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Sorry we're silly Emily Hello Dr. Tammy lasagna, Coco de la Mata Bittner EndNote de la ilaha illallah wa la la mina Latina Amina Amina, sorry hard, whatever. So be happy whatever sub sub Manila but I mean, today's hobo is centered around a single ayah part hopefully of that if we get time than the entire if this is the 29th, I have solid Anissa, the fourth surah. And in this ayah, it's a Change of subject, the beginning of this surah

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are good part of it is focused on Allah's guidance about what happens when a person dies, as far as what they leave behind their inheritance. So if a husband dies, or a father dies, or a mother dies, or a daughter dies, a child dies, who gets what inheritance law, right, so there's a lot of long discussion about the proportions that are supposed to be distributed among the people that are survived by the one who passes away. And after describing all of that, in very vivid detail, a lot changes the subject to other money matters. So this portion of the Quran is important because Allah is giving us guidance about how to manage money and how to give people what they deserve. And so as

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that subject comes to an end, the first thing as I opened, it's the closing of the first subject. And the opening of the next lesson is you read the law and you have to find comala intends to lighten the burden from you. Meaning he's giving you these rules, and he's giving you these instructions not to make things harder for you. The purpose of them is to make your life easier. If you don't do this, then they're going to be fights in the family, there are going to be wars that break out there are going to be generations hating each other, they took our house they took that was my dad's card, this was this one, this was that one, and they're going to be animosities that

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are going to affect generations to come and create all kinds of evil. Allah wants to lift that burden off of your shoulders and make everybody's life easier. That's why he's basically arbitrary thing and saying that I do not you hamacher Bula kunafa. You see, Allah says, Your, your, your parents, your children, you don't know who deserves what, like you can't figure that out. Allah knows who deserves what. So he's basically being the neutral party giving us instructions on how matters are supposed to be settled in what we leave behind. But after that, Allah says, He wants to lighten your burden for you and human beings were made weak. So Allah is actually acknowledging or,

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or making us actually realize that we, when it comes to matters of money can be very weak. And when it comes to giving people what they deserve, or feeling like we deserve more, it can be very weak. So it's very, you know, Allah azza wa jal describes to us that one of the things we have to protect ourselves from is show when you see

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people who are whoever has been protected from intense greed that lives inside themselves are very successful people. So Elia is telling us that greed is not a small problem, it's a very, very big problem that we can that can make us biased we you, you can start thinking you deserve more than you actually deserve. Right? Or not give somebody else the right that's something I can have and you can have, or others can have it against us and take more from us than they deserve or take what they don't deserve at all. So in light of that what Allah gives us is this profound brief statement is it 29th is not a long ayah. But the opening of India you have Lavina Amanullah Taku, Amala combinar

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COVID about it. He says those of you believe, do not eat your money among each other, don't consume each other's wealth that koulamallah combiner come build bottom. Now that's commonly translated don't consume each other's wealth using falsehood. That's how they commonly translate that don't consume each other's wealth using false but we're gonna dig a little bit deeper today and try to understand what this phrase what guidance this phrase contains practically for all of us. And I want to start with the translation of the word bottling as falsehood. That's one of its meanings, but if you dig a little deeper into this word bottle, bottle in Arabic is used for wastage also. So, for

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example, if you say that you know batala the habit Leon like something that went to waste is also called button something that had no purpose is also called button, you know? So, you know, Allah azza wa jal did not create the skies in the earth with button. Okay? Well, I birth without a purpose. So that's one meaning without purpose, and I'd like you to remember that. So, one meaning of that is can be don't consume each other's wealth without a purpose. wastefully. That's one meaning. The second meaning it's also it also occurs in the meaning of level four, just entertaining yourselves for just entertaining or distraction. don't consume each other's money just to entertain

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yourselves or to distract. Now let's not talking about your money being spent by you Li saying you're spending someone else's money. That's what he's talking about here. And while I can be Nicoletta kulu and welcome bainer calm, and the third meaning that eaglehawk which is the opposite of hug and hug doesn't just mean truth. Now the English translation says falsely, but it's more than false leads.

