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After praising Allah Subhana Allah and sending immense greetings and salutations upon the final prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. In the last Hadith we spoke about a depiction or image of certain things that begin to take place we mentioned the Hadith, of washing or bathing with water outside one's house, the head is speaking about reading the Quran becoming like ultra jelica citral like an orange. Today's Hadith also carries on giving an imagery, but this time of a punishment for an individual who doesn't practice what they preach of the deen of Allah Subhana Allah and his concept of imageries even inside the Quran, that we find the Hadith whoever wants to see a depiction

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image of Yama, Yama, let that person read through to duckweed and Surah Al Fatah, read these two sewers and you will see a depiction of Yama Yama, the day of judgment. And as a side point near enough the whole of Jews ama is speaking about surah Yama, Yama, and likewise giusta Burke as well to a large degree speaking about the hereafter. So the Quran gives this imagery, even though no one can really depict to understand.

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But Allah Subhana Allah uses callamard words that maybe we can relate to we can understand these words, as the Koran begins mentioning mentioned or to be mata shabbiha they've been given certain things which are similar. That's even better since that is Tafseer. It mentioned that the words are the same as is done yet words that we use for work and

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lay a shrimps on our food, drink, etc, that I mentioned inside the Quran that we can understand these words. As for the entity or the identity inside it, something's beyond something that we can even imagine that's in the head. These foods that we find are added to the Abadie, Sala hain mela aina Rottweiler Odin semi Aquila, Katara Coby Bhatia, I prepared my service what no I have seen, no he has heard and that feeling or that thought hasn't come into the heart of the mind of any individual. So this is the struggle of the believer of searching for something inside a surah. As we began the month of Ramadan, Allah mentions of begins the Quran dimension radical key tabula rasa fi,

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this is the book that contains no doubt that our belief is in a Latina, you know, who who believe in the unseen, the unseen, the reward, when we give it in hereafter, the actions that we do inside this dunya we hope and we aspire to have the reward given inside of us for some glimpses of reward may be given inside this dunya that is an element mentioned known as Bushra, a glad tidings for individual to carry on, as for the ultimate reward, will be inserted.

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Likewise, you find at times Allah may expose us to punishment on this on this world. And for some people when exposed to a had a punishment, or a Hadoop which is applied upon them. That becomes a form of purification for the individual inside an IRA. But there's going to be many individuals, if we can use such words to become scout free, become free, think they're free from the punishment of Allah Subhana Allah, and no one knows what they hide what they conceal. And as this hadith is a very strong Hadith, in terms of a warning for us Muslims, to be worried about how we practice our faith, how we worship Allah subhanaw taala we find that on the Day of Judgment, yo, yo, yo, Toby Raja Yama

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piano for your coffin, a man report on a day of judgment, and he'll be thrown into the fire for 10

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October botany and you find that his intestines is in trays will be coming out, bursting out thrown out of his body, so his internal organs would be exposed in front of everyone for your doodle BMI. Mr. B raha is going to be walking around just like a donkey goes around the world goes around the grindstone, the millstones, doing its hard labor, that's how this individually be exposed for HTML Really? 100 for your Kowloon the people of Hellfire will come around these individuals a year full and Melaka also and so what is the matter with you? And I'm talkin trackmobile Murphy whatever

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it was, you're not one who used to order the good and you used to forbid the evil for your whole Bella. Come to marble marble gala tea. Indeed, I used to order you the good I used to order the good but I never done that good myself. One her and in monka t he I used to prohibit the evil but I used to come and do the evil or the bad myself Hadeeth Marwan Mr. Muslim inside his head, and as we find in this beginning of Ramadan that we find and in general is become a culture unfortunately, amongst the people and environment that we live in. We are always worried about other people's faults and mistakes.

