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hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah Haleakala God mineral Adam wotja la new Romina volum well mocha just subliminal LM from October to Allah nada, furnish guru who Allah masa EB comanage guru who Adenium one Salli ala Rasulillah Hill, Accra, the Charleville Shami will noodle atom while kita will come, what camellia nabina will hartham CD whether the Adam and Lesiba Shalabi here is a new medium, whether it be 30 He Ibrahim alayhis salam Hina Kenya Furukawa debate Illa Hill Moharram for some Allahu alayhi wa sallam was very highly lumen Latina BarakAllahu be him catheter NASA album in Houma, la John for Hamdulillah. Allah de la MATA is one other than Bella Mia Kula who Sherry can

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fill milk with a mere cola who will be human at Dooley what can build with Akira? Well hamdulillah Allah the Angela and Abdi he'll kita but what Demiurge Allah who

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will hamdulillah Isla de la moda who want to start you know who want to start from when we want our color LA when our rules will be learned even surely and fusina Woman sejati Molina when you have to Hilah who fella mobila woman you believe fella Hadiya when a shadow a la ilaha illallah wa the hula Sharika when a shadow under Mohammed Abdullah he Rasulullah sallallahu Taala will Buddha would even leave Hara who Allah Dean equally worker Fabula he Shahida for some Allahu Allah He was seldom at the Sleeman Kathira and Cassia a mother and in that hadith he Kitab Allah Muhammad Al hadI had you Mohammed in some Allahu alayhi wa sallam were in the short run more data to have were in Nakoula

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more data in beta Wakulla data in Walla Walla Walla that info now. Allah azza wa jal fuca Kariba an Akula Rosa bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim, wakad, Taka Ruffman WELEDA nakaji Tom Shea and it the taka to semi to yet have a term I mean what unshackled are what are several G Balou had and I will manually nyetimber Helia Rukmani and yet Takigawa. In khulumani Fish somehow it will work in T of Ramana it many of the Lakota Assam were at the home at the Wakulla home to Malkia Mati further, Frobisher he saw that he was silly Emily looked at me lasagna, Coco Lee, Allah ma Tabitha andalo. TV La Ilaha illa Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Mina Latina, Amina Mohammed Ali had whatever, so be happy,

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but also be sovereign. I mean, you know, but I mean, I specifically ask Allah azza wa jal for clarity and speech in a message that I'd like to deliver to all of you. And a reminder to myself, that is delicate in nature, there are two things that I'd like to present a balance in. Sometimes when you hear somebody speaking, and you hear one part of their speech, and you ignore or overlook the second part of their speech, then you might come away with an imbalanced conclusion, assuming that they're saying one thing, without having understood the counter side, and that's kind of the delicate balance, I need to try and strike today inshallah with them. To start things off to make

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things simple. There are two components of communication that we have to be mindful of, what is it that I want to say? And how is it that I'm going to say it, there are two separate things. In rhetoric, they call this style and stuff substance. So you can say thank you, that's what you want to say. But the way you're going to say it could sound defensive, thank you. Or you could say kindly Thank you. But your tone decided, even though the words are exactly the same. They've been spelled the same way. Your tone and the mannerism in which you spoke, change the communication completely. You can turn something nice into something unkind, right? The same way we are by extension in our

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deen, there is the message of Islam. The message of Islam and the message of Islam cannot be compromised. Allah azza wa jal has revealed his book, he has revealed the truth to his messenger salAllahu alayhi wasallam. The truth is what it is, and the truth disagrees with many people, when you present this truth, the truth of Islam, the ayat of the Quran, there are people who don't believe in the Quran, and obviously they're going to disagree with what we believe. Now it is what we say that cannot be compromised. But how we say it just because it is the truth doesn't mean that we have to say in an offensive way. Actually, the profit slice on them is the perfect balance of

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both of these things. No one knew anyone with better manners than our messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he had muckety muck, the most perfect manners of all human beings. At the same time, the Quran that he was given, and you have to be clear about this is extremely offensive to them, which again, it's offensive to their culture. It's offensive to their heritage. In fact, the Quran that's given to him is offensive.

