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Hasan Ali
AI: Summary © The importance of showing patience and appreciate everything one has to solve health problems is emphasized. Islam is a physical environment, not just a social and political environment. Multiple tests are given to individuals, including health, family, and relationships, as a way to test one's strengths and ensure everyone has the right to live their lives. Testing one's health is essential to finding God's blessing.
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But Allah sometimes puts us in a situation. It takes us a worm, it takes one thing away from us. But he doesn't take the other 99 things away from us. He doesn't take the other 999 things away from us. First, I want you to do this. Because a lot of people when they're having a health problem, the first thing that goes in their head is why me?

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Why me? What have I done?

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Hello, wake up. Can you first thank Allah for the 999,000 other gifts that you got in your health in your body? Can you first stop? Okay, I understand you've got a health problem. I've got health problems, too. I'm sure many people hear about health problems. First stop. Before you start complaining before you start telling Allah why he took his gift away from me, can you first stop and appreciate what you still got?

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Started with that first. Appreciate the good look appreciate. It's like, it's like a little child.

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Imagine a child in your house. The child's got every comfort of God, every company gave him a good bed a good room, you give them good education, you give them good food, every comfort in every way, this child has got everything they want.

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And you gave him all the games as well. You gave them the PS five, and they've got the Xbox in the other room. And they've got these streaming they can do on that side. You've got all of that. And then one day, what you did is you took away you know, you took away maybe some PlayStation So you took that away from you said no, no, you can't play that right now.

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They can't understand that God, they can have a tantrum, they have a fit. They're just this kind of sound. Why are you doing it for their own good, you doing it because you need to discipline them. But they can't see you know, these kids, they can't see all the comforts that have around them. They can never see they can never appreciate the electricity in the house. For them, electricity is Wi Fi. And I'm saying like, yeah, there is no Wi Fi in the house, my God, there's gonna be war in the house.

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They appreciate Wi Fi but they don't understand electricity and electricity bills.

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They don't appreciate the gas bills, and the warmth that the House has, through the, you know, the radiator, the central eating, they don't, they don't appreciate that they can't they don't see it. My point is this, you take one thing from the child, the child feels the pain of that, but they don't see all the other things of the world. The same way when Allah takes one thing from my health. Let me not just start having a tantrum, first appreciate what Allah has given and kept with me, then with that health problem that I've got.

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Understand, Allah is going to give me a lot in return of the patients if I can show the patience to Allah, because part of us showing that we are His servants is to is to bow down to him. When we still have problems.

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If Allah made everything good for every person,

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first there would be no reason for everyone to bow down to him, most of us will probably just walk away and see no need to bounty. But let's say even if you stayed there, Allah has to really test us.

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Not only by giving us the gifts, but taking one away

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and seeing what we do. And Allah does this, not just with me and you, he doesn't lead everybody. And Allah wants to see who does what. And that situation. We can either come to Allah in that situation, or we can run away from Allah, it's our choice. But Allah is Allah. He's taken that away, he will give it back to us when he wants on his terms, not on our terms. But what do we do in that situation is we turn to Allah, we say Allah, please, please take my pain away. You know what? Allah gave us a reason to come to him. And Allah does this with many human beings. He's going to put us in a situation where that one problem and please remember this, when you have a problem, you welcome to

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the human race.

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You guys understand? You got a problem. Welcome to the human race, every human has got a bigger problem. And if you ever get out of your problem, Allah will give you another problem to solve.

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There's never been a there's never been a time in your life where you haven't had problems. There'll be some sort of discomfort somewhere something, even if it's minor, there'll be something

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as soon as you come out of that problem, Allah will put you in another one to for you to solve for you to find Allah for you to come to Allah for you to try and you know, navigate through life for you to be stronger. And these problems in life

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What do they do when we have several, this is the biggest reward a person can have in the in the next world. And Allah through His gifts he will test us the gifts of Allah and the test of Allah. The test of Allah is not only through problems that he puts us know that tests of Allah or through the gifts that He gives us. Things Allah has told us in Surah Ambia, whenever Lu Combi Shadley will look at fitna, I'm going to test you with two things as trials. I'm going to test you be Sherry, while Heidi, I'm going to give you things that are not going to be in your favor. Things that you don't want, I'm going to test you with that, while Heidi and I'm going to test you with goodness,

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things that you want. I'm going to test you with that to see the car that you got. It's a test. Where do you drive? Where do you go, it's a test, see the money that you got? It's a test. The test is I'm gonna give you more money, I'll give you more money, I'll give you more money, do you now turn to sin, it's a test. There are people who get money, money, money, when they get it, then they just start looking around my health is good, my man is good. Let me just do a little bit of you know, this little thing that I will enjoy the go towards sin. It's a test from Allah, and some others fall. So both ways Allah tests us by giving us a gift. But by taking away our gift, each one

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is a test. And every human being is going to go through both tests. Sometimes Allah takes something away from you, and is testing you. Sometimes Allah gives you something and he tests you. The person in your family who's still alive, is a test for you. The person who's gone away from your family, Allah has taken them away is also a test for you. Your mother was alive. She is a test for you. How you treat your mother, your father is alive, test for you brothers alive tests for you, your sons, Allah your daughter's life test for you husband's alive while his wife is alive. Test. Allah takes away the mother, it's a test. Allah takes away the child. It's a test. All of us a lot of the time

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we kind of think that oh, if Allah takes away a life from my from my family members, that's the test. Yes, that is a test. What about the test? When Allah gave you a person your life? How do you interact with them? How do you look after them? What kind of rights do you give to them? What how do you how do you fulfill the rights that they have? It's a test. Are you fulfilling the rights of your child? Are you fulfilling the rights of the wife of the husband of the father of the mother? These are this is a test. How are you treating the people around you? It's a test. Everything Allah gave us is a test. And don't forget my brothers and my sisters who are listening, that in the midst of

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all of this, we cannot forget the gift of all these gifts which is Allah azza wa jal. We can't forget. And to get to full lecture will be on Sheikh has an Ali's YouTube channel on Saturday 26th to August at half 7pm see you all there.

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