Abu Bakr Zoud – Advice for the 10 days of Dhul Hijjah

Abu Bakr Zoud
AI: Summary © The importance of having a memorable experience and staying true to one's Islam is emphasized, as it is the best days for Islam. Social events and rewarding deeds are also discussed, including the Jihad de la activation and the "will" of Islam. The "will" of Islam is rewarded by individuals like Allah himself and individuals like Allahu alayhi wa sallam who promise to do as many of them as possible. The upcoming 10-day period is also mentioned, with a focus on the "will" of Islam and individuals like Allah himself who are more beloved to the nation than a Jihad FISA de la'am.
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Learn what matters to him humbly Lego Brad Ameen. salatu salam ala rasulillah while he or sock be as mine, or praise and thanks belongs to Allah subhanho wa Taala I made a piece of blessing of Allah be upon his sermon and final messenger Muhammad Salah la Mata, you know some My dear respected brothers and sisters in Islam. What separates us between the best days of the world is only a few days, a few days of between us and the first 10 days of the blessed month of britisher. These are these in which also the loss of alone while he was alone, he said, I have a yummy Illa Allah Yemen of volume a year with dunya. And a lot of these techniques are the most beloved these to Allah subhanho wa Taala they

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are the best days of the world. You see you and I each and every single one of us has moments in life which he considers the best days in his life. Perhaps the day you got married was the best day in your life. Perhaps the day you became a father or a mother. That was the best day in your life. Perhaps the day you graduated and finished school and began work that was the best day in life and everyone has best days in life. But that hobbies of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is saying that these are the best 10 days in the entire world in the entire life. Therefore you're supposed to make something out of these days, a memorable experience so that you always reflect back on these

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days and see that the best days you had between you and Allah subhanho wa Taala will were these 10 days. My brothers and sisters in Islam. We've just finished from the blessed month of Ramadan, which was 30 days or less of Hannah hora de Allah He spoke something about Musa alayhis salaam before Musa alayhis salaam met Allah subhanho wa Taala before a lot of Xhosa spoke to Sally Sarah Alonzo Hill, he said well I've now Moosa female a Latin Atma may have been that musalla you said I was told to fast for 30 days. And then after the completion of 30 days, he was meant to go to the mountain um, a lot of soldiers would speak to him, but he changed the breath of his mouth by using a celiac as an

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automatic for him or last week and mentioned in the deceit. So Allah azza wa jal, he added on top of these 30 days, another 10 days,

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Dr. Xu Mousavi Salaam was commanded to go and do another 10 days. So all up a lot of social says for the man

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who says that a female a letter.

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For them I mean, to be albarino Laila 40 days of fasting. By the end of those 40 days, he was ready to meet a lot of social and a lot of social spoke to him, and it will allow him a homologue. They said that 30 days were the days of Ramadan, and the 10 days, which now would make the 40 days, those 10 days were the first 10 days of Malaysia, which are these days that are about to commence and begin very soon, after these 40 days, Musa alayhis salam was ready to stand and speak at a lot of Xhosa to speak to him he was ready to meet Allah subhanaw taala that Id my brothers and sisters in Islam is that once we have completed Ramadan, and we're coming to these days, we need to take them

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seriously. The one who worships a lot of social in these days, the one who shows great concern in these these and and seizes the opportunity and makes the most of them is a person that now is ready to meet Allah subhanho wa Taala now he's prepared to meet Allah subhanho wa Taala with maybe some alarm while he will send them you said, just to show you how incredible these these are, and how virtuous and how honor these these are the visa law they even send them you said, Ma'am, in a year allama lusardi houfy hinda hub boo Illa mean heavy a year when I show that there are no days you don't look for any other days, there are no days in which righteous deeds are more beloved to Allah

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subhanho wa Taala than the righteous deeds that are done during these days. These days are the most rewarding days in which you earn reward for your husband and for your good deeds. And what does this hadith basically mean? It means that the best, the best first thing you're going to do are in these 10 days, and the best or an you're going to read and get rewarded for his reading during these 10 days. And the best sadhaka you're going to give during the entire he is going to be on these days. And the best solid decision of the entire UI is going to be during these 10 days. And these are the days in which Allah subhanho wa Taala loves a lot of social rewards and gives double and triple up

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to 700 times of reward for each and every good deed that is done during these four little companions or him omala won't be alone one how much money they sent to this little muscle alone while he or send them to feasibility lab. Not even performing a Jihad fee severely less during these 10 days.

