Hasib Noor – Quranic Reflections #12 When Allah Wills Good

Hasib Noor
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a recitation of a song about the loss of a packet during a Jihad battle, which is a powerful message about achieving Islam. The song describes a woman who wants good for herself and is directed by Islam's Will. The recitation suggests that Islam's desire for good for everyone is based on actions and words, leaving some people not wanting to implement anything and leaving them to leave it. The segment also discusses the importance of removing oppression and creating a culture of continuous guidance, with an emphasis on the need for everyone to turn to Islam and change.
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Love him that he loves so I'm gonna show every offer as well inshallah and join 1/3 of Ramadan has just finished

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we're entering the 11th night and

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this is illuminations Quranic reflections on the foot on and certain things that stand out to me in Shaolin from the halloumi. And today's recitation, the Imam, spoke about

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a loss packet, in this particular set of verses from Switzerland file. So the file, which follows total out off is a song that speaks about Jihad and the struggle and establishing Islam and how one attains victory through the lessons learned in the Battle of Belgium. And the battle of other was an extremely, very pivotal battle because essentially, it was either they went or Islam would never have spread, if they hadn't defended and they were out number three to one. So there was a there's a lot of deep reflection on what establishes Islam and protects from harm and oppression. And it is a very powerful Sula, that reflects on all the different types of meanings of struggle. And if you

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notice, the previous sunnah is focused on

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internal struggle and establishing faith. So now when we talk about external struggle against enemies and those who wish evil upon Islam, Allah subhanaw taala focuses on also an internal component as much as the external components. So Diantha stood out to me from slaughter lentil, R is number 23. On war last time that I says, What are the mullah houfy him Hold on let us know what else is now home let our loan money alone.

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Last point, this is very powerful, I had Allah wanted any good in them or known any good in them, he would have certainly made them here. The such a powerful statement if Allah wanted good in someone Subhan Allah when Allah wants good for you, he wants he makes you hear Islam and he makes you hear the Quran and he makes you come close to faith. It's a very powerful I mean, if it's Allah's Will, that he wanted good in you, then he would bring you to that which will bring him bring you closer to him. Such a powerful thing any Allah wants good for you. And Allah Allah says, in another ions bucket and others will Allah UD Danya to VALIC, Allah wants you to turn back to him. And it is very

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The idea notion that Allah wants us and hence why we come close to him. So from Milan has been a moment where you've come closer to Allah subhanaw taala is because Allah wanted you to come near to Allah. And Allah loves you that you're going through the struggle of wanting to come close to him. It's such a powerful idea. So whoever Allah wants, and and loves and wants good for and wills good for, he makes them hear what they need to hear. He makes them hear

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the advice or guidance that they need in their life. You ever thought about that? You ever thought you heard something you didn't want to hear it? And you're like, Man, I don't know why they're telling you that even though it's something true, even something you need to implement something that must be you know, in fact,

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something you need at that time, but it's because Allah wants to good for you, He made you hear it. So similarly, that essence of like Allah wanting good for us, and hence, he wanted good for them. So if he, if he saw good in them or he wanted good for them, he will make them hear that which they need to hear the guidance that they need to hear or the people that they meet, that will direct them in the right way. But if even he had made them here, the law says they would have not they would have not.

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They would have surely turned away heedlessly meaning those who eventually fought the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam and they rejected Islam so let's find that if saw in them that they didn't want good they did not seek it. So hence their hearts turned away and they rejected and they fought the Prophet Muhammad is also Sudan and Allah says done to the believers yeah un Latina and who said God Allah he will it was sold either there are company now your eco where Allah mu and hola hola banal, very wakatobi one who really took Sharon, very beautiful, beautiful Iowa hunters Oh believers responds to Allah and His Messenger when he calls you to that which gives you life and

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know that Allah stands between a person in their heart and that to him, you will all be gathered. The notion here is that it is also upon us that it's not only okay Allah wills good for him if Allah wants it. Let's find that says respond to it. respond to the call respond to

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Hello morning good for you and change. Don't sit there and say, you know, I don't I'm not ready to make a million excuses justify yourself, but rather, internal change requires action. And that's why the prophets of Allah audio cinema was directly here in the eye right after that, if when Allah wants good for you, he would make them here. But then Allah subhana, Allah says in the next AI number 24 and Switzerland file is the god Allah, He will soon respond to the call of Allah and His Messenger, when he calls to that which gives you life, such a beautiful eye as well, in the sense that what gives us life is this faith, and it blesses us in our life prevents us harm, prevents harm

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from us, and grants through our actions, the prayers that we've been wanting to be accepted, our actions are a proof of that. So Allah Subhan, Allah says, Allah is the one that's, that stands between a person and their heart.

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Meaning Allah is the one that we need to turn to and rely on when we wish and we seek something, and almost kind of, again, the notion here is that a person if the Allah wants good for he will make them hear what they need to hear, but it's upon them to implement it. Some people they don't want to some people that just you know, they're belligerent. They don't want to hear the good want to hear it. And there are some people that didn't want to hear they don't want to implement it. So for them, you just leave them, leave them to Allah. Make dua for them. Sometimes the only people you can, the only thing you can do for people is make dua for them. You tried, you've advised you've spoken to

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them, you've done everything in your life, but they don't want to hear and they don't want implement it. So you just say oh my god them, we leave them in your hands. So these two ideas are very powerful. If Allah wants good for somebody, you will make them here. And then it's up to us saying respond to the call, beautiful act to establish

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how we as in ourselves, Well, before we speak about getting rid of oppression upon others, we should remove the oppression that we committing upon ourselves. And ultimately, that says

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that the greatest depression is sin and disobedience of Allah. So in essence, it's a very beautiful powerful

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suit Surah, which speaks about internal rectification as well. When we're even standing our ground and Jihad and protection of the Muslim lands and defending Muslims from oppression. We have to remove the oppression that we commit. And part of the greatest and important thing is when Allah wants good for you, you listen to it, when it comes to you. And how many times have you been in your life where you've been in a situation like you're in a football or you're with a friend or somebody somebody tells

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you something as if it was meant for you? Like literally, this person speaking to you and you only that's because Allah is delivering you personally guided, personally delivered guidance.

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What a beautiful if Allah wants to care for them, he would have made them here. May Allah make us of those who hear and implement Allah guidance the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu said those parts that make easy our affairs and inshallah will leave you all with this beautiful view. And we will continue to learn Salah and illuminations pranic reflections from the humming May Allah subhanaw taala allow us to follow the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam. I granted this companionship so that when

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