Mohammad Elshinawy – Addicted to Materialism

Mohammad Elshinawy
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of god's actions in bringing people back to life, including the use of animals as carriers and god's actions in bringing people back to life through actions like giving them money and giving them a hand. They also address the history of Islam and the importance of avoiding questions to avoid wasting time. The speakers emphasize the need to stay true to oneself and not let fear and anxiety grab onto them.
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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen level 100 Hassan within our jameela Chateau La ilaha illAllah whom Allah could have been moving or shadow now Mohammed Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa Taala

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Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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said to her Hakuna Matata timbira aka livedata, Allah Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah And for now we begin the name of Allah all praise and glory belongs to Allah, Lord of the worlds Indeed Allah has deserving of the best of thanks, and the most beautiful of praises, those that we see and far above anything we can say about him. And we testify that no one is worthy of our worship, our devotion, our absolute love and obedience but Allah alone without any partners, the true supreme King, at the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was indeed in truth, His Prophet and his servant and His Messenger, that he sent us a mercy to the worlds and the truth is the words bar none are the

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words of Allah the word great, glorious noble for an and the best of guidance, the sooner the example of our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and the most dangerous of matters, the newly added matters into this religion.

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For every single one of them as a leading distri that only leads to the fire, we pray that Allah azza wa jal protect us and you and our families and every sincere seeker from whatever would interest closer to that fire. I love them. I mean, to begin, the topic chosen for this lecture, this discussion was being addicted to dunya addicted to materialism, the material world, is that even possible to be addicted to dounia?

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Or is it just the radical cleric shift exaggerating?

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And so an addiction by definition, and I just verified with the psychiatrists is an excessive attachment right? When you're so attached, that it undermines the other important facets of your life. Your social well being your economic well being messes with your schooling, messes with your job messes with your lifestyle.

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And there's no doubt that the amount of time we dedicate to worldly gains as a Muslim from the Muslim paradigm

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at the expense of so many other things that should be part of our lifestyle with qualified as an as an addiction.

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And how hard it is for us to recognize and to withdraw from it qualifies for it to be diagnosed in addiction. You know, there's even that bad joke that the guy who got his iPhone seven, and he put it in his back pocket and he forgot. And so when he sat down, he heard a crack. He said, Yeah, Allah, let it be my spine, you know, that he's willing to give up * to give up wealth just so we can have this.

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And so let's begin here. I've never done you know, law in his book is detachment from from the worldly, and the thumb, but he also does stuff see it and others. They say that easily. salatu wa sallam, a man asked permission to walk with Him. Can I walk with you? Can I accompany you? and walking with me Sally salatu salam is not easy.

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He lived a very high standard, a very high minimalist standard.

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Even the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says For example, Abu radi Allahu Akbar walks alone and dies alone and gets resurrected alone. Because of the standard he kept to himself, and then he said that he sallallahu Sallam is resembled by Abu Dhabi.

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And he said men Sarah, who and young Dora Elijah Waldo. Recently, Maria fell yonder in Ibiza.

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This was narrated by whomever wishes to see the reflection of the humility a reflection of the humility of Sally, Sarah, let's look at every vote from the low to

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zero, you couldn't be able to tell the difference between him and his sleeves. And so a man wanted to try to walk that path with a smile. He said, um, he said, Come with me. And then when it was the first mealtime, he pulls out of his bag, three loaves of bread, and that's the meal. And he says to him, one loaf is for me one loaf is for you. And we'll leave the third loaf. And of course, the man was like, You're not serious, one loaf of bread. So he waited till he saw a salad was not paying attention.

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Want to drink a sip of water otherwise, and he ate the second loaf as well. He returned and said what happened to the third piece of readings that I don't know. They continued on their walk, and later on, they got hungry again, and they stood by the banks of a forest and he Salli Sallam had an animal a gazelle, a small deer walk up and surrender itself to him. And this was true for our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam as well, the animals were submissive to him la salatu salam.

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And so he laid it down and he slaughtered it, and he roasted it and they ate from it. And then he raised his hands and said, Can he and beat Mila

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returned to life by Allah's permission. And it returned to life and it ran off this half eaten meal. The man couldn't believe his eyes. He said, I asked you in the one who returned life to it, who took the third piece of bread? I don't know.

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They continued on their path till they got to a river bank. And he told him give me your hand. The man's like what do you mean give us there's no bridge, there's no place to traverse this. Give me your he takes him by the hand and by Allah's permission, they walk across the surface of the water. The man could not believe what happened to him. He was dumbfounded, was bewildered. He sadly Salam says to him, I asked you in the one who carry Do you overwater without a ship, who took the third piece of bread said I have no idea.

