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Alhamdulillah Allah subhanho

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wa Taala if we bought the Potala T was Salatu was salam, ala Sayidina Gambia, he will mousseline who Allah Allah He was heavy, was seldom at the Sleeman kathira Kazuhiro Amadou folder. wilhemina shaytani r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem?

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roba haka, sir Hello.

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My dear respected elders and brothers,

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Islam and our religion has come to set all our relationships correct.

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This includes our relationship with Allah subhanho wa Taala and our relationship with human beings. Islam puts great emphasis upon proper relationships with human beings in regards such relationships amongst human beings is one of the core principles on which the Islamic teachings on social responsibility and social etiquette is based upon

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and Islam also, from there onwards tell us that we have rights upon human beings and has given certain relationships, more importance than others. Islam now, a bad PR boat zodia on one may say causada media or on may say a

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rich tzedaka who

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rich simrad holiday in kahuku Kenya was kabara mama could stop Sarah Caterpillar, Kenya Ha. who say Murat wakaba Daddy, hey, they say bye Bianca esta chowmahalla Krista and one of the important relationships with Islam has placed great emphasis upon is the relationship of relatives. And now I'm not talking about the rights of our parents, etc. Some months back we spoke about the rights of our parents. Here I'm talking about the rights of our relatives, blood relationships, our brothers, our sisters, our aunts, our uncle's, there's there is a very great emphasis upon this type of rights and this relationship in our Sharia. In one Hadith our beloved nebia Karim sallallahu alayhi wa

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sallam emphasizing this relationship and one of the reasons why this relationship between relatives is so greatly emphasized because it is so important in achieving social cohesion and perpetuating cooperation and love amongst the Muslim community. social cohesion starts off within your own family and from there it goes beyond and sometimes you and I, we make a mock with regard to it. We make a joke with regard to it. They say you can choose your friends, you can choose your relatives and it's true. And they also make mentioned that no family ties is like cheese. The more older it gets, the more funkier it gets. No, we make all these type of jokes but look at the emphasis Islam is placed.

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In one Hadith our beloved Nivea creme de la jolla was Solomon said I am Allah imrf man. The one of the most exclusive attributes of Allah tala is Ramadan. I have created the bonds of family relationships. And I have given it the name of Rahim which comes directly from my attribute of Rahman and Rahim I have given the name of family ties Scylla to Rahim right? And this is it comes from where this word Rahim comes from where it comes from the womb and it comes directly from Allah tala has attribute of Rahman and Rahim and he comes in Saudi Arabia Karim sauce from said, Allah says, I will join and be close to those people who keep the ties of relationship and I will break

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and destroy those who break this tie. Because it comes directly from my attribute. And when Heidi mentioned is made like this, that Allah tala created the bonds of relationship, then this bonds of relationship came in pleaded with Allah, our law, our law

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Keep good with those who keep good with me between the family ties and destroy those who destroy family ties. Allah tala listen to the pleas of this regiment said go I have given you your wish. This is the reality with regard to family ties. It has got a relationship directly with Allah subhanho wa Taala. We take it for granted One day, a person came to our beloved Nivea creme de la Julio Sullivan said jasola I committed a sin. How do I make a far out of my sin? How do I wipe away my sin? So nobody says him said Is your mother alive? He said yesterday My mother is not alive. She has passed on Nevis Aslam said is your holla alive? Is your mother sister life. He said yes, my

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mother sister is alive. The resource them said go and do good to her. Allah will wipe away your cells do and boom do good to her. Allah will wipe away your sins. There is one honey that our beloved maybe a cream sauce limited whoever wants an increase in his risk. And whoever wants an increase in his life joco Chai Kepner risk may or Omar mercato to jacker up nourish Siracusa his ruca go and do good to your relatives. Allah will give you Baraka and risk and Allah subhanho wa Taala will give you Baraka had increased so h Allah will give you a long life. And I've seen it respect the brothers in a short time that we have seen. Those who have maintained Family Ties Allah

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has given them tremendous Baraka and those who break family times and laterra take away the Baraka Allah tala take away the peace of mind. This is a hadith of our beloved nebia Kareem said Allah Allah wa sallam, and because of its importance, let me make mention that the Hadees in Jammu tirmidhi and a saying of 100 Omar Viola Delano he said the Alamo and Saba comb know your family ties you know we make a joke Yeah, you know when you go to old people, they will take up relationship from the 45th cutting also they will take out relationship. This is a hadith tala one Saba come learn your relatives learn your relationship, know where you come from, know know your family ties,

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because it gives you identity. And let me also say, learn, teach it to your children. Take your children to go and visit family members. Let them also know who their family is. Because in the words of God, allow them to learn and teach your children family ties. The Hadith says to

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know and learn and learn your family ties and also teach it to your children because they will also come to know about it. So this is amongst the aspects that just to give you some examples with regard to how Islam has given us such great emphasis upon family ties. What does it mean? What does it mean to have good family ties to maintain good relationship with your family members, showing them respect, showing them love, showing them kindness, showing them some sympathy? be there for them when they are in need? Go visit them at times. Sometimes when they are sick, go and visit them even more that time. Be a good support at a times of difficulty and tribulation. Share with them

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joyous moments. Share with them your good news, share with them the good news, this is all part of it helped them financially when they are in difficulty.

