How The Devil Attacks From The Right

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Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan elaborates explicitly on how the Devil attacks us from the right direction.

The Shaytan attacks from the right by:

  • Convincing you that you own your guidance. So you start to pity others, deviating away from your own guidance and focusing on theirs. Ultimately believing you are the source of guidance and take part in others’ personal journey to Allah. 
  • Using the word of Allah for evil purposes (Having a personal agenda above the word of Allah)
  • Resetting the priorities of Islam 
  • Defining your own idea of a ‘good character’
  • Misjudging people based on their presentation. Focusing on the difference in insignificant worshipping styles
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We continue our conversation about how the devil attacks from multiple directions I've given up about previously contemplating only on how he attacks from the front, and another of how he attacks from behind and I only started introducing how he attacks from the right and it's interesting that Allah azza wa jal mentions multiple rights a man him not Yemeni him, but a man in him multiple rights. And that is to say that there are multiple more variety of attacks from the right and for each person that actually has means different things. So what I introduced to you last time is the idea of the right being associated with good deeds. And what something good and right is also in

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many languages, including the English language, the word right, not only for direction, but also for something that's correct. Or something that you deserve. Like this is my Right, right. So this is actually not just something that's found in the Arabic language, because a human is an oath, you mean is something that you Oh, you mean is part of your dignity. The mean, the right hand is actually associated with righteousness. The left hand is associated with shady behavior, criminal behavior, that sort of thing. And so, which is why even last time I mentioned how they're on judgment day, people that are in favor, or in a last favor that did that live the correct way, or

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people have the right hand. So now we're learning the chetana taxes from the right. And multiple kinds of attacks from the right so we got to think about that a little bit. One just as a quick recap, one attack that I introduced you to and myself to and reminded myself of it shaitan will make you think of the good things you have done or the good things I have done and make us proud of them. And so the good thing that our deeds are supposed to make us humble, but he reverse engineers how we're supposed to think about this good deed and we start thinking we've accomplished something well home. Yes, sir. Hunan, obscene una sola. They assume they've accomplished something amazing by

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having done this good deed. So people become sometimes people love to mention titles like you know, in worldly life, there are titles and sometimes people are very proud of what they've accomplished. They just don't want to say my name is Akram, they want to say my name is Dr. okra, right, even though they, you know, they love to tell you that I was different when other people call you that, but you wouldn't yourself love hearing that that's a problem. Or when somebody says their name, and then they say make sure you say PhD, or something, or, you know, they want to add some title. Well, sometimes even within the Islamic sense, somebody says, Hey, Abdullah is here. No, no, Alhaji

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Abdullah, I just came back from college, you know, it's kind of like, I need to know, I need to be recognized for what I've accomplished. So this need to recognize a good deed even, you know, or half of so and so, or shake some somebody calls you, you know, Norman, or somebody calls me No, no, no, no *. I'm not a chef. Anyway, you got to add that title. No, I don't need that title. And that title doesn't add anything, you know. And so the idea of needing recognition and also for yourself to feel like you've accomplished something amazing by doing something good. Our good deeds are supposed to be something that humble us. Our good deeds are supposed to be something we present

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before Allah. And we say to Allah, Allah, this deed that I've done, I pray that you accept it. Because whatever I did, even if I prayed or did hurt or fasted, whatever I did, I know I didn't do it perfectly. I know, there were mistakes. I know it could have been done better. So as broken and as imperfect as it is, I'm begging you, your law to accept it. But that's humility. That's not that's not something I'm entirely proud of. But it's something that I'm supposed to be humble about. But Chetan wants that element to go away. He wants that to become a matter of pride from that. Now, another problem is that when people do good deeds, and do righteous deeds are let's just say

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somebody was a non Muslim, and Allah guided them to Islam, and they accepted Islam, or some of you that were born in a Muslim family weren't practicing your religion, and something clicked in you and you started praying, or you started changing the way you speak, or you started changing the way you you spend your life or the company you keep you made changes in your life, then people look back at that moment and say, Al Hamdulillah, you know, Allah guided me, I feel bad for all these people that aren't guided yet. Wait a second, when you say Allah guided me, that means that you already have the guaranteed stamp. And these other people don't have it. At that one moment, Allah guided you and

