Okay, for those who don't get unhappy with his appointment as the Khalifa, you say, No, it was not done properly. What did he do as the Khalifa now that he was given the job? What did he do in two and a half years? What were the years of a worker like, in that two years, the Muslim ummah almost fell apart. All around, you had false prophets and perhaps next week we'll talk about the age of Abu Bakr Dylan, you had

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wholesale rebellion now that the man Muhammad Hassan was passed away, this was an opportunity for all the enemies to rise up. They didn't have the courage when the problem was alive, to challenge you were passed away he thought up this is the opposite. You had false nappies appearing

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when Abacha became becomes the Khalifa A few days later, Medina was on the verge of being invaded every way the Muslim empires started to fall apart. When he passed away, they had reached Palestine and Damascus in two and a half years, he had consolidated everything in after what the person had left behind. And the most important legacy he left behind perhaps, was the compilation of the Quran. The Quran was not written in the book. It was in the minds of the hearth. And during those years, so many who has died, and so it was agreed that the Quran should be put in a must have a book form. This happened in the time of Zeno, Bukhara, Dylan. And so, if one may ask, what is the issue that

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you have with Abu Bakr, I don't like him so much. I say he's a usurper, whatever. So what's the big deal? The big deal is, if you reject the philosopher of St. Albert Corrado and Omar and of man, then you reject the legacy they leave behind, and they leave behind the preservation of the Quran and the Sunnah. How is it possible that a group of people or a person that is a non Muslim because to to steal the Khilafah is an act of Cofer to have done that? What does that mean about the preservation of the Quran? You attack the Quran, and you attack the ayat of the Quran, which Allah mentioned the qualities when Allah says about the Allah and what to do and you say, no, these people aren't

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genuine, and you attack the person of Nabi Salam, when he appointed Abu Bakr as the Khalifa, the same day as the Khalifa as the Imam the same day he passed away. What kind of judgment era would you have of your nubby to surround himself with the likes of Abu Bakr and Omar ideal and Earth man? Who are

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this this deceivers? Are you surprised by the Billa? So it's not just an issue of, well, I have my version of history and you have your version of history. This is the history of Islam. And this is what our deen is built on. So in sha Allah, perhaps next week, we can talk about the days of the age of Macedonian in that time, that critical moment when the Ummah was about to collapse, and many scholars mentioned that there were times when the OMA was in extremely dangerous, dangerous point. Like when there'll be some made Hegira that is perhaps the closest the Quraysh got to killing Robbie Salem, and the Battle of butter. One of those moments in history whether the Ummah was hanging on by

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thread is the two years of of Macedonians caliphate after he passes away, so normally comes to my strong. We are the leading civilization on earth. What happened in that brief period? We'll talk about the caliphate of say no worker on the island,

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nila, just a few quick announcements that comes around meet and greets for our next session will be the 27th I think next week Saturday. I think there's still positions open if anyone would like to find a husband or wife you can sign up and then handed out we as I said last time we had a wonderful haram March we we ask Allah to reward all those who contributed If you still wish to contribute as well. Also kitchen continues weekly, and malice we'll accept from all of us. I mean, sokola hate was Allah say now Muhammad Ali, Abdullah Abdullah Meena Salaam Alaikum.


  • Hadith Of Saqeefah
  • Shia Evidence and Response – Hadith Of Saqeefah
  • Quranic or Hadith Evidence of Abu Bakr’s Appointment
  • Evidence of Abu Bakr’s Appointment
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