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Allahu Allahu says when Allah subhanho wa Taala revealed the Lenten Allah will be

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a boon you will not gain piety and closeness to Allah until you spend that which you love. Just appname mama said Jos Giada ma boo boo aapko Cusco and La Cara Mia nakara Allah tala cuckoo pasilla Yoga, when this is was revealed, Abu tahara Viola Tanaka

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jasola this is been revealed. I got one garden known as beauty ha, I love it more than anything in this world. There are Sula, I have decided to give it in charity. Yasuda Tell me who must give it to let me start swimming Akaka What did Mr. Aslam Tell him to go and give it to your friends or give it he said, Oh, I would tell her go and give it to your relatives up nourish Dhaka, Dhaka. So when Abu talhah came back and he said let me start to say what you did I say I gave it to my relatives, and we saw some said bah bah when we have done a tremendous thing. This is the meaning of being good to your relatives, the good to them at the time of need. Be kind with them, be sympathize with them,

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share what they Good, good times go and visit them. This is the reality and together with this importance, we must make mention that in place

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Time, the spending and being good to relatives has become a neglected responsibility. We hardly take out time and we do not pay attention with regard to the fulfilling of the rights of our relatives.

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on small small things we break off ties. Yeah, why? Why are you not speaking? Sometimes it's amazing. A brother and a sister, a brother and brother who used to play together who used to drink the milk of them mother, the same breath and today you ask them what's happening we're not speaking to one another. Why? Why you're not speaking. He didn't give me the hour properly.

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He didn't make me Salaam properly. Your life he didn't make you salon property you go and make him some property is there's a reason why you couldn't break ties.

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With a salon aka, is this the reason why you break ties. Now via cream sauce lamb said last year, the whole Janata cotton. He who breaks ties of family ties will not enter into Jenna. He who breaks Family Ties will not enter into Jenna how much more Kate will emphasize the aspects with regard to the importance of family ties. In one Heidi nebia Kareem saw Sam said mom in them in a hurry you Angela Allahu Allah sahibi alcova to fit dunya mama you know phylloxera. There is no Guna in sin that Allah tala hastens the punishment Allah tala yeah happy as Arpita

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pelotonia man except to to gunas and sin, Allah tala hastens the punishment in this world, besides what he has in store for you in the after Alba kakatiya Torah him. One is zulum oppressing other people and one is breaking family ties. These two things are not Allah gives you the punishment here in this world before whatever happens in the year after this is, is a very important point. And brothers one of the aspects that we have to see everyone talks that you must be good to your family ties will be good for your family. Today we sit as I say, we make jokes with regard to it. I think I made mention of this humorous incident. One day the husband and wife were going and they were not

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talking to one another and they were fighting with one another and they were driving in as they were driving. You know, they by the side of the road there was like donkeys, you know, they were like donkeys. So the husband or maybe I shouldn't say who said who one of the spouses told the other one that your relatives? The donkey, this your relatives? So the other spouse report yes my in laws. So now this is what we make jokes with regard to these family ties. Look at what Islam has placed emphasis on good family relationship. Everyone says yes, you must be good with your family. But Islam has taken it to unprecedented heights. Islam it says it is a duty to be discharged without an

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eye for a simplicity. It must be discharged irrespective of how the other family member treats you and it must be discharged even if the family member is not a Muslim.

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He Islam is placed emphasis upon Family Ties irrespective of how the other one treats you or doesn't treat you well. And even if it's a non Muslim as far as the ultimate came from Jaroslaw, my mother has come to visit me and she is not a Muslim. What should I do? Let me agree with him said as mother sustained love, never saw Scylla or smile going treat your mother well. Go and treat your mother well. irrespective of what she She's your mother, even if she's not a Muslim, go and treat her well. Islam has taught us fulfill family ties, even if it's not a Muslim, even those who are not Muslim, your family members or a Muslim country them we're going to show them kindness, show them

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compassion. Go and take gifts for them. Go and show them goodness. Who knows maybe because of your relationship with them. They will be able to see the true beauty of Islam and tell them this is what our Deen teaches us. This is what our relationship and what our Deen and our Quran teaches us. So hon Allah it is something that we have to keep in mind many times, you know, nobody saw some say Lisa wants to do bill McAfee. Well, our Kindle was Louisa rahima. We're lucky enough to attract him.

