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Lesson 98 – Chapter 31-38 Hadith 581-598

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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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solidaridad Sudan Kadim II my word for the Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim furbish trochlea solidity were silly MD, of data melissani of Coco li probenecid nerima takita MOBA kita Salah, the timings of prayers, and inshallah, today we will learn about the forbidden times, meaning the times when it is not allowed for us to pray, Sunnah. What are those times back a seletti burdell February had the doctor fear shampoo, performing the solar after fudger until the sun has risen, meaning praying follow between fudger and sunrise. So for example, these days, let's say a person wakes up at around seven o'clock performs their father solar by 720 for example,

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they're done sunrise is about what time 745 something like that. So they have time until 745 Can they pray some level in the middle or are they not allowed? So the question over here is after fudger meaning after a person has performed fudger until sunrise until the sun rises, is it allowed for person to pray at that time or is it not allowed to pray? Had does not have sub neuromotor or high definition and Qatada and Abdullah Alia and even our best partner he said in our bustled Ludo on who said che there in de jellema li Yun some reliable men they testified meaning they informed me what Allah whom are indie and the most reliable of them near me is who are what are modal Pluto horn

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Who? What did these reliable men say that an obeah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Now inside our T bar the superhero had that extra question sue the Prophet sallallahu Sallam forbade performing the Salah after super meaning after fudger until the sunrises were birthed that are asleep had that and after awesome until the sun sets. So from this Hadith, what do we learn that once a person has performed fudger Salah or there are so similar then until the sun rises or until the sun sets depending on which prayer It is, it is not allowed for a person to perform prayer. All right. But remember that from other Hadees we learn about an exception, which is that if there is a reason to perform a

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certain prayer, then it is permissible. So for example, let's say for Apple janazah. Is that allowed? Yes. Because there is a reason for performing that prayer. Likewise, a person goes to the masjid before he sits down can they pray the halal Masjid? Yes, there's a reason for that. So they can perform that solar also. So there are a few exceptions. But remember, all of those exceptions are what when there's a reason to

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have definitely said that Oh, Allah had definir here and Sherpa and cortada similar to earlier and even our best Allah had the funny mess and we heard that he said some people informed me of this had this and I will said that Paula had that and I hear it No sir it on a sham called Baroni ob cada Bharani Abner Moreau Tanaka Rasulullah salallahu alayhi wasallam, the Messenger of Allah sallallahu Sallam said, Let the hell roll. do not seek to be fanatical with your prayer meaning do not seek to perform your prayer. When Bulu or shamcey at the time of the rising of the sun, whatever will be heard nor at its setting, meaning Do not wait until the time that the sun is rising. And do not wait

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until the time that the sun is setting and then pray some prayer. No, you should perform the prayer. Before this happens. You should perform the fudger solar before the sun starts to rise. And you should perform a solar before the sun begins to set. Alright, notice the word like the hydro What does the halloumi to intend? Meaning don't deliberately pray at this time. Don't wait until this time you should pray well in advance. Well, Carla had definitely been aroma. palapa, Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in our polar hydrations. The Messenger of a loss of the lightest Adam said that when the hardship of the sun begins to rise, what is Hagit edge of the sun, you know, as

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the sun rises? How does it rise? You see it appear right? A section of the sun, and then gradually gradually over about approximately 12 to 15 minutes what happens is that the sun completely rises. So once you see the edge of the sun, what does that mean that the sun has started to rise? So either follow or hagibis, chumps for a hero solar, then delay the prayer had the until doctor fear until the sun has fully risen. So for example, sunrise for instance, is at 745. And a person wakes up at 745. What does it mean?

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But the sun has started to rise. So what should they do? Should they pray? No, then they have to they have to delay delay until when the sun has completely risen and how much time is that approximately? About 12 to 15 minutes? What either haha and when it disappears How do you wish chumps the edge of the sun and this is referring to sunset, meaning a section of the sun is not visible anymore. What does that mean? sunset has begun then what should you do for a little salata then delay the prayer had that deliver until the sun has completely disappeared? diver Who?

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So in this hadith What do we learn that at the time of sunrise while the sun is rising, and at the time of sunset while the sun is setting these two times also, we should refrain from meeting a person should not pray Sunnah at least two times, whether it is fold prayer, or it is knuffle prayer. Earlier we learned that if a person can manage to pray even one riccar before the sun actually begins to rise or set, then he should perform he should begin the prayer even if the remaining prayer is performed. As the sun is rising, we're setting but he managed to perform one record before that is permissible. But if the sun has already started to rise, already started to

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set, then what should a person do? differ? Because the sunrise times actually are quite accurate. Many times my husband has informed me that when they go out sometimes after the boys go out for coffee or something and they go to watch the sunrise. So they say that exactly at that time they see a section of the sun coming up. So it's very close. So for instance, if the calendar says at 745 then don't pray at 745 defer. Pray at 730 All right, defer 15 minutes to be on the safe side. Had the sinner obeyed ignore his morale and abuse ama and obey the law and obey me our department and have said near awesome title and little pseudo lies on the lower end to send them now I'm a Artane,