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made you turn from a life of evil towards something better, yes. But that doesn't mean you own guidance. Now, it doesn't mean that it's something that you have now and you won't let it go. It's not something that human beings were given the opportunity to possess. In alhuda huhtala. guidance is a property of Allah, it belongs to a light doesn't belong to me doesn't belong to you. So the amount that you learn, or the amount that you practice, or the way that your appearance changes, maybe you dress and you you know, you look far more religious than you did before. Maybe you speak far more religiously than you did before. Maybe you know a lot more about the religion than you knew

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before. Maybe you even worship a lot more than you worship before. Maybe those things have changed, but that still none of that means you have more guidance. guidance is something we have to beg for no matter what state we're in. The someone who's memorized the Quran and recite

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The whole thing every week and worships has to beg Allah for guidance, and someone who's far away from the deen and is just taking half the first step also has to ask Allah for guidance. Nobody has more access to it or less access to it. This is something We're all thirsty for I like to compare. Like Allah does himself, he compares the guidance of the Quran to water to the rain, or to water itself. Now the thing about water is you and I can say Alhamdulillah, two years ago, I had a glass of water ever since I'm good. No, it doesn't work. That way. You get thirsty again, your body needs it again, it needs it again. That's why we have to go back and fill that thirst of guidance. Every

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time we stand in Salah. We asked a lot of Phil that thirst a dino Salatin muster team, but Chetan wants us to think that guidance already happened. Now it's other people's problem, ours has already been solved. I feel bad for everyone else. And when you start thinking like that, then you know what happens, your focus is no longer on yourself. Your focus is on everybody else. You know, like if you have been fed, and your stomach is full, maybe now you can concern yourself with the other one who's hungry. And you start feeling like Well, I'm already filled with guidance. So now I have to worry about everybody else who doesn't have guidance. Actually, you we never stopped concerning ourselves

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with ourselves. I'm not saying don't worry about anybody else. But I'm saying always, always, always, our first concern is ourselves, and then someone else with us. In other words, even when I give someone advice, I'm actually giving myself advice along with them. I'm not talking down to them, and saying this is what you need to hear. I have to acknowledge deep inside my heart and let's not let's hop on, get between myself and my my own heart, you know, and think that this advice is something they need to hear not myself. This is Chapin coming to us, even inside the machine, sometimes you guys will listen to me give a football or somebody else give a hug by and you're

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thinking in your head man, I know someone who really needs to hear this. And I wish they were here I wanna is this online? Is this online, because I need to share it with a friend who has this problem. You know, and you're, you're concerned with guiding someone else. And this entire time, you're not thinking about how this applies to you or I'm not thinking about how this applies to me. We're thinking about how this applies to someone else. And that's a really powerful trigger shape on in your head, you're doing something good, you're actually sharing something good, you want better for someone else. And it's in your mind, this is actually a good a positive thing. But it's not a

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positive thing. It's if it's at the expense of a concern you have for yourself. This is why a lot told us go and fullcycle will alikum Nara Save yourselves and your families from the fire. This is why even the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi salam used to say, we'll see, c'mon FC with a koala. Even the messenger is saying I'm counseling you and myself to be cautious of Allah. I'm including myself in that caution. Even Allah describes those who call others to Allah. I'm an accidental called Amanda in Allah, Who could be better in speech than the one who invites other people to Allah. Well, I mean, I finally had an axe good himself. They see the very immediate words

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you're calling others to Allah, that's about them. While they're calling others to Allah, they are acting good themselves. And then they declare in any wirkkala in any middle muslimeen I am absolutely from among the Muslims are not above them. I'm not above the people I'm calling. And I'm not above others. I'm trying to submit myself like everybody else. Just because I'm the one speaking and you're the one listening doesn't put me in a better position. But this is the kind of thing shaytan wants, he wants us to think that we're in a position now to give advice not, we're not the ones to listen to it. And once you're done really gets in somebody's head this way, somebody who

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gets used to giving religious advice, somebody who gets used according to somebody, or ahaadeeth to somebody, or giving talks or giving reminders, it doesn't have to be with a microphone on. It doesn't have to be on Facebook, it doesn't have to be on YouTube, it could be in a living room somewhere, people are getting together and having halaqaat or there's some member of your family that's always giving advice, when they get to a point where if you try to give them advice, they get really offended. That's a problem. Because now they've accepted in their head. Their job is to give never to receive their job is never to be criticized their job is so they're the ones that tell you

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how to have guidance. And then they have this attitude like Oh, you're gonna tell me, you're gonna correct me. How much do you know?

