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hamdulillah hamdulillah holifield which would even allow them more generally knew them in a poem or Maharaja subliminal alum from October to Allah let them finish guru who Allah Masai become Manish guru who Alinea when suddenly Allah sudo hit the shutter fill me when noodle atom when kitabi mokum baka Melina Bina will hurt him say Ed whether the other lady Bashara v i have no idea whether it be here for him or Allah. He said I'm in accounting I thought. I debated him.

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For sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Wilder Ashbury. He hated Oman and Latina barakallahu li him cafetera ness and Otto Birmingham.

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Al Hamdulillah Allah ceilometer his volodin Willem yaku Lucia de consumo Colombia Kula Julio Mina Tolliver kabiru tequila, but hamdu Lillahi lety Angela Allah Abdi hinky taba well imagine Allah

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hamdulillah he Latina who wants to know when to stop when we knew he wanted our Corolla he wanted to be let him in surely and fusina woman's a year Dr. Molina de la Vela mobila woman you, fella hajela La ilaha illallah wa de la sharika when I had to enter Mohammed Abdullah he was Zulu of Salah Hola Hola. Highlevel Buddha would even have the Hara who are the deen equally Waka fabula he shahida for Sol Allahu Allah. He was seldom at the Sleeman kathira in Sierra Nevada. In Astrakhan, hijiki de la heidenhain. He had you Mohammed in sallallahu alayhi wasallam were in Nashville ohmori mcdata to Hawaii in Aquila desert in beta COVID-19 what Allah, Allah Allah

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Allah Allah azza wa jal Nikita Karim an akula rubella administrate on Rajim Valentina amanu Romulus Holly hurt la nuit Hayden la home facade hain a lot of money in life is slowly but surely suddenly, we're silly. Emily Campbell Sania Kohli along method Nan de la TV La ilaha illallah wa la Medina, Mina Latina, Amina Mohammed Oh, sorry, what what was what will happen? What was obvious to me, but I mean,

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I want to share with you in this clip bar, some things about a single I have the prawn, this is iron, number nine, of salt elanco booth, the 29th sort of doper on, it was revealed at a very pivotal time in the life of the Prophet. So I said him and his mission as a messenger, it was given to him when things were escalating in Makkah. And they were beyond the point where they, the majority of Polish, were just, you know, mocking what he was saying, or feeling pity for him in the beginning, that he must have lost his mind. Or then later on to kind of dismiss what he's saying, they came up with different theories that were they were spreading around, like he's plagiarizing it

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from Jews and Christians, or he's just gotten some excerpts from the Bible, or he's got some, you know, people that have cast a spell on him or so all of the or he's a poet, he's really creative. All of those allegations have now been, you know, levied, and they've been distributed, and none of them stuck. And he's still, Clint, you know, delivering the Quran to them and their theories that were the propaganda that was being spread, the point of which was to undermine what the Quran is saying, all of that is failed. Well, when all of those tactics fail, then the next phase is anybody who listens to him, and he himself is a threat to our society. And these people are a cult. These

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Muslims, they call themselves are a cult. And they are a danger to our tradition. And anybody who believes in Him, they become completely loyal to this, these words that he's giving them, and they are willing to do anything but let go of those beliefs, and they have become fanatical. And therefore we have to eradicate that fanaticism, by, you know, by extreme measures, because they're extremists. We have to take extreme measures to deal with extremists. Right. And it was an interesting rhetoric, interesting way of thinking because extremism would be that you're unwilling to think or consider or be questioned. But the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam was openly saying

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a quote by the Quran things like how to bronycon to be surah timidly bring forward your evidences for that afternoon, why don't you engage in thought, you know, to Allah at UCLA, Mahara, Morocco, Morocco. Come let me read this to you. Let's engage in conversation. Let's talk ask them this son. Well, I enter into home and on Holocaust sumati. Well, in other words, the Quran was not you know what, what a cult does to create extra

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Islam is a cult cuts you off from any other way of thinking. It the purpose of a cult is to isolate you to, to tell you that your family doesn't understand. society doesn't understand, only we understand. So don't listen to all of them, because they'll mess you up, only listen to us, because we'll protect you. And we'll tell you what the truth really is. And by the time you get brainwashed enough, you don't want to hear anything from anybody else. Right? That's how a cult operates. And then it can become so extreme that you can, you can dictate to them to a cult, what is right and what is wrong. And the starting point of that is actually isolation. The starting point is we don't

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want anything to do with the larger society.

