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How are you applying the law of Allah without hikma? You're going to create injustice. And so he brings them together, Jesus brings them together. And then after this battle between Kitab and hikma, the final messenger comes, well how much Rasulullah Salallahu Salam. And Allah says, I'm going to give this messenger Al Kitab. While one hikma together

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this new short series is based on the findings of Dr. Zakir Hussain in his PhD thesis wisdom in the Quran, which was summarized and presented by iostat doorman in front of a live audience, the link to the full paper is in the description

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All right, anybody know? Does anybody here know what the golden rule is?

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Does anybody know what the golden rule is?

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Any idea? Nobody.

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Wow. Impressive. Yeah, what's the golden rule? Shoulder? Hmm.

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Yeah, treat others as you want to be treated yourself, do unto others as you'd want done to you. Right? So that's the golden rule. It's based on something that's in the Bible, but it's found in different cultures, philosophies. It's a very well known wisdom, isn't it? It's a very well known wisdom. It's also in the Quran. And I want you to see some examples of the golden rule in the Quran. Were to live with a 15 and Medina effect and who are the nastiest, ofone while he darker? No homo was a new home York soon. Allah says one of the places in Hell is dedicated for people who cheat but just a little bit. They cheat just a little bit. When they are the customer, they make sure they get

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But when they are the ones selling, they give a little less than what they should

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they give a little less than what they should. So they violate, essentially, they violate the golden rule. They want 100 for themselves, but they want to give 90 back, you understand. So Allah mentions these people and says, don't they think that they're going to be raised before Allah? That's one. The second is what Patel he FIMA attack Allah. Actually, no, the other one is, there's people that have somebody dies, and there's an inheritance, right. And when the inheritance is about to be announced, that this person left the farm hit, they left the well, they left these camels, these animals, whatever they left, and they're about to make an announcement for what they left behind,

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then sometimes you find

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for kids, or orphans or somebody else in the community, they find out that a really rich person died. So they show up at announcement, because they're hoping that maybe right now because this person died, they might give some of their items as charity. Right? And you get annoyed that these people why are these poor people here? Or why are these children here? You know, or even the children of people who died? Who you because they can't represent themselves. They don't have a lawyer, then the uncles can take all the money, right? Or the brothers can take all the money, but the kids are not going to get anything. Allah says well Yaksha Naveen Allah Tala Coleman Humphrey,

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him will return the Alpha half Who are they Him?

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Those who are who are leaving behind had they, though they should be afraid, those who left the people behind them that if they themselves had children that they were afraid for? What would happen if they were the ones dying and their kids would be the one being deprived? This is Allah reminding them of the golden rule, isn't it? Similarly there's a golden rule between us and Allah. As income I said Allah Hui Naik, do your best with Allah, the way Allah has done so beautifully with you.

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Think about us and Allah hoylake. But by the one that's tied to Hickman is actually really interesting. And so don't Bacara Allah says those of you who believe and feel called into you, Batty, maca Sabaton spend out of the good and good things that you have earned, spend out of the good things that you've earned. Now you have a lot of stuff that you've earned, but the best of it is what Allah wants you to spend from. Then he says, Well, me ma Krajina Alico Middle Earth and also spend from the things we bring out for you from the land, the resources, the minerals, the crop, etc, etc. What I am Manuel hubbies, I'm in Houghton via cone with us Don't be Aki V in LA and told

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me bofi This is the golden rule. Now, he says, and don't replace the good stuff with filthy things. Meaning it's time to give are your clothes, donate clothes to

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The needy because there are victims from a flood. So you find the smelliest old hoodie you can, or the thing that has more holes than your, you know, character, I don't know.

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And you find the oldest smelly is causing you give those away. Right? Or then it's time to give each gifts away children gifts, all the broken toys, give those away. Right? All the old shoes, give them away. Allah says don't give the kind of things. If some that someone gave them to you, you would squint your eyes, what do you want to look at it? You'd be so disgusted to accept it. And then later on in the same passage, Allah says, util Hekmat amania Shah, he gives wisdom to whoever he wants, whoever has wisdom has been given a lot of good. Meaning one of the dimensions of wisdom in this passage is actually give to others, what you one day might want to receive yourself have the

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mentality when you're giving sadaqa to someone that you're giving it almost to yourself. And with that mentality give, and that's the wisdom that very few people have. Allah says He gives that to whoever he wants, and whoever has it has been given an amazing Good, okay. Now,

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this is now our final section. And this is where we're going to spend quite a bit of time, I explained already to you the difference between law and wisdom in the last session, right? Law is black and white. And wisdom is kind of situation by situation. But now we have to combine the two of them, we have to actually look at the two of them together.