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So they go on and later they need to purchase a meal or purchase some neat some means for travel. And a Sally salon performs a third miracle. He takes sand and he piles it into three little hills. And he says couldn't they haven't been Milla be gold, by Allah's permission, and they become three piles of gold. And he says to his companion,

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a pile is for me and a pile is for you. And a pile is for the guy who took the third piece of bread. He said I took the third piece of bread.

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And so a salad Salaam says you can have all three but you will not walk with me anymore. He couldn't care less he was drunk with dunia. He was infatuated with his newfound treasure. And so he packed them into bags, some of the narration say and as he went to off a bunch of road bandits said to him give us the bags. He said to them, we need to skip town. Listen, I'll use my own pile and you have a pile and you have a pile. I'll use my own to go buy us some food meet the skip town. Maybe the owner of this money comes looking we just skipped town. They said fine. When he left they said Why should we share with him we're two he's one we double team him kill the guy we split it's one and a half

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one and a half. It's fine, works out perfect. And he's going to town saying Why should I share my money with these men

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let me put some poison in the food and kill them

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and go on my way. So when he returns with the food with poison inside

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they jump him and kill him. Then they eat the food and they die.

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They say hours or days later a solid solid returned to the Sahaba with his disciples with his however you and there it is like three open bags of gold and three dead bodies rotting corpses, and he says alehissalaam had the he he had dunia.

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This is the dunya This is the nature of this world. This is the forever outcome of this world. So be careful with it. Be cautious of it wobbu han traverse over it voila to amuro don't build it like you're gonna live on it forever.

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You know before you ask it this is a hadith or not because this is not it is mentioned in the history history of benefits are in the report this incident from the slide earlier. It's a historical report that we are allowed to mention, as the prophet SAW, Selim said to us,

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but before you ask, is it authentic or not? Or is it an allegory? Or is it literal? You need not ask all of these questions because this is everybody's story. Isn't this our story.

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We're so consumed with either a loaf of bread or a pile of gold. And we invest so much in our dunya pursuing these things, even though the return is so little on our investment. That's the nature of this world. You cannot grab an aspect of it without letting go of another you finally got your riches, but you lost all your friends and they're all envious enemies. You finally got this but you at the expense of losing your family

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or losing your dean losing your vows losing all of these things. That's the nature of this world you will not chase after it except that it will be true you even it has some validity of a model I used to say about materialism the physical world he says the two worst friends ever are the determined that you know the golden silver lion for our cat that you found a park they will never benefit you until they leave you. You know when they say you can't have your cake and eat it too. So what's the point of you know, having my cake if I can't eat it, you cannot benefit from money until you let go of it. That's just the nature of this world.

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Or as one of the early scholars he says that the dunia is like a shadow. Like it's almost not real. Almost. The dounia is like a shadow. Have you ever seen someone catch their shadow?

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Faster you run the faster it goes. It's a wild goose chase Mission Impossible.

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He says what if you turn away from the shadow you turn your back to it? What are you facing now?

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The light because the shadow has to be the opposite of the light. He's What if you turn your back to

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This shadow and you face the light that Allah revealed. When new reality and zelner right the light we have sent down what happens? Your shadow chases you, you get dounia anyway

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and this is why our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he says to us in multiple Ahadi like for example a bla bla Allah he narrates

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that the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said in oral health producing fsfe Rory that the Holy Spirit which is jabril alehissalaam we know that

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the rule halco dose the Holy Spirit meaning the angel that Allah created, the greatest Angel should be on a solemn blue inside of me, meaning inspired me. And then fcn lenta mood had a second minute agenda what the storyboard is, for toppled law which means

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that no soldier shall die until they live their life to the fullest and collect all that is for them of receipt of provisions, every last smile, every last breath, every last dollar, you will not die until you collect all of that. So fear Allah

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and beautify your requests, meaning requests in the halaal beautiful manner.

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While I am Ilana hakomi. STIPA risky Allah Ania Luba who be haraam for in America mahila United Party, and let no one of you be driven by his fear for his risk for his provisions for his worldly into seeking get by haraam, because that which is with Allah can only be attained by obeying Him the good the pure, the blessing can only be attained by obeying Him. Sure, you can make a fortune and you can also lose your job and spend that savings on yourself while you're in the hospital. Right the wrong the true the good, the blessing can only be attained by obeying Him subpoena with DOD.

