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We are silly Emery, Nakata, melissani grupo de la Mata Bittner in the multi de la la la la, la la la la la Vina Amina Mohammed Ali heart whatever. So Bill Huck, whatever so many urban Hi, let me

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introduce goodbye. I have quite an ambitious goal. I don't normally do this. But given some recent events, I felt very compelled to try and make an attempt.

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Usually when I give a foot by it's about an hour or two. But today what I'm going to try to do is give you a hubbub about a couple of pages of go put on.

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But we'll see how that goes and see if that even happens. But before I do, I want to give you a little bit of background.

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A lot of talks about Musa alayhis salam and his struggle many places in the Quran.

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And one of the individuals that we are introduced to within the story of Musa alayhis salaam is one of his friends. A friend that was part of the Egyptian military at the time, he used to work under fit home. He was actually even you could consider him one of the generals, one of the police chiefs, at the very least, because it was a police state. And because of his friendship with Musa alayhis salaam, he had actually become a Muslim.

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But he didn't share this with anybody. He was quietly a Muslim.

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And this is the same person that helped Musa alayhis salaam escape when he was trying to get out of Egypt.

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In pseudo profit what Allah azza wa jal tells us about this man, by the way, the common term used for him in our tafsir literature, because his name is not mentioned is moving around the believer from the people of Iran, the believer from the lineage of Pharaoh.

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Something happens there's some something that that didn't happen before in the career of Musa alayhis salam happens that which is a breaking point, and that's the breaking point that I'm going to talk to you about today.

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Essentially, the only person that had a soft corner for Musa alayhis salaam, in any position of power was found himself. Allah azza wa jal told us about Musa alayhis salam wa Alaykum Mahabharata many I have thrown on to you a special love that comes from me. And that part of that love was that even when fairground saw him for the first time, he fell in love with this boy, even though that boy belong to when we saw him, he belonged to the race of the slaves, and you could tell from the color of his skin, he's not from the from their class, but even then he fell in love with this child. And he was raised as a prince in the in the in the care of the pharaoh himself under Freetown.

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So even when Musa alayhis salam came back and challenged fit around, and there's clashes happening, it was that love that he originally had for Musashi Sarah, that kept him from killing. This is a man you already know this is a man that has no discrimination when it comes to killing. We already know that he kills countless babies every other year. So it's not like he has any sort of hesitation in his mind about committing murder, especially when someone walks into his own court and challenges him to his face, the most obvious repercussion of that should be execution. But for some reason, musala insulin keeps getting spirit. And the reason for that is actually something articulated in

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the Quran. The fact that he had a soft corner in his heart that he could not even help himself. On that note, it's a side note, but an important note, nonetheless, Allah azzawajal controls the hearts, even the hardest.

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And there are things Allah will put into his heart Even he cannot deny from Allah, even he cannot deny.

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So love puts to his service, all of his creation, even the enemies of Allah will serve us plan when he wants them to. Nothing escapes the will of Allah and the power of Allah, nothing.

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Not even,

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not even the position of power he's in. But regardless, he's putting up with Musa alayhis salam, which gives Musa alayhis salam, some free rein to do his activities, to spread the message of Islam to deliver you know, the message not only to the to the people of our own, but also to the Israelites at the same time. And this is becoming a problem. Because essentially, nobody else ever in the history of the Empire has ever spoken out against the king and live to tell about it. It's never happened before. And this guy is going around alayhis salam is going around, and he's creating this ruckus when he's calling people to worship one god that is directly it's not just a religious

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message, you have to understand this is also a political message, because for our own claims himself to be God Himself, and his political power is only legitimized because he deems himself a god. You don't question him, because questioning his political power is the same as questioning God Himself. That is the political game that he's played with his people.

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And now when Musa alayhis salam is calling people to Illa Allah azza wa jal bucco Mara Booyah Kamala welline when

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He's doing that he is shaking the political foundations of that society. This is problematic. And even though Iran is tolerating it, he is realizing that he can only tolerate it so much before the government itself might collapse.

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And so breaking point occurs. And when that breaking point occurs, the first step that I won't take is one of the ugliest things you will ever hear about in any history. Listen to this. fella. majha humble Hakeem andina kodoku abna and Edina Amanullah was that Yo, Nisha,

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we already know before that he used to kill the boys, kill the baby boys every other year and let the women live. That's a different part of the history.

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But when when things reached a boiling point, he came up with a new policy.

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And the new policy was everyone who has believed in Musa because he's been doing his Dawa. Every single family that has believed in Musa alayhis salam, they are enemies of the state, and we need to send them a message. Don't go kill them, Go kill their children.

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Don't kill them. Don't kill the enemies of the state. Don't kill people who believe in Mussa kill their children.

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This was one of the ugliest military tactics, one of the most demonic satanic tactics ever used in the history of the world, that in order to get back at your enemy, you don't kill your enemy, you kill your enemies, children.