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the Messenger of Allah sallallahu Sallam forbade from do bear what is bare transactions, two kinds of transactions he forbade from one live setting and from two kinds of Libous do ways of wearing clothes were unselecting. And from two prayers, what are they now have our newsletter by the veggie had the toddler shrimps. He forbade from solar after fudger until the sun rises meaning until it has risen. What birds that are asleep and after also had the double worships until the sun has set. So these are the two prayers that he has forbidden, which prayers the prayer at sunrise and the prayer at sunset varnish demand Islam and the two lovers the prophets are abolishing for better which ones

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first of all, he demanded summer warning, every female being worried and wrapping oneself in one garment. What is HTML some HTML format is basically to wrap oneself up enclosed in such a way that the arms are locked inside. So a person cannot, you know, lift up their hands or extend their hand out. And when they will do that, then what will happen, their body will show like for example, if a person has wrapped themselves up, alright, then they need to pick something up. Or they're praying for that. And they have to lift up their arms and what will happen, their body will show as they will lift up their arms. So the prophets of the law doesn't forbid that a person should wear their

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clothes in this manner. A person should wear their clothes in a manner that their arms are free. I mean, for babies it is different. This is obviously about older people, because when they will move around then First of all, it will affect their mobility, a person has dropped something they need to pick something up and then they're looking at others right and then secondly, if they will do it themselves, then it will expose them. And secondly the second kind of clothes that he forbade were the battery cell beware head, wrapping oneself up in a single garment and sitting in a way of device to sit in a way that the legs are propped up in front of a person. Why did he forbid that because

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usually referred to he in a center when he will sit in that manner wrapped in one garment and legs propped up and what will happen it will expose this private part towards the sky. And the two kinds of transactions that he forbade are which ones were added whenever the world will amasa whenever there is from Nevada What does never mean to throw. So basically this was a kind of transaction in which the seller would say that Okay, take these pebbles and throw. So whatever object you throw and the pebble will hit, then that object you can take for this much money. So for example, there's different kinds of cloth. One is of silk one is of cotton, obviously the silk one is more expensive.

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All right. So he says, you take this pebble throw if it hits the silk one, you can have the silk one for the same price. If it hits the cotton one

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You can have the cotton one but you will be charged the same amount. This is what happened to the prophets Allah Madison for the internet. While moolah masa Malema says from lamps, what does lamps mean to touch? So the seller would say, close your eyes and touch whatever you touch, you can have it for this much money. Now, this is forbidden, unless, unless all of the objects that the person is selling are the same value. You understand? If they're the same value, then it's permissible, but if they're of different value, then it is not permissible. Anyway, so in this Hadith, what do we learn that do prayers are forbidden the prayer of sunrise and the prayer of sunset? Bab lay at the

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headless Sonata cobla hooroo bishops, one should not seek to pray just before sunset, meaning deliberately, a person should not intend to pray at this time. What's the reason behind that? What's the reason? Why did the prophets Allah, Allah forbid, performing the prayers at these two times at the time of Sunrise at the time of sunset? Yes, because there are people who worship the sun as it rises and as it sets, so in order to avoid resemblance to them. Secondly, when the sun rises when the sun is setting, and a person is performing prayer at that time that it seems as though he's in all of that sun. So nobody should have this. vino thought about a Muslim that they worship the sun.

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And also because we learned that the sunrises and sunsets were as the two horns of shape one. So shavon is also very arrogant and puffed up at that time so person should refrain from performing the Sunnah. At that time. In each other I'll get to this that there are basically five times when prayer is forbidden. Bab lead has a forever convolution so the reason behind that is as we discussed her death and arugula his use of color of Baba nomadic a nephew and even your model another suitor lights on a lover and you send them call lead Hello lucam none of you should intend to meaning should seek to perform prayer at what time for you Sunday or in the tour HMC while are in the rural

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area. None of you should seek to pray as the sun is rising or as it is setting have doesn't have that disease of Nabila Kala had definitely brought he would massagin onsala and she had an offer on your offer of New Year's Eve legendary you and semirara bursary Adria, yaku Samira to Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam a akun la salata, there is no Salah burger super Hey, after the morning meaning after the fudger prayer has been performed, had that of the fair shrimps until the sun has risen. What else what data and there is no prayer by they're asleep after they're also meaning after it has been performed, had the deliberations until the sun has set had done a Mohammedan new event

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but I had done a wonder call I had done a Sherpa avec the year by the Samir to whom a lot of new event you had this is Ron Meyer we are Takada in nickel, or we are below I know he said that indeed you people let us or Luna Salatin, you perform a prayer, la casa heavener. Certainly we were in the company of who Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, we were in his company from our aina. Who so we never saw him, you suddenly have performing this prayer? What are the nahan humor and in fact, he forbade from these two meaning from performing these prayers, he or need a rock Martini bar that he was hinting towards which prayer do occur after us. So he said the prophets are the listener. We

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never saw him performing these to Dakar. And here you are performing this prayer. And the fact is that the prophets, Allah doesn't forbid us from praying any solder after us. So what do we learn from this, after a person has performed so far, that he should not pray any prayer until the sun has set? Then which prayer should he perform after the sun has said, lovely pray, alright. But remember, like we discussed earlier, if there is a suburb for some prayer, then that exception is there. Unless it can be delayed until later. Sometimes it happens that there is an urgent matter. And it's a very serious matter, you cannot delay it, and you need to do is to follow. So then what do you do?

