Ramadan 2018 – Nightly Reminder – May 22

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Ramadan Nightly Reminder, 2018

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corbishley suddenly we see the MD Dr. melissani of koko de la salatu salam, O Allah, Allah, Allah, he was happy when I'm about once again, I'm sharing another door of our peace of Musashi Sam with you today. This also belongs to sue that causes the 28th suit of the Quran. And this is iron number 34. This is what Mossad Islam is up on the Mount. He's speaking to a larger region for the first time. This conversation that happened between ally and Musa is mentioned in the Quran on multiple occasions. And each occasion Allah highlights something else about that conversation. So we get some details in this surah some other details and other surah some some other details and another surah.

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And actually, in each of those occasions, you get a different version or a different flavor of the doors made by Masada Islam. That's not to say that there's a contradiction between them, but it's to highlight different parts of that conversation in different schools. So the part that I wanted to bring my attention to and yours to tonight is the conversation he has with a lot regarding his brother when I told him this mission to go back to Iran. And one of the things I told you, the wording is important when masayoshi son was escaping Egypt. He says I've been a Gd minakami volume and I shared that out with you, master rescue me from the wrongdoing nation. If you remember he made

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that door to rescue him. When he made it to meridian and he got married there. We talked about that last night. His father in law you know what he told him? No joke terminal comment volume in same words you have been rescued from the wrongdoing nation. In other words, what came out of the mouth of his father in law were actually the answer to his prayer rescue me. And he said you you know you have been rescued from the wrongdoing nation. But now years have passed by he's got a family. He's raising them. He sees a fire on a mountain when he's traveling one night when they're lost in the desert. So he tells his family to wait. He goes up there to check what's going on. And maybe he can

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get some directions. He ends up speaking with Alaska with him. And when he speaks to a lot a lot told him and it'll come up it means so to show Allah He told him go back to the wrongdoing nation. So the same nation he ran away from saying your law These are called midvalley mean, get me away from them. And Allah answered that 10 years later, Allah says, Well, now it's time to go back to the wrongdoing nation. And so this was the part of the conversation will let us preparing him to come back to the place that's ready to kill him. You know, every prophet has challenges. Every messenger has challenges. But you find a unique challenge with Musashi saddam, before he even says a word

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people want to kill him. Usually messengers, they get resistance after they give that war for a long time. And then eventually people are tired of them. They make fun of them, they call them insane. They try to even in some cases, try to kill them and all of these things. But musala Islam before any dour happens before he says a word about Allah, and being his messenger, people are already hungry and thirsty for his blood. So that's the challenge he has. But Allah has taken care of that part of the challenge. They're not going to touch you. They're not going to touch you. But he's still he has another challenge. And that challenge is that he had a difficulty in speech. There are

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two dimensions of that. I'll just highlight that quickly. masani salaam had a very strong temper. You saw his temper that led him to react quickly when he saw the fight happened between those two people how he couldn't stand by and just watch that happen. So he took action immediately.

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This temper also is part of a frustration if you know later on you find much later in his career not part of this story much later on. When he's passed the water and he's with boo Israel, and they're acting ignorantly. And they're saying go ask a lot. What kind of cow that says leader story with masala Islam. He got so angry. He actually asked Allah. Allah He an akuna Minal Jacqueline, I asked a lot protection has refuge that I might lose control that I might become giant means I might lose control over my emotions. If I throw a punch right now a bunch of people are gonna die. So you're like, just keep me in check. Because these people are really testing me right now. So he asked a lot

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of keep his emotions in check by saying are all the villa he and akuna manager hidden. But part of being that emotional and part of being that you know, someone whose emotions get excited like that is that when someone calls you a liar, when someone insults you and humiliates you, and does that then you

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You get, you get so frustrated, you don't know what to say in response.

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You don't you can't keep your senses. Some of you, you might know, if you're talking to you otherwise you're very intelligent, you have very composed human being. But if someone knows how to get to you and insult you and criticize you and make fun of you one attack after the other after the other sharp with their tongue, then it doesn't matter how smart and composed you are, at that time, you just don't know what to do don't know what to say. On top of that Musashi Salaam had a stutter. And so even the Pharaoh, would it later make fun of it? What do you mean, he can almost it's like, almost He can't even talk? What's he gonna, he's gonna be your messenger, what message you can't

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even pronounce words properly. And the thing, the thing with people who have a stutter, is when they get frustrated, their stutter gets worse. Right? So when Fidel is gonna insult him, then he's gonna get upset. And the more upset he gets, the worse his ability to speak. He can't pronounce words, he'll get stuck on even getting a word out, and then he's gonna make fun, what's the matter can't talk. That's what's gonna happen. So he recognizes that weakness in himself. And he tells a lower key heroine who have suffered many Listen, my brother Harun, he's much more eloquent, he's a much better speaker than I am. He's much more eloquent when it comes to running his tongue than I am. So

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I think that I would probably be better off having him along with me as if he's going to do the talking because I'll probably hit my brakes. I'll run out of steam. I won't be able to carry forward I need backup and my backup will be Who? How to not Islam. Now Allah who knows everything. Allah who knows everything new. And now we know because Allah taught us that in the entire story, how don't didn't speak,

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how Allah Salam was with him. The challenge with our own and not one sentence is recorded in the Quran coming from Harun Ali Salaam, to the Pharaoh. Nothing. The entire conversation is being carried by who masala could have total silence And listen, I already know everything. You don't need her on, you'll be fine.