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Right, and you, once you isolate somebody, they become more more vulnerable. And they're more susceptible to being brainwashed and they're more susceptible to, to, you know, really be altered in their way of thinking the right and wrong and everything else. And what's the what's a good measure? How would you know that somebody has been brainwashed or has been indoctrinated into a cult Well, with their contradicted or if they're told that they're wrong about something, they will explode, they will absolutely lose their temper and start attacking you and maybe attack you verbally abused you verbally or maybe even get to physical, none of which is the case with the Prophet sallallahu

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wasallam and the people who've come to believe in Him in fact they very calmly and intellectually distributing the message of the Quran and asking society to think about what it is that he is saying, and to question these traditions that make no sense. So when the prophets I said I'm poses questions from on behalf of the Quran about for example, you know, our HLS you can see will be Deen fatale kalithea do earlier team. When I humble Allah family Myskina short surah most you know, even kids memorize these sources at the end of the Quran is very profound and politically incorrect statement for the time to give you help you understand what was going on back then, there were

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people that were millionaires, and they were even in a position of governance because they were in charge of their tribes, right? So they made all the major decisions. And this was a religious society, but their religion was, you know, worship of different kinds of idols and all the idols were placed in the idol, you know, Center, which was actually around the Kaaba. So the idols weren't spread in different temples all over America, they were all centralized in, you know, around the Kaaba. So in order for these religious leaders to look like they are the moral and spiritual authority also, they would pose and come and do the prayers and do the rituals that they do at the

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temples, even though they didn't really believe in any of that stuff. They were just doing it to let the people know that they're religious too. Oh, look, he's such a righteous man. Not only is he rich, famous, God must have less than two because look, he prays to God or our God also that whichever version of god they had, or whichever Gods they had, this is not very different from when politicians are up for reelection, they'll start showing up at churches, not nowadays because of the social distancing. But they'll show up at you know, religious centers and churches and kiss babies and stuff on camera, so that people can say, oh, they're like us. They're relatable. Right? And the

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Quran exposes these people lie, they're lying against the religion because they, the truth of it is they push the orphan alive you can do with the Metallica lady, they don't know your team, they deny the religion, they push the orphan. What does that mean they push the orphan, even if they don't physically find an orphan and push them. They create policies, they have business practices, they've created an environment in which who gets pushed out and starve to death, people that don't have any support from family like orphans. Right so they look they posture themselves as sympathetic and religious. While the reality is they're the reason people are suffering and the Quran came and

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expose that and said, you know, Allah genome fee Salah, tm, salmonella, genome, your own those people even when they do pray, and it's the commentary is duality. This is prayer of the Muslims. But this is the even in their version of prayer, even when they do it. They're lazy, they're just showing off. They're just doing it for a show that's that's it's just a demonstration of how religious they are. The Quran came and exposed political leadership

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around him and exposed religious corruption at the very top, you know, at the you know, in, in whatever religion it may be. This is not a religion that said, Stop thinking actually, the prophet SAW Shannon was commanded to say, oil has he severely drew a llama here and abasi rotten. Tell them this is my path. I invite to Allah with insight with eyes open. Like He's inviting people to consider what's being said, ask themselves ask questions. First Allah Allah deeply in tune that Allah will ask the people of remembrance if you don't know. Go ask them and the prophets I show them the this religion didn't even go after people that don't know much and they're like kind of

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searching and they're easy to easy to target and then we can convert them to Islam. Though the Quran went after the rabbis. Whenever

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After the priests went after the most knowledgeable of other religions, when after the intellectual leadership of Makkah, it's not even targeting people that you might think primarily are just oh, they're so vulnerable, they can't think for themselves. So they'll easily get coaxed into this religious doctrine. That wasn't the message of the Quran. But what's amazing, is in order to attack Islam, and attack the Prophet place alone, that's how it was painted to society. So the reality of it was something else. And the way that it was presented to the to the Moroccan world was something else. And the society was then convinced, these people are extreme, they're thoughtless, they don't