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Do you not purchase the hardware at all? Or do you delay it? If it's time sensitive, then you can because there is a reason for you to perform istikhara at that time, all right. Exactly. It's quite possible that a woman you know she might feel that you might begin her beard soon and she might not be able to perform it's too hard or later and she really wishes to perform Mr. hodda so there's no harm that's in the case where you're not able to pray then at least make the daughter had that moment Mohammed Abu Salam Kala had the center of the UN obey the law and obey and have severe Aslam and Avi who later Allah He said now Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. I'm Sana. Thank you.

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The Messenger of Allah sallallahu Sallam forbade to prayers by the veggie after fudger had the total rations until the sunrises were better than us we had the double visions and after also until the sun has set, like I said, it takes about 12 to 15 minutes for the sun to completely rise. Likewise for the center completely said, so from the time that the sun begins to rise give about 12 to 15 minutes and same for sunset. Berg Malema his salata, Illa burger or three will veggie mine who lamb yaka his soda that did not dislike performing the prayer inlet except bother asleep after a while surgery. And after surgery, what does it mean that those who did not dislike performing the prayer

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at any time, except after and after further, meaning the only two times that they forbade were which ones after fudger and after us, and they said any other time of the day of the night, you can perform prayers, obviously it's referring to voluntary praise mandatory prayers, there's specific times for them. Other than that voluntary, they said you can pray any time the only two times which are forbidden or which ones they said after us and after World War One remote webinar, remote elbow surgery, all of these companions, this is what they said. Now, from this we see and this was a man behind his opinion also, that the only times in which a person is forbidden from performing prayer

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are these two times after fudger and after. So, but if we go into the detail of this, then we see that there are basically five times there are differences amongst the scholars, but there are basically five times when so that is forbidden, which five times are these Firstly, the time of sunrise.

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Secondly, the time of sunset. Thirdly, the interval between the period of time a person has finished fudger

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until sunrise, the interval between after person has performed also until sunset. So you understand. The first two are which ones sunrise sunset. Thirdly, after fudger until sunrise, fourthly, after so until sunset,

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and there's a fifth time as well, which is at the time when the sun is at its zenith meaning at its highest point. There's a hadith and Muslim in which we learn that webinar on it. Oh God, he said there are three times at which the messenger of a muscle a lot of them forbade us to create or to bury our dead when the sun has purely started to rise until it is fully risen when it is directly overhead at midday until it has fast it's Zenit.

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Alright, right. Secondly, when, when the sun is directly overhead at midday, it doesn't mean 12 noon. But it means when the sun is at its highest point until it has passed, it's in it and when the sun starts to set until it has fully set. So there is a difference amongst the scholars with regards to the fifth time, but there is a hadith on this matter. So if a person wishes to perform nephal at this time, then it's better to avoid, you know, just delay by 510 minutes or pray 510 minutes before that time just to be on the safe side.

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had done Abner man had done a hammered muzej on a UVA and nafion and have neural model color suddenly even said I pray come out at us help us alone. Just like I saw my companions praying. I pray just as I saw my companions praying law and her law and how I do not forbid her than anyone usefully. He prays for that meaning I don't forbid anyone from performing prayer, believing in the night when I heard him nor during the day, Marcia whatever he wills, meaning he can pray during the day during the night at any time that he wills Layla alerta hello to our shamcey

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except that do not seek to create these two times the sunrise and the sunset. And he said any other time Besides this, go ahead and pray whether it is some part of the night or some part of the day. Now, from this we see that there was difference amongst the scholars, even amongst us However, some said there's only these two times and other side that there are these three times.

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But what we learned from this is that how often

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They used to observe voluntary praise

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that their prayers were not limited to just the five obligatory prayers, they perform Salah

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otherwise as well, voluntary praise. Because if you look at the statement law and then you suddenly will Island well, Anna Heron, Masha, whatever he was anytime during the day, anytime during the night.

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But unfortunately, we have limited the prayers to only the false prayers, we should also make a habit of praying besides about prayers. Because remember that when a person performs a thought prayer, he draws closer to Allah. But as he performs a voluntary praise, he draws even closer to this, I guess you can only figure if you're outside. And sometimes literally, you find the sun above you.

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Like it's literally on your head, there is no shadow, because the sun is literally above you. And the heat is also very intense. At that time, it was forbidden.

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But may you celebrar there are three mineral for were at when we have. So we have learned that after fudger after a certain person will not perform any prayer until the sun rises until the sun sets. But what about performing for where?

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For where it is a plural off? factor? What is that? one that has both meaning one that has died meaning gone past missed? A person missed a prayer. So my use Allah what is prayed by that also after a minute for why it's from the missed prayers? When are we and it's like

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so let's say a person performed his prayer. And then he remembered that he had not paid.

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It's possible. He completely forgot to pay a little. Like sometimes it's an unusual thing that happened. You're not where you usually are. And you get home and you think that you perform to her. And when you're praying or so do you think Wait a minute, did I even pray alone? And you realize you haven't prayed? So now after also, can you perform your level? Can you? This is a question then it's also possible that a person remembers that they missed their particular prayer a week ago or two weeks ago. It's possible right? shaitan makes you forget important things and you remember after a long time, so can you pray at this time or not? Can you pray for that effect after also or not?

