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You stop them from damaging themselves.

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You're going to teach me this. After another thing I did for you, that's when you stopped him from doing something wrong.

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First, people raise their hand and when they get picked up, they're like, oh my god, I got picked. Why are you so? I wasn't expecting it because I was in the back. So,

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so many come to love you come? And my question would be, I don't know if it's a complicated one. But my question is, what would your definition of betrayal well, he then as introduced in the Quran would be well, that's a that's a whole lecture on your Yeah, maybe just the elevator version? My answer is it depends on your situation, but will validate for Ibrahima, the sedan is different than bedroom validation for like, also last night is different for Jacoba de Saddam. And, you know,

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the thing is Ibrahim alayhi salam was the best to his father but the father wasn't the best to him was he? And he Allah says Sahib Omar for dunya Maha rofa. Stay with them. But Abraham, are they some did he stay with him? Or did he leave? No, because the words are saw him home after dunya. There's one more word there are often in a way that's dignified, and aloof. And can also mean they're dignifying you, and you're also dignifying them. But if they're not able to give you decent, like decency, common decency, then you're not obligated to stay there. You understand. So there are situations where there are parents that are abusive, and there are situations where children are

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abusive. They just are and we have to be, like self aware enough to know where we find ourselves. Am I not giving the right to my parents, they have some basic rights that I'm supposed to give them. I'm supposed to treat them the best that I can. I was supposed to be patient with them in their old age, and all of that I haven't supposed to do. But when my if my father starts cheating somebody in business, he's not my dad's great but if you if you started cheating somebody hypothetical your dad now my dad, okay, if your dad started cheating somebody in business, I should build on what he did. I shouldn't say No, Dad, stop cheating somebody in business. Don't make me call the cops on you

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because I will. Because the prophets like Selim says help you rather whether they are the wrongdoer or the oppressed. How do you help the wrongdoer by stopping them from doing wrong?

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I'm gonna stop you dad. You can't you can't cheat in business. You can't hit mom. No, not no. You're not gonna hit mom. Nope. That's not gonna happen. Not on my watch. Well, I move Oh, yes, you are you still going out? You gotta have mom though. That's not gonna not gonna let it happen. That's literally why then you stopped him from doing something wrong. Your mom likes to talk about you're on the other side of the family a lot. Your dad's side of the family. She's got a lot to say about your other cousins. And their wedding and this mom stopped Cohiba.

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You're going to teach me Islam after another thing that did for you. Yeah, stop doing it. I love you though. I'll give you a hug. But not this. This girl validate me validate means you're good to them. Being good to someone sometimes also means you stop them from damaging themselves. Right so we got to we got to pray now welcome money when it comes to Mardi Gras.

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