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The speaker discusses the biggest health problem in the west, stress, and stress. They explain how individuals can eliminate stress by reciting the Promise of Allah and setting up Facebook. The speaker also talks about the importance of individuals being sent to different philosophy and practices, and how individuals can overcome their own problems by following Islam.

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Biggest problem biggest problem we have got the biggest health problem we've got in the west right now stress distress, which turns into depression. A lot of teenagers a lot of adults a lot of people are stressed

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stress for one the problem they've got inside their head they keep the can move it from their head. They keep on thinking about it even thinking about it everyday everyday the same thing oh my god, this is happening oh my god, that that that place that we've got that land we've got the Bangladesh what happened to that oh my god zone. So, this stress can be eliminated. How it is that you first do all your Salah, you do your Quran recitation. On top of that you what you need to do set Salawat The Promise of Allah

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any household any person got stress, the cure to that is abundance Salawat salutation salutations on the prophets Allah Allah says Again and again and again and again and again. What happens is

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you send Salah to the proximal Asana once you send it a second you send it to third, there are millions of people across the world that are sending Salawat

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Chanda sending Sarawak prophecy and props and lots of said in a hadith Allah reunite his soul with his body rustlers philosophy gives the reply to the person who sent salaam to you send salaam to him props from Samson, salaam bhakti. And when is he sending Salah back to you? Allah is sending you 10 messages from the heavens, angels are coming with 10 messages onto you onto tenemos you says

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saying you didn't

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any loves

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you sent it to the profit and loss once the smallest loss and right now since Salem back to you. And Allah poured down on your headmaster. Now you said again and again and again. And again. Isn't it 10 times 100 times and so on. Yes there are people across the world who are sending it daily like 100 times. So perhaps Allah has been sending Salah

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you send it

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the 500th time you send it the 1000s You send them the 2000s time now the Prophet sallallahu alayhi salam is wondering why this particular person who might be sending me Salawat the 1000s

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Why are they sending it to them? Why is it today they sent me so many times yesterday the same thing the day before that said stage I'd say need to now automatically Missoula Sal Allah this is not us making this happen. This is an automatic thing that happened in the the other world the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam the now things why is it that this OMA mature man, this person's following my from my followers he's sending so masala Rasulullah sallallahu sallam said in the salam he also in the rain in the unseen he will make his request to Allah for your property to be

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automatic because he feels the pain for the answers

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for all four Rahim

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hurry you sooner

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I had the power the one who is very you know wants the best for us.

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The one who feels my need something that's burdening you it's it's distresses him too. So when you send Salah to the wrong philosophy again and again and again and again like that, you will find that Allah says making that request to Allah and same time though you send it 1000 times. times what's what's 10 times 1000

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everybody's not failed the math

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was 10 times 1000 10,000 If I get this wrong, oh my god. It's gonna go on Facebook right now. 10,000 Do you realize the time you said the moment you said 1000 times.

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You just got 10,000 right my mercy on you. When that 10,000 drama comes on you your stress is gonna be sitting in the midst of the drama and mercy and mercy and mercy and mercy of Allah, that mercy is going to come out your space is going to start eating it up.

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You will feel trapped inside. Any person who's was stressed distressed, I've given this to you that continues to sense a lot of the props because they felt calm. Your problem might still be there, but you're going to feel calm. You're going to be able to deal with the data. That's how we believers lead our lives. You do your Salah, you do your Quran, you do your zikr you listen to Allah you obey, you obey Allah you remove

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Since from yourself you remove sins from the house, you give power to your brothers and sisters inside the house, to your mother and father. Others want to practice them you give them power. You don't go towards blood breaking blood ties, you don't have the sinful nature inside your house. You don't deal with haram. You don't deal with sinful transactions, you try your best to follow Islam and then you find the angels more and more, less less Shayateen less devils inside your house. A lot of bother compressing comes inside the house and into yourselves into the items. Remember I said to you, Allah says Allah.

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I will make you grow. I will put Baraka inside you.

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