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Don't be too quick to answer.

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We're Carla Craven and crave said and Miss Ella on the authority of Ensenada that subtle and abuse Allahu alayhi wa sallam the Prophet sallallahu Sallam performed Sunnah when bharden asleep after us whatsoever he performed rock Artane to the car, who call her and he said Shivani nasaan people kept me busy, which people mean Abdullah case from the people are abdicates remember that the delegation come to visit him. So they kept me busy. I never got any from my to record bar the afternoon. So what happened? The Prophet sallallahu Sallam had a habit of performing to the car after the Doosan. Right. But what happened immediately after his father, he got busy. These people came, they kept

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asking him, they kept talking to him until what happened the time for us, okay. And then he performed his us when he came home, what did he do? He performed the Sunnah of law that he had missed.

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So from this, what do we learn that if the prophets of Allah said and made up the missed knuffel when after awesome, then it is definitely permissible to make up a missed thump after us.

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So you understand.

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So what do we see? That Salah in and of itself is not forbidden?

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After a sir, until sunset, at the time of sunset, yes, it is forbidden. But after until sunset, Salah in and of itself is not forbidden. If there's a reason to perform prayer, then a person is allowed to perform that prayer of those reasons is making up missed prayers. Also, one more thing we see here is sometimes it happens that you perform your fault and instantly you get busy. Right? Somebody comes and talks to you or you know, sometimes you're at home and the children they need you urgently. And then one thing after the other after the other and you realize that a whole hour has passed and the time for Muslim is gone now and your sooner is gone. But you have a habit of

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performing that salah and you don't want

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to miss out on it. So can you make it up later? Yes, you can. Even voluntary prayers that a person performs consistently. If for some reason they miss it, then what should they do? Make it up later. Because this is what we see in the next slide is that the habit of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam was that when he would do something, he would do it consistently, consistently, until he passed away. So he didn't miss his two rocker. Just because people were talking to him, he made them up later on. Also, we see here is that the profits out of Alison could have told the people, excuse me, for some time, I need to perform my voluntary prayers. But he didn't. He made himself available to, to the

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people. Because sometimes it happens that people need you urgently. But it doesn't mean that we sacrifice our worship, because of the needs of people, you understand. It's very good to prefer people over yourself, but not in the matters where your brother is going to suffer, where you are going to fall behind. So if you are helping other people out at the cost of your duty, at the cost of your work, at the cost of your homework, your assignment, whatever it may be, then should that be done? No. And if it was beyond your control, like you thought somebody needs you only for five minutes, but it ends up to an hour, then what should you do? Leave the word completely? Leave with

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completely No, make it up afterwards? First of all, don't miss it. And secondly, if it got missed, then what should you do? Make it up afterwards? Because consistency is very, very important.

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You like for many students, when they're taking their course, they have to do their lesson seven times a day. Now what happens is that Sunday, they're not able to read seven times. So they do it five times. So it doesn't mean that that particular lesson those particular verses, they never did them seven times, no, they should make up afterwards. Because until you read the translation a certain number of times it cannot be embedded in your head, you will not develop proficiency, you will not develop that. So what is necessary that if you weren't able to do it one particular day, and this should be a habit make up afterwards and this should be added with everything in life.

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Don't just leave things, complete them later on.

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Had a winner Amun Allah had the center of the world have no Amen. Carla had the honey Avi and the who semirara shutter he heard I shared with her and her college she said one lady, the hubbub II by the one who took him meaning by Allah, who took the Prophet sallallahu Sallam away, meaning who took his sword away who gave him that? Man taraka Houma the Prophet sallallahu Sallam never left the two had the until lucky Allah until he met Allah. Why am I lucky Allah and he did not meet Allah to Allah exalted had that until subpolar is Allah until the Salah became very difficult upon him, meaning that he did not have much strength in his last days to perform the prayer, which is why what

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would he do? He will perform the prayer sitting. Generally, what would he do pray standing, even if it was difficult, but towards the end of his life, because of his great sickness, it became very difficult for him to perform the salamander we learned earlier that he had so much water poured on himself because the fever was so high. So in order to regain that strength, he had so much water poured on himself so that he could get the energy in order to lead the people in prayer, but he wasn't able to.

00:28:51--> 00:28:53

So towards the end of his life, what happened?

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What can you suddenly concealments for that reason? And because of this reason, what did he do? He started praying sitting a lot, meaning towards the end of his life, the last few days, he would perform most prayers while sitting. And What's she talking about? By the way, that masala Kahuna hatanaka Maha that he did not leave those to the car until he met Allah meaning he performed that prayer until the end of his life. garnishment or nakatani berglas to come after us. What can an abuse Allahu alayhi wa sallam you Salima? She said and he used to perform them when I used to Lima mustard, and he did not perform them in the masjid. Why? Mahabharata out of the sphere? I knew

00:29:42--> 00:29:59

that it would become difficult upon his oma, what can I bow my heart for for him, and he liked to make things easy for them. So what do we see here that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam used to perform to the car after us when not at the masjid