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justifiably unfairly, what isn't, you're right, and you're taking it anyway, or you're using lies, false hood to take money, those are all included. So let's go through these a little bit one by one. And I just want to, you know, the statement seems pretty straightforward. But when we start thinking about how it applies to my life and yours today, then maybe we don't think about how it helps a living guidance that we may be ignoring, and may allow social makers of those who live by this guidance. So the first thing is don't consume each other's wealth wastefully. Now, think about that there are, there are parents here that are providing for their children, and some of you mother's

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work and some of you father's work. And sometimes they're single family households where only one parent is working, or there's only one provider in the family and their kids, they're making all the money for the entire family to survive. And if the children as they're growing up, are used to just taking the parents money, and frivolously spending it on whatever they feel like, and have no regard for how that money is spent. Because more is coming anyway, it's okay. Right. Or if one parent does, sometimes parents are not on the same page, so one parent is giving the kids open license to buy whatever they want, right? And they're just going and spending however they want, I want that toy,

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okay, take it I love you just take it, take it, it's okay. Your dad's got more money, it's okay. You know, I'll talk to him, I'll convince you and you're building that habit. Now you're building a habit into a child to consume without purpose. As soon as they have a desire, they just buy it. And that's actually not a favor to any child. We're spoiling these kids, they don't know what it means to work hard and earn, they don't know what it means to labor and sweat, and give up your sleep and be yelled at by an employer and deal with difficult customers working at a store or a gas station, and then be able to earn a little bit of money. And that money just goes gets thrown away. Right? So

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we impart of our training to our children is to value how money is spent, not just look at something and get it, you know, so that's part of that koulamallah combiner can be bought in the other meaning of it also, in another just picking on children. But you know, sometimes we you know, and I've seen this with my own eyes, and I wouldn't have commented on it if I hadn't seen it myself. So include when you know, and again, I saw this myself, which is why I'm commenting on it. You would have you know, my parents don't. They're not we're not wealthy families. So I had to pay my own college tuition. And I could only take as many courses as I could afford. So sometimes I didn't take 12

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credits or 16 credits. Sometimes I only took two classes because I don't have money for more courses. And I, I refuse to go into debt. So I took a long time going through school, right. But I had friends whose parents paid for their tuition. And they were wealthier Muslim friends, but their parents are paying for their tuition, and they're going to much more expensive schools. And they're they've gone a year, two years, three years, and I say What's your major? What are you graduating it? I haven't decided yet. So dude, you've been in school for three years. Your parents are paying 30,000 40,000 more a year or they're going into that paying for you. You haven't decided yet? Yeah,

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I'm just kind of exploring my options. That's a clue inviolable barbell, as that's purposeless. That's wasting the wealth of your parents that you know the time labor and sweat they put into it. And then you decide and then you then you say, I really want to do this major. And then you graduate when you graduate. I don't feel like doing the this. I don't like this field. You have four years to not like this field. Now you decide you don't like this field. After all that money that was spent all that investment that was said, Well, I just don't feel like it. Well, that's actually this is Barton. This is wasteful. And this when when this is done, you know, you would think the IRS is only

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talking about criminal activity, right? But this is in a sense also criminal activity. This isn't right to take hard earned money among each other and to use it in this frivolous sense. Another way but it by the way, Allah will describe it later on in the in Latin takuna and the Atlanta community Jonathan Antara the men come, unless the only way you can consume each other's money is if there's a trade in which both sides are lovely and Robin mimco. turabi means I'm happy with what I spent, and the other is happy also, with what was spent on them. They're both content, what happens and that's the formula Allah has told us, essentially, when we are spending and spending money within each

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other, if one of the sides is not happy, this is not a fair trade. So if you're forcing somebody to spend money blackmailing somebody to spend money guilting somebody to spend spend money. If you're saying if you don't give me this money, I'm gonna do this, this, this and this to you. That's not that. That becomes a bad thing. That becomes falsehood, that becomes evil. Right? And so that's the second meaning of battle, to ask for funds or to ask for money or to take money that's not justifiable, yours. People do that at work. You know, you have a job. And sometimes you have cushy jobs. You have jobs where nobody's watching over you. Right, your employer just trust you that

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they've given you a full time job, you're going to do your 40 hours or whatever tasks you're going to do, and they don't watch over you all day. So you're like

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You know, my boss isn't even here, I'm gonna take a three hour lunch break. Or you'll just call and say, Hey, boss, I'm just gonna work from home. Is that okay? Yeah, that's okay. And you're just sleeping at home, getting paid to sleep. And then when he calls and checks on you, oh, sorry, Boss, I was in a meeting. Really? You were in a meeting? Because that was me. So who are you talking to the president? Because he's, I know, he's got a lot of free time nowadays. So must be him. But then, and then later, I say, well, the project's been delayed, because there's a lot of complications, the complications are, you're sleeping, that's the complication. Right? And you, and you're very happy

