Ali Hammuda – Qur’an in the Night – Episode 05 – The Night

Ali Hammuda
AI: Summary © The "orned night" is a timeframe for actions and threats, where shayaries and children should not be present during the night. The "orned night" is a timeframe for fear and stress, where individuals should not be present during the night. The segment describes a woman named Han Allah La ilaha who said to him, if you let go of me this time, I will teach you something that I hope Allah subhanho wa taala will benefit you through it. The safe guarding mechanism for protecting individuals during sleep is discussed, including a military guarding system and worker's duty policy. The segment also touches on mask protection and the importance of remembering names of people in culture.
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salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Dear brothers and sisters al hamdu lillahi wa Salatu was Salam ala Milena via Raja who Allah Allah He was with me. Welcome to another one of our episodes, that is dealing with various topics that are and has given due attention to and how it has addressed them.

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Today we want to be speaking about a topic that affects every single human being Muslim, and otherwise,

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the topic of the night

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when the sun sets, and it is now the hours of the night, people's ambitions and doings and intentions vary enormously from person to person.

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For some people, the light marks the rest, the beginning of rest, and for others, it marks the beginning of all sorts of doings for others. The night is an opportunity for them

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to act upon certain scenes that would have been otherwise very problematic to act upon by day. And for other people. The night is an opportunity to stand bowing and prostrating to Allah Jalla Jalla Allahu, which one of those categories Do you feel you fit in?

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Why are we giving this particular topic of the night this due attention? And the answer can be summarized in several in several points. The first is that the night is that moment, or the time that Allah Almighty has chosen for his divine dissension to the very first heaven on a nightly basis, the time that was chosen for that was the night.

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The night is also that time that was chosen by Allah subhanho wa Taala. For the dissension of the Quran, Allah Almighty said in Enza now who feel a lot in Qatar we have brought down the Quran on the Night of Decree laner to Qatar.

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The night is also that time that Allah subhanho wa Taala chose for the light journey of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, from Mecca to Jerusalem and then from Jerusalem. to the heavens. The time that was chosen was the night. The night is that time that was chosen by Allah Almighty to make it home for the many prizes of Ramadan. The prizes are found primarily in the night Allahu Akbar. We have also chosen this topic because it is a topic that the Quran has given so much attention to the very first heading if you wish is night and its threats, the night and its threats. There are certain threats associated with the night.

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Allah Almighty sent

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all over Europe bill Falak say, I seek refuge in Allah The Lord of daybreak. So you are seeking refuge in Allah Almighty you want protection in Allah from something you fear? What is it mean, Sheree mahalik from the evil of all what he has created.

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Woman Sharia law so you can either walk up and from the evil of the night when it sets. Woman shuttling enough 30 filler oh god and from the evil of the blowers in knots, meaning the magician's woman Sherry has seen in either hazard and from the evil of those who show envy. So one of the things that you seek refuge in and we are taught to ask protection from Allah subhanaw taala in the sutra that you just heard is the light when it settles loss it can either walk up when the night settles. This is the beginning of certain threats if we don't take care of ourselves, so we seek refuge in Allah Almighty in him from that

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the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would also say as Buhari and Muslim, you're right on the authority of jabber, either candidate alele out either MC two for Khufu. CBN account for in the Shangri La Nyan tashiro hanaa. Even for either they have a say I don't follow him. He said when it is the very first portion of the night, then bring your children inside. Bring your children inside because this is the time he said that she bond disperses.

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When that part of the night passes, then allow them then allow them to go back out. The question that poses itself here is how come the night is such a threat for us? What was it that the messengers that I sent him identified in the night whereby he told us that we are to bring in our children during that hour especially the first part of the night? Mr. myblu Josie he comments on this.

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And he said that the reason why there is a fear for children during that particular part of the night and why we were told to keep them in the house for that moment is because the impurities that the devils lacked

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Onto and depend upon, are usually found in greater amounts with children than they are with others.

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And at the same token, the remembrance is the car that would have otherwise protected you and fortified you from the latching and the grip of shaytaan. They're not usually present with children. And that is why there is a fear more so for children than there are for others.

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And he also mentions that the night is a time that is far more conducive for the devils with respect to travel, they find it easier to pass through when it is night. And it is this reason why the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam has guided us as responsible fathers and mothers to bring in our children during that particular moment of the night.

