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Omar Suleiman
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a situation where Adam was approached by a woman who claimed he had eaten from a tree, causing him to lose his cool and run away from her. The woman used symbolism and a law to describe Adam as a tall man and a loss of his garments. The woman warned Adam not to run away from him and taught him a lesson to prevent future embarrassment. The conversation also touches on forgiveness for loss and how it can lead to good deeds.
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Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us exactly what happened when the mighty Salaam and Hauer eat from the tree. Now obviously they disobeyed Allah subhana wa tada and this was the first time that other monies saddam had disobeyed Allah subhana wa Tada. He didn't know what sin was like. He didn't know what repentance was like. And a law really tells us in the Quran about the beneficial aspects of Adam it his salaams making that mistake in his repentance we don't we don't have anything about what type of tree it was. It's insignificant if he ate from an apple tree or a fig tree or whatever it may be. Just that other money his Salam ate from something that Allah subhana wa tada

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prohibited him from eating from and other monies Salaam felt this great sense of remorse, this great sense of regret. But one of the things that leads to regret and leads to remorse is this concept, this concept of Hyatt this concept of shame, that you actually feel shameful, when you commit that sin and higher having that shyness with Allah subhanho wa Taala is one of the greatest hindrances to disobeying him, it stops you It holds you so even though you desire something, you hold yourself back and you say, Well, I can't do this while Allah subhanaw taala is watching me with the things that are last panatela provided for me using the facilities that Allah subhanaw taala gave to me it

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doesn't make any sense and if you do fall into that sin, that immediately you're overtaken by that sense of shame, that shyness in the sight of Allah subhanaw taala before anything else now that tells us in the Quran that one Adam it his Salam ate from the tree and one how I ate from the tree, but that lahoma so to whom that their private parts were exposed, and the profit slice elements it's a beautiful Hadith from Oh babe no capital, the low on who that the prophets I send him he says that when Adam it his Salaam and Howard ate from the tree, their private parts were exposed. And of course, this was the natural hierarchy that they had from a loss of hundreds out of that modesty in

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the sight of Allah subhanaw taala was compromised. So the height that they had amongst each other also was not to be compromised. So Adam alayhis salaam went running and Howard went running, they started to run away from that tree as their private parts were exposed. And the Prophet slicin him said, you can imagine the scene that as the mighty his serum is running, that the trees have an agenda. The other trees have an agenda, we're grabbing him by his hair, and the messenger slicing him said that Adam was a tall man, and that his hair was very thick, like a date palm tree. That's how the profits Eisen described the head of the money who set up the trees were grabbing the hair of

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Adam and he said, um, the stones were stopping him. You know, when you're running away from Allah subhanaw taala you start to trip over your own garments. That's the idea here he's trying to run and run and run out of shame and a loss of Hannah hoods Allah says to him as he's trying to run and this is something really interesting here because of the money Sam's trying to cover his private parts but there's symbolism here as well as the law says that he's trying to cover himself man what aka agenda he's trying to take the different leaves and the different parts of the trees have an agenda to cover himself and other monies to them is on this run a law says to him Yeah, Adam, to federal

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money. Oh, Adam, are you running away from me? I feel rotten. minea Adam, do you really think you're gonna run away from me? Oh, Adam, are you really trying to flee away from Oh, hang on? Are you trying to flee away from the Most Merciful and allows teaching Adam it his Salaam? A lesson that would be relevant to all of his children? That when you disobey Allah Subhana Allah you don't run away from him you run to him? So don't run away from Allah subhanho wa Taala I feel rotten minea Adam Are you really thinking to yourself oh Adam, that it's possible for you to run away from me and other money is Salaam says la era be? No Oh my lord, lacking any stay to men, but I was ashamed of

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you. I'm shy from you. I don't know how to explain myself. And the last panel data he gathered out of the money he said um, and however and he and he said to them as he tells us in the Quran, Adam and her Kumar and TIBCO Mashallah, didn't I tell you didn't I forbid you from eating from that tree? Well, according to Kumar, in a shape on a lacuna, I do one Mobius. And I told you, I told you that the shape bond is a clear enemy to you. So a lot didn't just tell you not to eat from the tree, a loss patterns I told you that the shape on is a clear enemy to you. So when the shape bond comes, and he tries to decorate this tree for you, and he tries to push you towards that disobedience,

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Allah says, I didn't just tell you to stay away. I gave you a reason I warned you as well. And that's the case with us in this dunya as well that Allah Subhana Allah does not just tell us to stay away from certain things. But more often than not, Allah will give us the reasons and Allah subhanaw taala will tell us that this is for our benefit, that a lot does not tell us to stay away from anything except that it's for our own good and a lot does not tell us to do something except that it's for our own good and this dunya and in the akutan this life and the hereafter

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So Allah says, Didn't I tell you not to eat from that tree. And I also told you that safe pond is to you a clear enemy. Now this conversation as a lot is reminding Adam it Salam and Eve that I told you, I warned you. This conversation is pretty much the conversation that every child of Adam will have with a loss of hundreds and on the Day of Judgment. This is what the prophets lysozyme called a najwa. The conversation between Allah and His servants when a loss of parents are brings each of us forward. And Allah subhanaw taala shows us our sins, and we are and we read our sentence. And Allah subhanho wa Taala makes them present right in front of us. And the prophets license said that we

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start to feel a great sense of shame, to a point that as we're reading the sins, we start to change colors thinking that we're done. And then Allah subhana wa, tada stops us as we're reading those cents. And a last parenthood's Allah reminds us Didn't I tell you not to do this, then I warn you of this, didn't I tell you that this would be bad for you and so on so forth. But a lot also says, Did you seek forgiveness for the sense? Did you seek forgiveness for what you've done? And the prophets I send them says that when we say yes, when the believer says yes, that he did repent for these things, Allah subhanaw taala starts to convert them all into good deeds, and the person starts to

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light up with joy, right? Because he knows that he messed up. And this is the pure Mercy of Allah subhana wa Tada. And all of these are not only being forgiven, but being turned into good deeds because of his default because of his repentance, and a loss of Hannah hoods. Allah tells this person he tells the servants, that I concealed it for you in this dunya I protected you from people knowing about it from you being humiliated in this world as a result of those sins. And I have chosen to forgive you for those sins today. salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. I hope you enjoyed and benefited from this video. If you did, then please do share it and if you'd like to

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This episode is about enlightening conversations between Allah SWT and Adam AS when Adam AS ate from the forbidden tree and how beautifully Allah SWT explains Adam AS to come back to Allah SWT when a sin is committed rather than running away and the conversation termed as An-Najwa, a talk between Allah SWT and each of HIS servant on the day of judgement reminding us about HIS prohibitions.

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