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You might not know this, but the laws in the Quran, the one law in the Quran that is talked about in more detail than any other law. And I'm not talking about worship, I'm talking about a law that has people people's dealings, Mohammed at the most detail law in the Quran is divorce. There's no law that Allah talks about in more detail in the entire Quran than he does about divorce. If somebody asked the question, what does the Quran say about a happy marriage? There's like two ideas.

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And then if you ask, what's the Quran say about divorce? There are several pages and then a suit on top of that and then other references. Why? Why didn't Allah give relationship advice like Tik Tok does.

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Because there's so much relationship hikma all over the all the Abuja hands of the world give all this relationship advice. And the Quran is silent on relationship advice. Except very little. This is the if sorta room is the ivory, mm in some some little bit of hints in the ayat of Ramadan. There's bits and pieces here and there. But the majority when you talk about divorce, oh my God. You know why? It says if it says if I buy here's the principle. Well, you only makan Malam Taku Nutella moon, Allah teaches you what you couldn't possibly learn yourself or know yourself. Which means Allah knows that you know how to have a good relationship. You don't need some outside help to

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figure out how to have a good marriage. But what you don't know how to do is to have a peaceful divorce,

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that you don't know. You know how to keep things good. But you don't know how to handle the situation when things go bad, that you couldn't figure out yourself there, I will give you an exhaustive explanation. And so Allah gives exhaustive explanation about what should happen when somebody is getting divorced. How much and the thing is, these are you can call them the laws of divorce. So this part of the Quran is Kitab, isn't it? It's kitab. We're going to look at a little bit of that. I mean, we can go through all of that because it's huge. It's a very big subject. But I'm going to show you just one small sampling of it up Bala Kumar Ratan. This is not a full on

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Tafseer is very brief commentary. Okay. When a man and a woman are married, then a man can pronounce his divorce and still be able to take her back twice. That can happen at two occasions, two separate occasions. Nowadays, people have made a joke out of this and set the lock da da da da da da da da da da, what you're gonna do now? And then two hours later. I didn't mean it.

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didn't count. Let's go find a Mufti. Right. Because we made a joke out of though, by the way, isn't that making the Ayat of Allah joke? It is right. And you know what's even crazier? This is I don't know if this is just Pakistanis, or what but a lot of people have told me Oh, it doesn't count unless you say three times. Who told you that? What book are you reading? Did you are you reading this long from a comic book?

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List psychosis. Allah says revocable reversible divorce

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errors can happen on two occasions, you can end the marriage, that it's still reversible on two occasions, and he says, listen carefully, find him Sokoine be my roofing. Then after that happens, any one of those, he says, I divorce you. And then he thinks about it, they think about it, they talk about it. And he says, you know, well, let's try again. He says, then take back, hold on to the marriage, but hold on to it with decency, hold on to it with dignity with decently with goodness. Now holding on to it with goodness, let me ask you, does that sound like law or wisdom?

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Immediately after the law, Allah switched over to what wisdom because I cannot check. If I'm taking back for good intention in a good way or not. That's not something the law can judge nods or not directly, I will test three I won't be a son or let go beautifully. He says let go what beautifully Quran is saying that Quran is saying that, you know, when divorce happens, it gets really ugly, right?

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And now Allah is telling you, listen, you don't know how to handle the situation. I'm telling you do everything you can to let go in a way that is beautiful.

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And what happens a lot of times is one person fears Allah and says, I want to let go in a way that's beautiful. The other one says,

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Let me see how I show you beautiful.

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Right? Oh, tested Johann via son. Then he says what are your Hindu local, and that would be ma de to Wuhan, Nisha Yun. It is not knowledge talking to the men. He says it's not halal for you, you're not allowed to take anything back that you gave to them. If you gave her a car, if you give her a ring, you give her a necklace if you bought her a PS five, right, because you bought yourself a PS five for you. But you said this is your present. So officially, you made it hurry presents. I'm just playing it so it doesn't go up. You know, I'm just keeping it

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if you gave it to her, Allah says it's not halal for you to take back anything that you had given to them. Okay, then Illa and Yahoshua under up mark will do the law unless they're both scared that they're not going to be able to abide by the laws of Allah. This is going to be a longer discussion. So I won't go into details here for live domanda up method with Allah and if you're afraid that they both cannot abide by the law of Allah phenomena, how are they Hema fever after that be then there's no harm on either of them if she gives up some part of what she owed. Basically, the bottom line here I'm being very brief here for now is she wants to end the marriage for example, but he doesn't