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I've been teaching for so long and you're gonna correct me this this kind of attitude is directly from shape one, it's directly from Shetland. So now coming again, this is again from the right. And by the way, this the common theme of the Chapin's attacks from the right is the people who make these mistakes and fall into the trap of shaitaan are convinced they're doing something good. They actually think they're doing something good. And Allah describes this in the Quran in a phrase was a and Allahumma shaitana ambala home shaytan beautified their deeds to them what they're doing, even if there's something wrong with it, it looks really good to them. And it's not just about evil

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deeds, even about good deeds, it starts you start decorating it to yourself like you've accomplished something incredible. Then from the right, you know, notions like justice care concern. These are good, these are good

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qualities to have. And so sometimes people say, Well, I'm fighting for justice. I'm fighting for the truth. These are good things. Nobody's gonna say fighting for the truth is a bad thing. Nobody's gonna say fighting for justice is a good thing. Nobody's gonna say speaking out against evil is a bad thing. But people use these good words like justice, like truth, like fighting against evil, like I'm gonna build my little Fender, he added in one car, commanding the good and forbidding the evil, and use that to hurt others, and use that to destroy others, and use that to fulfill their own personal rage, and take take vendettas and, you know, against people and to commit all kinds of

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things. And when questioned, they say no, no, I'm just speaking the heart. I'm just speaking for the truth. I'm standing by Justice. I'm just forbidding an evil. And so you can use the right labels. You know, I'm thinking of, for example, when the unjustified war happened in Iraq, and the title was Operation Iraqi Freedom, right, it had nothing to do with freedom. But you can use beautiful words, you can use words that sound right, they sound justified and do all kinds of crimes underneath, you know, people, you know, in corrupt governments, you have people saying, well, we're taking care of our national security. They'll use national security, that's a good thing to say national security

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and under its guys, they're arresting innocent citizens. They're detaining people torturing people committing all kinds of heinous crimes. And but when you say, What are you doing? They're not gonna say we're committing acts against humanity. They're not going to say we're violating basic human rights, they're gonna say what national security that sounds like a good thing. The same thing happens in our personal lives. People being insulting, degrading, humiliating, and when you question then they say, I have the right. What do you mean, I'm trying to correct this person. And even and forget about governments and high level, even within our families, our personal situation, somebody

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may be a family member may be insulting another family member, humiliating them, degrading them, putting them down, using all kinds of bad words, and you say, what are you doing this, I'm teaching them humility. I'm teaching them and I'm doing a good thing. I'm doing them a favor. I'm fixing them. They need to hear this. So they tell themselves, they're actually doing something good, even when they're engaged in something heinous, and, and hideous. And that's how shaitan sometimes gets us. He feeds us that what we're doing is actually a good thing. And the way he does that is pretty amazing. One he makes you feel like you haven't done anything wrong, you're completely justified in

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what you're doing. And to the one you're doing it to, he makes them look like the source of all evil, they have no good in them, they must be destroyed. If the HAC of Allah is supposed to be established, they must be annihilated. And so long as they're still around, or there's still a smile on their face, or they're still doing okay, then the truth hasn't come out yet.

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You know, so you have to, you have to keep going, you have to keep going. This is Chapin's trickery to people. And again, in their minds, they're doing something really, really good. One of the scariest tactics of shaitaan from the right is, you know, Allah gave us the most power, you know, words are very powerful. It's take a minute or two to compliment contemplate the power of words. Allah azza wa jal didn't give words like he gave human beings to animals, animals communicate to ants communicate to birds communicate to fish communicate to, but the way human beings communicate is incredible. It's profound. You know, 10 generations ago, the birds that were there, built a nest,

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but they didn't teach their next generation, this is how you build a nest, and this is how you're going to improve. They don't do that they still build the same kind of nest. But human beings when they built a home 1000 years ago, the next generation said they built it this way, let's make this improvement. And the next generation came and made another improvement and the next generation came and made another improvement. In other words, they leave instructions behind with words, and we take those words and we build on them and build on them and build on them. Without Words, knowledge wouldn't go forward. Words are an incredible thing. It's a very powerful thing. And the most

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powerful of all words are the words of Allah is the guidance of Allah, how powerful it is. And yet you know what can happen with the guidance of Allah which is of course a good there's nothing better than the word of Allah. People can even use the word of Allah for evil purposes. Even the word of Allah can be used for evil purposes. Allah describes in the Quran, you little movie Catherine, de Catherine, he misguides by using Quran so many he allows so many to be misguided by using the Quran and united thinking when the last started sort of Bukhara in the very beginning. He said this book is guidance that you can get Abu Dhabi Buffy hold on a little bit again. And now later on, not two