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Therefore, brothers and sisters with this brief introduction, it becomes imperative. And it becomes obviously clear that we are to take certain safeguarding measures in order to protect ourselves and our children from the threats that come with night, whether it's from shaytaan or any other thing that may be involved during that hour of the evening. So the question here is, what are the safeguarding mechanism mechanisms? What is it that we can say or do to protect ourselves from these threats that we are identifying? Let us list a few of them the first and funnily enough, this was mentioned by shavon himself. Subhana Allah emammal bucatini writes on your authority with the

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companion Abu huraira, an incident that the companion would never forget about hora, he said, the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam once appointed me to take care of the Muslim Treasury and the foodstuff there.

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And so as I was there on one particular evening guarding, I heard somebody rummaging through the food, and I came when I saw an old man. So I grabbed him by his arm, and I said to him, I'm going to take you to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam stealing from the Muslim Treasury. He said to me, please don't do that. I am an old man, my status pitiful I have a large family I have expenses to take care of. If you let me go, I won't come back. So I will Hooray. And I let him go. The next day the profits that I sell them so Abu huraira, he said to him, obovata euro, what did your guests do last night? So Panama look without even him telling him anything about the incident last night,

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the messengers I said, I'm new through revelation. He said to him, what happened with your guest, he said to messenger of Allah, such and such happened.

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He said to him, he has told you a lie, and he shall come back.

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On the next evening

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about Herrera was guarding as usual. And then he heard some sort of rummaging in the back again. And he went to see what it was. And again, it was the same old man rummaging through the food. So he grabbed him by the arm. He said to him, this is the second time I'm going to take you to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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And again, the he began to say I'm an old man, I have a pressing need, I have expenses to take care of. I have a large family I'm responsible for let me go I won't come back. So Abu huraira he let him go.

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The next day the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam saw a Buddha. He said to him, Abu huraira What did your guest do last night?

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Abu huraira said, Well, he complained of a pressing need and a large families and I felt pity for for him. So I let him go.

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Messenger. So I sent him said to Abu huraira, he has told you a lie and he shall come back again. So Han Allah La ilaha illAllah revelation from Allah. On the third evening, Abu huraira. He said, I knew he was going to come back just as I knew. The second time he was going to come back to Panama.

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And again that evening, he came and he was rummaging. I got I caught him by the arm and I said to him this time, I'm definitely going to take you to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam This is the third time the old man said to him, Look, if you let go of me this time, I will teach you something that I hope Allah subhanho wa Taala will benefit you through it. He said to him, what is that? He said to him either our youth ILA for your aashiq for ayatul kursi. Public antenna for inner hulan years Allah Allah, Allah Hafiz. Voila, carbonica shaytaan Hata had that.

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He said to me,

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when you go to sleep each night make sure that you recite ayatul kursi Allahu La Ilaha in the hall and how you are you from Surah to Surah Al Baqarah Ayah 255. Recite ayatul kursi which dear brothers and sisters is the greatest idea in the whole Quran. Make sure you memorize it.

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recite it, and if you do, the old man said there will be a guardian sent over you from Allah subhanho wa Taala protecting you that evening and noshing upon can harm you till the very next morning La ilaha illa Allah

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so Allah He went to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam the messengers I sent him said to him, what happened with your evening? What happened with your guests

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Last evening, and I said to him, Well, he complained of a pitiful state after returning the third time I grabbed hold of him I was going to bring him to you. He said he's going to teach me something. The messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, What did he teach you? He said, Well, he taught me to recite ayatul kursi before going to sleep each night, and he promised that it would protect me from Shea pod, and there will be a guardian over me till the very next day.

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The Prophet sallallahu wasallam Upon hearing this said, in the huka, sadaqa wahaca loop,

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that man has told you the truth, although by his nature, he is Elia.

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Oh, Abba hora. Do you know who you have been speaking to for the last three nights have already said who he said you have been speaking to ha is bound to identify Allah, who have taken the form of a human being. The point is, this is a safeguarding measure that was mentioned by Shea barn himself and more importantly, it was approved by the prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam each evening when going to sleep recite it yourself and encourage your children to recite it and make sure nobody goes to sleep until they have first recited this ayah it is silly of st your brothers and sisters to drop our guard during this moment of weakness when we are going to sleep. And then

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when a problem happens later on in our lives to our wives or husbands or children. We start rummaging around trying to find some sort of cure for the symptoms we are experiencing. This is a cure and a safeguarding measure mentioned by the prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and approved by him. Stay with us. We will continue after the break.