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After Christians, it's offensive to Jews, it's offensive to a lot of people the message of it, the truth of it contradicts a lot of what they believe. And yet at the same time, the messenger Salallahu Alaihe. Salam, who, from their point of view, is saying highly offensive things, still carries the highest mannerisms, both of those things are balanced at the same time. Now, this balance is easily lost. Somebody says, I have the truth, which means I get to be offensive in the way that I present it. The truth can speak for itself. You don't have to raise your voice and yell and scream. It can make its own case, I my tone doesn't have to change when I'm presenting a

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message. My I don't have to get more aggressive, I the the message can represent itself perfectly. On the other extreme, there are people who say no, we have to be kind to our neighbor, we have to be you know, we have to get along with other people. And in order to get along with other people, we should say nothing that offends them. And therefore we shouldn't talk about certain things that are in the Quran, because it might hurt somebody's feelings. So in the name of being kind, and then they even you might even find a confused citation of the prophets. I saw them and say, the Prophet SAW Selim was really kind, he was really nice. We don't want to be mean. So in the name of being like

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the Prophet, apparently, so I saw them. Let's not say some things that a Christian might not want to hear that you might not want to hear that a Hindu might not want to hear that a mushrik of Arabia at that time, might not want to hear. But this is actually playing with the word of Allah. This is hiding the word of Allah, woman of lumen Katana, shahada and endo hoomin Allah, who could be more of a wrongdoer who hides testimony he has that has come to him from Allah. So we have to be open, direct and clear. Now, there's some at this occasion, many kids are off, I see a lot of young people that are in the audience. Then if you go to public school, the audience that I have immediately in

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front of me, obviously you guys are here in the United States, and there are people watching from all over the world. We're all in Christmas season. Christmas is all around us. Christmas decorations are all around us. Houses are decorated, malls are decorated, right Christmas jingles are being heard everywhere, songs are being heard everywhere, people are greeting each other Merry Christmas people are, you know, dressing up in red, in green, etc. Right. That's the environment that we find ourselves in. And I want to start from these two opposing forces. First and foremost, Allah in one of the final suitors that he revealed to the Muslim SOTL Magadha. He gave us instructions on how to

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be the best we can be with our Christian neighbors. In fact, he taught he instructed us to go eat with them and invite them over to our to our home so they can eat with us with our army Levina al Kitab kita Hello Lacan. tamuka Hello. Lahoma is not just an instruction about food, or whether or not McDonald's is Halawa or not. That's not the actual original conversation. The idea behind it was the album a little bit of taqwa, get to know your Christian and you know, because the Muslims were expanding into the Roman Empire, get to know them, interact with them, invite them over to your homes, and when they invite you over go to their homes have good neighborly relations with them.

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That is sort of on my radar. That's the same sort of my Ada, that includes the testimony of a silent Salam on Judgement Day, who will stand before Allah and basically acknowledge that he was never declared the Son of God. So the ideas that the Quran rejects of Christianity are in that surah. And the good the best model behavior of how to be with our Christian neighbor is also in that Surah, they're both together at the same time, they're not mutually exclusive. Now, in light of that, I will share with you what I believe to be the most convincing understanding of our interaction with this time of year than any other celebration for that matter. The fact of the matter is that when a

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civilization or a society or a culture becomes economically and politically dominant, when they become a powerful force in the world, then their culture and their values and their celebrations get exported to everybody else. So the nations that are dominated, politically dominated, economically dominated, educationally dominated, socially dominated. Those are the nations that want to try to copy the nations that are on the successful ladder. In fact, when Muslims were at their peak, there were other non Muslim societies that were copying Muslim traditions. And an interesting study for you guys on your own would be the history of Andalusia and how many Jewish traditions were inspired

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by them copying what the Muslims were doing, because Muslims were at their economic, social, political, cultural, educational peak. Now we find ourselves in a time where, for example, for the last century, and we don't know how long that's gonna last. But for the last century, United States had a peak in the world, and its music exported itself around the world. Its culture T shirts and jeans exported themselves around the world. baseball hats exported themselves around the world. Its movies exported themselves around, they became

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cultural phenomenon to be, you know, to be copied. So now you can find Japanese Heavy Metal rock.

