Um Salamah – Our Final Mother

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Brothers and Sisters uma selama

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Radi Allahu Allah may Allah be pleased with her was one of the senior most one of the earliest and most remarkable in her sacrifice, companions of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa alayhi wa sallam.

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When she chose Islam, over appeasing her tribe,

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life became unbearable very fast. And she was among those permitted her and her husband, Abu selama

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to escape by fleeing to Abba, Zinnia

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and Habesha where there was a just Christian king there that would allow them to worship Allah freely, and so they migrated to inhibition.

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After being separated from her home in asylum, she finally hear some good news

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that some notable personalities in Mecca in her hometown are becoming Muslim Hamza is becoming Muslim. Omar is becoming Muslim, may Allah be pleased with them. So she's hopeful that things are taking a turn for the better. So she decides with her husband to travel all the way back to Mecca.

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And when they arrived, they realized that they read it all wrong. It was all anything but that it was the very opposite. These notable personalities, these big figures becoming Muslim, made the pagans of Mecca even more desperate, even more panicky, even more brutal in their persecution, wasn't just mocking them, humiliating them in the streets, ridiculing them, persecuting them was intensifying more and more.

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But this was the price they were ready to pay for their Islam.

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They knew what came with the package and they were ready to accept it and they asked Allah for strength and they powered through.

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And then finally Allah permits for them to leave

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to Medina, another migration. Her husband, Abu Salah was of the first chosen to leave to Medina to pave the way for the Muslims that would migrate there. So as he's preparing for new beginnings, he puts his wife

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on the saddle. And he takes his newborn and places his newborn in her lap.

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All of a sudden he finds himself surrounded

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by the tribe of OMA selama saying to him, you will not take our daughter you want to make your own decision. You want to follow this man when I met Feel free, you're not taking our daughter and they snatch the baby and the woman take them down off of the mounds, their transport animal and he had no choice but to de escalate the situation, make his way to Medina and trust that Allah azza wa jal would make her way out for the rest of his family one day.

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Just as she's reeling from the events of having her husband ripped away from her, the tribe of her husband shows up

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and says we will not leave our son, Abu selama who went to Medina, we will not leave our son's child with you. He was with you. So he gets to keep his kid. Now he's gone. We are more entitled as his grandfather's and his grandparents and the patriarchs of his family, we are more entitled to this child than you. And they begin to rip the child away from her.

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And her tribe tries to defend and their tribe also puts up the fight and they dislocate the arm of the child in the process. And ultimately they win him over and they take her baby away from her

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alma Salem out of the Allahu anha spent a year she says or nearly a year, every single day climbing on top of the hilltop where this traumatic experience happened.

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Crying every single day longing for her husband longing for her child weeping out of heartbreak, until Allah finally sends her a cousin of hers and Allah breaks his heart for her like sympathy towards her. And he goes back to his people their tribe and says What is the matter with you, like us You love your daughter so much that you torment her in this way. So he kept shaming them and blaming them and harassing them and staying after them until ultimately they said they're she's clearly not changing.

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Her mind it's been a full year. We will let her go to her husband Medina

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Have a nice life. And on those terms finally

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her child was returned to her since the child would be going to his father now they get to Medina.

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They breathe a little bit of fresh air.

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But then very quickly the Battle of LaHood happens and Abu selama are the Allahu Anhu is shot.

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He takes a difficult shot with an arrow and he is bedridden for a month. And just when it looks like he's about to get better, he deteriorates and suddenly dies. May Allah be pleased with him.

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This is what the price they paid not just for their Islam, but for us to be Muslim today.

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On the selama, Marathi Allahu Allah says just so you get an idea of these weren't this wasn't any easier for them than it would be for any person. She says before her husband had died, she went up to him on day and said, I heard that if a woman's husband dies, and she is also bound for Jana, so long as she does not marry after his death, she will be allowed to be reunited in marriage with him in Jana.

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She said Since that's the case, how about we promise each other now that she started with herself just to be appropriate even though he was the one dying, that I will not?

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If I die first, you will not marry anyone after me. And if you die first, which is the likely thing about to happen. I promise you not to marry anyone after you.

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So he said to her, I told you I told the nanny, do you promise to respect my wishes? said of course. He said either and me too first as a wedgie. If I die, go get married.

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You have four kids, go get married

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and then he said, Oh Allah, provide with OMA selama provide OMA selama after me,

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with someone better than me.

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Lie you Xeno Hawala you the hair that will not set in her and will not abuse her, someone that will not break his break her heart, someone that will not lay his hand on her.

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And then he died on a set amount of the Allahu Anhu actually says, also in addition to this, she says, and I heard Abu selama, saying in another dua, that the prophets Allah Allahu alayhi wa sallam said,

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lie you see boo ahead a minute Muslimeen and we'll see button,

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fire strategy or in them we'll see better that no Muslim goes through a calamity, some big tragedy. And he says immediately when the tragedy happens, right in the heat of the moment, he says it's their jam, meaning in alila he were in that era Geralyn we belong to Allah and we all returned back to him. And then he says, Allah whom journey female Siva to learn this do I brothers and sisters, Allah whom journey female Siva to Allah reward me for this calamity. I'm going through what lovely higher on minha and grant me something better instead of it. Compensate me with a superior outcome.