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Were at home. So after I saw when he would come home, he would perform, doodle. And he performed these to the car until the end of his life. Because when he started something, he would do it consistently, even though it was very difficult upon him. And even though he performed those prayers while sitting, still he performed the studio car after us. The question is, why didn't he perform them in the masjid? Why at home, because if he performed them in the masjid, and people saw him, then the people would also do it. Right, or they would be required to do it. And if they will be required to pray to the car after a superior, which itself is so difficult for many people, because

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they're so busy at that time. And then to add two more riccar to that it would be very difficult. So this is the reason the Prophet Solomon said and I shall explain, he used to perform himself were in his house. Had the family said that Carla had the scenario here. Carla had the transition hydration color is Baroni a big part of our issue, if none of the metal can abuse Allahu alayhi wa sallam such that they need the profit or loss and have never left to such the burden asleep after so in the near me ever meaning it was his habit that every time he would come home after what would he always do? to search the meaning to the car he would always perform them. This was his habit.

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Had this is Marian Allah does not have to wear his or her doesn't shave any you

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know, a sweater and be here on our shadow colored rocker attorney to rocker lamea con Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam yedder Houma the prophets of Lawson have never left them seven in secret whether Alinea nor in? Open rakatan to Docker Hub la sala de su before the morning prayer meeting before the font fudger prayer were not gotten into the car by then also after us. Now what does he mean by this? He never left them in open or in secret. Meaning he performed those to the car, whether he was alone, or whether there was somebody watching him. But the two occur after so what do we learn that he used to perform them were at home always. Okay, he wouldn't perform them at the

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masjid he would perform them at home, had the Mohammed Navara or had the Sherpa to be his help. All of us were the ones who can shahida eyeshadow palette McCann an abuse of the law, Julio salami, Dini, the Messenger of a loss of the loss and would never come to me for Yeoman in a day barbarously after our son in law, except Salah recording that he performed to the car, meaning each time that he would come home after us or what do you do perform to the car, other so many hobbies over here that show that he performed these to the car after So, and at the same time, there's so many ladies on the other hand that show that the profits are volatile, forbade people from performing any prayer

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after us. So is this contradiction? How do we understand it? There's a number of ways. There's a number of opinions concerning this, and basically to rocker after. This is a matter in which a lot of if the love has existed, there's a lot of difference of opinion amongst the scholars concerning these two Raka. One explanation is that some scholars they said that the prophets of Allah sent him said, I mean, there's so many a hadith from which we learned that he forbade performing prayer after us. So, we should not perform any sooner after so there is no So no, there is no, you know, voluntary prayers that we are required to pray after us. Why? Because of the generality of the

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prohibition of any prayer after us. And they said that the Prophet sallallahu wasallam when he performed the Studer car when he got home, which ones were they, they were actually the Santa off

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as we learn from the heads off on Salama, but we understand if he did that once, or twice, he did continuously consistently because I should have told her I know she said that every time he came after us that he performed those to

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the scholar said that he can continue that habit, that every time he would come home after us. He would perform to the car because once he did it, then after that, he did it consistently.

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And he did it himself. He didn't do it in public meaning in the masjid because then people would follow him. And it was a habit of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam that when he would start something, he would do it consistently. So the first time there was a reason, what was the reason? he missed his Sunnah because people kept him busy. But thereafter, he developed the habit. And remember that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam also emphasized that people should perform voluntary prayers at home. Remember, the men especially that they shouldn't make their homes into graveyards and

00:35:00--> 00:35:16

And restrict the prayer to the mustard only they should also pray at home. So perhaps it was because of this reason that every time the prophet SAW the laws and came home, and when he came to Ayesha widow and had to see her, that was generally perhaps the time. So this is a reason why he performed those two

00:35:18--> 00:36:00

other scholars said that these two would occur after a certain they are a certain meaning the Prophet sallallahu Sallam performed them, and I shall deliver on her, she performed them also. And there were some Sahaba, who performed them, although many of the companions did not know. But they said that this is a prayer which is forgotten. And Jehovah was of this opinion that this is a prayer that is forgotten. And this is a Sunnah that should be revived to sooner after us. However, other scholars again, they disagreed, they said, No, because there are so many evidences on the other side. So then how do we put everything together? They said that this armor was specifically for who

00:36:00--> 00:36:42

the Prophet sallallaahu, Salah, remember, there were certain actions which the prophet SAW the laws and performed openly, publicly why deliberately, so that the others would see, observe, and know that they have to do it as well. I can remember once the perfect sort of Alison was traveling, and he was fasting, and the rest of the people were also fasting, the fast became very difficult. So what did he do? He broke his fast in front of everybody. Why is it that the people would follow him? There were certain times on the prophets that a lot of them perform the prayer standing on the member. Why? So that everybody could see him how he was praying. But then we see that there are

00:36:42--> 00:37:25

other actions which he did privately, why, so that others would not be required to do it. And this was one of those actions. The fact that he prayed at home shows that this was exclusively for him, just like the hudud prayer mandatory for the Prophet sort of on its own, but not mandatory for the oma. So is it clear that when you have a coli Hadees, a hadith in which a statement of the prophet SAW a lot of them as mentioned, and a fairly Hadith in which the pharaoh the action, the prophet sort of Allison was mentioned, and there seems to be apparent contradiction, that what do we do? We take the coli one, his statement, because his statement is his command his instruction, and it's for

00:37:25--> 00:38:16

who directly for us, and his action could be for who, specifically for him, and especially when you perform that action in privacy, right. But we learned from this that if there is a reason for a person to perform prayer after I slow down, there is no harm. Right? There is no harm, which is why if it's the heart It has to be performed or some other prayer, for which there is a reason, and there's absolutely no harm in that. Bad attempt. Guinea Bissau latifi Yomi Raman that gives that kid is from buka. What does that mean? Early morning. So the key is to pray early, meaning well in time at the peak bisola is to perform Salah well on time, early, when fee Yomi layman on a cloudy day, on

00:38:16--> 00:38:16

a cloudy day.