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with this job. And you can, you know, you can sell yourself, you can use all the right words to tell your employer to tell your client or whoever else that you know what you're talking about. And this is how long it takes. This is all about and all of that is about a lot koulamallah conveying a comment, but I'll tell you a little story. I wrote about it some time ago, I was at a grocery store. And,

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you know, I the I bought the groceries, and I'm leaving. And you know, I forgot to take one thing out of the cart, it was like this little vegetable thing. I took it, I didn't take it out of the cart. So they didn't charge me. So everything else is in the bags. And this thing is not in a bag and I'm gonna go I didn't pay for this. So I go back to give it to the guy and say, Hey, can you charge me for this, please, because you guys let me go. And this was not paid for. And it was late at night, the stores close to closing and they're busy doing all this other stuff. And the thing happened to be that it didn't have the price scan on it. Right. So now the guy's got to go find

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where it's from, and scan it and do a price check. I felt like the old grandmother holds up everybody else in the aisle. You know, but I have to do what I have to do. So I'm like, and I really those vegetables. So. So the guy waits five minutes. You know what, just take it.

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He tells me you know what? Just take it.

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And for a second? for a second. I thought yeah, okay. Hold on. You work here. You don't own the store.

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That's not your product.

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You don't have the right to tell me to take it for free. Because it's not yours. You're just telling me to take it and walk away? Why? From based on what? You don't have that right, that would be bought in on his part and bolted on my part. Lotta koulamallah combiner.

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So what happens sometimes employees when they're not being watched, they start giving away discounts? Oh, yeah, you can go in for free. It's okay, I got to hook up at this place. They let me get in for free. All I gotta say they give me a discount when you get an employee discount, who's that meant for yourself. And there's an agreement between you and your employer. This is one of its benefits, when you misuse that and give it to other people.

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And you are causing a loss to your employer? What are you doing? That's about it. Because you're using it falsely, that wasn't what it was meant for. That was a benefit for you, not for anybody else. So these are the things we have to become conscious of these are unethical practices that Allah doesn't want happening in society later, on while a complainer can be battling. And to not think then, of course, but it also means that you consume, but you don't acknowledge. So you falsely you you take you take you take and then you say, well, you haven't done anything for me. What have you done for me? You know, entitlement, false entitlement. That's also a kind of button to tell

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yourself that you're worthy or deserving of something that you haven't worked for, to ask for things you haven't worked for, you know? And so with all of that Allah xojo says, The formula is illa takuna tejarat anantharaman comm What does that mean? That means unless it's a trade in which both parties are what content, what is it? So some of you that are sitting here listening to this are like, Well, I mean, I do work at my office. But right now, there's not a lot of work. So I have three hours sitting at my desk. So am I like, should I report this? Or what? Yeah, you should talk to your manager, or your supervisor or the employer himself, the business owner himself and say,

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Look, right now, there's not a lot of work. And I feel like I'm sitting here not earning my paycheck. Is that okay with you? And if he says, it's okay with me, then there's the rub, then you're both in agreement? Yeah. You know what, there's not a lot of work. Don't worry about it. Right. Now, I know you don't have full time tasks. But that's okay. Just do these other side tasks if you want, or whatever. There's some free time. But there's agreement. Now there's both both parties know, and both parties are content with what's happening. So having transparency in your job having to you know, for those of you that go to school, and your parents are paying for your

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tuition, when you're skipping a class, guess what, you're stealing your parents money that's bolted. Every time you're skipping out a class, you didn't pay for that tuition. You didn't do that. That would be bolted. I used to have students that would come here who couldn't afford the dream program, and they would be sponsored by their community. Like somebody would say, you know what, I really want the young people in my community in Wisconsin, or my community in Ohio, or my community somewhere else. I want the young people to learn something. So I'm going to sponsor you to go because you're a college student yourself. You can afford the tuition will pay your tuition. We'll

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send you off over here and this

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Young man, this young woman, they come here and they study. And when they're coming and studying, they start missing classes waking up late. Like you are not on your time, you are on your communities time they paid for you. You better do everything you can to study you, everybody. Anybody else can fall asleep in class, I don't care. You can't. Because you came here on somebody else's honor. Somebody else paid for you, somebody else took care of you. And they trusted that you will give this your very, very best. That's why they gave you this this position. That's why they gave you this opportunity. You understand how that works. When somebody gets a scholarship.