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And you have today in the world, the Muslim world, you have today in Pakistan, people that in the name of just out of the hatred of their enemy, they were willing to kill their children. They were willing to do that.

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These are people that don't follow the Sunnah of our beloved messenger. Salallahu alaihe salam, you know, I was I when I heard the news, I had to pull over. I had to sit there and cry for a while I couldn't drive. Those are our kids. Those are our children, murdered at the hands of people who say that it

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is the most I can't even begin to understand. And I don't I don't even try to go on social media or check what the newest release updates are and things like that. And somebody sent me an image. Somebody sent me an image of one of these people justifying it saying that there's a hadith in Bukhari, and he's quoting this, these people have no right to even say the name of Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam.

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If there's any sooner these people are following, it is the Sunnah of around. That is the only son other following, kill the children of your enemies. That's all they're doing.

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And so I wanted to make mention of that even though that's not my subject today.

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The policy he comes out with is it is let they let the children let the children be killed and let the women live. While mercadal katherina illa. Allah Allah and the scheme made hatched by disbelievers, nothing will come of it except it will fall to waste. And because this is the breaking point, and his own ministers, Browns own ministers have had it, they're like this is not going to, it's not going to last, we need to bring this revolt to an end. This needs to be crushed. At the head, we need to kill the person in charge of this movement, which is Musa alayhis salam. So then finally around takes a step. And he says we're calling around the Rooney Rule Moosa while you're in

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the Nuba De La Nina.

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Fine, let me kill Musab myself.

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He doesn't even tell his soldiers to do it. He doesn't tell the armies to do and he said I'll do it myself. Fine. You know why? Because his political party was starting to think maybe fit on his weak man. Maybe he's weak. Maybe he's too soft towards our enemy, which is Musab because he has emotional attachments to him. He's not fit to lead. You know, if you have a military state, especially a dictatorship, and the military command, starts talking about the commander in chief and saying he's gone soft. He's not tough enough to handle the make the difficult decisions, you know, what happens next, a military coup happens, and the guy on top gets killed. And even though if Iran is extremely

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powerful, if he gives the impression that he's weak, he will lose his power, and he may love Musa alayhis salam, but he loves his power a lot more.

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And so he makes a decision, I'll kill him myself. Why? Because that will crush the political opposition that might be brewing, that somebody might even get the impression that he's weak. You know, that he's not tough enough. By the way, this is politics to this day. What is what is the motivation behind much of war, or much of the policy of aggression? There are hawks within every party. There are aggressors within every party that say he can't be our representative. He's not tough enough. He's not ready to do that.

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hard thing. And so he's not so many politicians, they don't go to war because they believe in war, they go to war because they want to hold on to their seat because they want to appease to their party. Our book is teaching us these games that found played so long ago that are still played to this day is nothing new. This is nothing new. All of this has been taught to us in the book of a life we just paid attention. We'll see right through it. In any case, he says, Well, you had to let him call on Islam. Let him make whatever he can. If he doesn't believe in me as Rob, then he has no protection from me. Let him get protection from his own love. This is his words against Mussolini's

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ram in a hovel and you but De La Nina calm. I'm really scared now that he's about to change your religion. He's gonna change the religion of you people. In another place in the Koran he said why don't have arbitrary Cockermouth law. He said this man was Musa and his friend his brother Haruna salami, they don't say Alhamdulillah these people are going to get rid of your exemplary lifestyle. Don't let them continue spreading the message of Islam because it is a threat to your great lifestyle. Your nation, your way of life is under threat because of this Islam. If you're truly if you're patriots of your country, then you will not have Islam here. Sound familiar?

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If you really love your country, Islam is the enemy.

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You know, so he made it a matter of national integrity you might have to you might change your religion. your lifestyle is perfect as it is and these people want to change it. Don't let them do that they are the real traders. Will onion roofing, facade look at the audacity of this man. He goes and kills children and turns around and says don't let Musab go on because if they do, then these people will the the religion of the people will change and then they will cause corruption. When you little fill out the facade bacala Moosa in the lobby will be coming Colima Taka Bella will be Ahmed Hassan masala a slob says I believe in and I'm going to go quickly now and read through just listen

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to the speech.

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Musa alayhis salaam says I seek refuge in my master and your master from every arrogant one, the one who doesn't believe in the day on which all the records will be taken. What Carl Rogers me known min alafair r1 yaku imana who and a man who believed a believing man from within the descendants of around who was a lot talking about that general. So one of the generals is sitting in the parliament is sitting in the inner circle of Fidel anahola. And found finally makes the announcement that he is going to kill Moosa himself and his friend who would never shared anything about his Islam. He never told anybody. He's a believer, when he heard that Musa alayhis salam is going to be killed the

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Messenger of Allah, there's an attempt to kill a messenger of Allah. He could not hide his Islam anymore. He came up and spoke out and he spoke out I want you to imagine this scene. It's the Parliament of phenomenon. It is the military commander sitting there they are discussing how to get rid of the enemy and and how Islam is a threat. And one of them raises his hand stands up and says, I'm a Muslim.