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You know, it's not an invention of Japan. But you will find westernized Americanized clothing being adopted all over the world, that was the world we lived in. And as a result of that, also, when Muslims come to countries like the United States or Australia, or they go to like Germany or other places like that, where they're a very small minority, they feel like they, you know, they're, they're lower, often on the economic ladder, if they're just starting out, being a taxi driver, you know, barely making ends meet, or whatever, or they're the only one that looks different in the university, they're trying to fit in and human beings have in their nature, we want to try and fit

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in, we want to belong in a society, if this is your home, you've built your home here, your livelihood is here, you don't want to feel like an alien. So now when everybody else is doing something, you feel this gravitational force, you're pulling you in Tijuana, doing the same things that they're doing. And then of course, your kids, they're going to public school. And when they're going to public school, all these other kids are talking about what they're going to get for Christmas, how their families are coming over what you know, and all this stuff is happening. They're getting a tree, they're excited about getting a tree, and then your Muslim child comes home

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and says, Are we getting a tree? Are we gonna have a tree too? And then you feel bad answering that question? Because you're like, No, no, we're Muslim. And you're like, all Muslims can't have any fun. We don't even have Christmas, right? And that's because there's a larger cultural force, and we breathe that air in just like we breathe oxygen and we breathe, we breathe a culture in, it impacts us, effects us. And so in that environment, how are we supposed to respond? And how are we supposed to react? First, let's be clear about the ideas. Whether or not in my view, Allahu Allah. In my view, even though for the vast majority of people, you could argue that the celebration of Christmas

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has now just become a commercial holiday. And for a lot of people, it's actually associated if you dig deep enough, with a lot of stress, family is gonna come over, we got to cook this, this this, we got to have this ready, we got to have that ready. There's traffic, there's jams at the airport, there's lots of drinking, there's lots of fighting that's going to happen in the family. There's all kinds of drama that comes along with Christmas. A lot of in fact, a psychiatrist I was speaking to, I told me that they have a spike in people that are hospitalized during Christmas season. And a lot of it is stress induced a lot of stress induced. So it's not an easy time even for those family but

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on the outside it looks like it's all celebration and happy times. Right. But having said all of that, let's take a step back and First understand, what is it that that as a believer, I feel for my fellow, you know, human being, for my fellow Christian Jew, whoever else. Allah azza wa jal gave me this gift of guidance the deen of Ibrahim alayhis salam. And in this Deen its most powerful feature is that Allah is one in one alone.

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And regardless of whether this is about Santa Claus, or presence or trees, at the core of it, there celebrate the celebration is about the birth of Jesus wrongly attributed to this date as it is, because that has nothing to do with December the 25th. But regardless, the idea is we're celebrating the birth of our Savior. That's the idea of the birth of our Savior, someone whose birth and then his life and his eventual sacrifice led to the sins of humanity being cleansed. And the gift of Christian faith was given through this. This is where we fundamentally disagree, the Quran comes and says you have hijacked the true legacy of Jesus. This is not who Jesus was. This is not why he was

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born, he did not come to clean you of your sins. In fact, he came to remind you of the sins you had been doing. In fact, he came to cleanse you by telling you to go back and apply the book The Sharia that was given to Moses to Musa alayhis salam. And he lived his life criticizing those who abandoned the shehryar of Musa alayhis salam abandoned the law. And the irony of it that a few centuries later, people in his name in Jesus's name said they no longer have to uphold the law, because they're already saved by the blood of Jesus. They already saved by a sacrifice. So they violated his legacy. And now there's a celebration, an entire festival, the roots of which are the violation of