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want to let go. And she says you know what, keep the PS five. Can you just let me go I just I don't want to stay. Just keep the PS five. Allah says there's no harm if she gives up something that's actually hers. But she says maybe that will make the departure easy for me. Okay, so she's kind of almost like paying a ransom in the situation a little bit. He says, Okay, he's not making her do it. But he's saying if that's what gets you away from the situation, it's no harm if you try to do that that's halal for you. Because He already said if that allowed to take anything right when he says By the way, but if you think giving something up will let him go easy. Then just do that. Okay for him

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after that be Tilka kulula He further Tata dua, those are the limits set by Allah don't cross them. Well Manyata will do the Allah and Whoever crosses the limit set by Allah for will Aika whom will Lottie moon then those are the people that have done wrong now for Allah kaha but if a third time he divorced her again. So two have already been mentioned. This is which time third time for Allah to Hey, Lulu home embargo, she is no longer permissible for him. They can be together immediately that the possible member thereafter had to attend key has general until she gets married to someone other than him.

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So she she can't be with him anymore. Zubayr is done for Isabella is just an example. Zubaydah is done. She moved on with her life. Five months later, she got married to Kareem, sorry, Kareem.

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Okay. And then she married Kareem and Kareem turned out that he

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likes X Xbox. He doesn't like the PS five, something happened. They didn't work out. And now she got divorced again. Okay, now she got divorced. And she sent a six month text message to the waiter and said, Hey, what you're doing.

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And somebody says, Why Why are you talking? Aren't you married? No, not anymore. It's a little bit we can

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as the Word says, Okay.

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Let's try this again. Then it's okay. It's okay.

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for you to go back to him if you got married to someone else, and then it didn't work out for a lady that's being told. Otherwise, otherwise the man is not allowed. By the way, what could be the wisdom? What's the hikma behind that? Well, If a man says to a woman, I don't want you, I divorced you. Okay? Okay. I didn't mean I didn't mean it. So she goes back two months later, you think I want you I don't want you to get out of here, kicks her out again, then takes her back. The third time you don't get to yo yo with this woman. The third time it's done. Now you must experience the pain of knowing that she was with someone else.

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Because you didn't value her.

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So if you really want her back, Allah is going to have her live her life and if that doesn't work out, and she still wants you decides that she wants you back then maybe you can get back together otherwise you guys are done. This is teaching Allah teaching that don't take divorce as something that you can just play with. Right? Because it is a secret relationship anyway. So

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fun Arjuna Harada he man and yet Raja, then there's no harm if they want both want to get back together in one night up muffled with Allah. If they both believe that they'll be able to live by the limits set by Allah will refer to the Allah these are the limits set by Allah Yuba you know, highly common Yeah, Allah moon, he's clarifying them for people who really want to know why that unlock the moon Nisa, and when you divorce women finally, when you divorce women, meaning the first divorce one of the one of the ones you can take back for Bella Johanna, and they've reached their deadline, because you have to have three periods. Before three periods, you can still take her back.

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So they're about to reach their third period. Okay, and he knows it's coming, it's in a couple of days, or it's in 24 hours, whatever, for I'm sequel wouldn't be murdered. Often, if they're about to reach their deadline, either you take them back, but take them back in a dignified way. The amount of oh, sorry, 400 we have our roof or let them go in a dignified way. Then he says what tunes sequel Hana de la run the data do, don't take them back with the intention of causing harm.

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Don't take them back to cause harm. So you can cross lines. In other words, you hate her. And you hate the idea that she's gonna be free. You don't love her, you just hate the idea of losing control over her. So you kept her in the state of divorce. She doesn't know if you'll take her back or not. She's hoping it works out. But she doesn't know what's going on in your head in your head. You just want her to suffer. So you wait until almost three months? And then you say no, no, no, I want you back. And then when you take her back, you make her life hell until she can't take it anymore. And you're done playing torture games with her. Then you say you know what? The luck to you. And then

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she feels like she's free. But she's almost free. She asked to wait, how long? Three months? 2.9 months are done, almost there. And he says what? No, no, I'm not done with you yet. He takes her back again. Why is he doing it?

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He's doing it to torture. He's doing it to torture. Another meaning of this Ira could also be a man who takes the woman back, but he doesn't intend to make things right. Maybe he was violent or abusive or wasn't paying the finances, whatever he was doing, but their art is still there. So even though he takes her back, he didn't fix any of the problems. Right? Don't take them back if you're gonna keep doing the wrong thing. So you can keep crossing the line. This is what Allah says. Now listen to this.