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The deeds that are done, they are more beloved to Allah than a Jihad FISA de la familia sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said what he had to flee serie de la Ilaha FCU Amelie Samuel Sherman Delica reshade not even as you heard the FISA de la gente, the deeds of passing, reading will go and was solid, the prayer on time and everything else you do have the virtuous good deeds, this is much more beloved to Allah subhanho wa Taala than a Jihad feasibility lab during these 10 days, you know what that means? This is what it means, however, that will be a long one hope he agenda to fill those he secured a position in the highest level in the paradise through one hour of jihad. On the day of

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offered, we shall follow the alarm on who he secured did not refer those for himself through one hour of jihad, on the Battle of Malta. And many of the companions they secured genital fill those the highest level in the paradise through one hour of jihad that they did in their life. And this hobby is telling you that the deeds you do are much more beloved to Allah than a jihad, which are many of the companions genital fill those in and out. In other words, how many opportunities and how many hours and hours and opportunities we're going to have in these 10 days to earn a police engine not to fear those don't wish these these my brothers and sisters in his lap. And from among these

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days, there is the day of the day of alpha, the day of alpha is going to come and it will be on the ninth day of these 10 days on the ninth day.

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This is the day in which Allah subhanho wa Taala himself descends to the lowest heaven and he begins to ask that he begins to ask the creation who seeks His forgiveness, who's seeking His mercy. This is a deal breaker. This is a day of drama. When Navy salam wa alayhi wa sallam he said he said there is no date in which Allah subhanho wa Taala free servants from the Hellfire more than the day of alpha. And even more than that these are from about the day of alpha is the most day of the in which Allah subhanho wa Taala frees people from the hellfire. And the day of alpha is the date in which the best thing to do on that day is to c'est la ilaha illa Allah.

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Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah in reviewing that covenant and that contract, and that relationship between you and Allah subhanho wa Taala by engaging in abundance with hickory Lega subhanho wa Taala and declaring authority the last part of our data seeing La ilaha illAllah. That's the day of Oliver The best thing is to say this declare your love and to make on that day That's it, that is the day of alpha, that is the day of alpha to see La ilaha illallah wa

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sallahu wa koalition Katya and to do as much as you can, and to fast this the individual Allahu alayhi wa sallam, he promised that the one who fasts the day of our he owns two years worth of sins being forgiven, a future and a pastiche of sins all being forgiven. And finally, my brothers and sisters in Islam, the best day of these 10 days is the day is the 10th day, which is you're gonna have the day of heat itself. And the best thing to do on that day, is to perform the sacrifice on the leg. And so if you intend to sacrifice and to offer a pullback, on the 10th day on the day of, if you intend to do that, then from now, as soon as the first 10 days begin as the 10 days begin,

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you're supposed to refrain from clipping your nails, cutting your hair and removing any skin or any or any hair from your body. And that is only for the one who intends to do the sacrifice. Otherwise, those who he is sacrificing on their behalf. Like the family members, he is stronger than his wife, his mother, his father, and so on. They are don't enter into this ruling for my brothers and sisters in Islam. focus in these 10 days, these days are much more rewarding and more Beloved, than the days of Ramadan. So we need to be serious and we need to show concern. And don't be distracted by this worldly life. You see the world the life is only a means to achieve to achieving our purpose in life

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which is worshiping the laws of Hyderabad, acquiring a lot of this duty and running after this dunya is not the purpose in life, you can do that. But that's only supposed to be an EIGHT and a help for you to achieve the purpose in life, which is the worship of Allah subhanho wa Taala take these these seriously. And I end with one final comment. The absolute best thing you can do in these days is what the best thing you can do in these days is to make plenty of Vicar of Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah Xhosa he said in the way of Guru smola he again he might know that a lot of social he logistics

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pleaded upon us that we make mention of his name in these known days have been our best probably a lot of one who said that these known days and appointed these are the first 10 days of petition for NaVi Salam aleykum selam in said in a hurry, a few fee hidden Amina disappear what that means what that Lilia feel so resigned in abundance. So I've had a lot what humbly let what I eat a lot will not work about 30 days of Ramadan with these in which we're supposed to live with 10 days of Asia now with the court of law with Subhan Allah hamdulillah La la la la la, la, la la la la la was the 11 lead. If you recite these in abundance, then the evening lead into either you're doing what is

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best to be done during these days. This is the one

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that would revive the heart and connected and men that crack and broken relationship between you and Allah subhanho wa Taala we ask a lot of soil they give us to give us the ability to worship and we ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to give us life until we witness these 10 days. And we ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to bestow His pleasure and his mercy and tranquility and his blessings upon us and that he accept from all of us in the audio Valley godfather Ali salam wa sallam cinema Bella gala Vienna, Mohammed

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v as many

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