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That's what many of us unfortunately life has become the mistakes and the faults of other individuals or we find the other extreme of being overzealous inside inside our faith that if I'm doing something, everybody should be at the same par everybody should be at the same level, everyone should do exactly the same actions that I do. And sometimes many of the actions that we focus upon are just external actions. This how unfortunately many of us most of them become judgmental of external actions. This is a display of religiosity. This is a sign of a person being a religious individual. And as we find them fortunately in our community, we find what is known that people burn

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out that they face is only for a certain amount of time. They Ramadan is only is only for Ramadan, that's all it is. After that, we see the the repercussions of the faults inside Ramadan of not focusing properly inside Ramadan it has no impact for them for the rest of after Ramadan or indeed for the rest of their life. And thus we find this is a prime opportunity that such as inside the Quran, Yaga Latina, COO, COO, coo Sakuma, la coonara are you believe, save yourselves and save your family members, we cannot possibly begin to understand such a yet because normally in the in the busy lifestyle in the world that we live in, maybe person begins to drift away just about offers

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their prayers just about comes to the masjid, just about read some Quran. But now look at this blessing of Allah Subhana Allah. Now here person could fully focus the Angola Dena ambu m fusa comm Save yourselves and your family members. Likewise another place inside the Quran. It should not harm you. Mandela either the day to day people are getting misguided even though their meaning is too serious when given doesn't mean this but we can extract that at this moment in time. That if other people non Muslims are lost to Australia, this is opportunity for us and a common fool so come upon us your own self to now focus in your building your own Eman towards Allah Subhana Allah and that's

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how does the Quran begin? Your Quran begins by highlighting mentioning attap marulan nessa bilberry button. So nanfu Sakuma untutored Luna kita fr la lune to Quran begins by speaking about a marina. Marina NASA will be speaking about Bani Israel because most of sort of Baccarat speaks about Bani Israel. Even Alan brown and Lisa Moran is Bani Israel in the huddle Quran yakusoku Anna Bani Israel x Sara Lee telefoon. Most of this Quran is narrating about Bani Israel, for what reason? Because we're the most closest to them in terms of our characteristics, our behavior, and even even our questioning, even read the Quran in sort of continuous questioning that we find the whole Surah Al

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Baqarah is this question they kept asking? Is this not a reflection of the Muslim Ummah today? Allah Subhana Allah tells us to do something, something has been encouraged to do split hair splitting, asking questions. Is it like this? Should it really be like this? Is it really relevant in the modern world? Is it should we really do this now in environment that we live in? Is this what we should practice now? Was that not for the previous people? For a sixth century? Was that not for the Arabs? That's not for us today? We live in a modern world, same same understanding. Same mantic same logic. That's the Quran is unique, the things that it speaks about that sort of earlier, I mentioned

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liberabit removal, removal of the Navajo sub. You take the lesson from the generality of the words, not that the specifics of revelation say of that, speaking about Moosa that's speaking about Ibrahim that's speaking about Allah who that's speaking about and Asara. Karani speaking to me, speaking to you, speaking to this Muslim oma, that's what the Quran is doing to awaken us, to awaken us to remind us not to make the mistakes and the faults of these individuals. So here the Quran says do you owe the mankind with goodness?

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What and Sona and full circle and you forget about your own cells and Nikita and you recite the book? We could apply this today that Sam was mostly busy telling other people encouraging other people but do we really practice Islam as self? Want to do Nikita if we took the meaning he obviously he speaks about Torah, but we took it in today's meeting and Quran Al Kitab is one of the names Al Kitab one name to the Quran.

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A fella Taku don't you seem to comprehend seem to understand it doesn't mean it's not intellectual. Is stupidity? In other words, a person who doesn't go around busy telling other people to do certain things. Then Allah mentioned was studying to be Sabri, was Salah, were in Allah Kabira to in the other car sharing sharing our jeep

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How does a lot how to move away from speak about origin of good and forbidding the evil and the binging begins to discuss what styrene will be Sabri was solid Liana Buddha to a Shia but the tawheed who Asana there's no point speaking about other things. When the foundation of every single thing inside Islam is a woman Asana

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elementary was there a newbie somebody was solid is Tiana B Sabri was solid. That's the life of the believer seek aid and assistance and strength, via patience and via a shala. We're in Allah Kabira tune

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in. This is going to be something very difficult

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and is difficult for many Muslims, except for and harsh in those who who are observant, those of us who shoot those who yearn to return back to the house of Allah Subhan Allah, even if some dark inside the Hadith the weakness or the Hadith, but give glad tidings to those individuals who visit the best surgeon Oh, established for them, even those who frequently visit the massage testify for them that they have even but it's other authentic hadith we speak about, give glad tidings or give those individuals who come in the realms of darknesses. Speaking about salata, lagenaria give these individuals give them glad tidings who come and as we find the article of Santa Ana Muna 13 the most