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salami to a K jaw. rishta obsequiousness luchar taho apuseni Sook Kj, bulky Scylla ramita Yeah, Joe upsell rishta Torah. Upon service da ga lacell was stupid McAfee he does not fulfill the rights of relationship who believes if they do good to me, I will do good to them. This is my making mention

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That even a dog does that even a dog does what does it give you any type of you know superiority as of as the great creation of Allah tala of Ashraful masuka, that if you do good to them, they do good to you, you must do good to them. But what criteria of goodness is that, that we saw slimserver keener was the one who fulfill Family Ties is he even if they do bear to him, he still does good to them. He still does good to them. A person came to me via Kareem saw cillum era Sula. I have relatives with whom I maintained family ties, yet they cut off from me, I treat them kindly, yet they treat me in an evil manner. I am patient with them. Yet they are rude and ignorant towards me.

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Let me sauce them said if the situation is as you say, you are filling the mouse with send in one rewire you are filling the mouse with fire. As long as you continue doing what you are doing. Let me repeat that howdy the person came to me and said jasola what this I am doing good to a person he's doing better to me. I am tired, he is not crying. I am being good. He is not being good. What should I do? Let me sow some seeds you are filling in the mouth sin and fire as long as you continue doing good. This is not a situation that if they do good I must do good. What greater example can we code then the example of Abu Bakr radi Allahu Allahu Allah. Sometimes when we think of this example you

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are astounded

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when someone and amongst them there was a group of people who were in the forefront of accusing has an eyeshadow the Allahu taala of immortality, as I shall be allowed on

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the Gaia curvy mountain, okay.

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So as I

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said, I used to be good to them. I used to give them charity. And now after it good to them, they are in the forefront of spreading rumors about my own daughter and brothers. Can you imagine what can be more hurtful than someone spreading rumors of immortality against your daughter they can be perhaps no greater hurtful thing than that and said, I'm not going to do good to them. I'm not going to give them any more charity. Allah subhanho wa Taala revealed an ayat Well, I actually live in como Sati. Au

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Masaki in Omaha Jerry Nafisa.

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He does not be home a person with the dignity of Abubakar to say he will not help his relatives even after they have done what they've done.

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Even after they have done what they have done, so hon Allah is there more greater emphasis that we must be good irrespective of how our family treat us? Or how our relative status one of the most common type of situations we don't do good to them because they did this they did this they did this by they did this they are responsible. What are you doing responsible? You are responsible for your deeds. You are responsible for being good. You don't need another person's behavior to determine your pin good. Why do you make other people's behavior a criteria for your goodness? It's amazing. It doesn't it's illogical but people do it. Do you know what the harm of his breaking times there

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are two rewires which are big mentioned one is made mentioned on the authority of Abdullah bin opha which is made mentioned in the book is 401 is made mentioned on the authority of abalone Masood, and Sarah Carter.

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That nobody saw Salaam one day and according to whatever Abdullah must have heard from who himself Salah they were about to make dua and before they made to our beloved opha says nobody saw Salaam said anyone who has broken ties with relationship. Please leave that gathering.

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Go away from the gathering. Once a hobby was at odds with his Auntie, he ran quickly to his Auntie to make math and he went to go and forgive. Forgive her and they forgive one another. He came back. Nobody saw him saw him coming back. realize why he went and said lerton zero Rama Allah comin Fie him Katya Rahim. Allah Rama does not descend upon a gathering where there are people who break family ties, brothers, anyone year breaks family ties. He is impacting upon this entire gathering.

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He is bringing the whole set upon this entire gathering. He is bringing he's been someone who is really in preventing a lotta drama coming upon this entire

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Gathering from this hadith of COVID evidence via Kareem sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So they are they are these type of things. And in conclusion, what can I say? Do some of these small things, arrange frequent visits to your relatives, don't only wait for occasions, sometimes go for few minutes. Unfortunately, today we have even our visits, we have made it with formalities, so that even the host please tell us one day in advance before you come in, so that we can make this process

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for you to go and visit someone you don't need any formality. take few minutes go and visit your family members. This is arranged frequency and clear misunderstandings. One of the ways of clearing misunderstandings is keep your financial records correctly.

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Some say is a hadith some says an Arabic saying that deal what's the deal with your family members as far as financial methods are concern as if there are strangers and deal with strangers as far as kindness is concerned, as if they are family members.

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Clear misunderstandings between you and your family members. have special respect for the elderly in your family. bring joy to your family members in family gatherings. If there is an occasion of joy, add to the joy. If there is for example,

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a wedding in the family, to the joy don't come create more complications. That's a type of happiness we say to either give without properly so you spoil the occasion. At times of joy, join the join the situation, bring family bring joy to the family. If there's a time of sympathy, then also play your role with regard to it. Be there for your family members in whichever you you can because that is the teachings of Islam and that is the teachings and emphasis of our beloved Livia Karim Allah. May Allah give us a topic of understanding