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three pages go by and Allah says the same Quran can be used to misguide the same book that Allah sent for guidance, he's saying it can be used to misguide why. When Chetan comes to you, and says, Here's how you can convince people, you can take this ayah from here that quote

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There, this phrase from here, pull them all out of context, present them. And the person listening to you will say they're talking about the word of Allah decoded this ayah. And this ayah. And this is this is sounds pretty good. They're saying something good. And they're actually saying something evil, because their their intention was not to explain the word of Allah, their intention was to get their point across. And their their agenda was above even the word of Allah. Let me explain this to you in another way. So you remember this, this the snow district of Japan, and how people use it, you know, when you when, for example, somebody does research. First they gather the information,

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then they study the information, they analyze the information, and after doing all of the research and all of the study, then they come to a conclusion. Right? So the conclusion is the last thing that comes not the first thing, that's the last thing, first you have to learn, and analyze and research and then you get to the conclusion. But in some people's heads, they already have a conclusion. That's not the last thing that is the first thing. And they say, I already have a conclusion. For example, I've met people who have a conclusion that women are inferior in Islam, I completely disagree. But in their head, there's this conclusion, women are inferior in Islam, now

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that they have this conclusion, they will pick parts of Iraq from here, parts of a hadith from here, parts of text from here parts of text from there and say, See, I have so much delete, I have so much evidence that women are inferior. Instead of looking at all of the text, and all of the guidance of Allah and then saying I will have no conclusion First, I will let Allah speak without me putting my conclusion on top. I will let the conclusion come from Allah. I will let the conclusion come from the Messenger of Allah sallallahu Sallam No, no, no, my conclusions already there. And when you go to people, I've met people like that. And when they quote these things, I say, what about this hire?

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What about this Hadeeth? What about the wrong way? you quoted this hire? They say, No, no, no, there's another way of looking at it. Not willing to look at maybe I got this wrong because my conclusion can change. I can change the way to interpret the word of Allah. But my conclusion is set. This is satanic. This is evil. Because a laws word nothing is above it. calima to law, he were Kadima to law here earlier, the word of Allah is in the highest place. Nothing is higher than the word of Allah. And people will do that. And actually, it'll sound Islamic because they're quoting all these Islamic text. You know, it'll sound like they're speaking on behalf of religion. And that

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in and of itself is a kind of evil. When we don't represent the teachings of our Deen we actually represent conclusions that we're in love with. We're in love with these conclusions, but not actually what Allah himself says. Another way that people use the text is again, you don't have to be a llama, or hotties or speakers or art or whatever to misuse. You can be in your families and you know, people have an argument. And the the Father has an argument with the Son, and he says, You know what Bill wanted a nice Santa.

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You have to be the best to your parents.

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Or they quote the only Quran he knows, by the way, you know, Northern Callaghan.

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But whenever his son gets out of line, you know, this is what Allah says. Or you know what Allah says about when you when you don't give the rights to parents, when you do this, or the husband codes to the wife how she's gonna burn in hell, because a wife who does this, this is gonna burn in hell. Although the wife quotes to the husband, how he's not a real man, and here's the idea about it.

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You know, and they, they use the religion they use the good that Allah gave to us. They use it to win arguments.

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They use it to slap each other.

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They use it as a weapon.

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Allows words did not come for your personal arguments. Allows words did not come so you can make someone shut up in your home. That's not why they came. Ella's words came over I thought when Milan become they came as a council that touches the heart from Europe. They didn't come to insult. They didn't come to humiliate. They didn't come to suppress. They didn't come to degrade. And when people misuse the word of Allah and they say, what did I do? I just quoted Quran.

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I'm just talking about Islam. My children. My wife doesn't want to listen, I even told her the word of a lunch she doesn't listen, No, you didn't tell her the word of Allah. You mask your ego, and your own pride and your own anger with the word of Allah you misrepresented the word of a life you did that. The same thing a parent can do a mother can do to our daughter, a sibling can do to a sibling. You know, this is an in their head again, they're quoting Islam. This is not why you learn a song. That's not why you quote Allah's word. You have to be very careful not to do that. And that's again a trick of shaitaan making us think we're actually extracting guidance, while all we're

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doing is pushing people away from Allah's guidance, because those people when they hear the word of Allah being used to humiliate them in their head, the word of Allah causes humiliation. Why would they come closer to the word of Allah? We became a reason so many families that are

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They look religious, they act religious, they are knowledgeable religiously, and their children are running away from the religion, because they misuse the word of a lie in the home. They misused it in the home, they used it to yell and insult and humiliate their kids. And their kids feel like their dignity is taken away because of Islam. And it's not those kids fault. Our frustration is one thing, our submission to a lie. And our humility, tell us guidance is something else. You want to yell at your kids be my guests, if there's a context for it, you want to be upset, there's a way to communicate that, but don't use the dean for it.