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difficult prayer for the hypocrites is what Santa and Virgin and an Asia that you find regarding fajita Eve is yet to come crawling like a baby on the floor crawling on all fours. If you knew that you knew the reward you would come but what we find amongst us Muslims

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is it's evident in front of us that the Russian if the machines were open, how the machine will be will be full. For Sinatra we even have Sinatra, which is only a recommend highly recommended action. We don't encourage anyone to miss it. But why don't we have that same mindset for our daily seller? Why don't we have that mindset feel that upsetting feeling I'm going to mister away? That's what people say. You're getting me late for therapy. Why don't we have that mindset you're getting me late. For Reba you get me late for coming to mush especially many of us massages are many exposure massage is easy for us. But yet many of us we make excuses and that's even before there's a lot of

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dimensions while chemo sanata to soccer workout mercury so in between these ayat Allah speaks about those people who encourage other people to do good but prior to this I love talks about lucky masala where to soccer worker Moroccan then after again Allah speaks again want to start a new be somebody was Salah Lima Why is Allah coupling Salah again and again worker Moroccan and many of the folk I've gone to the view that using this is a verse workable Moroccan shows an obligation or high obligation high encouragement. We're called Moroccan to pray in Jamaica, to pray in congregation to frequent the massage in the houses of Allah subhana wa based upon this ayah bow down with those who bow down

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is a commandment that if we continue sort of Bukhara we find more is speaking about this mindset of being worried about other individual taking certain teachings of Islam for taught me noon I'll be back will kitabi furuno be back. Do you believe in part of the Scripture part of the book and you reject another part of the book. Once again, we can apply this to as Muslims. We believe in certain things of the Quran, we apply. We practice certain things that are foreign, and obviously we don't reject them, but we reject them in the sense that we don't practice them or we leave them out. We don't give them importance. Then again, Allah mentioned side verse 101 sort of Bukhara keytab Allah

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wa Buhari him a no la Yala moon, they throw the book of Allah Subhana Allah behind their backs, get anomala Allah moon ajeeb strange again, exactly what Muslims will do. Soon as Ramadan is over, you find the book of Allah Subhana Allah goes behind the backs and is sometimes melda but is far beyond that. They are referred people who memorize the Quran. And the only time they read the Quran is in Ramadan. The only time they practice their Islam is Ramadan. And then it's thrown behind their backs kujala him and evidence against me Allah forbid not that we wish that for them. Because they are people who hold the Quran inside their hearts, that you find the rage that mentioned a person's

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heart which contains the Quran, that body will not be burned. That's a blessing for that individual. And they need to thrive on that blessing that Allah has placed his blessing inside their hearts, that they have the Quran that you find again a strong Hadith which mentions depicting an era the person a Latina man is Salah person sleeps

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through the center, person who who does a practice the Quran, what will happen the individual that they had will be smashed with a rock. Time and time again with this is the path to such an individual who doesn't practice what they preach. And no Quran should awaken us. encourage us to preach the words of Allah subhanaw taala that as we mentioned, after Ramadan is becomes a claim, a sickness that we find in front of us amongst the Ummah that we find we practice what we desire, what we like, look at the average Muslim, average Muslim, they practice what they desire, what they like. They they dress, how for many factors

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Respected sisters they'll dress how they feel is right.

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We don't tell you that you have to obey your your father or your your your brother or your husband obey obey Allah so penalty and obey the Quran obey the teachings of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam is crystal clear, it's not Babel istilah there's no Estela there is no difference of opinion, the only difference opinion that I had was maybe a hand of a woman or a face, which we can we can, we can slightly to certain degree that we can accept that there is no there is no difference of opinion in the fuqaha about the dress sense that what we find in today's society, because this is a symbol, what we practice what we desire, we take from the Quran what we like, and likewise we find, we pick

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and choose,

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the men of this Muslim Ummah will pick and choose. There are certain things that we do but but if we were to deal in Riba and interest, or want to deal in haraam transaction for the wider good for the community around us, if you want to work in environment, not binary, Java nissa, for the wider good for wider benefit that we have, we're picking and choosing. If we accepted that, yes, I'm doing wrong, and it's not right. That's a different case. But we say that this is the modern interpretation of modern world. So we have to follow these things and there's no real harm in doing these things inside our life becomes dangerous. Then we have another sickness,