00:38:18--> 00:38:22

Because on a cloudy day, you don't know exactly what's going on.

00:38:23--> 00:39:09

You think that it's sunset, but it's not actually sunset, there's still a long time until the sun is actually going to set or you think that the sun is not going to rise right now because it's so dark. But the fact is that the sun has already risen, or it will rise in a couple of minutes. So when it's cloudy in the sky, what should be done to be on the safe side, a person should perform the prayer when early, earliest time at the earliest time doesn't mean that you pray before the time has entered. But at the earliest I mean as soon as the time comes in, perform the prayer. So at the key bisola te fi Yomi Raman. Now, also, what happens is that with fudger prayer, for instance, and lock

00:39:09--> 00:39:51

repair also. And also what happens is that people go by the clock, and they say they're still 15 minutes, they're still half an hour, and we don't look out the window, how bright is it? how dark is it? And we just go by the clock what is necessary is that we look outside also, we are you know aware of what's happening, that if there is 15 minutes left for fudger realize that it's sort of very, very bright outside. Likewise, a person says oh, there's only 20 minutes since mothership started but look outside, it's so dark. So it is necessary that we are observant of the sky. Okay, when we are selecting the time for prayer,

00:39:53--> 00:39:59

half dozen or more hours of Nevada destination or near here who have no ability and ability to go to another

00:40:00--> 00:40:38

Malia, Heather, who Karla Coronavirus. Later the film in the layman. He said we were with Buddha on a cloudy day for color. So he said that he performed a solid early Don't delay for indinavir. For the long run, he will seldom call because the prophets of lonesome segment narakasura asleep whoever left there also prayer habit Armando, but his deeds are wasted. So you don't want to miss your also prayer, even by accident. Therefore, pray at the earliest time, don't say that it's, you know, dark anyway. So it doesn't make a difference. No, you should perform the prayer at its earliest time to be on the safe side.

00:40:39--> 00:41:18

And the statement of the profits are a lot of sentimental cassata. There are three heavy armor No, this is understood in a number of ways. One is that manchaca solapur ously, whoever completely abandoned the massacre, meaning he doesn't care at all. Hardly, sometimes he prays. And unfortunately, some people develop this habit, because it's the time when they're coming home from school or from work. So they develop a habit of missing their also prayer or delaying their prayer. Whoever does this meeting, he leaves it on a regular basis, then all his good deeds are wasted.

00:41:19--> 00:41:54

What does it mean that all of his good deeds are wasted. Another way of looking at the statement is that whoever misses they're also prayer leaves that also prayer on a specific day, meaning one day he leaves it deliberately, then his armor is wasted. Meaning even if he performs that are superior later on 100 times, it's not the thing. You understand what have you but I'm alone is amahl is wasted which armor, the armor of skeletal muscle. Why? Because he deliberately missed it, he deliberately left it.

00:41:55--> 00:42:33

So even if he made it up later on many, many times, it will never bring him that same reward never at all. Thirdly, another way of understanding this is that whoever missed well meaning deliberately left is our sole prayer on a particular day, then his Iman is wasted, meaning his good deeds of that day are wasted. Why? Because the sin of leaving the apostle prayer will wipe off will outweigh all the good deeds of that day, meaning the other four prayers will be canceled because of his missing his acid.

00:42:35--> 00:43:07

So you understand this is a serious matter because he also does wear sweat out and we'll start it's the middle of prayer do before and after it. And usually what happens is that towards the beginning, we are energetic towards the end again, we get energetic in the middle, what happens is that we lose our enthusiasm. Typically this happens with anything that we're doing. So even in a day, this happens further. We're very particularly particular also, we kind of become lazy about it. So it reminds us of the importance of us.

00:43:09--> 00:43:16

If it is within the time of us, then you should perform with the gym or if it's within the time of Russell

00:43:18--> 00:44:04

Babb as Annie burger the habit walked. And then after the time has gone, meaning when the time is over for a particular prayer. And a person missed a prayer for some genuine reason. He was trying to pray, but he didn't get a chance he was busy one thing after the other and things were literally out of his control. Like for example, a person will be working in emergency. Right. And one case after the other is coming up and it could be serious matters. And in some places, the time for us in certain parts of the year is very, very short. So let's say a person misses the prayer like this. And it's not just him. It's a whole group of people who missed their prayer completely, because some

00:44:04--> 00:44:05

genuine reason.

00:44:07--> 00:44:16

Now, the time for the next prayer has begun and together they want to do tomorrow. So should they just perform the solo? Should they also give the other end before it?