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I got a scholarship. I'm going to use some of that to buy new shoes. No, that's not why they give you a scholarship to go buy new shoes. There's a purpose for which the funds were given. You know? So this occlude mile will battle is something you have to look for in every part of your life. In every part of my life when people are filing their taxes and wrongful information. Yeah, let's put everything as an expense. save ourselves money, be honest about what you spend, be honest about where the money comes in from and where it goes, you know. And so Allah says Allah and Tokuda and Jonathan Ancelotti, Minh come and then what is what is he had immediately after? Well, I talked to

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Lou and forsaken, and don't kill each other. Don't kill yourselves. What does one have to do hit the other what we were just talking about swindling money, or using monies falsely, or frivolously spending each other's money reckless, being reckless with other people's money, whether it's your employer's money, whether it's your your parents money, your family's money, inheritance, money, whatever it may be, all of a sudden don't kill each other. Allah azza wa jal is showing us the profound connection between these two things. You know, the one who works hard to earn is literally killing themselves every day.

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They're giving up a part of their life every day to earn whatever it is that they're earning. And you're literally slowly killing them by doing what you're doing. And on top of that, when these kinds of crimes become common in a society, then the next step is when you don't, you know, you don't consider somebody else's wealth. And the next thing is you don't consider their life either. So when Financial Crimes increase in the society, then you'll see murder also increase in society, those two things go hand in hand, economic crimes, and then capital crimes, they just they, they're tied to each other. That's the nature of this world. You know, so many terrible crimes happen

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because somebody feels they were robbed by somebody else. Or they want their money or they want their property and, you know, these kinds of underhanded dealings. So Allah says, what to do and forsaken, don't kill each other. That's what it's going to lead to in the hook in the law. How can I become Rahim, Allah has always been merciful to you. But you know what fascinates me about this ayah. In the previous ayah, Allah said, and I'm going to conclude with this, and the previous iOS, Allah wants to lighten your burden of fire. If you remember, I told you that Allah wants to make things lighter for you. So he's telling you to be this way with your money and telling me to be this

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way with my money, because he wants things to be easier for us. In other words, if we don't practice this, a lot will make life difficult. somebody steals money, somebody takes somebody else's money wrongfully, and thinks they got away with it. They think that their life became easier because now they have this money that they didn't deserve. But I can guarantee you, I can guarantee you a lot intense ease through honesty, and a lot will only bring difficulty to those who earn money in the wrong way. They think that money is going to make them wealthy, they're going to get the kind of disease that no doctor can fix. And all that money is going to go into a hospital bed, and they

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won't even know where that came from. They won't even know they're dry, they bought a new luxury car and over somebody else's tears and blood and they're driving it and the next thing you know a truck you're not going to enjoy the money that you got from falsehood and even if you get away with it here for so far too sleepy, nada in the in the next tire, and they're going to be thrown into the fire anyway, all of that is going to enter into the fire alarm will protect us from it. And so what does Allah do? He tells us in the next day and this is what I conclude with in touch Danny bukoba Yamato una anhu if you can stay away from the major, major sins that you have been prohibited from

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if you can realize that, you know we sing all the time, little things happen all the time, but the lesson if you can stay away from the major crimes, the major major crimes, look up here and come see it come

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on Karima then we'll bury away the other sins you've done. If you can get away from the big sins overlook the little ones. But you know the big sins are several right there's some major sins shark is a major sin murder is a major sin, etc, etc. But of these which one did he actually list? Right before even when he mentioned the big sins? Right before that he mentioned la Taku Amala combinar combated which means it should tell you and me the value the seriousness of financial matters, that of all the major sins he didn't condemn shirk in these ayat. He didn't even when he condemned murder. That was item number two

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Not even item number one that is one of the Cabal are killing each other is one of the major sins. But that was mentioned as item number two. Item number one was financial irregularity financial Miss handling irresponsibility with money, taking each other's money, denying inheritance that he says if you can stay away from that, I'll forgive the rest new cafe and come see it come when newtelco Matalan karimun will enter you into a gracious and noble place a place where you'll be honored. And that's another hint from Allah, that people who don't do this who don't practice this will have no honor in their life. Allah will take their honor away, because the reward for doing this is to have

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come newtelco Colin McClelland Karima The other way you won't have any dignity in any honor. May Allah azza wa jal make us honorable people in the way that we earn our money in the way that we spend our money. May Allah azzawajal make us of those who don't use any form of falsehood or frivolousness with somebody else's trust given to us and the manner given to us will make us responsible parents that raised children that understand the value of hard earned and permissibly earned income and to spend it in ways that is pleasing to Allah and not displeasing to him. barakallahu li walakum Hakeem when a funny way er can be it with him.