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Can I Say Bismillah In The Bathroom

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So what is rolling on saying Bismillah in a bathroom while you make an order that has a toilet attached to it?

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Obviously you cannot say that verbally. It's so not that you started off by saying Bismillah but because it's a thicker as well, however you can make your thicker silently which means it within yourself. And it's considered dicker in the Hadith of the prophets, Allah Sam says, What? The Quran if enough see the cartoon, NFC and codici a secretary that the prophets of Assam said Allah so just speaks about the believer. At the moment he says what? irony fantasy which means when he remembers me in his naps, which means silently and means in your mind and your thoughts, that is considered Vicar so if you're in a bathroom that has a toilet attached to it and you want to make Waldo so to

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say, the dhikr of Allah azza wa jal, you would say Bismillah burrito silently actually it should be okay inshallah to botica data. It is a form of liquor and it should be fine