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And that's why another Hadith of

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the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he says, low and low and labneh oedema, yarrabah Ohara min recipe kemira boomin and modes ladder, aka Horace, who came as a very cool note, very beautiful Howdy, if the son of Adam were to try to run from his wrist run from what's written for him the same way he runs from death, we all run from death. We don't even know how to use the word. We say He's resting or he passed or he kicked the bucket or he croaked or whatever else we use.

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The way we run from death, your risk will catch you the way death is gonna catch you. You're gonna get it you're gonna get it.

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Relax. That's why one of the sellers one of the early Muslims are righteous predecessors he said based on this idea. He said if you were to ride a boat, get on a ship to run away from your risk. Allah who will send your respond lightning to catch up with you. You'll get it even the middle of the ocean, chill out relax.

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And then a third Have you considered at Sydney the Prophet sallallahu Alison reiterates this meaning again he says to the Sahaba menjaga dounia hemma who ferok Allahu Allahu Allahu wa Jalla Saqqara albina. Ama will attempt to do Nia la mina dounia illa makutsi Bella whoever makes this material world his concern her concern

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Allah who will disperse for him his worries, he'll be torn like I said in every direction, you go for one you miss, you slip on the other, and he will place his poverty between his eyes. You see if if a little won't be enough, a lot won't be enough either. It's about perspective. And so whomever it makes the dounia is concerned, he will never have it all. So all he will see right before his eyes is just poverty, you'll always see that he's poor. And despite all of that he will not get from the dounia except the portion that was written for him anyway. Then he gives you the flip side and he sought asylum. He says and whomever makes the asset or the hereafter his concern, Gemma Allahu

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alayhi, Shimla Allah who will minimize consolidate, simplify for him his concerns

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with Jalla Vina who feed me and he'll make his riches in his heart, meaning he'll make him content perspective, he will make him content and why I tend to dunia will hear akima and the dounia will come to him humiliated meaning whether it likes it or not, the dunia will still come, it'll be thrown at his feet. And you know what this hadith brings us to mind which is very important when we speak about materialism and minimalism and all these concepts

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is that dunya in and of itself is not bad in Islam is not evil.

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The dunya is the planting ground of the hereafter forget the people that do

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will inevitably see a loss justice and go to Gehenna. Just think about this. The dunia is a place that you do something so little in it and get rewarded for it forever. How can that be an evil thing? The problem whomever makes the dunya his concern. The problem is us. We get caught up with it itself is not evil. You know the rulings of haraam and Helen, these have nothing to do with things these have to do with our behavior. Pig is not Haram in Islam. newsflash, eating pig is haram in Islam. Understood. And so our problem is not dunia. Our problem is how caught up we are Indonesia.

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That's why UNICEF Namaste,

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Rahim Allah and others they used to see lay citizens ahead that will fit dunya fita harryman halaal voila, ivatan man being detached from this material world, which the dean demands of you, at least on some levels, is not by considering how long with a lack of a talent.

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That's not it. Nor is it about throwing away your money. That's not what we're calling for. You know,

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shift command.

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He says he had a guy who came to him said to him shift.

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I just destroyed my laptop. I shattered it. He said to him Why in the world did you do this? He said because I felt like it was taking me away from a live syllogism.

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He said some you listen to me. The next time something takes you away from Allah azza wa jal Give it to me. Okay.

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I'll take it from you. I'll take the hit.

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That's not it, right. That's not what we're calling for. zildjian is not to make her arm with ultimate halaal nor is it about squandering your wealth that people could die without being sustained by he says pay attention in them as the head of dunia being detached from this dunya and takuna Elsa Murphy de la hemispheric to be more confident in what is in Allah's hands than what is in your hands.

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When takuna feel mostly but you want them to be heard. And for you to be in a state of calamity, tragedy, and a state if you're not struck by it all the same. That doesn't mean you're emotionally disconnected. It doesn't mean you don't cry when it hurts you don't laugh when it pleases you. But it means you're not fazed by these things in your walk to Allah. You're not thrown off the highway called the straight path by these things. You're the same and your commitment to Allah in the ups and downs. It doesn't affect you that much that will throw you off. He says Thirdly, ye akuna Maddie who can wear them McAfee will have Kinsella and for the person that praises you, and the person that

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criticizes you rightfully for them to be equal in your eyes, because you're not in it for dunia. If he's praising you, rightfully.

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He's praising the truth. And if he's criticizing you, rightfully Hamdulillah, I'm not here to endorse myself. I'm here to endorse the truth. So you don't hate someone more for criticizing rightfully, and you don't love someone more just because they're praising you. Because you're not in it for that the world doesn't revolve around you. It revolves around Allah subhanho wa Taala. What he wants what pleases Him. So this is the issue.