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WOMAN Yeah, for Danika forgot vada man of Sir Who and whoever does that has done wrong to themselves. What does he do ayat Allah, he was WA, don't make a joke out of the Ayat of Allah. Don't make a joke out of the Ayat of Allah. You know why this is important in the same Maya. It's important because Allah is saying, these if these rules that God gave these rules, they are the Kitab.

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And then when he said don't take them back for bad intentions, that wasn't Kitab what was that? That was hikma. Technically? Is he allowed to take her back? within the time period? Yes. And is there a way to check if he did it for good intentions or bad intentions? Because I'm kind of moved to check that. Can a judge check that? No, he knows his attention. Nobody else knows. So basically, you can use the Kitab of Allah. You can you you can be within the rules and still do evil because you are violating ECMO.

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They're violating justice. Heck, my justice also. So you're the lawyers here. No, you can win the case in the court of law. So you leave

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li one, but it was not a moral thing to happen. You want legally but never you didn't when morally, you understand. So he's taking her back legally have morally right or wrong.

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So now we know that Kitab is the law and hikma is morality,

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law and what? Morality and the Quran has fused the two of them together. You cannot separate them. What happened in our OMA, we became obsessed with law. And other people said, To hell with the law, I don't care about the law. All I care about is what? morality. I'm just wanting to be a good person. I'm a moral person. We separated Kitab and hikma, the Kitab and the hikma were together, the Kitab was Quran and the hikma is also Quran in early interpretations of the word Hekla.

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Now, Allah says what are the ducky do Ayatollah Hua what Kuru near Matala, here they come. Remember the fever of Allah on you? Well, my Enza on a communal Kitabi will Hekmati I will come, be He, and whatever he has sent to you, on to you from the Law And the Wisdom is there to give you advice. I am giving you in these ayat law but I'm also giving you what is he saying? Wisdom, it's together. It's together.

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This is a huge message. In our religion. Kitab and hikma cannot be separated law and morality cannot be separated. look at an example case study. You have for example, a man who hates his wife

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doesn't divorce her though, never divorced her. And there are plenty of people in South Asia that married that are made for like almost a century.

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And so their kids have grown up their grandkids that group their grandparents style, and even their sons and daughters look at them and say why are you guys together?

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You guys hate each other so much.

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You You're fighting all the time. What is it?

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It's like professional boxers. They enjoy the pain.

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Anyway, so what happens the man is about to die. He's about to die, but his wife is the he doesn't like his wife. Two minutes before he dies. He goes by the way.

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I divorce you

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two minutes before he dies, he divorces or if he divorces her, she doesn't have a share in the inheritance.

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You see that? Now if he divorces are a couple of minutes before he dies.

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Is that legally a divorce?

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It is legally technically you can divorce your printout and the divorce is finalized the moment he dies.

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But is that a violation of heckuva? Totally. Which is why the early FOCA has said we're not going to let you do that. Because even though it looks like it's within Kitab It is against hikma you understand?

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Here's another case, a person wrote wrote a will they wrote a will okay. And then there will they said this percent of my income shall go to charity this percent there's the inheritance that's decided percentage, but there's a will also some portion of your money. You can dedicate to a mache, the charity and orphanage whatever, right?

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And the person died. And the person reading their will looks at it and sees Oh, okay. They wrote in their will, because they hated their mom a lot or they hated their dad a lot. So they make sure that they gave a huge chunk of their will to one of their dad's enemies or something, something stupid like that just as a grudge. Last, last act as a grudge. So you see in the will that there is a bias and there is some kind of evil intention. Right? Allah says, if you see that, if you see if men Oh, Jonathan.

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Then there is no harm that you fix it.

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Allah allowed for a legal document for a person who's dead Nah, he's God. Allah allowed for a legal document that looks like it's biased. It's against the principles of justice and wisdom for that document to be edited.

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Allah has a photo Rahim Allah is forgiving. Isn't that incredible? We have been given the Jewish tradition of 1000s of years, focused on the law and forgot all about what wisdom Then Jesus comes and says, No, you guys have forgotten about ACHEMA How are you applying the law of Allah without hikma? You're gonna create injustice. And so he brings them together. Jesus brings them together and then after

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This battle between Kitab and hikma, the final messenger comes, well how much Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi salam, and Allah says I'm gonna give this messenger Al Kitab well hikma together, and that is the Quran. That is the Quran and this is a miracle of Allah. It's a massive gift of Allah that He has given us this. The the fusion between Kitab and hikma. Now.

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I'll give you a few examples of hikma outside of that, hikma as well, so here's the rule. You know, like, sometimes your mom tells you to do something and you say why?