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Don't use the dean, that's, that's not your it's not yours, you don't own it, you don't get to use it the way you want. You have to submit ourselves. You know, when people feel when they're in a position of authority, they can use the word of a lot of to reinforce their authority, the word of Allah did not come to establish your authority, the word of Allah did not come to establish your place, or to put somebody else in their place. That's not why it came. This is not how we should use it. And that's again, we'll get on once. And when he does that, and everybody who does his thinking, again, I did something good. I'm citing the word of Allah, I should get reward for this.

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He comes from the right, you see how tricky how this trickery works. But again, again, there are other attacks from the right, I'll mention just a couple more before I close.

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And one of one of them is, you know, I'll give you an example. First, you know, if you get a job.

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And your job is let's say you have five things to do every day. And your boss tells you, task number one is the most important. This is the one that's the most important. If you finish this task, and you're done with it and you have some time left, then you can do number two.

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And if you have some extra time left, then you can do number three. But if you were working for eight hours, and you only worked on number one, that's okay. Because that's the most important until that is done. We don't care about anything else. So there are priorities when your boss gives you priorities, you have to respect your boss's priorities. You get the same job five items, the boss explains to you this is the most important then this then this, then this and then then item number five, and all day you worked on Item Number five,

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your boss comes in says the job done he goes Yep, I did the best number five you've ever seen in your life? Look at this.

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What's your boss gonna do?

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Why didn't you do number one? Well, you know, I felt like I'm doing so good at number five, that I really don't have to do number one, because look at how good I did. Number five.

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You don't decide that your boss does. He's the one paying you. He's the one who hired you. He's the one who has the authority. I'm not telling you about a boss. I'm telling you what Allah, Allah tells you and me, here's the most important thing in Islam. Here's what you must do. Here are things you must stay away from. These are the five they're absolutely necessary for you, you must accomplish these. And these are the things no matter what you must stay away from them.

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We come along and Shadowrun comes from the side and says, Hey, why don't you give a lot of charity.

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And since you give a lot of charity, you don't have to worry so much about the prayers.

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And when you don't worry about the prayers and somebody says or even the thought comes to you. Well, I don't pray. Yeah, I know. I don't pray. But I give a lot of charity. You know,

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your charity has its place. But it doesn't substitute the priorities a law set. I don't have the right to set those priorities. Allah sets those priorities. But in your head, you did something good. You give charity. You help somebody. You did some task you really love doing. Some people in their head. They say I can do whatever I want so long as I do really good and Ramadan.

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That's item number five for them. Right? If I just do really good in Ramadan, then I have 11 month vacation from everything that lasts me. I can do that. It's fine. In some people's heads, they pray. They pray the Aedes v Hamid, they make sure every time they go to a store where did you get this animal from? Let me see the video of this animal being slaughtered? Was this Allahu Akbar said through a tape recorder a video recorder mp3 file a YouTube video? Or did the guy actually say I want proved before I eat this barbecue chicken. They are so set on eating halal. And yet at the same time, same guy hasn't given my husband his wife. Same guy has denied inheritance to his sister. Same

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guy cheating other people in business now paying their money back lying. same person because in their head, this is important. This is my Islam. There's always gonna be really happy about this chicken.

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But it's all this other stuff.

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That's okay, this will cover it. This will cover it. People have this thought about hedge.

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I just got a hedge clean slate. So I'm good. You know associaton comes and says these things that you like doing? Why don't you focus on those. And there are other things in Islam that maybe they're a little bit more effort for you

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They're hard for you a level understand, you just do what you're comfortable with. Can you just do that and be happy with that? And you tell you tell yourself, you're doing something great. The final trick of shutdown I want to share with you is when you start defining for yourself, what does it mean to be good?

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What does it mean, if there's one thing that there were five tasks, and you pick number five, but it's another entirely when you come in and say, no, forget these five tasks, I'll tell you what's important. I have my own list of five.

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I feel I should be doing this. This is what makes us happy. Because now your own feelings, and your own impressions and your own opinions are above what Allah revealed.