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This is the scene that has painted the shockwaves that are sent inside that room. And so what does he say? attack to Luna Rajan and Yakuza Ravi Allah, you are ready to kill a person who just says my master is Allah

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will be anathema Rob back home, and so many clear proofs have come to you. You have no reason to reject this message anymore. We're in the cuca de la hickeys book. And by the way, if he is in fact a liar, then he will pay the price for his life in the law Elijah, the man who are Muslim, no doubt about it Allah He will not die He does not guide anyone who goes beyond limits and who keeps up making more and more lies. When he said Muslim when he was not talking about Mousavi Salah he was talking about round the round is a Muslim Asafa cattle, okay, felony akuna Mustafa

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Asafa Phil cotton, he says Allah will not guide anybody who goes beyond limits and had gotten beyond limits. He had killed children.

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And then he says Allah will not guide someone who keeps on making lie after lie after lie. And that is what ferroan had done. They had made numerous lies already. He called them musala Salama magician that didn't work. He called him, you know, a liar. He called them all kinds of things. And none of those accusations who he tried one after the other. He failed, his false propaganda kept failing on him. There are lots of people standing in the back. So you guys got to squeeze move. Come on, make room.

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So now,

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we're in Yakuza D Can you sing Kumbaya? Good, Lizzie, I do come in the La Jolla demon who are Muslim. By the way he is telling the truth. Then even if some of what he's warning you about might hit you right now. This is a state of emergency

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See guys, don't disbelieve in this messenger because if you if you continue this, you know this audacity against Allah. Then some of the warnings he's giving you might even hit you right now. Yeah como la cumin Welcome to

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my nation you guys have the government in your control today. You guys have moved today while he Deena Phil Are you are the dominant party on the land for manual surana young children I'm in Silla ninja Anna, who's gonna help us against the war that comes from a life it hits our oh if it comes our way you guys have government mouth now, but if Allah wants it will go 10 zero will come in Manisha.

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mittman Tushar Kala fairhaven Ma, ri Camilla aura around looks at here's the speech and he stuns like, Where is this coming from? And he says, I'm not trying to show you anything except what I see. I'm just trying to save this country. Clearly this guy is a trader. And by the way, this man speech was so powerful. Apparently everybody else in the room started listening to him to even the other generals, you can tell from the look of people's faces when they're convinced of something. So if you're always getting nervous in his own courtroom, and he says Maori common law, and then he's like, he's convincing the woman the common law, Sabina, Russia, Rashad? No, I'm, I'm not doing

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anything except I'm trying to guide you to the way that is right. The correct course of action that will save our nation. I'm talking about our national interest here. I'm looking out for national security. That's what I'm doing. By the way, this statement that it all made. He made it his generals, and you need to understand a little bit about political science here. You know, because he's a dictator. Because he's a dictator. He does not have to convince anyone of anything. He says, this is what we're gonna do. And that's it. There's no debate. It's not a democracy. It's not a vote. It's not you. I mean, everybody's opinion is valuable. That's not the case. The fact that one

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of his own generals just right now defied him.

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The expectation was that he should kill him right then and there. He should have him arrested and removed and say, Where were we? Let's continue our conversation. That does not happen. The fact that he says, No, no, no, he's wrong. I'm trying to tell you the right thing. He's actually legitimizing the presence of that General, you know why? Because he realizes that the only strength he has is the loyalty of his generals. If he goes after one general, what are the other generals going to think he's going after him today, he's going to go after me tomorrow,

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I'm in my position isn't safe either. And if they feel threatened, then they have no loyalty to fit around. They can turn him around, and because they are the ones who practically control the military, you know, the, there's the top command and commander in chief. And then there are people under him, the lieutenant commanders, these people, they're the ones who practically execute all the commands. So if they end the people, the soldiers who obey their commands, they have direct interaction with them, they have a loyalty to them. So if he calls them for mutiny, they're gonna have mutiny, they're gonna turn around, they don't realize is actually he is now been put in a

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position of incredible weakness. He realizes it. And by the way, all the military might in the world, I need you to understand this point, all the military might in the world. And the thing that brings fear down to his needs, is the fact that a believer stood up and spoke the truth. That's all it took. He didn't have a military, he didn't have a weapon. He didn't have anything. He just had to use whatever position Allah had given him to stand up and speak the truth. And this man who we don't even know his name, has a speech that is to three pages in the Quran, we're not going to get to it. But the fact that Allah has, so he values the believer who uses his position to stand up for the

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people are in a position to stand up for the truth. And they don't use it. They stay quiet, because they're afraid of the consequences. Can you imagine if this man keeps sitting down and doesn't say anything, because he knows, look, if I opened my mouth about this, I'm going to be killed. I'm going to die. This thought is going to cross his mind. At the very This is, by the way, the worst consequence, if I speak up, maybe not only will I be killed, he's going after my enemies, children, he might go after my children. That man who's standing up might even say I love my kids. I shouldn't stand up.