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want to they want to eradicate society, they want to do away with our way of life, they're a threat. And even if your family member has become part of one of them, then it's like they are infected with a virus. And we must disinfect them by whatever extreme means necessary. And therefore, the torture of Sahaba began. The you know, it's not just physical and verbal abuse. Now, economic abuse began, physical abuse actually began, people started getting tortured in some cases even getting killed like kebab and others, who was who was forced to lie down on the ground on coal. Like he, they made him lie down on his back on coal, and then they stood on him on burning coal, until his back pee,

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you know, peeled off. This, this was this was happening, and it was now normal, because he deserves it. Because they're extreme. They're a threat, this is the only way they can be helped. It's like you're possessed, and we're trying to, you know, burn the devil out of them. This was their rationale. Right? So what what does Allah say about these kinds of evil acts was a you know, lahoma shaytani r mala? Who the devil made their deeds beautiful to them. So what Allah is telling us is, people that do the most evil deeds don't say we're doing an evil deed, they actually say, we're doing something good, we're saving society. People that are doing that kind of torture, are actually

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saying we love our nation, or protecting our country, or protecting our tribe, or protecting our city, or doing this for the greater good, or eradicating an evil. These sound really good. Like, who wouldn't say I want to protect my country, or eradicate evil, or I don't like extremism. Nobody likes extremism. Or that, you know, as Muslims, we are people of people of justice, fairness, balance. If the Quran doesn't emphasize anything else in human life, it's balance. You know,

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what that means? On the lotto, Toby filmyzila says he created the sky and put a balance in it. So you always remember that you should never violate scales and keep things in balance.

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So this happens. And this, by the way, is not I haven't gotten to the I was going to talk to you about but I wanted to set the stage for the ayah. So this happens, and the Muslims are now being tortured. Now it's open season in Makkah, the prophets item has been physically attacked, hubbub and others has been burned below the Lahore anhyzer. boulder on his chest. Yes, it'll be a lot more Allahu anhu and his family. And you know, and what's what's happened to them, they've been torn or ripped apart, physically, their bodies ripped apart. People are being buried halfway into the ground. All kinds of heinous crimes against humanity have started to happen in the name of

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eradicating extremism. And in that environment, hubbub who was so overwhelmed by what's happening to the Muslims, and to the few that have believed in the Prophet slicin them, he came with his back burnt.

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And you could imagine if you're in that state, you can't even put clothes on it because it would hurt. And he comes to the Prophet sallallahu sallam. And he says, Why is why is Allah letting this happen to us? basically says, you know, why, why, why do we have to go through this, I thought, we're on the truth.

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And in response to him, and those around him that were being tortured in this way, Allah revealed salted on Kambou, the 29th surah, the beginning passage of the surah. So this, this, the gel revealed for them for their guidance, because you see, Allah has given us guidance for every situation.

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Allah has given us guidance for when we have power. For when we have wealth, he has given us guidance when we don't have any Well, he has given us guidance for when we're healthy is giving us guidance for when we're sick. He's given us guidance when we are in a state of peace. He's given us guidance when we are in a state of being oppressed.

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Every condition that needs different kinds of guidance, you're, you're in a different environment in a different setting. And you'll need a different set of principles to understand what is what what would be the best course of action for me in that setting in that environment. And so in this terrible state, Allah revealed this first passage of sutra Lanka boot and I wanted to not talk about the entire passage, but actually just take one idea from that passage. And to what I what made me want to talk to you guys about this passage or this this particular idea.

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One of the forms of torture is to actually make someone feel like they don't belong.

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Right? What what makes them easy targets now what makes it okay for them to be treated in this way is that first you identify them not as part of us, they are we are us, they are them. They're someone else. They're not really our family anymore. They've been kicked out of the family, you're not really a member of our tribe anymore. You've been ostracized from the tribe, you're not you know, in modern language, this can be used by way of race. This can be used by way of tribe this can be used by way of immigration status, you're not really an American, you're an illegal alien. So basically, what that that's another mass way of saying you're not quite human. Right? We're, we're

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the rest of us are fully human, we have full human rights, you don't have as much human rights because you know, you don't have papers to prove that you're human. Right. So this dichotomy even exists in modern societies. But in their case, it was you you've left the religion of your, your tribe, you've left the religion of your ancestors, you defied our culture, you say things that criticize our doctrine, by the way, as I talk, you should have realized who's the actual cold.