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and ego to encourage other individuals to always be worried about other individuals that we find. And that's we find that if not the beginning of SoTL, Bukhara, these 12 or 13. And I begin by speaking about your own, as you mentioned many times why that's what we need to reflect upon inside our lives. Look at the companions they were worried when the names of a lunar moon were given to the Prophet alayhi salatu salam

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they weren't like us what we think today that I'm free for them to Saku Saku Allah movie money Takada I'm ready to go into gender I'm not going to be punished with the serum how many companions were worried that may be my name maybe that list? That Karima that register for munafo omega pub, he was he was searching

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can any Muslim today even even have that thought that Ramadan was a munafo

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by Look at him he was so over worried. Pushing and asking is my name inside that list just to just to make sure double check. But they've been guaranteed guaranteed paradise, but they're worried that maybe my name may be somebody on that list of we don't seem to be worried. We don't seem to care. Let's look at these symbols that Allah mentions about munafo that we can reflect as a Muslim oma, whether Camila Sati muku, Salah, euro euro una Nasser, voila. Yet Quran Allah, Allah kalinda. Yes, the Muslim woman is praying. That's what people will say. But look how the deeper intricate details of the Quran why either come in a sorority, Tomoko Salah, where they stand for Salah, they stand in

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a state of laziness. And the strange thing is that this laziness isn't even hidden. The laziness for us Muslims is apparent. It's visible. How we stand inside a solid, is it in a state of the road? Isn't a state of horseshoe is the state of absent mindedness, wandering, looking around, fidgeting? moving around, it's all visible. We can't even say it out. It may we don't know what's inside the heart. It's visible. In the headset mentioned that if a person's heart was content, they wouldn't move around so much. They would be so no no fidgeting inside the center of their heart is at rest will be to the best of their ability will be focusing towards Allah Subhana Allah, what are your

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kurunegala in their kalila we find that if they do pray, they're praying to show people

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as you find that the cameras will be there people will be there the entourage today to show look at us we are praying. And Allah mentioned the inner meaning. When I asked Quran, Allah Allah, Allah, Allah even doing this, Allah says that deep down, they're not even remembering Allah, a minute amount they remember Allah subhanaw taala inside this shallows. And as we find it versus context, obviously, as we know inside, so to speak about Mona phone, but once again, the lesson that we need to understand so many of us are worried how people pray, whether people pray 20 people pray, where they place their hands in their chest, when they do that for your day, whether it's a 10 minute call

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for an email, a terrible fit to show where they move their finger like this where they do this we do that all the dishes hide his goodness, there's no doubt and we encourage people to come closer to sadhana in a hadith in Bukhari sanlucar at moonee Valley praise you see me praying, but some people their whole life revolves around this. Their whole life revolves around this their whole life becomes this. That's all that they worried about. And they've forgotten lucilla they forgotten the inner ingredient of salah and horseshoe moon and Latino official a team called Sharon they forgotten a pseudonym and Noah Finn are robotic. They forgot that extra prayers supererogatory prayers no one

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will prayers, more praise for strengthening their their center. They reward inside an era

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So many of us that we forgotten that we have no no no waffle inside our lives. Then again if you stay with the theme of a salah and says suta Toba, which is again another sutra, many is speaking about munafo that we find, while your tuna salata in la banca Sella when una Illa home carry home. Once again a lament you don't come to center, except for one kusa in a state of laziness and easy language dragging their feet. People around us are praying, it's Juma is Ramadan, I may as well just come and join in with me with people in a state of laziness, dragging their feet to come to the house of Allah Subhana Allah, what are you in Kona Illa home carry home. And they do some of them do

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spend their money, but they have no choice. The care needs to be taken from them. So they give it maybe they have to give some wealth. So they may give it but deep down inside their hearts, they despise it, they disliking it. They don't want to give their wealth in the way of Allah subhanaw taala. So that's in simple terms that we find. We don't practice what we preach. And as we find inside the Quran, Allah begins as soon as I mentioned Ganga Latina Manu Lima Hakuna Matata falloon tabula maakten in de Leon De Palma de Lune. Are you believe Why do you say that what you don't do? This is great, this is something immense wait in front of Allah subhanaw taala that you you say

