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The speakers stress the importance of maintaining quality sleep during quarantine and encourage viewers to share their experiences and receive support. They also discuss the need for unity as a human race to fight injustice and prevent the Apocalypse movies. The success of the War and potential conspiracy theories motivate small businesses, and the importance of learning all opinions and gaining knowledge as a student. The speakers also touch on history, culture, and the future of Islam, highlighting various examples and examples of people who have negative opinions on various topics and encouraging listeners to listen to their opinions.

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cinematic 100 love it I can't those sounds are you froms five people say Saddam or a certain number come on the live and we'll begin

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you tuning in later fast forward a little bit if it's not live you don't have to wait for this

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it is Earth Hour around the world. It's not earth power where I met, but I liked the lights off so I figured hey, let's turn it off. Why not?

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Mostly, like my sedan is raw Heiligen Messina

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simiar Annabelle who is tuning in top fan while most of them play but polygamous Anam in Pakistan

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ismat tuning in from home like Mr. Ram I Isha like my salaam

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yes he in Arctic masala

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Neelam in the UK why take masam for born in Nairobi, become a salaam Shazia.

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Samira says I just loved what you said yesterday about variety Thank you. 100 Allah, right. These are quality. These are quality Masha, Allah Barak Allah, please share these videos with your friends and tell them this is quality stuff. I'm not out here telling you guys wash your hands.

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Other people can tell you that that's not my job. But you should wash your hands with soap for at least 20 seconds and make sure it's really sudsy

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like Mr. Lamb, there was some other people in that moment is Surah Ibrahim garlic mustard.

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red cherries. My husband will find it weird watching me in the dark. Why is that weird?

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Salaam and Michigan I do recommend Sudan Lebanon travel I think it was right Han in Jeddah walakum wa salam

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Yes, it says it's time for Maghrib salon London then what are you doing here brother go pray

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on my smart bike, Mr. Ram zeyneb in Doha, Malik Messina

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Marya Kamal, in Cerro de Alec Muslim Simon munchie in Michigan, Radek Messina

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you need to hit 100 People live and then we'll get started. Share with your friends. Let's get five people sharing. Let's get this started. A smack Khaled in Calgary. Welcome to Sam

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labor, like Mr. Just like look

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alright, we've passed 100

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And Matt Sampha. Now Raja Yan is sloth Matt here I can masam Sameera, Alec Messina.

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Jenny while he was salam, Vietnam.

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It says my nine month old hears you saying Suleiman is waving.

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Cinematic nine year old Yeah, we dropped we were at 100 Live and now we've dropped below 100 Let's pass 100 Again, we need five people to share. Let's get the number of past 100 And then we'll get started. Hannah white like Emma Sam.

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Because he was saying oh man we dropped people are getting bored of me saying hey, we need to shake

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or like get started. I know right? People want the they came in and they're like nothing's going on. Let's just get out of here.

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All right.

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Take one. I said I'm on a live barakato Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah Allah Elio Sami Mala and bad. Good Morning Vietnam.

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Today, inshallah Tada. I got a really cool

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reminder for you guys, the community huddle.

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So this is a real thing.

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I like to read and a lot of the topics that I read about are things sometimes are things related to science fiction, sometimes not always science fiction, and aliens coming to the earth and you know, the human race coming together. And you know, to fight off

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the human to fight off the aliens. I'm sure you've seen stories like that, right? So this is this is a real thing for me. Whenever I start to this is my anti racism anti racist train of thought. Whenever I find myself feeling a little

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feeling a little like

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Hey, you know I am looking down on on a group of people or certain people or, or there's some, there's some thoughts starting to go into my head. This is how I get it out of my head. I say to myself, if an alien, you know if an alien species attack the earth, if an alien I've been doing this for many years, this is not recent. If an alien species attack the Earth, as humans, we would all come together, and we would all cheer for each other. In order to fight off the aliens, we wouldn't care about our colors, we wouldn't care what country in fact that things like that would bond us together and get so excited behalf because we have a common mission, a common mission, and it's

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these aliens. So if I when I think of somebody, you know, I see somebody and these are usually people who are racist, and I don't want to be racist back to them. And I'll say to myself, You know what, this is my brother in humanity, my sister in humanity. If there was Aliens, we would be on the same side. While folks, the aliens have arrived. And I started, you know, the topic for today is this, that I want us all to take a step back and really enjoy and appreciate that the human species has come together. We have unified

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against the Coronavirus and really appreciate for a moment, you know, like When has that ever happened that the entire world has unified against something Subhan Allah in preparing this I went back over all these amazing verses of the Quran where Allah subhanaw taala tells us again and again and again that you have to be unified. So verses in the Quran where Allah subhanaw taala says, why I tell so you will be happy to learn Jamia, wanna follow, OPPO and unite all of you together on the rope of Allah and do not divide.

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And you see the prophets of Allah and His salams

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the prophets of Allah they said, I'm saying that the OMA is like one body that when one part of it is hurt, that the whole body spends the night awake and in fever. And so that unity of you know that we're all together, it's with the OMA and it should be with you men should always be our attitude. But now we're seeing a time started before the time. We also experienced this in Ramadan, correct. You know, in Ramadan, outside of Ramadan, everybody's busy, everybody's doing their things, everybody's going in different directions. And then Ramadan comes along and the whole Ummah is fasting, and how amazing does that feel? When we do things in Unity? When we do things together,

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right? That's an Ramadan time. Now, here we are, we have unified as a human race, and everybody, whether rich or poor, you know, whatever class, whatever color, whatever language, whatever country, everybody's come together, and said, Let's do this together. And let's fight this together. And it kind of gives me goosebumps to think of how amazing that attitude is, and unifying And subhanAllah I think to myself, there's a lot of problems in the world that need this kind of response. There's a lot of problems in the world that need a human unified response for it to be dealt with.

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Now I've given you an examples from from the from the Muslim community, which is how we're as the OMA, we're support in the moment. Minowa Verily, the believers are brothers. Verily, we're all together right as an amount, but let's make it a little bit larger. And you have to understand even unity in humanity is still something that is the guidance of our deen. So the prophets that Allah has said and this isn't helpful for though there was a pact that happened before the prophets of Allah they sent them or feet received revelation in Mecca.

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A pact against injustice. And the prophets of Allah Dyson was very impressed by this. And he said a lot is that um, said, I witnessed a pact of justice before receiving revelation. So this was the time before he received revelation before he became the Prophet of Allah, they sent him when the Quran was revealed. And then the prophets of Allah Islam said, if I was called to it now, meaning if I was called to a pact, where we would unify Muslims and non Muslims, if we would unify together to fight injustice, if I were to call to it now, in the time of Islam, I would respond and I would accept it. And you know, what's, what's beautiful here is that statement, if I were called to it now

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called to it means that the person calling to it who's organizing it isn't necessarily Muslim either. Because if it was

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was initiated from the private side and was initiated from the Muslims. That's a different, that's a different sentence structure parser of items, if I was called to a pack where we would unify and something that would bring benefits to human beings, I would accept it. And that's something amazing in our deen. And so this moment that we're living in, is something very beautiful.

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That's just my short reminder for today.

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when this all started, and I know everybody's thinking about these are, you know, fears that we have and uncertainties. And I always wanted to step back and say, you know, what can I be thankful for? What's beautiful in this moment? And I think, you know, that's the message I want to say here is that there's a beauty in the human race unifying that you just have to take a moment to embrace and love it, that we're all in this together. Hamdu lillahi rabbil aalameen

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And that's it. We're done. If anybody has any questions, you're welcome to ask from past sessions, or if you just want to chat if you want to know why the lights are off

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or if you want to leave you

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Siri says what is the background of Good Morning Vietnam? Good Morning, Vietnam is

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it was a radio show during the Vietnam War. And there was a movie made about it and he used to start off with saying Good Morning Vietnam. So I thought that would be cool. As you know, you know, there's always these Apocalypse movies there's always somebody doing a radio program during those times. And I'm like, Hey, man, I'm doing my radio program. So I like to start it off with Good Morning Vietnam I was gonna stop doing it but I found that it's making people laugh it's making it's you know, it's kind of like a nice it's a nice job to lighten the mood at the beginning so that's why I do it thank you for being so rational about it

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Brad cherry said can we make dua for non Muslims Yeah, you can

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he's real amazing work Masha. Allah brother

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Nyla says that like

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and also if you guys want to pose what kind of topics would you like me to talk about?

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Samara tours Alikum you came in late Samara.

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Sharla keepsafe in New Jersey.

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Love Nah, man says what is the situation in Vietnam?

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Okay, this is a good question. So my hand yesterday I was talking about don't feed the birds and my HEDIS is saying

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I stopped feeding them and they keep coming again. I felt bad. It says if you feed them more risk will come.

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I'm saying we were taught growing up that don't feed the birds because

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Kabuto don't feed the computers because if you feed them then they're going to become dependent that was the speech I gave or the reminder I gave a few days ago. What should you do in sha Allah Tala hope and pray that they find alternative you know if you get them really set on feeding them then they're gonna keep coming back again and again and again. You're going to cause harm to them unless you want to like I'm going to feed them for the rest of their life kind of thing. What should you do I don't know

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cobalt and quarter

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stuff ahead me says cobalt and powder. I assume that's a topic you would like to hear more about

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Jenny Sharif says Can you recommend a fifth book Arabic or English or both? That compiles all the different opinions My question for you is Jenny why would you want all the opinions compiled? What is it that you're trying to achieve?

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In marriage says and Reagan burst into a big laughter when that Good Morning Vietnam starts yes I that's what I like I said I was gonna stop the Good Morning Vietnam but some people are enjoying it. So it's okay. It is what it is.

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So I feel bad for people tuning in now because it's like 15 minutes after I'm done they're gonna go is that it? Yeah. Wait for the rebuild bra

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the replay

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Oh Bear says sound like I'm from Detroit. Can you talk about how to deal with conspiracy theories from an Islamic perspective?

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Do you get a lot of conspiracy theories are there

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Murad says for people running small businesses

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How do they keep themselves in their employees motivated? Especially when W F H. What does that stand for?

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is not possible like in manufacturing?

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Jenny says I'm trying to attain knowledge as a student of knowledge, I feel we should know all the opinions and not just one.

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Keep going.

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Jenny, the reason that I said

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the reason that I said that why do you want a book that has all the opinions?

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Because what you're what you're trying to do is you're trying to design an Islamic curriculum for yourself. In other words, you're trying to educate yourself. And so you think that step number one is to hear all the different opinions, all the different opinions about what is it like all the books of fic? Or is it like, modern type of issues that you get into arguments within the community and stuff like that? I don't think that that's like the best start to an Islamic education. When I was in Medina university, at university level, we did study multiple opinions. And what we found is if that's because we were coming from North America, we didn't have a background in Islamic

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education, we just kind of like dropped in at university level, that learning multiple opinions as your first step into education will only confuse you. It'll confuse you because you don't have a process to filter the different opinions. And so what you'll find is, rather than coming to some logical conclusions, or having like principles on how to which opinion to choose, you might find like, Oh, this one sounds good, or this one feels good. And you just kind of start going with instincts rather than having like a set foundation. So I don't know if that's the best way to go about it. There are books like that, that have, you know, multiple opinions. But I don't know. I

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don't know if that's the best way to start. That's just my opinion. There are some thoughts in my mind about obviously, there's the focus in style in English. If you can read Arabic, there's lots of books like that, but I don't know. It just ends up becoming like a fifth method basically.

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Long Island

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for the question about tallest tower, I don't have any opinion about that.

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Alright, folks, I won't keep you too long. I felt bad that my reminder was really short.

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We're trying to keep them short. Or what can you do Inshallah, tune in tomorrow? Same time, same place, we're going to do it at 45. That's 245. That's 2:45pm New York. And that is going to be I believe, 6:45pm London time do the calculations for other time zones. That's when we're going to start because I found that starting at the top of the hour.

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There's usually a surge in internet activity and Facebook doesn't work so good at the surge at the top of the hour, but hey 45

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to 40 5pm New York time in sha Allah Tala everybody stay safe. Until we meet again. Zack Allah Highland, a cinematic mama to love it a cattle