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But in your head, this is because you're a good human being you have a good heart and you have good intention. So long as you mean, well, that's a lot of love. Once you have you maybe heard someone say, you know, I know Allah says this, this, this and this, he wants me to do this, he wants me to do that. But you know, I'm actually a good person.

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I'm actually a pretty good person. I'm nice to people. I'm honest, at work, I'm courteous, etc, etc. So you know those things. I know people that pray, and people, women that wear hijab, or people that have beards, they're really messed up. So at least I'm not like them, I have my own way of being good. And that's okay, Allah will understand.

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And that's what Sharon comes in tells you, it's okay. You don't have to submit yourself to Allah revelation, because there are bad examples out there. So all you have to do is tell yourself, Allah will understand. And you can come up with your own lifestyle. And consider yourself good. Just tell yourself you're great. You know, in all of these, these attacks from the right, again, the common thread is what you tell yourself, it's okay. You tell yourself, you're doing something good. I tell myself, this is fine. I have one last question that came to mind. And since then, shallow toddler Next time, I'll be talking about the left, I'll finish it up in the show, this should take no more

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than one minute with the law. And that is that people you know, law school has been validating you for the home. There are people who when they want to find Islam, they want to find guidance, right, they find it when they go to a machine, they meet some people, and they become closer to Allah because they met those people, right? But you guys know that Muslims are not all the same. Machines are not all the same, right? So when you go to one machine, then you meet a group of people, they maybe belong to a school of thought, or they have certain scholars that they respect, or they follow a certain curriculum, right. And you you go there, and you're really happy with these people,

00:27:27--> 00:27:55

because you found a lot through those people. But then you go to a different machine. And you find those people are not like these people. These people have much shorter beards. These people aren't even covering their head, like this deviant over here, they're not even covering their head. And those people over there, the way they hold their hands when they pray is different from the way I hold my hands. And so you start telling yourself, the group I'm with the one who brought me close to Allah Alhamdulillah I found the right one, I feel bad for all these other people.

00:27:56--> 00:28:04

And so what becomes your righteous cause? What becomes your good deed, warning everybody about everybody else who's going to hell so they can join your club.

00:28:06--> 00:28:18

Because everybody else is misguided everybody else's far from Allah, they're wrong. Because of this. They're wrong. Because of this. They're wrong because of this. Let me tell you why we're the best ones. Actually, let me not tell you why we're amazing. Let me just focus my time on telling you why they're terrible.

00:28:19--> 00:28:36

Because we have to make sure people are guided. You started off with something good. You met people that brought you closer to Allah. But when that turns into a cult, and when that turns into when you see a Muslim first you see which kind of Muslim they'll tell me which, so what are you and he says, Muslim? Yeah, I know, Muslim, but

00:28:39--> 00:28:39

you know,

00:28:40--> 00:28:42

you need to that's not enough.

00:28:43--> 00:29:20

When that starts happening, that's from the devil. That's from shaitan. Because we don't want it's not enough that somebody is acceptable lies their master. It's not enough for you that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah Hardison, it's not enough. I need to make sure that you have a membership in the same club that I do. And if you don't, then we have a problem. And then I'm going to spend my time telling you how you need to fix yourself and come join my club. Otherwise, I feel bad for you. When that happens, that is the height of self righteousness. This goes back to the first thing I said, when people assume their own guidance. No group of Muslims owns guidance. No, no, no members

00:29:20--> 00:29:57

of a machine own guidance. No Imam owns guidance. Nobody owns guidance that is good Allah, Allah owns it. You can say if somebody is doing something wrong or saying something wrong, there's a humble way, a loving way to express that to them. And without him or the slums. Father was worshipping idols making idols at home, and he had a loving way of correcting him. Look at how we correct other Muslims, not even worshipers of idols. How do people in the name of truth give sermons about how these other people some Muslims are logical cattle according to them, they should be murdered and executed, or their followers of shaitaan degrading and humiliating other Muslims

00:29:57--> 00:30:00

because of what they believe. This is how you plan on correct

00:30:00--> 00:30:02

them which profit ever did this?

00:30:03--> 00:30:34

Which profit ever spoken this way? how did how did profits correct other people's? Even if you think it's misguided, this is the way to do it. This is the way to speak. So we we find the most evil ways of what we think is doing something good. You know, doing good isn't just about what you do. It's also about how you do it. May Allah azza wa jal protect us from the attacks of shaitaan from the from the right, and keep us committed to the right path. barakallahu li walakum filco and Hakeem when a foreigner er can be it once again.