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Because the cult can't tolerate conversation, right? They need they only need zombies, they only need brainwash people. And anybody who wakes up needs to get beaten and put back to sleep, or removed. That's a cold. So what's crazy is the only one that's not a cold is the Muslims in that environment. But what does the law say about those people that are isolated, because because of Islam, now, they no longer have a family, they no longer have people who used to love them now hate them. They no longer feel like they belong as citizens of that community. everywhere they go, they're objects of ridicule, or at the very least, they're being looked at the wrong way. They can

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be attacked at any time. They will complain completely isolated and cut off. It's like floating in space. And what does the law say about those people when they're in that state? He says, well, Athena armano, huami lusardi hace la nuit de Landa home kosali.

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He says those of those who have had faith, and have done good deeds, or do good deeds, we will absolutely enter them into the company of good people.

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As a pretty loaded statement. First of all, Allah says you may have done a lot of good by holding on to your faith, but if you continue to do so, because when this pressure builds up, you might say, why am I torturing myself? Why can't I just be like everybody else. If I just let go of this, this Islam thing a little bit, or maybe I'll just be Muslim in my heart, you know, because the outward expression of my faith and me speaking up about what I believe gets me in trouble. So just be quiet about it. Don't Don't say it, then my uncle won't be offended, and he won't kick me out of the house. And my mom won't lose your mind. And she'll stop giving me food. And my neighbors will start

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throwing you know, garbage on me. All my troubles will go away. I could just a Muslim were in my heart. And I don't have to do anything. I mean, you'd have to pray or pray with my eyes or something. Just make it easier for myself.

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Or maybe I should just, I mean, okay, fine. This religion makes sense. But come on, what kind of God would put me in so much trouble just because I follow the truth. When every time I fall through more trouble happens, that can't be right. Because if you control the whole universe, then the more I come closer to him, he should make my life easier.

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Because he controls everything. But this doesn't make sense to me. Because the more I come closer to him, my life keeps getting harder. So I should just take a few steps back and make my life easier. I think that's what God really wants to give me an easy life. In other words, now you start speaking on behalf of Allah.

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Right. And that's gonna, that's gonna get addressed in this passage also.

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That's gonna get addressed in this passage also, that if you're,

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you know, if you don't accept Allah's word, you start speaking on behalf of a lion, you start telling yourself, no, no, this is what Allah wants. This is what Allah doesn't want. This is what Allah wants me to do. And you you start overriding what Allah actually says, Do you feel like you have the license to do that? So you can be in a more comfortable place.

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So people are very good at lying to themselves. Yeah, by the way, one of the charts in this passage is a level expose those who are truthful and allow to expose the liars. It has many layers, that statement and one of those layers is people even lie to themselves to back away from Dean and they tell themselves a lie. And the lie on behalf of a lie to themselves. But coming back to this higher, if you can go through well I since I decided to love Allah, since I decided to show love to Allah and show love to Allah's Messenger, sallallaahu Eisen and show loyalty to them. It seems everybody else considers me disloyal.

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I've lost the loyalties of everyone else.

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And so but I decided that I'm going to have faith. And I'm going to hold on to my loyalties to align as messenger. And I'm going to continue to do what's right, even if everybody around me hates it.

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And the more I do, right, the more isolated I get right.

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The more I continue to hold on to what's right, the more isolated I'll be, the more they'll hate me, the more they'll think you're not the same person anymore, the more that they think you need to get out, you need to get out of our lives because you're no longer welcome.

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At the very least, and it could be physically abusive, and other things worse, that can be that can follow to, in that scenario, Allah said, those of those who believed and continue to do good do good deeds. Leonard Helena Humphrey, Sally hain, we will absolutely enter them infuse them into good into righteous people. And what that means you had a best friend, you guys used to do everything together before the Islamic days. And then you came towards Islam. And now they hate your guts. They don't want to talk to you and you miss having a friend. You miss having people that loved you, you missed having people that you sat and ate with. And what does that do? A lot plucks you out of that. And he

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brings you into a new environment.