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Well, I didn't do that. Knowing that how do not Islam The only the rationale Musa alayhis salam offered? Why should I have her own because he speaks better than I do. And so Allah azza wa jal gave him that Why? Because Allah azza wa jal knew that not only you know, you think you have someone who backs you up and someone who take care take over the job when you do. But even that sense of security gives you more calm. His presence is going to give a calmness to Musashi Salaam, recognizing in yourself that some things that I need to do, I cannot do on my own. I need some moral support. I need someone by my side. I need someone in case I'm gone they can carry on this work.

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That's a need of a critical task. You know ferons complex is that everything should run under him had the hidden heritage leave intact he you know, I alone on the kingdom of Egypt, these rivers flow beneath my feet, everything is about me, me, me musante salaam immediately recognizes that I think my brother's a bit better fit for this. In case I can't I falter. My brother brother is a good fit. Now. On a side note, I should say something about sibling rivalry. Because for how many people here have siblings, brothers, sisters, we are Muslims. You all have Okay, anyway. So. So the thing is,

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if I asked you just write some nice things about your older brother or sister or younger brother or sister like a page,

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you have a really hard time but if I said tell me all the things you have a problem with with your brother, your sister, one of the things that agitate you, about your sibling you kind of have the rest of the pad wasn't one paper is not enough.

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To recognize good in our siblings is very difficult. Everybody as a matter of fact, for one of you so if somebody comes in like says something nice about your sister, like one of you girls like

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Oh, your sister look really pretty at the wedding. You're like, Huh,

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actually, you don't know she's really ugly.

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This is like there's a lot of work that has is almost a surgery. Before we got here, she's hideous. Somebody comes to one of you guys and says your brother so smart. Oh, no. He lets people think he's smart. He's really stupid. You don't even know how stupid you cannot see appraise happen. Either siblings credit being given. And of course, sometimes our parents make it worse because they say why can't you be like your brother and you're like, I'm gonna murder you in your sleep. You know,

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that happens in our life. But recognize something one of the most powerful gifts Allah has given us one of the most beautiful gifts, blessings Allah has given us, our siblings, and jealousy between siblings is a real thing is a very evil thing. The first murder that happened in humanity was between siblings because of jealousy. So it's not a small thing. A profit was thrown inside of a well, because of sibling rivalry because of jealousy. This is not a small evil, it can tear up families. So recognize that it's a very powerful evil that exists. But at the same time, the opposite of it of is very powerful. This, this incredible messenger of Allah Musa alayhis. Salam

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himself recognizes

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He needs his brother, a brother who he hasn't seen for many years, at least 10 years he's been gone. And he says, but from what I know he's pretty good speaker Yella, I would like for you to give me him as backup. But then he offers further rationale. And he the words he says are really important here for our sin who Maria Rita and send him along with me, as my support. Read in Arabic is actually the support of a wall that if you took it away, the wall would collapse. That's actually the other albena model Hyatt will be now some construction is there that's holding the wall up. Or if something's being held up, you know, have you seen like billboards and in the back of them,

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they're these beams that are holding up the billboard, those are red actually sent him with me as someone who keeps me standing, you know, who keeps pushing me because musasa is going to be on the offense, and to be on the offense, when they attack you, you can't be pushing because if you're if you're pulling back, you're going on the defense, I need someone behind me that's gonna keep pushing me forward. So I don't retreat in anything that I say someone's there for moral support someone's there in my corner. So this is the use of de Kooning. And the other beautiful word he said, he'll be my backup and he will confirm that I'm telling the truth. In other words, everyone around me is

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going to be calling me a liar. If Iran will call me a liar, liar has generals will call me a liar, the society he'll tell the entire society to call me a liar. I just need at least one person who believes in me.

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I need validation. validation is a really important thing in life. You know, you normally we learn typically, we learned that praising someone is not a good thing. Right in our Deen, you know, praise someone, just you know, because we don't, we don't like praise. We shouldn't be accustomed to getting praised. But then you realize on the other side, sometimes the Prophet of Allah sallallahu wasallam would tell people if anybody wants to see the spirituality of Lisa de saddam, the Zohar, the reason is, and they should look at the Buddha.