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I will sell him I said, I heard him say that the Messenger of Allah Azza wa sallam said any Muslim that goes through a calamity and says in that ilaha illa JRun Oh Allah reward me for my calamity and give me something better instead, except that they will get to that.

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She says so when he died, I said it. And this is also very beautiful.

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Most of the most of you in front of me here our fathers, or fathers to be or even mothers, do we feed our family?

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The faith and the fortification that we get out of these words? Do we share with our families we all love our families, but we cannot guarantee rather more likely children usually outlive their parents that we will be around for them forever. We can't guarantee we will but we can leave with them. These iPads we can leave with them. These ahaadeeth We can leave with them be safeguards, these anchors for when life happens because that's the nature of this life. Every reunion is followed up with another separation. Every moment of joy begins to deteriorate after a while and it's followed up with some sort of frustration or something

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Word of

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irritant is the nature of this world. Allah never promised it would be paradise. So she found from her husband She memorized from his lips. What kept her firm after he departed? May Allah be pleased with them both of Holyhead that was the for Allah Allah Emily welcome

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Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Milena Viva Chateau La ilaha illallah

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wa de julio shady calahorra, Shadow Anna, Mohammed and Abu whenever you who are pseudo.

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There is actually

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more to what Alma Salem or the Allahu anha said, Upon her husband's death, she said, I remembered he had taught me this. So I said it. However, I said to myself, who in the world could ever be better than Abu selama? She couldn't imagine how Allah was going to compensate her. She said, but I still said it.

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And this is the believer. You do not limit Allah to the confines of your imagination. You don't sit there and wonder How's Allah going to create a way out? How's Allah going to make me feel better? How's Allah going to bring about victory? How's Allah's response gonna come? No, you worry about making dua if he inspires you to make dua that means he wants to give you don't preoccupy yourself with how I can't imagine how he's gonna give me. Leave that alone. Just ask of him just ask of him and ask of Him to give you the good to give you that which is better. She says, I thought to myself, I was almost stopped by my thought, who can possibly better than I was selama but I said it anyway.

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Oh Allah who rewards me and give me someone better.

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Abu Bakr, Radi Allahu Allah and then propose to her and she declined.

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And they will book us an aroma or the Allah Who unfollowed up and he proposed to her and she declined.

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And the messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam proposed to her and she declined at first.

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And she mentioned three objections she had, when he asked her, like, let's talk through this, like, why not? She said, Listen, I'm an old lady.

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Like, I'm past this marriage thing, and I'm not you know.

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Number two, I have four children. Now. I have four children. I don't want to burden someone with my kids. I don't want to bring my kids in on someone else's home. I have four kids, said number three, a very jealous woman. I mean, I don't know if I'll be able to handle sharing my husband with you have other wives.

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And so the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said to her as for you saying you are old, I'm older than you.

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As for you saying you have children,

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you're children are my children.

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I will not treat them any different than my own. They are not a burden on me. They are my family the same way they are yours.

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He said and as for you saying that you're a very jealous woman. I will ask Allah to help you with that. I'll ask Allah to help minimize that for you. Because she's saying, I don't know if I can control my sense of jealousy and then I'm gonna do something that will cause Allah to hold me accountable and I don't want to risk it. He's saying I'll ask Allah to allow you to control it will still exist but to control that jealousy of yours. Almost LM out of the Allahu anha said, I love you please with her. And so Allah gave me what I never expected. He gave me someone that was actually better than Abu selama Radi Allahu an, even though I never thought it was possible, she gave me the

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message. He gave me the messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi wa alayhi wa sallam. So she became his beloved wife.

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And she became his confided his advisor. At times when he would reach deadlocks in decision making. She became his lifelong friend, if you will.

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And the fact that she was a little older little closer also to the Prophet SAW Selim his age gave her a unique relationship with him. Or the Allahu Taala on her.

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And she by that became one of them had to mean the Mothers of the Believers. Allah azza wa jal said in the Quran, well, as well as you who met her to whom, and his wives are their mothers, the mothers of all the believers. In fact, Allah azza wa jal gave her a lengthy life after him sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and the biographers mentioned that she was the last of his wives

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to bless this earth, the last of his wives to remain on earth. She lived

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To see over 90 years of age, and was the last of the wives of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, the final Mother of the Believers to depart this world and be reunited with him. Jana May Allah fill our hearts with the love of the Sahaba and the members of his household in particular, and his wives and his children and all of that here is of his guidance and may Allah make us of them. May Allah make us confident in our supplication of him. May Allah azza wa jal keep us reliance on him even if we can't see the outcomes. May Allah azza wa jal protect us and our families with this glorious Dean and allow us to value it over everything we own everything we desire Allah Allah

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