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Thank you.

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Thank you for believing in what seemed like a crazy idea. People that are oceans apart, separated by borders, cultures, and even languages coming together as one community for one purpose, understanding the Quran better, not just hearing about how beautiful it is feeling it, learning its language that seemed impossible to learn.

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being moved to tears by the power of its counsel that pierces through your heart.

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It's not a dream anymore. It's happening.

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You take breaks between shifts, caring for patients and steady cron with me.

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You learn from me and teach women in Punjabi that have no other access to Quran learning.

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You're the eight year old that amazes me when they can translate an idea that I test them with.

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You are Allah's greatest gift to me. My treasure in this life.

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You give me hope that we can be the people that Allah talks about his angels, proud that we're struggling to learn his book out of love. You are my inspiration. Hundreds of you are translating what you're learning and sharing it with those who had never known the power, the divine power of Allah's words.

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Many 1000s of you wrote to me at bay, you know, you told me, You can't afford a little over $100 a year for learning this. And I told you the only thing I could so what Allah will provide, our doors are open, and you joined 1000s of you. From over 400 cities and towns across this earth. We're keeping the angels busy. How could I possibly allow money to block your path to learning? And besides, there are many out there praying for you and even jealous of you in a good way. You may not have the finances, but you're amassing a treasure aren't you?

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There are others that would love to share that treasure with you I know it. They want to share in the seeds that we all know will become endless eternal forests. They will sponsor you never having met you because even though you may be oceans apart in this life, your souls are joined by a reward that's waiting for you. And yes, one day these anonymous sponsors of yours won't be anonymous anymore. You will recognize them because you were each other's investments for the greatest journey of all the one to Allah. Let me speak to them for a moment.

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sponsor a learner of the Quran.

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support a soul that seeks to fill itself with Allah's light and will spread it in the most unexpected, profound and wonderful waves. After all, this voice you're hearing is of a public high school kid in New York City, who never imagined Allah would give him the chance to serve his life.