Community Controversy When Masjids Extend Invitations to Politicians. Exploring the debate …

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You have the people you thought you could trust, who stood up when this conflict began and showed zero verbal support for you. Not only that, they have showed the opposite. And then views Yeah, just you know, added more salt to the you know, to the wound and they verbalize their complete 100 support for everybody else except you, like, how do you what do you expect the community to feel and think, at that point. So the reaction of people just standing out shouting out and protesting and so on was to the politicians trying to say a word or two is expected. Like you can't blame the people for that. It's another conversation and if that was the right way to respond or not, that's the

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right thing to do, especially in a masjid and so on. That's a separate issue. I'm just saying that you have to know why that reaction came. Right. So I think it's not wise.

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And those messages that have done that have to really go back and rethink their approach on how they want to handle this situation with their community.