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Even though you haven't left Mecca, your situation economically hasn't gotten better, it's only gotten worse, socially, it hasn't gotten better, has only gotten worse. But now all of a sudden, you're around other people who also love Allah, and also love a lead messenger solo Larissa,

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and you start finding a different kind of company. And their stance, you know, when you when you're in a group of people, when you're in a society, every society has standards, right, and you got to keep up with a standard. So for example, if you're professionals, they have a certain standard among themselves. If people are in a certain economic class, when they throw each other parties, they have certain standards, Oh, don't get that get that that's cheap, that's nicer get that instead, when people are in a certain, you know, in a certain community, when they're going to hold a wedding ceremony, they're going to hold it with a certain standard, because they have to keep up

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appearances. Right? And those standards are about what kind of education what kind of job, what kind of car what kind of clothes, you know, what kind of language what kind of what size TV in your home, etc, etc. These are standards, right in your, you know, circle. And if some people are higher, everybody else wants to become like them. Right? What the What else Americans called keeping up with the Joneses, right?

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But now, when you're in this new company, you realize all those other standards. those standards are what what was she got those shoes man I can I need to get at least that same brand or equivalent. Because I'll feel cheap otherwise, man, he got that car, I need to get at least a car of similar horsepower. And you know, look and feel. He that disappears. This company. They don't have any of those standards.

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One of them's a millionaire, one of them is homeless, one of them was a slave. One of them is foreigner. Hey, wait. I mean, y'all don't have a standard like you don't, you're not you're not dressed the same. You don't come from the same background, you don't have the same educational history. One of you as a PhD, one of you as a high school dropout, one of you never doesn't even know how to read. But you're all standing together and praying together.

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You know what happens when you enter into a truly good company? A truly good company means all the things that make someone better or worse, in your past life, all the metrics, all the parameters, all the meters that you use to gauge this person is in a better place than me? Well, that's because they have a degree, oh, this person is in a better place to me because they have a high paying job, or this person is in a better place than me because they have more expensive clothes than I do. Oh, this person is in a better place than me. Because they have this this as we look at these things and say these people are doing better than we are right? When you're in this new company. And all of

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that stuff disappears. Because the only thing that you look at them and say they're in a better place than me. This man their faith is so strong look at the good deeds they're able to do, despite the adversity they face. Look at how they carry themselves. Look at how the religious comes out of their mouth with a smile, even though I know they're going through so much trouble.

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Man and the and you have nothing socially in common. You may have nothing ethnically in common. You may have nothing economically in common.

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These are the things that make people become friends. But none of those are applicable here. What's applicable is when you're around them, you you can sense how their closeness to Allah is like an energy vibe coming out of them and you can feel it.

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And the goodness they have inside of them and the goodness they demonstrate with the smallest things with the fit with their facial expressions with the way they speak with the things that they do with the way they show care for others. With the way they speak about Allah with the way they remember Allah with the gentle, gentle etc.

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Show with the love of the prophet SAW Selim that comes out of them from their tongue, but also comes out of them from their personality, just because of that, you just want to be around them.

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You just want it because this is Allah says, you're going to go through torture, and people are going to absolutely hate you for holding on to Islam. But when you do, I will pluck you out of there. And I'll give you a new surrounding. And I'll introduce you to actually good people, where you will feel welcome, not because of how you look, you won't, you'll feel welcome, not because of the color of your skin, or the tribe you came from, or how much money you make, or what degree you have, what kind of vocabulary you have. Actually, even among these people, it doesn't even matter how knowledgeable you are. Even that doesn't matter.

00:25:47--> 00:25:58

There are some Sahaba who are very knowledgeable. There are other Sahaba, who practically knew nothing, there were a Saba Sophia who studied under the insulation, and there are those who practically knew nothing.

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They will come to the prophecy shall open. So just tell me one thing I can do.