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They should look at the Buddha or the law of karma. Why would he do that? Why was he praising his spiritual like a spirituality is not something you want to praise, and someone who's spiritual will get more uncomfortable when you praise it. Why? Because this is part of the Prophet salaallah alayhi salatu salam, to recognize the good in someone to validate them. This is not to inflate their ego, but at least let them be confident in what they have. Human beings need to be validated. It's okay. It's okay for a husband to praise his wife. I know. I know, for Pakistanis, it hurts. But still, it's okay to say, you know, today was a really good start. And you don't have to undo that with some

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insult right after that, like but I still hate your mother. You don't have to do that. Just

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tell it was really good. And you could stop there. And that's good enough. I know for most of us, it just kind of I know I it's gonna get to her head. She's gonna turn into a huge giant balloon can do can't just praise and not let it go without any any, you know, but we have to do that sometimes. And he moves or at least and recognizes in himself. He doesn't need praise, but he does need validation. He does need someone that at least confirm that he's telling the truth. Even those who love Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, when he went and he was he was, you know, he was shivering. And our mother Khadija Allahu taala had took him and what have I been nofal validated him. There was some

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validation, his own wife had to validate him at what a BIA when all the Sahaba refused to listen. omo meaning validates him inside the tent says you start and they'll follow. Right so we need other human beings don't become more religious than Islam. I only need Allah subhanho wa Taala I need nothing Oh, hold on a second masayoshi son is talking to Allah right now. And he says yeah, Allah, I need the validation of my brother. I'm gonna need the support. I need him to back me up. You know? So sometimes we are more idealistic when somebody says I need your help. Why are you asking help of a lot creation? You should only ask help of Allah. Okay. All right. Read the book, bro.

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You said the goodie, the he'll confirm the truth in me in near cough when you get the bonus because I'm afraid that they're gonna call me a liar. And when they do, I just you know, when you hear criticism from others, this is the last thing I'll share with you. When you hear criticisms from criticism from others enough, then you start believing that criticism, a part of you starts like accepting that criticism. And you need someone alongside you that says no, those are lies. Don't let that those lies pollute your mind. Even the Prophet of Allah had to be told in the Quran Nah, interlinear material. No, no, no, no, you're not insane. Doesn't matter how many people say it?

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Doesn't matter how many family members say it doesn't matter how many respected elders say it? Because when elders speak you listen, doesn't matter who says it? You're not insane. validation is important. And so he says, Yeah, I will need validation when I get emotionally overwhelmed. Even though he knows he's a messenger. He's just speaking to a lot right now. He's not gonna forget that. Even then a reminder and a reinforcement and an encouragement is necessary in life. It's even necessary for our messenger sallallahu Sallam as necessary for Busan, Islam. And so Allah answered his door and said, Son, I should do Abu Dhabi Africa. I will reinforce your arm your forearm

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With your brother, meaning I'll make you more muscular by your brother. What kind of imagery is that you see, when he said is he's behind him. Remember back support. back support is when you're being attacked and you're being pushed forward. But when someone says I'll make your arm stronger, is that about defense or offense? It's actually offense, not only you're worried about being attacked, and you need support, I'm telling you, you'll be better off offense than ever before, because of your brother. This is how a large social responded, and of course, the team that's on offense is the one that's winning. The team that's on defense is the one taking the beating. So he's afraid that he'll

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be taking a beating from his people. And Allah says, actually, no, now that I've given you the backup you need, they're the ones that are going to be taking the beating, your arm is now reinforced. So now should do i do that can be

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done in

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a coma, I will put an authority in place of power in place for you, they won't be able to touch you, they won't be able to get to you. So panela. So this is actually a lot answering the door of Masonic Islam. Notice Allah gave him you know, the staff, Allah gave him these miracles. And you would think the miracles are enough, you should just go to town, drop the stick, turn it into a snake and say what you're gonna do now, you know, but that's that, that's already happened to staff and that's already happened. But regardless of that, he says, I need huddling. I need help. And this is actually a very powerful wisdom in our Deen that in any work that you do, first of all, recognize

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your limitations. Second of all, recognize the good first, immediately in your immediate family, who are the heroines in your family, you can have criticisms of your siblings, that's fine, but they have certain strengths that are your weaknesses. And it's okay to acknowledge that and it's okay to say I need your help in this this and this because your bed Allah made you better at those things and he made me that's perfectly okay. And that's a good thing that's the Sunnah of our messenger Masada is around, right. And of course, if it's not siblings, then even outside of that, just to recognize the good in others, and not just to see the negative and others you know, Muslim culture

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Unfortunately, because of the trolling culture and social media and other things, we've become people that we always look for something to criticize someone about. Some some, some some scars, sarcastic comment, some insults, some put down. And it's very hard for us to forget, forget to remember that all of us are flawed, all of us have mistakes. And actually, it's the beautiful thing is to highlight the good that someone does, not the mistakes that they make. The fact that they make mistakes, or they have flaws, or they have imperfections is what makes them human. The fact that they have something good is actually you recognizing the good that Allah has given them. When we

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become grateful slaves of Allah. Then we start seeing things that others the good things others have been given also, and we become grateful not just for ourselves, but for the gifts that they've been given me allows us and make us grateful slaves. And we allow us to grant all of us our heroine in our lives, that is able to support us in the good that we try to do. barakallahu li walakum wa salaamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh