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deprived from it

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so his intention

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is to get something before the due time of this thing

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and this is the way that molokhia

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worded this

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excluded rule from the normative legal Maxim and Omar Omar Cassidy

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and we'll give you an example yesterday

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someone is to inherit another person

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if this person kills low katella unwary foo margaretha who you probably know Mira

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if someone is going to inherit from somebody and he goes and he kills him in order to get the inheritance earlier, the Sharia says that person is not to inherit

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okay vertical moves.

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If somebody writes in his will that you get something and that person goes and kills the person to receive it was Surya howdy what is being mentioned in his will, he is to be deprived

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of an F.

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and others. They called it Mr. Ajay lemma, a hora who shadow you jazz your rock D. Whoever hastin what is postponed by Sharia, by the teachings of Islam is enforced by threat of punishment to render it back. It's almost the same thing. But here's what we're looking for, In brief,

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US Lu Alma mela to be naughty the Mk Saudi alpha acid. This is another way they worded this particular excluded Maxim. Whoever has a corrupt aim, or act, perpetrating it or trying to committed

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will be faced with a joint action under a threat of punishment or correspondence. So let's take examples. And this will explain in sha Allah.

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We mentioned some of these examples yesterday.

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But let's take some more examples right here.

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menjaga fell over Whoo hoo Yella

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for a person who shows that

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he is prestigious in this world.

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Imagine a person

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who drags his clothes in order to show that he is Yani of a special status. So Pamela Look at his punishment in the grave. Allah Subhana Allah makes him what

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he's showing off on the face of the earth. Allah subhana wa Taala makes him swallowed by Earth in the grief. Well, howdy Salima Muslim buy in Mr. Raja lunia mushy Jabba who Baroda who was a metal who is who see fabbi Hill Alou for who is a gel gel who fill out of the Hata Puma cell This is someone who Jani is showing off with his school

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what are the soccer one

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double look at another one. So here is the person had a bad aim. A bad intention. He's treated to the opposite of what he aimed at the other one um, rudeness ye ban Bianca de su tirmidhi you shoudl mata cap de una yo malkia Mati m fel avoori fi suor English vigilia Chavo Lulu, that he will who are arrogant in this world. So Pamela in the hereafter what will happen to them

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they will be reduced to the size of an ENT

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Yasha vumoo Lulu and the humiliation will be revealing on their faces again

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because they had a bad intention about him

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They went about it, they were arrogant. So Allah subhanho wa Taala treated them to the opposite of what they intended.

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So it's not everything that you intend is good It has to be a good work. good intention of look at this one men some some Santa Allahu be he one euro, euro euro illa hoovy if someone does things he wants the people to know about it. Imagine this one of the wordings

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one of the ways that the schoolers explained this howdy they said many fr Lu Shi Li ke s ma buenas ala Shu hora jazza hola hooman Jin Salaam and that the people will know about him that he is a shoe off that he shows up somehow that people will find out that he's showing off and this is the aka the Allah subhana wa Taala where another way to explain this, Allah subhana wa Taala will tell the angels that this person is showing off

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look at the other one. Another example. Men teta bow rot in se

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el tema, sukesh fesi three him

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for the hola one ocarina fijo fi T.

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Our so you want to follow the shortcomings of other people? Why? Because you want this person to be exposed.

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You want the people to know about this person that is a bad person but he's not. You're going after the person. Allah subhanho wa Taala will disgrace this person, even if he is in the middle of his house, Hari Rama dua, Buddha Buddha tirmidhi and Avi barasat eslami Rasul sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says yeah Mashallah men Aslam abolition he while I'm here the holy man and a man called Babu

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led to Muslim Nina Wallah Tabby Oh rottie him for in a woman jacoba Effie Hatter Kala who citra who wanna who can fijo Phoebe T. O Muslims, those who said we were Muslims with the tongue. The heart is no longer is not there yet, mainly man macritchie man for just a Muslim man luminarium a consciousness of Allah. Don't go after the honor of other Muslims because Allah subhana wa Taala will expose you even if you are in the middle of your house.

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So you

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have to understand this also that what if this person is inflicting harm upon the Muslims?

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Like with his actions, like original facet method, and maybe I'll have

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somebody who sells drugs in a felon and he comes amongst the youth of the community? Should we should we say that about him that will well should we stay silent?

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Because we're afraid that we should, we should because there is what there is harm he is inflicting harm on the Muslims but as long as what is meant here that you don't go after the private life of a person.

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You see Madonna Madonna, Roger bf Tabby, Wilma Cialis as long as he's concealing his sin between him and Allah helaas leave him

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but if he comes in the open and he bro moves this mouse here and he he's telling you it's okay to do it. Then you have to stop and babble amabel Moto E.

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Raja felonious Rahmani muslimeen orajel

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la you have to speak about that. But what is meant here that you go after what the private life individual It's nothing, you know, it's between him and Allah. Don't do that. Don't do that. Jani and Phil Howdy, howdy, saji. Puppy for a low of 11 mufaddal Buhari.

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Our Jeep to mean of Rajamouli Rasul Allah says, I'm amazed at the person.

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You're all that he is he, he sees the cause they know what the cause is. Let him know cerebral stroke wallarah Jaffe, ie, but he doesn't see a branch of a tree in his own eye.