00:26:03--> 00:26:15

Right? That doesn't sound like a student. The student would say tell me everything. I want to learn everything, not just tell me one thing I could do. Right. They were a different levels. But there was a love and respect among them.

00:26:16--> 00:26:37

Even knowledge was not a way that they distinguished each other and said, This person is better than I, yes, their knowledge is making them putting them in a position to worship a lot more. So I would like to learn more. So I can worship a lot more. But no matter even if I know just a life and I don't even know by it. I guess I worship a lot pretty good because the worship of Allah doesn't happen here. It happens here.

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Right. So a lot of people when they didn't know a lot, when they didn't have much knowledge, they were much closer to Allah.

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And then they learned a lot.

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And they took classes and they can teach and they they know a lot now. And they're much further from London. They used to be that happens.

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There are some points in my life, I felt that way. I felt like man, before I knew Arabic, I used to cry a lot more. There was a point in my life,

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I should cry to a lot more I felt like my heart was closer, I'm jealous of that person who didn't know Arabic sometimes

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I want to be more like my old self, you know, that can be the case. So what I'm saying is we are going to find ourselves truly blessed when we find that genuine company. That company whose standards who have left the fake standards of this life you guys ironically many of you are watching this on social media and social media is a place of setting false standards constantly.

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Or you're following people that make you want to look a certain way make you want to dress a certain way make you want to talk a certain way make you want to live a certain way right and you're just you're just looking at these facade lives you and I and we're like man I wish I had that. Now look at this now look at this and our eyes glaze over every scroll

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more material more material more muted. Dunya more Zinnia noises Yeah. Oh these people have so much oh my god I want to go to this place. I want to go to this amazing valley that I saw these people went to and when I go there I'm not going to enjoy the valley. I'm just going to make sure I get a picture for supposed

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the irony of it all everybody's faking it

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good company would mean things that don't matter will actually stop mattering and things that do matter goodness that does matter well battiato slowly hot hydro ended up because Allah will they will not lasting or lasting things are the things that are good

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those are better in you know before your master so why don't Amala and so I would conclude with

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really think about who you're surrounding yourself with and what kind of standards those people influence the set in your life.

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And are you blessed to the point where when you when you have the kind of friends that when you're around them they make you want to do more good

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they make you want to prepare yourself to stand in front of Allah one day because you will be standing in front of a low end I will be standing in front of a level they when they enter a beacon haha okay, we talked about man I want to move to that neighborhood. I'm going to see that car Yeah, I'm gonna get that car one day. Oh, that's it. It's on.

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Because my goal my goal is this car my goal is this house. My goal? Is this my goal and friends are talking about these goals with each other. Right?

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But when are we going to find those kinds of friends? And I pray that we do

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that when they say are you know Allah says Allah because monta your final destination is standing in front of your master. Well, I know

00:29:47--> 00:29:49

he's the one who makes you laugh. He's the one will make you cry.

00:29:50--> 00:29:54

was beautiful because when you stand in front of Allah, it's going to make us laugh and cry.

00:29:55--> 00:30:00

That's the that's the believers relationship with Allah, the joy of it and the overwhelming

00:30:00--> 00:30:18

feeling of it is going to make both happen and allow will make both happen realize, oh Joe give us that meeting with him and make us worthy of that meeting with him. So with that inshallah Allah concluded it's called the barakallahu li walakum Quran Hakim, one of our newer iacobelli iottie with the team and with the DA that Allah May Allah include us among the company of the righteous

00:30:22--> 00:30:45

hamdu lillahi wa Salatu was Salam O Allah everybody Latina Safa Susana Ali Mohammad Nabina Muhammad Meanwhile, early he was a huge mine by the law who has always advocated getting bandana hula hula ministry technology in Oklahoma kata who salute Allenby live in Florida he was selling to Sema Allahumma salli ala Muhammad Allah Allah Muhammad Rasul Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah Allah.

00:30:47--> 00:31:07

Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Muhammad Ali Mohammed Omar Abdullah Ibrahim Ibrahim al amin in the middle Majid about a la la de la ilaha illa de la San Juan del Koba, when handled fashion, it was one cup whether they call a la jolla alma mater stone, aka sada in a salata, kind of mini Nikita makuta