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I love my kids too much. And he's still stood up. He still stood up. And I'm sharing this with you for one reason and one reason alone because my time is up. I'm going to use this last minute I'm going to skip around. And I'm going to go to the end of the story to the very end of this story. And what Allah azzawajal does, Allah head shakes you to your core. The story is over.

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And then in sort of law, federal law talks about Judgment Day.

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And not just any scene of Judgment Day, not just any scene. Listen to this is the utter ha Joon fnr fire coup de barro in Kunal accountable for Helen Muna and nanosci BAM in another column, the diva stock baru in Kowloon Fie her in Aloha, Hakuna bien Allahabad.

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Listen to this carefully, what am I trying to get across to you,

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when they are going to be debating with each other in the fire, there are people in Johanna Milan, Milan dynamin. Home, there are people in jahannam that are having an argument among each other who's having an argument, Allah says the weak are having an argument with the people who used to have power.

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The weak, the oppressed, the people who were scared to speak up, the people who could have spoken up, but if they spoke up, there would have been consequences, the ones who stayed quiet. Those are now speaking against those two to those who are now who were in a position of power, by the way, both in the fire, both in the fire.

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And they say we used to follow you in the band. We used to follow you. Could you help us out against this fire? And they say no, everybody's in the fire. The real master has already made his decision.

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He's already made the decision even those who fall say now the ROB has already got hakama been a bad in Allah a combiner a bad no doubt Allah has already made his decision between the slaves. What is he saying? What are these people saying? These people are saying you use the only reason the weaker? Why would you think the weak should be in Hellfire, the weaker victims? Yes, they are victims. You know what their crime is not speaking the truth. You have no weapon in your hand, you're weak. You have no weapon. You have no military resources. You have no economic resources. You have no social resources. What the one resource you have is your tongue that can speak the truth. That's it. That's

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it. And if you don't use that resource, then you are just as much a criminal because one believers standing up could have ended all the oppression. One believer speaking up. How many times do we think we see something wrong? We don't say something I might lose my job.

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I shouldn't say something.

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This man stood up in the against the worst odds. What do we have? What are we afraid of losing a job? Or you know, my friend might get upset? Or what are people gonna say? Nobody's killing you. Nobody's killing your children. And you and I are still spineless to speak the truth when it comes. When the time comes. We have to where do we stand? Where's the integrity of the Muslim? They see something wrong and they don't speak out? What are we afraid of? And what are we not afraid of? You know, if you're afraid of fit out when you should be much more afraid of Allah.

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You should be much more afraid of Allah. And that's what he demonstrated. So the last thing I leave you with, and I told you last thing already, but still, I want to leave you on a positive note.

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What I want to share with you is this man who spoke up

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anybody would have for mine knows after this guy is done with his speech, he's gonna get killed.

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He's gonna I mean, this this general is not going to survive. There's no way. What is the lesson for waka hola who say he ottima moko.

00:23:26--> 00:23:30

Allah protected him from all the evils that they had planned.

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Allah protected him from all the evils that they had planned, but have to be around soon. And the worst kind of punishment, grabbed a hole of fit down in his arms.

00:23:44--> 00:23:50

The one you think will be killed is the only one saved. And the one you think will kill is the only one killed.

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Because now you're under a loss protection. When you speak up, when you stand up only for Allah, then you have a less protection, you will lose every other protection. And you have to believe in a less protection to have the courage to stand up to begin with. And when you show a lot that courage, then forget it, then you don't need any other security then allows your security you can have better security than that. And you have a lot more staff and you have a law who's helped

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me Allah azza wa jal give the Muslims the integrity, the courage to speak the truth wherever they may be. An akula Canaima, cuando, la fulfiller Hello Mattila in that we're going to speak the truth wherever we are, and we will not be afraid of consequences. Understand the truth. Speak it articulately speak it intelligently but never hide the truth. never hide the truth. If you don't know enough, learn more so you can speak more intelligently about the truth. But nonetheless, the integrity of the Muslim will never be saved and the oma will remain in the Ummah will remain in other if not enough of a speak up if not enough.

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have us open our mouth and say something and call for a change. May Allah azza wa jal change the horrible situation of this oma and give the parents of those poor children relief and enter those children into gender and reunite those families and gender and May Allah azza wa jal remove the shell theme from this oma that have caused this kind of suffering and pain. barakallahu li walakum