Are You Ready To Part Ways With Your Horse?

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Bismillah Ar Rahman AR Rahim. As humans we all are prone to error. Mistakes are inevitable. The question however, is how do we positively develop from a slip up? Well, today I share with you an amazing incident in this regard from the Quran, Jews 23 chapter 38 verse 31, Allah subhanho wa Taala says it already dilating he believes he is Safina Jr. And remember the time when pure bred horses have the finest caliber were presented before so the man at his salon he was inspecting these horses had that the water to build a job and in the process the sunset when the sunset that's the time he realized the lovella and will then can illuminate victory ups I slept up in the recitation of a

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daily da I must qualify that this was something optional, preferable meritorious and not mandatory or compulsory in biannual poron. It is mentioned that there are few reflections from this incident of Sulaiman alayhis salaam number one in Ghana the whole Annual Academy Lassie Yama is a Ghana must have been that a slip up is possible from the most prominent of individuals more so when the nature of the slip up is the admission of something which is preferable and not mandatory. So don't be despondent by your slip up because it's it's human. It's intrinsic for any one of us to slip up. Number two and most importantly, that daraga suburbia will be Harajuku and milky when you saw my

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hero when Superman Ali Salaam realized the slip up he said bring these horses here for toffee parmesan be suitable and up. He then slaughtered the horses and he said distribute the meat amongst the needy. I do not want to be associated with an acid which have resulted in me slipping up in the recitation of one two and number three fee shall return ala Colima. haboob in civil law is a hijacker anila Elsa mukha and to alija who by extension we learn from this year anything or anyone be to device or an individual that becomes a blockage and a hurdle in your relation and your connection with your Creator. That is cancer setting into your body my brother and my sister, young

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za mocha and too early Joe who it is about time you deal with it. So so a man Allah is Salatu was Salam partnered with those horses for the pleasure of Allah. It's high time you part with your horse.