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Abdullah Oduro
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of the five pillars of Islam, including mercy and love of creation, the ability to wear physical and financial capabilities, and the desire to fulfill a write of theirs. They emphasize the need to perform the airplane's hugs and make hedges to avoid being embarrassed and to be financially capable of doing so. The speaker also mentions the need for individuals to fulfill their obligations the option to be financially capable to perform the airplane's hugs and make hedges to avoid embarrassment and the importance of fulfilling their obligations to be financially capable to perform the airplane's hugs and make hedges to avoid embarrassment.
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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh May the peace and blessings of Allah be upon you all. I'm Abdullah oduro. And welcome back, who is obligatory upon.

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As we know, firstly, we want to remember that all of the pillars of Islam is built upon mercy and love of his creation, that Allah obliges upon us things that are better for us, ultimately, whether we know it or not. And that obligation is founded on mercy and love for us to be better human beings, thus pleasing the Creator of the heavens and the earth. So when we look at the five pillars, these are what we should prioritize, when it comes to actualizing. Our purpose of life, from these pillars are amongst all of these pillars, is built also upon the ability if you are able to do so. So when we look at the prayer, if you're not able to stand, you can pray sitting, if you're not able

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to pray sitting, then you can pray lying down even by moving your eyes if you can't move anything. So with that being the case, we look at all the pillars, as we talked about in the fasting Ramadan, if you're pregnant, if you're sick, if you're elderly, there are exceptions to the general rule. Now the general rule is that if you are a sane, mature Muslim, those three sane mature Muslim, and also with this as a loss upon what Allah said, in his thigh and a sebelah, if you are able to or if they are able to

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perform the Hajj. Now the ability that the scholars have mentioned, is primarily that of financial and physical capabilities. So if you're physically able to to wear, meaning that if you are allowed to travel, which should be confirmed by a physician that allows you to travel that says you can travel overseas, there's no fear of any sanitary or, or any health issues, then you are physically able to travel because it's very important for us to remember, especially when performing hajj predominantly throughout the year that it will be hot, and you need to stay hydrated. So if there's any fear of, you know, you needing some type of hydration throughout the year, or throughout the

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day, you should consider this. Now really the issue falls into the financial capabilities. Now, if you are in debt, or you owe someone you have to go to the person that has that is loaned you the money and ask for their permission to go to make hedge. Now if we're talking about debt, not it's not all debt, it's not all kinds of debt. For instance, if you have a phone bill, you owe the phone company some money or if you have school loans or things of that nature, as long as there is a means to where you are paying them back, you have created a system to pay them back that does not enter into the debt. If it is someone a person, a person that has loaned you money, and you have promised

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to pay them back and there is no set date or there is a set date and that date is after the season of Hajj, then it is befitting it is befitting for you as a Muslim, to go to them. And to mention, look, you know, I have this pilgrimage, and it's only once a year, and I have the opportunity to do it. But the money that I may use is that for which I owe you, do you give the Do you permit for me? Do you allow me to go and make hij? If they say yes, then that's great. If they say no, you have to pay them that money back because that money that you have in actuality is their money. Now even if it's a person that doesn't want you to make hugs, it may be a relative that loaned you money for

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your car, maybe a relative that doesn't like Islam and doesn't like you being a Muslim and any way that they can hold you back from doing so they will do so you have to pay them back even if they say no in that spirit and in light of prohibiting you from being a Muslim. You have to pay them back because that is their right that money in your pocket that is theirs is their right? And that in actuality if they see that you were to stop or to prohibit yourself or not to perform something that is so dear to you because you are fulfilling a write of theirs. Is that not dour? Is that not a means of showing that you are an upright person? You paying that person back that doesn't like you

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because you are Muslim is a means of worship because you are fulfilling a right you are being just an Allah loves justice. So when it comes to you performing the hajj, every sane adult Muslim that is able to financially and physically perform the Hajj. It is upon them to do so. And remember if you are someone that has all of that a lot of money in your bank account and you are someone that is able to pays the cat and you have an amount of money that you are able to make hij See if you can take off from work to make a request to have two weeks off or if you have your yearly vacation, which is around

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Two weeks and even a week, and you have the money to make hedge which is primarily roughly around, we can say 7000 to up to $15,000, you're able to do that. My advice is to fulfill that as quick as possible. As some of the scholars have mentioned, that it is obligatory upon the Muslim when the possibility presents itself that it is obligatory upon them to do so. So we ask Allah subhana wa Taala to make use of those that are eligible for Hajj to bless you with good health and to bless you to be financially capable to do so. And know whether you vatika or solo cinema vertical and being the Muhammad Ali he was on page main, me loss in peace and blessings upon Mohammed and all the

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prophets and those that follow them in righteousness, a cinema akin to law What better katsu Thank you

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