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that legacy of our beloved messenger, a Saudi cinema. If somebody was celebrating lies made about Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam. You and I would not be participating in such a celebration. Because at the heart of it, there's a lie about a messenger of Allah and to us, we honor all the messengers of Allah. We don't say Musa we say Musa alayhis salam. We don't say Isa, we say Salaam. We haven't. You know, Allah azza wa jal himself says wa salam ala l Mursaleen. He says salam are all of those that were sent. As a Muslim. I have to honor all of Allah's messengers, and a great dishonor to them in my view, in my creed is that a lie is made against a man

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messenger of Allah

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if lies are made about them. If lies are made about new Hyundai salaam I stand and defend new Hyundai Salaam. If lives are made about Musa Elisa my standard defend Musa Anissa This is what the Quran in fact does on multiple occasions on multiple occasions just to give you a small example there's a biblical excerpt that some believe authentic in which Jesus yells at his mother.

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Okay, according to their record, he yells at his mother. And what does the Quran come and do? It defends ISA and A salaam Baba rhombi validity, and I'm good to my mother is good so Allah, Allah azza wa jal defends a Saturday Saddam and restores his honor. The same thing happens for example, not even with prophets with other believers, as How will God have us how will God the people of the cave, they refuse to believe in any god other than Allah, and Allah honored them in the Quran, London, Roman Dooney Ilan Lakota collider collider and Chautauqua, we're not gonna call any other God besides Allah, we would be saying something absurd if we did that. And ironically, 150 years

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before Rasul, Allah was born, there were already churches established in the name of the Seven Saints, the same as Hubble calm that we talked about, there were churches, Jacob by churches existing in which they believe that they were worshipers of Jesus. So they created a ship around those hub and cough, and even the churches around them and had celebrations of them, and the crime came and rescued them from that allegation, and restored their honor. So I personally, this is I'm not imposing that on you. But as a student of the Quran, I have a hard time telling people like I have friends that are Christian, I have dear friends that are Christian, I will I can't get myself

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to say Merry Christmas to them. I can't do it. And the reason I can't do it is something in my heart tells me that I cannot be mary about this thing.

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I can't I can't get myself to be happy for anyone else for doing for being part of something knowingly or unknowingly. Now you could say no, no, they don't know that. They don't know that. But I asked Allah azza wa jal to be saved to be guided in the Fatiha I asked Allah azza wa jal to not be from Allah will be either him, who are people who know the wrong thing and do it anyway. And I also asked Allah to not be from who are baleen people who don't know any better and are lost their lust, but the bonding of people who don't know, you know, and I asked him was refuge from both? Why would I be happy for somebody else's?

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Why would I do that? What I do say? And then people come to me and say, Well, you have to live in America. We have to live here. What do you want us to hate everybody? I started by saying what the Quran teaches us to have the best relations with our Christian neighbors. But you know what? I've been living in the same America, y'all have been. I didn't go to some like Islamic I went to public school, I went to college, I worked in corporate America. And all that time, I never said Merry Christmas to anybody. And I've never offended anybody. I've actually said, I hope you enjoy your holidays. I hope you have a good time with your family. I pray that you have a blessed time with

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your family. I can make dua for them. I can offer their guidance. And actually, on some occasions, some of those people that I prayed for, and that I wished Well, in the season, they said, Well, how come you don't say Merry Christmas? Then I come out and say because I can't. I just can't say it. Because I you know, I don't believe that about Jesus. And in fact, I believe it's a horrible lie against Jesus. But if you ever want to talk about that we can really believe right? Yeah, yep, I do. Yeah, I love Jesus too much. It's making me not say it out of love for him.

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You just created a conversation opportunity for them to know what you actually believe. Because a lot of non Muslims, you know what they believe you believe in some kind of a moon creature.

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You believe in the lunar calendar. The Buddha, you believe in some desert myth. You worship a stone in the desert, they have all kinds of ideas about what you believe.