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And so if we take those rules that we just gave, and you measure it up against our lives, are we addicted or not?

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Are we caught up or not? In reality, we are very caught up,

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caught up with TV and caught up with movies, caught up with news and our news feeds and politics, caught up with music caught up with athletes

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caught up with who did this and who did that, and what mistakes people have committed.

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And the clothing that we're wearing and the gadgets that we have, and the technology's latest releases, all of that combined from the beginning of time till the end of time. That's all dounia

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We're caught up

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dounia by definition, is that which is lowly, all of that is lowly, it's almost not even life. It's almost a dream, almost. That's why Allah azza wa jal, he said, we're in the Dell era telehealth haiwan locanto Yana moon, and indeed the home of the hereafter. That is the true that's the real life. You're almost not living here. This is not a life

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if they only knew.

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And so, in the last 10 minutes or so of this talk, and we can probably omit the q&a, if I go over, how do we tame this desire inside of us for dunia? How do we

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Move out from addiction to attachment and from attachment to detachment. How do we tame this inside of us? First of all, you need to know it's not wise to try to remove your love of dunya. Okay? Allah xillia does not expect a view to become an angel, as we say, but he does not accept of you to be an animal either. So you're expected to tame your desires, refine them, not to remove them, is that clear? That's that's the, you know why because also this dounia is for your service. If you try to pull yourself out altogether, you will not be able to sustain yourself. You know, when you go into one of those violent diets, like Atkins or something, no carbs, you come back with a vengeance and

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you gain more weight than you originally were. Because it's just not sustainable for most people. Likewise, it's not sustainable for you to give up altogether. And so Allah does not want that of you. He just wants you to serve you your betterment, your sustenance, and he doesn't want you to serve it. So you just want to make sure you're back in charge, you have the steering wheel. So you want to refine the desire not to remove it, how to do that, number one and number two, Kamala says today myth inside of you, it gets tame this appetite inside, be mohale fit her mama has ever to take those home by opposing it. And by interrogating it, right? telling it no building a frustration,

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tolerance developing a willpower, through that. And through interrogating, being introspective, holding yourself accountable. And these are two organic methods. As for opposing your desires, quick story happen in the life of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam it's called the Battle of

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the Muslims had hard feelings after the battle regarding the spoils. So Allah sends down circle and fell and says fear alone fix your relationships.

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Some people were not paying enough attention. And so one year later, in the Battle of Osho, they run down off the mountain before its time and get ambushed because they were running after what

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the spoils they weren't paying enough attention.

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And so the massacre happened. Allah azza wa jal sends down 60 verses within Iran about this he says in those verses mean cumin you read to dounia amin cumin you read

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among you are those who desire dunia and among you are those who desire to hear after a blood Mr. dillo and said we would never have thought that one of us actually desires dounia work not for this verse. Likewise This is this however don't well you gotta ask yourself you think you don't?

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And then Allah azza wa jal had them go through this episode to realize hey listen, there's stuff inside of you that could be very destructive to you and to the oma and you're to blame pay attention.

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And then what also Sally and Ron did speaking about opposing your desires it gave them a litmus test a way to test whether you're addicted or not. And it said to them lens and Alan Barbara had to in physical metal hipbone you will not be at that state of righteousness that is pleasing to Allah until you give up from whatever it is you love. You say you're not attached, you say you're not in it for dunya then give up, prove it to yourself. Give up that which you love of this world.

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So we tell you that you're not addicted to the comfort of this dunia get up for Vegeta consistently. You're not addicted to the the money of this dunya the treasures of this dunya be serious about your zeca not casually I think I pretty much paid what's two and a half percent across this year and all these fundraisers and be serious about it.

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If you're not addicted to your reputation in dunia, give up the argument even behind closed doors not just to look humble. Give it up. If you're not addicted to the phone that's destroying you and your marriage and your children and leaving you in the dark.

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Then put it away. Leave it in the car when you come to the message. Leave it in the car when you're at home, leave it in your jacket, oppose the desire to prove to yourself that dunia is right here. I got it in my grip. It doesn't have mean it's that clear? We're good. That's the first take home.