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salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato dear brothers and sisters Welcome back, after setting the scene by introducing the topic of how the Quran speaks about the night and speaking about some of the many threats that come about when the sunsets and also addressing one of those safeguarding mechanisms for ourselves and for our families, namely the citation of ayatul kursi Allahu La ilaha illa Huwa. before going to sleep, let us proceed with a second safe guarding mechanism against shaytaan and the threats that come with the night. The element of remembering Allah subhanho wa Taala when entering your home, even if you're entering your home 10 times a day in and out in and

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out, say the name of Allah. Remember the name of Allah in the form of Bismillah or something to that effect when entering your home? This will be an active form of protection. How come? That is because Imam Muslim narrates on your authority of the companion jacket that the messenger sallallahu alayhi wasallam said when a person enters his home and he remembers the name of Allah, say Todd will say to his friends, learn ob tele kumala Asha, you don't have a place to stay here this evening. And you don't have any food either. Allahu Akbar. This is not our place. This will not be our bed and breakfast this evening.

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If however he sent ie the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam you enter your home and you don't say Bismillah Chopin will say to his friends, you found your resting place this evening. We'll spend the night here.

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And if you do not see Bismillah upon eating, upon eating shaytan will say to his friends you have found your resting place this evening and you have found some food as well. Allahu Akbar, yes, we want to be generous hosts your brothers and sisters, but not to share it on. So this is a key safe guarding mechanism number two to remember Allah subhanho wa Taala when entering your home, say Bismillah and ensure that all of your family members say Bismillah like the Hadith which would be written as soon as the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would say, upon entering his home Bismillah he will enter in the name of Allah Almighty we have entered well Bismillah he Cartagena

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and In the name of Allah Almighty we leave what Allah have been at our calendar and upon our Lord, we rely Allahu Akbar, then the messengers I send him with greet his family. Encourage every one of your family members to say this upon entering your home.

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On this note, there is an amazing story which a man with the hubby narrates

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regarding the famous scholar of Hades yahaya even though my main email Yeah, he said that every time I would enter my home, I made it a habit that I would recite if you could see Allahu La Ilaha in the hall and he will tell you five or so times upon my family and for the benefit of my home.

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And this became a habit in my life. on one particular evening, I entered my house, I recited this verse, this area, and I heard somebody speaking to me, saying to me, Kevin Takara Why do you keep reciting this? It's as if nobody knows how to recite except you.

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Yeah, I knew exactly what that sound was all about. And he said in response mmm yeah, he said, it seems as if my re citation is bothering you.

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So I will tell you what, I will increase it to make things difficult for you. And so yeah, he said I would then recite, I could see upon entering my home 50 to 60 times Allahu Akbar, he recognized that was shavon, who was being very much bothered and annoyed by the frequency of his recitation of ayatul kursi.

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Another safeguarding measured your brothers and sisters, from shavon for ourselves and from our families to protect ourselves from the threats of the night.

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When going to sleep, the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam has told us in the authentic hadith in Bukhari documents, that when one of us goes to sleep shaitaan approaches each and every one of us unties, three knots at the back of our heads.

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And he says, speaking or blowing into each of those knots, like the works of a magician, Allahu Akbar, he speaks into these three knots saying numb Li lucapa we go to sleep, relax, you've got a long night ahead of you. So hon Allah and he does this to all three knots. In other words, he doesn't want you to wake up for your surgeon Asana is making every effort to prevent you and if we're praying our pm from praying our PM, our midnight prayer

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and so the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said that if somebody wakes up and remembers Allah,

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one of those three knots is undone. La ilaha illa Allah, if you go to the bathroom and you do will do you carry out the ablution, the second of the two knots is undone.

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If you pre something, then the third of the three knots is undone. And therefore he said you will wake up feeling Nashi upon you will feel energetic and strong and enthusiastic by even FC and very contented, happy.

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Otherwise you will be Habib and FC casilla you will feel lethargic and lazy and anything and enthusiastic for the rest of the day. So this is another safeguarding measure. When going to sleep and waking up. This is a key thing to do.

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To remember Allah, to carry out your will and to and to pray something before carrying out your day to day duties.