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And you just give, you're giving them an opportunity to ask a question, while not compromising any of your other. We're not doing any of that. And then comes the idea that we you know, and this is again, a, I want to remind myself and you have all of this, the danger of this. You see, the most powerful thing that we have in Islam

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is our beliefs. That's the most powerful thing we have. Sometimes our actions fail. Sometimes we don't sit we say the things we shouldn't have said, we do the things we shouldn't have done. Our actions are imperfect, we fall short. But you know what the, the one thing that will bring us back on track is going to be our beliefs is going to be our emotion is going to be the Creed at the at the heart at the core of it the truth that we believe is going to set us back straight, it's going to open up the path of doba.

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Now what happens let me just give you one example of in fact the pseudo that began in the beginning so copy recited every Friday. Well, you

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are called to have Allahu Allah to warn those who say Allah is taking the sun. Allah talked about us how we got I'll tell you one thing about us how we have these young men,

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these young men escaped a society that wanted them to follow a ritual. In fact, that was a ritual. The society they were in, the king was coming and visiting, and they were going to have a grand religious ceremony. They used to believe in the Greek gods, you know, Zeus armies, all those gods, they were building huge statues for them. And they wanted all the big families, The Millionaire families to come and participate in the celebration. They weren't asking people to worship that God necessarily, but they have to be that to join the party. They have to join the Jart giant shark party. These young men belong to millionaire families. So their families have to show up, it looks

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bad if they don't show up. You know, if you get a political invitation by the king, then all the elites of the of the area have to show up. And these young men refuse to show up. So it became a big thing. They wouldn't participate in this occasion. And then they were they were asked to explain that Why didn't you show up and they could have made any other excuse. They said, Our people call these gods other than Allah, how come they have no proof for them? Lola tuna lamb sometime in vain, they publicly declared what they believe their families are embarrassed, the entire society is outraged, and you can't talk like that you're gonna, that's treason. So they were given a few days

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to think over their youth stupidity, and get their mind straight, and come back and apologize for this defiance. And it is in this time that they escaped over and went into a cave. That's what the Quran describes. So when they go into this cave,

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you know,

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after many years, when they wake up, when Allah miraculously wakes them up, and they're coming, they got hungry, and they got to send somebody back to get food. They said something remarkable that Allah recorded in the Quran.

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When they were sending one of their own to get food back, he had to be covert, right? Because if they find out who he is, and they're going to catch the rest of them, they're going to get arrested, maybe even get the death penalty. So they said in the home in Yahoo Alikum Yoritomo comm

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if these people overpower you, if they catch you, and they gang up on you, they will stone you to death. Oh, oh, there's another such scenario. You really do comfy miletti Him, they won't forcibly return you back into their net in their ways. They'll let me give you another word, a common American word. Now modern English word, they will assimilate you back into their way. assimilation, it will make you like them, when to flee who even Abba you will never succeed in that case, you will never succeed in that case.

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It is actually a tragedy that you feel that somehow you and I feel that somehow having a Christmas tree in your home as a Muslim is okay. Because it's just a tree. It's not just a tree. It represents your colonized mind. It represents your acceptance of a dominant culture, even if the rituals and their celebrations are rooted in something that your Quran so strongly disagrees with is so offended by you think it's just Oh, it's just a mistletoe. It's just a tree. No, it's not just a tree. It is an imitation of others who are celebrating one of the worst crimes against Allah Schick.

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And if they're doing it unknowingly, it doesn't justify you the Muslim who knows better to do that along with them. And you can get offended by what I say I'm completely okay with that. Because Allah azza wa jal offends with truth.

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He says Subhana wa Tada when they say we're called with Manuela, but our man the most loving the most caring one, he took a son, because by the way, a man was used here for several rhetorical reasons. The Michigan denied the name of rock man. But the Christians actually believe that God is love. God has mercy and it is because of his love and mercy, that he had a son that he sacrificed. So they actually use the Rockmore of Allah to justify the shirk. So they there's a connection connection made between Allah and the shape that is done with Esau they set up so Allah questions that it says, we'll call it the Hazara Manuela de la caja Tom Shea and it that you have come forward

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with something horrifying. And then he says this, that God was savato Subhana wa tocado somehow to a perfect Karna Minh, who was then shackled with a horrible Jeeva who had

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the skies, seven skies, the skies are almost about to tear open.