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The second take home point

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is Maha Sabha. to question yourself question this desire inside of you

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and that is also for Anak Allah they'll just it will turn off some epidemically let each soul sit down and imagine what it has what it has set forth for tomorrow. In the Josie Rahim Allah He says how many think about this, this is just practice. How many

00:25:00 --> 00:25:31

The lights Have you enjoyed in your world, think about the best moments in your life, the happiest moment, the greatest gratification, the best meal you ever had. He says how much has remained of the delights of your world? The remain the happiness of your wedding remain the happiness of the newborn remain. Did that mean Alas, the feeling is still there, what remains of the enjoyment of this world? He says Be sure that what's remaining is the same as what has passed.

00:25:32 --> 00:25:48

And let's say it remains. Here's another question you can ask yourself, sit there and ask you I have no more either on a mobile he says. And ask yourself this. He says if it were to remain, you were able to press pause on that moment for 100 years.

00:25:49 --> 00:26:09

Won't you realize once you arrive at the Hereafter, that this entire life of yours 100 years, let's say compared to forever, is nothing but a single breath? Aren't I insane? For jeopardizing my forever for a single inhale? For a single exhale? That's the dounia compared to the zero.

00:26:11 --> 00:26:16

Also ask yourself the questions. You can ask yourself why did Allah give me dunya?

00:26:17 --> 00:27:07

Didn't Allah say in his for an Philomena? sumedha Kira v fatahna la mehbooba cliche when they forgot what we reminded them of? We used up all our reminders Allah gives you dunya to turn them away to send them away. But so how do we do this? You know I'm gonna Mahabharata Allah tala Han, who, when the spoils of al Qaeda in after qadisiya, one of the greatest conquests in the lifetime of all those who have gone to play him in the history of Islam, when the piles of leave behind of treasures were placed in the masjid in Medina came out, and he sat on the member, and he put his hand on his cheek and he began to cry. And he said, Yeah, Allah, your Prophet, sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was more

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beloved to you than me, and better than me, and you didn't give him this. And our book is so different. The other one was better than me. And more beloved to you didn't give him this. Oh Allah, I seek your protection that you gave this to me to lead me astray, that this is my fitna. And he commanded up the romantic now to take the treasures and distribute them all that day before sunset.

00:27:30 --> 00:27:32

That's the difference in us and muscle habit.

00:27:33 --> 00:27:51

They were vigilant. They were asking questions, the right questions. They asked one of the Tibetan what's the difference between us and the Sahaba. He said the dounia was in their hands, not in their hearts. And as for us, the dunya is in our hearts. And so Allah took it from our hands.

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Again, the dunya was in their hands, they had dunya they were well, they were successful, they had victory. It was in their hands the whole time. They kept it in check. Not in their hearts, we allowed it to enter our hearts. And so Allah pulled it from our hands. You know, they had eaten filburn or their multilotto he said that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam said to us, soon the nations will invite one another to feast on you the way people invite one another diners invite on a plate, they see also law we're going to be so little on that day to know you'll be plenty but you'll be weightless, like the form of the oceans. And Allah will pull fear of you from their hearts and

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place weakness in you. They said what's the weakness? He said your love of dunya Love is in the heart. Your infatuation with dunya and your hatred of death.

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You know, that treasure Omar saw we're done right? How much time do we have like two minutes? We're Finished? Finished Carlos. Just go up go home in the last 30 seconds and we'll cancel the questions.

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Can we cancel q&a

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but I just want a minute that are close inshallah we can take it from the q&a, look up testifying CTE s ip HO and testifying. This was the white palace that was 200 feet high one wall still remains that treasure Omar saw was only the homeless. The fifth of what came in savable everyone walks in sees a room like this filled with treasures, filmed

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jewelry and every sensation dunia has to offer and wine and gold and everything that happened here. This is the capital of the superpower of the planet. And he says get move this over so we can pray. Get this stuff out of here. So we can pray. So we can make a lot to a lot of Xhosa to thank him for are using us to liberate the world from the oppression from the tyranny and he recited the throne. When Allah says Kim takumin jannetty you look at what they left behind of Guardians and found it that's what he was looking at. How many have gone up and down in dunya it spares no one. So divorce it before he was really

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Citing the data from where canoes and treasures were more calm and carry him and a comfortable station when I'm at delight, a luxury that they were in Kedah Lika often And just like that, just like everyone before them and after them, I was now home in a hurry and we allowed another people, we allowed another people to inherit it. So keep your eyes on the book. Keep your eyes on the rope that Allah extended for you so you don't drown Indonesia

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May Allah subhana wa tada make us of those that can fight past our addiction and treat it with that seriousness and commitment Allahumma amin or Salalah Solomon Baraka, Vienna, Mohammed Ali

Trapped Conference 2017

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