00:44:18--> 00:44:37

You understand? Should they just perform the Salah in congregation? Or should they also pronounce the event the comma and then the Jamaat This is the question is it permissible to give the band for a particular prayer after it's time is over? Yes it is permissible

00:44:39--> 00:44:59

had the Milan masala or had different Mohammed de mucho de Paula Hadassah Hussain and Abdullah him Nia bukata an OBE Allah He said Cyril Nirmala beistle Allahu Allah was eliminated and we were traveling with the Prophet sallallahu Sallam one night for Kira gargle calm so some people said lower or less the VENA Yasuda ma

00:45:00--> 00:45:08

Lower of less than or worse this from 30s and 30s is to stop in order to rest or sleep in the last part of the night.

00:45:09--> 00:45:55

So they said profits or losses who could you please allow us to the stop now and take some rest? It's the last part of the night we're really tired. Can we please stop and get some rest? color? He said a harmful antenna more and I am afraid that you will sleep through your prayer. Which prayer budget because it's so late now if we sleep now, I'm afraid that we're gonna miss the federal prayer partner bill. No, Bill, no, no, no said no op will come. I will wake you up. For Poggio he didn't say inshallah. So what happened? For Pedro so they all lay down they slept with us never be left alone. And bla bla bla and who is another he put his back against the wall, another bill Adams law

00:45:55--> 00:46:44

who he put his back against meaning he leaned against inequality against a saddle. So he's sitting and he is leading his back against the saddle, because he didn't want to lie down and fall asleep. But what happened favela but who I know who but his eyes were overcome and he fell asleep while sitting. First they put an abuse on a locker and you sell them to the prophets Allah doesn't walk up walk or the talara and it had already risen. What had you portions the section of the Sun mean the sun had begun to rise for color. So he said yeah, Bella aina makuta ob lol Where's what you said? You said you're going to wake us up? What happened? Carla, he said, ma will clear. It has never been

00:46:44--> 00:47:00

put to me. I lay on me no matter on any sleep mitzvah like it to ever reading I've never had such sleep before. I've never ever slept like this before. But he said in Allah Indeed, Allah, Alberto Anwar How come

00:47:01--> 00:47:17

he takes your soul whenever he wills, and he returns it or they come upon you hainish whenever he wills, so your soul will be returned to you at the right time? if Allah wills, right, and Allah will will something good for you When?

00:47:18--> 00:47:27

When you will. I for example, generally we say Oh, if Allah wants I'll wake up. But the thing is that if you don't want to wake up, then why should Allah wake you up?

00:47:28--> 00:48:08

So in a lot of other containership, what are the Alaykum hainish I mean, this is beyond your control. Yeah, without or without conference in Venice stand and give the event for the people beside it for this winner for the webinar. So he performed we'll do a modified shamsul then when the sun had risen, we'll be out but and it had become white karma for Salah, he stood and he prayed sooner. Because remember that he woke up as the sun was rising. So they didn't start their prayer immediately. They waited for the sun to completely rise and to become white. And then they perform the Sonata together.

00:48:09--> 00:48:45

And we see here that the prophets of the Lord and his companions they slept through. And especially because they slept in a last part of the night, or sometimes it happens that you're not able to sleep in the early part of the night. And there's something that's not part of routine, it is something unusual. And when you sleep in the last part of the night, then obviously you sleep like you've never slept before. It's a very different kind of sleep. Because generally what happens is that you develop a body clock, right? If you're used to waking up at a particular time you'll wake up, but if your sleep was not normal, then you won't be able to wake up at the normal time either.

00:48:46--> 00:48:55

So if this happens, by accident, then a person should realize it happened also with the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

00:48:56--> 00:49:21

But a person should not give himself you know, should not be too lenient with themselves. Because we know that if a person does this habitually, then what will happen? What did we learn how does that of a person make sure that he performs his father and so he's not overcome by sleep or by work? Then inshallah you'll be able to see a loss of hunger without any difficulty. As a person sees the full moon

00:49:22--> 00:49:49

Berg masala, Vanessa Martin Varga the habit worked, the one who performed the prayer with the people how Jonathan in congregation verder the habit walked after the time has gone in the previous Hadees we see as Dan is pronounced, and the prophets Allah doesn't let the people in prayer. But are there any other examples also from where we learned that Salah to face a missed prayer can be performed in congregation? Yes.

00:49:51--> 00:49:59

Had the center more out of the blue Fabiola the call center a shaman and you're here and OB center lotta orangevale live near Abdullah and there and one of them Bobby J. Oh

00:50:00--> 00:50:19

101 of the Cotabato, who came on the day of the Battle of trench burden of petitions after the sun had set for gyla, your sub book of courage so he began cursing, Who? The co founder of Quraysh. Why?