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something that you don't do, this is something mn sin meaner kabbah

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in front of a lot so Canada person doesn't practice what they preach your coluna before him, my laser ficolo beam will lower the moon to moon even this is harsh I are speaking about munafo and hypocrites. But once again the general meaning the thrust of the meaning we can understand it inside our lives to awaken us. They say with their hearts that which is not in with they say with their tongues that which is not inside their hearts will know Atlanta will be made to moon and Allah knows what they conceal. So we can take a general lesson that we should be very careful of what we are taught to people if it doesn't really exist inside our hearts and we want to carry out this action

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inside our own lives. And that's returned back to the Hadith for October botany. He's in trains intestines are thrown out of his stomach, for your dog to be here Can I do rahima bhairahawa. So he's walking around, like a donkey was walking around the grindstone exposed in front of every single individual on the Day of Judgment. May Allah protect us and expose us on the Day of Judgment. On that day whereby there is no veiling and no protection, or colloquially heard there was stuff for lalibela calm, when a misdemeanor for stock photo, or whatever for right, we find unfortunate Some of us may start taking these texts, or we find what's common among some of us, that we always go to

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the opposite, that where something has been encouraged to do or this may be warnings about certain things, we fall into another snare of shape and tell base of a belief and say, maybe I shouldn't do this action. Maybe I shouldn't Oh, did a good I shouldn't forbid the evil, because I'm a hypocritical individual. As a side point, all of us are hypocritical individuals. Because none of us should preach the deen of Allah subhanaw taala none of us who speak about Islam, there's obviously gradings there's gradings of nifa that existed inside the Sharia person, without a doubt should avoid and develop an ethic or D any form of hypocritical belief that should be totally wiped out the

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slate, then you find a new Falcon Amanita can exist in all of us. And a person who tried to wash that away, make that minimum. Surely they can actually come to such a stage that they just weren't, as you mentioned, worried about other people and our practice that inside their lives? Does if on the other extreme that some people base what is how do you say don't order the good, don't forbid the evil. Because you have elements of hypocrisy, you shouldn't order the good and forbid the evil. This is another trap that we find that many, many Muslim societies today. If not based on this Hadith, they'll say there's no need to order the good and forbid the evil. Just leave it leave

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everybody the way they are. Allah must speak about this Hadith, they mentioned that the blame isn't on origin a good and forbidding the evil. The blame is on the sin of this individual. The intention is individually or in a good and forbidding the evil it remains, it needs to be done irrespective. We can't now say that Oh, because I don't do this, do this action, that I should speak about his action, maybe certain actions is not an act capability. But a father has to order his children even though he may not do certain things himself, but he has to order certain things. A commandment that he has to do he has to fulfill, he has to encourage them. We can't use excuses but you've never done

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that at your age you you didn't do that. That's the time that's gone. person should look at the present. That's what they should look at. They should look at the future and what they want to instill inside this Muslim amongst the children etc. that we find inside our lives. And the cure of removing the sickness or being over worried about other individuals that we find of worrying about what other individuals will do is firstly that we find sincerity,

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that when we do our action, we should be sincere inside the actions that should be followed.

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sincerity towards Allah Subhana Allah and the action that we do ourselves and build upon doing actions in secrecy. So, actually that we may encourage other individuals to do in secrecy we should be strong on those actions. And this relationship between oneself and Allah Subhana Allah. So that way if a person does encourage people to do certain actions, they already doing those actions inside their own life and just trying to encourage other people 35 to make the life of St. Parma or banana to the pollution about a tenner or no do not derail our hearts.

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After you've guided us person should be making that a trophy. led I mean Allah, guidance is from Allah is DICOM is from Allah person who always prayed that should be always worried about asking Allah subhanaw taala to remain steadfast. And when a person does advise other individuals don't look down upon other individuals don't have the intent to expose another person to find mistakes, or to exploit them mistakes don't have the intention. If something comes across to you. Your intention isn't that there's a Muslim when he advises he covers he conceals, he advises in a good manner towards others.

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Like was not to overburden oneself, to burn oneself out.