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And the Earth is about to split in half. And the mountains are on the verge of collapsing completely. Because of what because they say a man has taken a sun.

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You see the skies in the earth understand this point the skies in the earth. Allah created them in submission

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Allah, we're in minchie Illa, Serbia who behind the heat, so to the Salah, Allah says everything in the creation of Allah. So the sky is the earth and mountains because every one of them is declaring the perfection of Allah. Okay? That's the first thing I want you to understand. The second thing, when someone says the word of schicke, Allah has taken a sun, then the skies in the earth are actually listening,

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these creations of Allah that are more Muslim than you and I, because they also render Subhan Allah him FSM, Allah to my fellow, all of the creation of Allah is listening to those words. And when they listen to those words, it goes against the hunk that Allah made them with Allah made them to do this be of Allah, and they're hearing something that violates that as we have Allah, the perfection of Allah. And so they want to not exist anymore. Because they have to hear this thing. They want to tear open, they want to collapse. It wants they want to fall apart, and Allah is holding them together. It's it's as if Allah is describing for the skies in the earth. This shark is unbearable

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for them. It's unbearable, how graphic How intense is this description? How offended is the entire universe that Allah created over these words? And for you? And I it's just because it's their culture, it's okay, no, you can be kind, courteous, friendly, you can actually pray for them. You can mean well for them, you can do all of that without offending Allah

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without offending your dean without offending the legacy of reciting Salam. So I don't think this is just a casual thing. I personally, if somebody else believes it is I can respect their view, but I can't find it convincing. And I would argue, for our for our kids, especially for our young generation, they need to know the seriousness of what they believe

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their, if you instill in them this inferiority complex, that their celebrations have to look like other people's celebrations, they have to celebrate the religious holidays of others. Well, if today, you have no problem with a Christmas tree in your house, well, if we, if you live in a Hindu dominated society, and they want to celebrate, you know, one of their gods, and they just have a little model in their home, that maybe you should have that next year, too, because it's just an action finger, it's no big deal. You know, it's just some cover just doing the same thing as that. But we don't mean anything by it. And pretty much eventually you'll have everything else being

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copied, you'll have a flavor of every other religion, and the only thing that will be lost is your own Eman. These celebrations are not a small thing. They may be meaningless to others. But every one of these actions is meaningful to us. It's meaningful to us.

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And turn, you know, turn the tables. I don't even make this argument. So people know that they wouldn't celebrate eight for you. But even if they did, they wouldn't make it right. Even somebody came in told you about a good they told you about it. That doesn't mean that you can now be merry Christmas.

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It doesn't change the facts. Allah has given us what he's given us. And in fact, there were people who came to ask those who loves Allah or you send him questions about Christianity, questions about Jesus questions about you know, salvation in an entire clergy came to him. And they stayed in Michigan, never we look at the beauty of our religion. They stayed in Michigan liberally they pray to Jesus in Alicia memory. And then they had discussions with a hula Salah and part of Allah and Ron was revealed. And then they left. The Russell's actually made a vow to them, and then they left. Our dean is so open and so permissive that for someone to think unless you become like them, unless you

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copy their celebration, or celebrate their celebration with them, somehow you're not really being the kind person. Somehow you're not accepting. Let me tell you, there's enough there's enough of this surrender to all else, and not enough surrender to Allah. Not not enough pride and not enough confidence in what we actually believe. In fact, this is the most opportune time. We are, we are nearly 1/5 of the population of the world. The Christian Christianity is the biggest religion in the world. You know what that means? That we have great art, every one of us can have a conversation with two or three people. And this is a time where we're Christian dumb, Jesus, the birth of Jesus,

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salvation is on the minds of people behind all the gifts and the trees and the mistletoe. This is on their minds. Their faith is on their minds. This is not a time to debate their faith with them. But this is certainly a time to maybe talk to them about what you believe about Jesus. If you want if you really care about your neighbor, you would want them to stand in front of Allah successful at least they should know something maybe who knows what that conversation will lead them to. Whatever let's say at the end, this is sort Maria Manuel things right? So many of all things. What Why why are we taking this course

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Seriously, because when this creed was developed, then the idea that I don't have to stand in front of Allah myself was gone.

