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Nouman Ali Khan
AI: Summary © The ongoing conflict is described as constant and happening, with consequences such as the devil still holding onto control and pushing people into panic attacks. The conflict is also discussed as a way to deescalate and lead people into panic attacks. The importance of showing one's personality and body to avoid embarrassment and confusion is emphasized, and the segment promotes a tour of Vienna where viewers can enjoy story nights and receive a warm introduction to the Quran.
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There's a at this point you need to understand the war that we're in. Every one of us is at war. Inside of my conscience inside of your conscience, there's a constant influx. A constant was was out from WHO?

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The devil doesn't stop, front, back, right, left. I'll keep coming at them. I'll keep coming at them. I'll keep coming at them. The devil is never going to stop for any of you until you die. He will. He will not stop. The only thing that can keep you from the devil's plan is what

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if someone close to you tells you what,

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Allah's word and you just back off? Or if you have the courage to say to yourself Allah's word, sometimes you say Allah's word, is it can I think about that right now. So I told her.

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I mean, it's Thursday, can I think about that on Friday?

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The thing is, there are two kinds of words that are trying to fight for space in here.

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One of them whether you try it or not, is getting in there anyway. Which one?

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The Devil's words? The Devil's whisper is constant, it's happening. It's happening. It's happening. Allah's words are not automatically hear Allah's words you have to make an effort to remind yourself Allah's words you have to make an effort of someone reminding you and you reminding them what our soul will happy, what our soul be somebody, they counseled each other to the truth. They tell each other the truth. They advise each other with the truth. That and that by the way, you can think of it as the devil's words are darkness. And Allah's words are what? Light and when you don't take in light, the darkness keeps on increasing, you're not evil, you're not doing anything bad. But the

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fact that you're not letting light in darkness is increasing on its own without any effort is happening anyway.

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There's no such thing as you not being bad.

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You can't you can only get worse, or better and worse. The default is in null in Santa Fe, because human beings are in laws. They're constantly being whispered to by the devil. And then Allah's words are the only anecdote that cleans that up. So he was able to deceive them away from Allah's words.

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Allah's words to us are what?

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The Quran, the Quran is supposed to be a conversation with our hearts. That's what it's supposed to be. Because the devil, you must be Sophie. So rudeness. He's here, just whispering into the chest, constantly putting feelings in constantly putting thoughts in and convincing you I'm looking out for you, man, you have these feelings because you're looking out for yourself. This is for your own good. That's the lie. He tells you in me. That's the lie he tells. And then the Quran comes and he cleans that up Allah's word cleans that up. And then you're able to walk away from that tree, whatever that tree is for you. And whatever that tree is for me, we're able to take steps back. By

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the way, when you take a step back from that tree, sometimes, if Adam is taking a step back, how about we'll be like, Oh, you think you're better than me?

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That's why, huh? Really? Yeah, no, no, no, let's all follow them.

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Or if I was taking a step back, oh, seriously, now you want to take a step back?

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Who brought us here? Whose idea was it?

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In other words, when you're trying to take a step back towards the right direction, it won't just be the devil, that will be upset. It might also be the people that are still not strong enough to break free from the devil. They're not devils. Don't look at them right now.

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They're not devils, but they're still struggling to break free. And those people you don't say to them still following shatta. And walking away. You're supposed to be able to lovingly say, listen, we're gonna do this together.

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Because right now you're slipping, and I'm awake. But I'm pretty sure at some point what's going to happen to me.

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I'll fall asleep and you'll be the one awake. And my survival depends not just on me walking away, but also making sure you you wake up for now, because eventually I'll get tired and I'll fall asleep. And I'll slip into the devil's trap you understand? That's what's happening in this remarkable story. He got them by way of deception. And finally when they tasted from this tree, Allah says Allah and have Kuma until actually we even before that, but that Lomasa Tahoma. As soon as they tasted from the tree, their clothes, their clothes were removed. They were in they were completely *.

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But Africa you'll see finally Allah He made me work agenda and they started desperately covering themselves with leaves of heaven. Allah never taught them to cover themselves. Allah put in the nature of a human being to want to cover themselves. Allah put human beings find it and dignified, shameful

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It's humiliating, that they're not covered. Allah put that in our nature to want to be covered. Then to find honor in that the devil wants us to forget that and the devil wants you to think you are more respectable in the eyes of people. If you have a more beautiful body and if you have a beautiful body, show it to people showing why not you know, put it on display. show people how beautiful you are, show people how good looking you are, show them more and more skin. That's what the world operates on, doesn't it? That's what it's become, isn't it? And that's exactly what the devil wanted for us. Because you know, who has no hesitation showing skin? The animal and remember

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where this conversation began? He's nothing more than what

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he's nothing more than mud. I made a fire is made of mud. Go ahead put your mud on display. Put your mud on display that's what I want for you. Because the more you put that on display, the more you'll crush your soul the more the light inside you is going to start disappearing. That's us going near that tree when they went near that tree they must they made a mistake both of them and they immediately started doing what covering themselves from the leaves of Jana Takayasu finding other human being what are the Jannah when are the humara BOMA then Allah Tala call them Allah could have called them when they were taking a step towards the tree Allah could have stopped them then Allah

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didn't stop them, or gonna stop them when they were when they touch the fruit. He didn't stop them after they tasted from the tree. Then Allah says Didn't I tell you not to Allah and hakama until commercial Zahra Wakulla Kumar didn't I tell both of you in the shape and Allah Kumar are doing moving the devil is an obvious enemy to both of you did not explain that to you? Didn't he say he's going to come at you from all sides? Did you forget?

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And they're lucky they're in shock that they just got caught. And they're already embarrassed you can tell because they were covering themselves. And now Allah says, deny remind you. And this is actually a process that human beings will go through until Judgment Day, many times we're going to mess up. We're going to mess up and then we're going to hear the word of Allah. But unlike them where Allah spoke to them, we're going to have to open the Word of Allah ourselves.

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We're gonna have to open the Word of Allah ourselves and hear Allah say, did not tell you that's haram did not tell you shouldn't be doing that. Didn't I tell you we watch out for the devil? Didn't Didn't I tell you to watch out? And when he says that to them? What's their response? Allah Robina alumna and vasana they both said our master we did wrong to ourselves. How many people know this dua?

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Okay. Say with me Robina vollum Na, and for Santa were Ilam delphy Lana, what are Hannah, Lana Hakuna mineral ha serine. Okay, our Master we did wrong to ourselves, if you don't cover our mistake, and if you don't show us loving care, we're going to absolutely be from those that have lost, lost wide lost the trust you gave us lost the you know, we've lost everything. Now when they make this dua amazing that they are still in heaven.

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They're still in heaven. They made a mistake. Allah called them out on their mistake, and they apologize to Allah. The Earth thing hasn't happened yet. You know what that means? Allah has given us a principle in his book. When people genuinely ask for forgiveness. Allah immediately what forgives. Before Adam is even sent to Earth. He's already forgiven.

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Before our mothers even sent to earth already forgiven. They made a mistake. They ate from the tree. And then they asked for forgive Allah call them out. They asked for forgiveness. It's over. They're forgiven. Which means they're not being sent to the earth as a what? There you go. It's not a punishment,

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then so that part is over now. Now. Guys, you just watched a small clip of story night. This is one of my favorite events around the world. At the end of every tour, I get that recorded and posted on Vienna TV. There are several story nights available on Vienna that you can enjoy with yourselves and family and even non Muslim friends to give them a really nice warm introduction to the contents of the Quran in a relaxed setting. So I hope you enjoy the story nights that are available on Vienna. Sign up today.

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