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As you mentioned, many young Muslims, they have this passion of Islam and they because maybe May Allah May Allah forbid because of these sins in their life that we find that they become overzealous and of the practice of Islam, then they burn out. The same way that they jumped in the same way that he jumped out. And as we mentioned, we have only Muslims who are Ramadan Muslims, that their life is only about Ramadan. Then after Ramadan is going back to the normal life, and as I mentioned and assign the impact of actions and good deeds, was a sign of a good deed being accepted was a sign that the good deed is having an impact upon the individual. Uh, sala de la sala, while Duma to Allah

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Juma Ramadan. Ramadan, Casa Ratan

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is an expiation whatever takes place between these two. As long as the person stays away from the Cabal the major sins shake off a magma to explain this hadith he mentions a new explanation. He says that the impact of one center travels to the next Salah the impact of one Juma goes to the following Juma and the impact of one Ramadan, travels all the way to the following Ramadan.

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That's something that many of us we fail to understand, we fail to live or the impact isn't there. The impact of our Ramadan May Allah forbid is only from Ramadan. And inside rumba until the 29th or 30th day of Ramadan, then at the beginning of chawan, it's over. It's finished.

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Why? Because we began with our fundamentals in our focusing on number one or not, then, when this is the ideal opportunity, of a bad the surreal, of quiet, personal, a bear that in secrecy, no one to disturb you to read, to read the FSI to read Hadith, to read, Sierra, to reflect, to ponder, to spend time with one's family members to develop their character, their behavior. This is the ideal opportunity. As we know that living in an environment even just to drop your kids to school, it could take one it could take over an hour. So two to three hours a day spent in a day just in transporting. So naturally the person finds fatigue finds it difficult shopping, work. other

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commitments a person as all of this has been has been an humbler dismantle yes financially may be a burden and difficult for many of us. But spiritually, it's an ideal opportunity. Species an ideal opportunity to focus on that human a devotion towards Allah subhanaw taala. And then we end with a final paragraph occurred inside the core of a strong warning of people of intellect people of knowledge people of understanding your name, neighbor, Lady Athena, Tina fansler hamina. At about a pawn

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we find a strong wound by this individual writing the story of this individual who gave him we gave him our

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our signs gave him knowledge, because he received mentioned his individual name of

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such nature the name of this individual, whatever the individual it was, but in general conclusion is a person of Bani Israel a time of moves and knowledge is given this individual. He didn't aid the message of musala Islam, he went against it, he spoke out against him. So this individual, but bow shape on for can amino horween he followed the way of shape on and became amongst one of the losing individuals. The honor that Allah Allah gave him what Oh, * now that I know will be her. While I can know that.

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If he had practiced what he preached, is a loose understanding here. We would have raised him inside this dunya but because he didn't practice that we began to take him down to the inner depths of the earth. Whatever, however, who he began to follow his lust and his desires, you know, and as a side

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Many of us we think a ship builder is only ship and alternate worshipping idols, statues, graves, etc. They should have of our ship of worshipping your lust, your desires, following your inner feelings is also a form of ship that many of us haven't wiped out, haven't washed out, and we should be worried about that.

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For marylu cameras Ellen can

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look at our last pantalla depicts this human being in a derogatory manner. Very rarely inside the Quran, Allah speaks about the human being, being in such a Lolita derogatory manner. Allah mentioned this individual doesn't practice what they preach. For muscle, the muscle can be is like a dog. If he sticks his tongue out, if he wags his tongue, he loads his tongue out, or he puts it in makes no difference. He's a dog is a dog is lost. This will a lot of things about people who have practice what they preach, that it makes no difference to lost individuals that alarmed me. And this is the cost of either mentioning Fox sosafe Casa de la lomita, Kuru the rate to them these stories that

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they may begin to reflect that we began with these stories inside a heartbeat inside the Quran. And this depiction, this image is there for us to reflect, to better serve, and to not become amongst those individual exposed to this punishment, but rather to come the picture of people of Paradise people agenda and that reward as mentioned inside the Quran, and that's what we should thrive upon that inside this month of Ramadan look at those Ayat of gender, of reward of goodness and ask Allah Subhana Allah from the name of gender, and seek refuge from the punishment of other Abner of the punishment of the hellfire.