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Who's going to stand in front of Allah, Jesus will, he'll take care of me. He paid for my sins, I just have to pay tribute to him. And then he'll take care of my problem. I don't have to stand in front of Allah and explain myself. How does Sudak mme end well below him, T Yeoman chiamata. Further, every single one of them, every single one of them will come before him before Allah alone, individually.

00:30:40--> 00:31:06

This is coming for every one of them. I don't wish that day to be a disastrous day for them. I don't wish for that to happen. I wish good for my humanity. I wish good for them. And I cannot. I cannot serve that good for them. If I don't live my faith myself, if I'm shy of and hiding away my own faith, if I can't even stand for it confidently to the point where they might even ask, Hey, what is it that you believe?

00:31:07--> 00:31:11

How come you're not joining? How come you're not coming to the office Christmas party?

00:31:12--> 00:31:30

If you're so afraid to speak up? You're so afraid that how will they ever know? And you don't think those same people on Judgement Day are gonna say Allah, Abdul Karim was in the same office, he came to every Christmas party every year, even bought me Christmas presents. He said America he was happy for me celebrating Jesus's birthday.

00:31:31--> 00:32:07

He never told me anything. I mean, I knew he has a Muslim name. Other than that, I had no idea you don't think he's always gonna ask us about what we did. And what we didn't say, he's not going to put us to account. Let's stand up for our lien. Let's be the best neighbors we can be. But let's be open about our faith at the same time. And let's not compromise our faith and be a surrender people. Allah has given us beautiful celebrations that we can celebrate. Allah has given us that there's no shortage in our deen, nothing has been left out. And I pray that we're able to raise a generation of kids that confidently stand for their Islam. And they're not looking at other cultures, other

00:32:07--> 00:32:27

religious values other you know, other Heritage's that have contradictory values to Islam and are hoping I wish we could be more like them. You know, I wish we could be more like them. So Salam warned us let that be understood and Xena amicably calm, you're gonna end up following the ways of those who came before you. Imitation is a pretty scary thing.

00:32:28--> 00:32:56

Don't live a life of imitation, who has given us individuality? Allah has given us the power to know that we're going to stand alone in front of him. So I pray that we're able to instill that into ourselves and into our kids and we are able to give a loving message about the truth of Jesus the truth of Essanay salam to our Christian friends and neighbors, those of us those of them who would like to have a conversation with us, we should be ready and willing to have that conversation in a respectful kind and loving way. BarakAllahu li Walakum Quran Al Hakim when a family ER for me it was it

00:32:59--> 00:33:38

hamdu Lillahi wa wa Salatu was Salam ala everybody living stuff out for Susan a lot of body Mahatama been hammered in the meanwhile early he was happy his marine called Allah azza wa jal fricative Karim Nakula Rosa bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim. In Allahu ala eco saloon Island Nebia you Hello Tina mo Salah Allahi wa sallam Taslima Allahumma Salli ala Muhammad Ali Mohamed Kamasan data Allah Brahim early Rahima Phil Alameen Inaka Hamid Majeed Allahumma barik ala Muhammad Ali Mohammed Kumar Baraka Allah for him. Rahim Alameen in the Gambia Majeed, everybody La Mancha Allah Allah in the La Jolla mobile it will shun but it will CORBA when and in fashion you will Mankad whether the cola

00:33:38--> 00:33:44

Coca Cola your alma mater, snarling finish Sala in the salata, Canada, mini Nikita Makuta