00:50:20--> 00:51:08

Because remember that they had laid siege on Medina and the Muslims were constantly by the trenches guarding Medina. And because he was there, he wasn't able to pray us. So Allah He said yes to the law or messenger of Allah maket to Sunday, Lhasa I was not able to perform so had to gather the shampoo until the sun has begun to set. I have not been able to pray my answer. And look, the sun has started to set. What am I supposed to do cloud interviews on law videos, and then we'll let him answer later, by Allah even I have not performed my prayer. Because he was also with the companions, guarding Medina, for comnet era Bhutan. So we all stood meaning we went towards Bhutan, a particular

00:51:08--> 00:51:28

value for the world, but when it so the Prophet sallallahu Sallam performed Buddha for sada with a button and a hat, and we also perform Voodoo for it for Sunday, Laszlo, then he performed the burden of operations after the sun had set some masala bar the hell mockery, and then after he performed,

00:51:29--> 00:52:01

so what happened, the sun was setting. They tried to bring us up until that time, but they didn't get even a minute. Can you imagine constantly guarding they didn't get a chance to even perform one recall? The prophets Allah said in Ramallah without, and if they weren't able to, then we assume that many others weren't able to. So what happened together they went performed will do waited for the sun to completely set and then they performed. And after us, they performed

00:52:04--> 00:52:48

Bob Manasa Salatin, whoever forgot a prayer for a new suddenly it occurred to her, then he should perform it when he remembers it when you're in Latin casola and you should not repeat except that particular prayer. Meaning if a person Mr. Prayer, he wasn't able to pray for some genuine reason, either he forgot or he was busy like we saw here. Then later on, when he gets a chance to pray, what should he pray that Salah only, he doesn't need to give any cafaro he doesn't need to perform the Salah two times or three times or five times No. Once is sufficient. Will Potter Ibrahima Metallica salette and we're headed down hidden. Ibrahim said that whoever left one prayer or Sheena Xenophon

00:52:48--> 00:53:12

for 20 years, lamb your ID, he will not repeat in Latin America except that one prayer, meaning even if 20 years have passed, a long time has passed. And you would think that over a long time you should be penalized. But still, what will he pray only that missed prayer how many times just once.

00:53:13--> 00:53:22

Now, some they said that the Salah has to be performed twice. Why? They said once when the person remembers,

00:53:23--> 00:54:00

okay. And second, he will pray when the time for that prayer enters the following day or the same day. So for example, a person who remembers I missed my shot prayer three days ago. Okay, he realizes now, and he just finished performing his little her prayer. So some scholars they said that he will perform his aresia at that time, as soon as he remembers. However, he will also perform a shot again that missed one when once the time for Russia enters

00:54:01--> 00:54:40

the understand that he said he will have to perform that misprint How many times do times but this is not correct? Why? Because there's no evidence for it? And how are these? What do we learn the profits out of audits and just all the people to perform that mystery? How many times it's understood only once? And in the version we see that the people asked should we not perform it at its time meaning you're supposed to be performed in a short time? I missed it. And I remember now a lot of times I'm performing it now Should I not perform it at OSHA again? So they were told, Allah does not forbid you from Riba and take Riba from you. That it doesn't make sense that Allah forbids

00:54:40--> 00:55:00

you from taking interest on a loan, and then he's charging you what how is that interest? Because what is it about colocalizing donavon that you return the loan and a fine on top of that. So you missed one prayer Allah would not require you to perform that prayer twice yourself.

00:55:00--> 00:55:02

Supposed to perform that query how many times once only

00:55:04--> 00:55:50

had a winner even when most of notice mariacarla had the minimum and data analysis and interviews on a longer and you send them a call man nesea Salatin for new Sunday erotica, whoever forgets a prayer that he should perform it when he remembers it. Lack of ferrata let her in leather lick. There is no cafaro for it except that meaning he doesn't need to pay a fine meaning some money. Alright. Nor does he have to perform that prayer multiple times. No, the only kafala is what make up the missed prayer. Because Allah subhanaw taala says we're up in the salata lyrically, and established the prayer at my remembrance, lyrically is understood in multiple ways one is for the purpose of

00:55:50--> 00:56:04

remembering me. And secondly, at the time of remembering me, meaning when you remember, then established a prayer if you had forgotten to perform it earlier palamu sakala Hamas ammirato Yoko Roberto

00:56:05--> 00:56:31

makara have been had done a man had done a patata had done an interview for Allahu Allah nahu bapco that is salvati una una making a prayers is done. how Allah Allah, Allah Allah the first and then the next meaning in order. So for instance, a person miss their answer prayer, now it is time. So what will they do? They will perform so first. So first and then maharrey.

00:56:32--> 00:56:58

Likewise, have a person, Mr. Roger Aloha, and they realized that after time, so what should they do perform Vijay danilova then sometimes it happens that a person is traveling they had intended to join the praise letters, so they intended to combine them and they thought they would be home by before mother but what happens they get stuck in traffic they get home after mother they didn't get a chance to pray before at all. So now what will they do?

00:56:59--> 00:57:35

Also, then an oola fan una what's the evidence had done mo said that Allah Hadith Nigeria Anisha para Hadassah? Yes here, because here and Sarah and Jasmine, calendula, Romano, Yeoman, Honda, so bukoba who are not began cursing the Kufa when on the day off 100 who call America to Salinas or whatever, but he said I was not able to pick us up until the sunset Carla Peninsula, but how Bhutan we came to Bhutan for for labarda, Mahabharata shamsul and he prayed after the sun had set some masala motive, they performed also first and then

00:57:36--> 00:57:41

so is it clear? The matter of Miss Grace? inshallah would conclude over here

00:57:42--> 00:57:49

it's a practical lesson we'll be having become the ignition relay. ilaha illa Anta the stuff will go on to relay a ceremony Curatola.