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But he sees what

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fell in San Diego nilay Patel, Colorado. Everybody has worked has has shortcomings here and there. Let them have unhealthy lead the hidden shortcoming

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Have an individual

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and so forth by again April, what are we trying to do here? The intention of the person is to expose another Muslim Muslim, right? Hmm. Going after his private life. He was treated with the opposite of his intention, a lie so he did not get his intention. That's the message we're trying to teach you. He did because he has Ill, Ill intention and he went about a large boost him

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up Look at this. A person who deals in usually

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someone who deals in using what is the intention of this person? The people who deal in using buy and sell in usury and use a river kawakita lucasville man who is young, what does he want? What is his intention? customer ID attorney, econ avani he wants to be rich. Should Allah Subhana Allah says well, Ian Hakuna la horiba

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Well, Phil, Howdy, howdy Wi

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Fi soon and if the merger was somehow shameful and Bernie Madoff or the Mahajan, x, or Amina Reba in Ghana, peba to me de la pila. Anyone who deals in usury, Allah subhanho wa Taala will bring him down financially. He will file a bankruptcy at one stage.

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Again, his intention is to be rich, but he followed what

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unlawful means, what was the result of his he got what the opposite to what he is

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for just to finish here in two minutes. One more example.

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Nebula he moves out he is solemn.

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Shift F sera de la Latina am Angela takuna Latina de la Nakagawa canine De La Hoya de la. We believe Do not be like those who harm a fetus or other mother haka, Elena de savasana. There is a story behind this, that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. Yani shared it with us.

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In Hadith in many surah L, the men or the men shouted out to me, so it's permissible for bunnies. When they bathe. They could be together.

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men, men with men woman with a woman Yeah. Yeah. Andrew Jackson, our Eonni

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Eonni had an injury attorney sorry. It was permissible for them to do that.

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For Nebula hermoza hi yonny Prophet Mohammed Ali Salaam Ando hyah.

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Second, he used to throw and go by himself and bathe in the sea somewhere away from them because he doesn't want to expose what his Allah to them. Misha Gianni Yuri him

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for kalu in the hidden

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lower el mar available civil society in Giuliani Andrew Masekela Philly. He has a problem with his private parts. He has some defective

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wintershall hubber became actually what

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a rumor

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that Prophet Musa why he doesn't base with us how much money we take, if he had a he doesn't want to show us

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for sure when Tasha Viviani they started what?

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imaginary Navy How do you talk about a messenger in such a fashion that a lot of people I mean,

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Prophet Musa alayhis salam, one day he went to be

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and he bleached his gluten or rock.

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The Rock, dragged his claws and run away with it. The Rock

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Prophet busara is Elijah.

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Elijah, the

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Prophet busara sam came out of the sea, running behind the rock, if of course he's not paying attention, you're thinking now when I get out of the sea, what I'm gonna do so is running behind the rock. So we have a phobia, phobia, phobia hijack my clothes, my clothes, my clothes.

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So that the rock top moves and the globe in front of all of them.

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Of course, he didn't mean he didn't mean to be there while I'm here confini yet in a lie him iria It was not his intention to show himself naked to Bani Israel. Allah, Allah I wanted them to see that look.

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was actually yeah Johan Lavina amarula Taku Kela Dina s

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The WUSA sobre la homie Mercado joaquina in de la he yg maafushi

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this is again another rumor

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who quickly insha Allah, what yonni sometimes people have the wrong aim or intention towards something out of ignorance Maryana fija healthfulness Allah

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emember lu Nakula Matura de

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forevermore Hu l A La akuna illa Allah.

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When we seek the knowledge initially we want when we wanted to learn the religion initially, we wanted to be famous and we wanted to be out there and give the hook bars and be in front.

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But when we learn the religion and this is the weird thing about knowledge, knowledge can help you purify your intention because when we learn we found out that we have to be sincere lama talana by Allah and Allah Buddha.

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When l l l l l l l l l l l l s lastly Allah subhana wa ala Yani Yana initially when we started that was not what

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we had another intention, but when we learn the knowledge, the knowledge in itself

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what is Lima Marie Tolliver the line in making that comparison between knowledge and wealth, one of the things that he said well, and Tata favela mela, while

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he's making a comparison between Ll m in McConnachie, Mohammed bin l l movies in Melville flus will occur if

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you're a god, you're hired to be a guard for what in the head is little man, but knowledge will do What will l will follow care,

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knowledge will what will guard you, it will help you be a good person, that initially but when you when you learn, then Allah subhanaw taala if this person has goodness in them,

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he may actually find his way back to Allah Subhana Allah and he becomes sincere in giving the knowledge and so forth. Likewise, if we read the biography method, and I would have said it had in our lives It was followed by

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a lot of people claim that they are ashamed, they don't know what will happen and ashari himself at the end of his life, he given up this 14 years 40s matassini I will have a luxury but Subhana Allah towards the end of his life, Allah subhanho wa Taala guided him to follow the Quran and the Sunnah and so forth. Sometimes

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a person may

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yonni aim, look at very quickly the story of your age.

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You're right.

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You know when his mother called Dr. llama omona de

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la ami Ancelotti,

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Anja, be Jacqueline.

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So, out of ignorance he chose the Salah for Ebola and still saved him because what

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he didn't intend it

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was like sometimes you know in the digit bobbin so Pamela, beautiful Hata O'Shea in we can do j healthfulness Allah, Allah Allah Amina g we are Jordan takumar with any furnace Allah Subhana Allah Allah Allah Allah, Allah, Allah Subhana Allah Mohammed the shadow Allah Allah Highlander stuff Roberto Blake was from the layer below