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There is another safeguarding measure dear brothers and sisters, I want you to memorize this particular Doha. And I think a lot of people will hear this too out for the very first time. It's a duration that Atma narrates in his Muslim on your authority with the companion Abdur Rahim Allah

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that a man once asked him, How did the messenger sallallahu alayhi wasallam behave? On the night when the devils plotted against him? Can you vasana Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he Nikola Tesla who shortly What did he do on that night when they all conspired against him? It was a difficult evening for our beloved sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And so the companion Abdul Rahman responded by saying that that was a night when devils came to the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam from the valleys, and the mountain passes and they all came against him. And one particular shaitaan who was carrying in his hand and Ember or a flame, wanting to throw it in the face of the

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messenger. And he saw to a sternum. And here Angel gibreel would descend to support the Prophet Muhammad Ali salatu salam. And he said to the messenger, sallallahu alayhi wa sallam could say, see? And he said, What should I say? He said to him on our own we can imagine that he met memorize these words say our old will be Kelly Mattila heater Mert ice, seek refuge with the perfect words of Allah subhanho wa Taala

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minshall Rima Hala kawahara, our Bara from the evil of everything that Allah Almighty has created. Women shall remain ANZ luminous Mr. E woman Sheree Maya Angelou Fie her and from the evil of everything that descends from the heavens and the evil of everything that ascends into the heavens. Woman Sheree. mazara I feel the woman shall remain Amina and from the evil of every evil that is sown. And from the evil of everything that is sown within the soil and the evil of everything that comes out of the soil. Woman Sheree feet and Elaine on the heart are from the evil of the night and the day. Woman Sheree coonley targeting in Paris Anya to be here in New York and from the evil of

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everything that comes knocking, except that which comes knocking with goodness, our own most merciful.

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What was the outcome when he said this to her

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The narrator says, For toffee at Nora home wahama home Allah subhanho wa Taala and therefore he said there are lights of the devils, their fire their embers were extinguished and alone mighty defeated them now

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let us repeat that, just in Arabic. Allah will be Kelly Mattila he tamat and let allow you Jerry's ohana barwon voila sajer minshall remeha la caja de la barra woman Shari McKenzie Lumina, Santa a woman Shari Maja Rafi ha, woman Sheree ma fille de woman Sheree Maya Kuru domina woman Sharifi Tony layli. One the har woman Sheree Cooley authority in our econ Jacobi hiring era man.

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It's important to note brothers and sisters that these safeguarding measures these statements, these actions that we alluded to earlier, and others that you will come across in like the fortress of the Muslim booklet that I recommend you benefit from these remembrances are not merely a protection from the physical effects and the harms of shaytaan.

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But rather, they are a means of protection from the intangible harms that may come in my direction or yours, an inability to enjoy the sweetness of Salah, an inability to lower the gaze, our lack of ability to pray at night, our weakness, when confronting doubtful arguments and strange matters, and how it sometimes shakes our hearts. All of these elements that we are speaking about are protection against these immaterial things as well, not just the physical harms, you are able to be a far more productive and successful person during your daylight hours. by mentioning and acting upon these things. It's not just a protection against physical harm. And I give you just one example. And we

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will conclude with this Malick even though Dena

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was a man who had pretty much renounced the life of this world. And his home was barely furnished with anything he didn't want much he didn't possess much. on one particular night, there was a thief that came creeping into his house wanting to steal and Malik saw him. And he noticed that he began rummaging around, he didn't find anything worthy, worthy of being stolen. So he was making his way back out. So man, he called him said, armonico, the man said what he could have said, and he said to him, brother, it's obvious that you didn't find anything in my house worthy of being stolen. So would you like to take something that will benefit you in the hereafter instead?

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He said, Yeah, certainly. He said, Go to that sink over there. Do your will do wash yourself, and ask Allah Subhana Allah to forgive you.

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So panela so he did that. The man said to him, Do you mind if I spent the rest of the evening with you? And medicareblue dinar said to him, No, I don't mind at all. So he spent that evening with him. And then they woke up for the early dawn prayer. And Malik brought him with him to the mosque and he would usually go to the mosque by himself. So people who are like, Who is your guest? Who is this man? Oh, Malik. He said, Jaya, Leah Surah fissara. Now who this is a man who came to steal from us, so we stole him instead. This is a man who came to steal from us, so we stole him instead. The point of mentioning this dear brothers and sisters is what was it that gave him this composure? During

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this quite a dramatic scene, when a few came creeping into his home, it was the likes of these remembrances that give you steadfastness and stability and composure and clarity of mind during the challenges that you and I experienced by night and by day as well Allahu Akbar. These are some of the safeguarding measures that I wanted to share with you regarding the night. I really hope you will act upon them even if you need to listen to this episode, twice or thrice after this. In our next episode, we shall be continuing on this very same topic in sha Allah, how the Quran speaks about the night. I hope you will join us then

When the sun sets and night envelopes, people’s endeavours vary enormously. Some see it as an opportunity for rest, others view it as a chance to carry out sins that were problematic by day, whilst others see it as an opportunity for private time with Allah as they bow and prostrate. Which one is you?

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