Nouman Ali Khan – I Became A Better Muslim Because of Him

Nouman Ali Khan
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses their experience as a Christian, including their own struggles with alcohol consumption and their desire to become a better Muslim. They also talk about their belief in Islam and their desire to educate the community about its teachings. The speaker also mentions their recent visit to a baby's family.
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So when they see you going even one step towards Islam, they think, Okay, step two is going to be he or she is going to be in a cult. Yeah. And they're just going to cut us off and all of that those people couldn't get a real job. That's why they have that job. So I sure as * don't want my kids going on that path. We've been talking about that.

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Do you remember the first customer asked us about the wine? No, she walked in. He was the most devout Christian I've ever met in my life. And to the point where I became a better Muslim, because that's so incredible.

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You know,

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there are a Christian, devout Christian

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communities that speak out against the consumption of alcohol. Yeah. And talk about how that's a biblical imperative. Yeah, I see got a friend for that story. So when I was in uni, when me and him I met him towards like the middle of college, when we were in a course, when I started, I started with a guy from Ecuador. He was the most devout Christian I've ever met in my life. And to the point where I became a better Muslim, because Because of him, and I remember we were talking once we were in college, we talk and he carried his Bible with him everywhere. Like it was like a fabric Bible. He had a covered in fabric. And I've asked him, like, why did you carry that? And he goes, it brings

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me luck. And he reads it every single morning before class, well, before class, and we had to take the bus to go time to go home. The whole bus journey, he'll tell you before we go, we gotta look, I'm not being rude. But this bus ride is like, now I talk. Yeah, like how I talk with God. Let's sit down. I'm like, I'm like, I'm Muslim.

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It makes you feel like, I remember it hurt me so bad. Because I was like, you know, and he I remember once he asked me about, like, you know, not drinking, why don't you drink and stuff like that? Or what I don't have a girlfriend. Not tell him all my religion doesn't allow me. I remember once I told him, I don't have a girlfriend because my religion, like you know, it doesn't allow me to start crying. And he goes, my religion says the same, but I still have. He's like, I have like, it hurts me to admit it. You know, I remember the way he was so committed with his own religion. Like, I remember I started taking my religious series, also, like because of him. So believe it or

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not, I learned more about my religion, not from a chef Instagram. YouTube is actually from a Christian guy my age, like got me more serious for my own religion. That's incredible. Yeah. And I started taking my religion a bit more serious just because I was like, that's insane. You know, we're the same age. You know, we'd never a pork took a serious when there was a party going on. Allah talks about Allah talks about people that are committed to their Bible. And when they hear the Ayat of Allah, even if you hear, here's a small snippet of you staying away from something haram because of the art of Allah, Allah says, you'll see their eyes roll with tears.

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Right? Around the filming of Dhamma

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I swear to God, he cried. He actually, Allah makes that that statement of his people relive that all the time. You know, and that's one of the things that this even feels to me like, a massive opportunity to educate the community about their own forget Islamic tradition, their own tradition. Yeah. Because I do believe the Irish people are actually deeply faithful people. Like they have the drinking and all that part of the culture. But Christianity has also been a big part of the education and the heritage. I don't know how if the young generation is probably much less rare I think that's more true of the older to the older one. Yeah, like he was he was my age. I pray for

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him till today. You know, I went yeah, I went to I went to visit him is having a baby soon. So I went to visit my cute very he moved to Spain, and I go every chance I get like to that's awesome. It's very, very fun. I was telling him. I'm always pray for him and shall he gets a beer.

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