Nouman Ali Khan – Holding a Grudge

Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan highlights the passage from Surah Al Hijr which forms the heart of this Khutbah.

“Do not place in our hearts any Ghil for those who believe.”

What is Ghill? The Ustadh provides an elaborate and explicit explanation for the same in the context of the Arabic language and also in light of our Deen.

The forgiveness of Allah cannot be matched or even be compared to the forgiveness of humans. Why do we indulge in Ghill? It is because we cannot let go of the depth of the problem and hence, do not want to let our guard down and be exposed to another attack. This baggage that we carry with us may make us bitter people which is not a pleasant scenario.

What is the solution to this predicament? How do we get rid of the ill feelings and grudges that we harbor in our lives endlessly? Listen intently to get enlightened so that we are the dwellers of Paradise.