00:25:37--> 00:25:43

She says, I'll say that again. I'll say it again. Okay, okay. Okay, okay.

00:25:47--> 00:25:53

Because sometimes you say, You, oh, you're we're having spaghetti? Why are we having spaghetti? Because we're having spaghetti.

00:25:56--> 00:25:59

But why? Because you want to continue to live?

00:26:02--> 00:26:06

In other words, I said it. That's enough.

00:26:07--> 00:26:23

Because in that case, you respect the authority of the mom. And she says, I don't have to explain myself to you. The loot the rules are the rules. The rules are the rules, right? I don't have to explain them to you. And Allah gives us rules, yes or no.

00:26:25--> 00:26:29

If there's anyone who doesn't have to explain why it's Allah,

00:26:31--> 00:26:34

if Allah says do something, and the human being says, But why?

00:26:36--> 00:26:38

Why Why? Why do I have to pray five times?

00:26:39--> 00:26:48

Why is it three and a half from Muslim? And four for me, Sha? Why can I have two for Muslims? And one for Russia? Why is there no discount program?

00:26:50--> 00:26:59

How come? Why not? And does Allah Are you an explanation for why? No, but look at what Allah doesn't know, Quran.

00:27:00--> 00:27:05

Allah says, alcohol and gambling are bad for you.

00:27:06--> 00:27:15

And then he says, if no Huma acabado min Neferet Hema, the harm that comes out of them, is greater than any benefit that comes from them.

00:27:17--> 00:27:26

The evil that comes from them is greater action literally says the evil that comes from them. And the consequences that come from them are far greater than any good that comes from them.

00:27:27--> 00:27:29

Allah didn't have to tell me that.

00:27:30--> 00:27:55

Allah could have just said, stay away from gambling, stay away from alcohol. And if I said, But why? Because I told you why that should be enough for you. Do you understand? But Allah didn't do that. In some cases, Allah said, Let me tell you why. I'll tell you because I'm letting you know, if you keep consuming alcohol, and you keep engaging in gambling, you will have a lot of harm.

00:27:56--> 00:28:08

In the state of Nevada, in the United States, the state that has the city of Las Vegas, you may have heard of Las Vegas before, right? I've been to Las Vegas many times for a Quran conference.

00:28:10--> 00:28:11

It's true. It's true.

00:28:14--> 00:28:16

Some people were like I knew it. I knew it.

00:28:22--> 00:28:26

The State of Nevada for a long time. I don't know what the I haven't gotten back recently. But

00:28:27--> 00:28:51

they made so much money from the casinos that they actually prove if you get a B average in your high school, your four year college degree is free. In the state of Nevada, in America, you pay for college, but you don't pay in the state of Nevada, if you have above a certain average. They don't have any state income tax, they have much better health care than most of the United States. They have more

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heart surgery centers and hospitals than anywhere else, which makes sense, I think, right? more heart attacks than anywhere else. Right.

00:29:04--> 00:29:46

There's a really interesting place. And they have they have better they have laws where you can't harass citizens, you know, in America, the police, they hide behind the bridge. So when you speed they pull out, but they're not allowed to hide in the state of Nevada. They're not allowed to act. So they have all these provisions. So, so much benefit came to that society because of the gambling industry, you understand. And of course the casinos, how do they keep their customers in the casinos? They actually have you know how we have air conditioning here. They have oxygen pumps in the in the the larger the slot machine room, they keep pumping fresh oxygen into the room, so you

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stay awake longer. They actually literally do that. Okay. And the engineers, the behavior psychologists that developed the slot machines, and the psychology of gambling to keep people addicted and

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keep them going. Some of the top ones were hired by Facebook and Instagram, and other leading social media companies to create addictive behavior for social media companies. So you should look that up. It's pretty fun facts. Okay? But anyway, they create this environment. And of course, they serve alcohol in some of these casinos, they serve you. So long as you stay at the tables and you keep gambling, they provide you free alcohol. Okay, so now you're getting free drinks, you're getting all this stuff. How do I know this? I reached I Googled Okay, and Google's.

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But all of this this environment that they created, so many economic benefits came to them from this.

00:30:40--> 00:31:20

But nobody talks about the suicide rate, the murder rate, how many families go bankrupt, because of somebody's alcohol addiction, they use up their family savings, they lose their job, they gambled away the house, they gamble away the retirement account. They gambled away the car, they gambled away the light the college savings for their kids, families are destroyed, future generations are destroyed. You get some tax benefits. You get some fancier houses in Las Vegas, you get some pretty streets. What do you pay in return? The human cost is much greater than any benefit that comes out of them. I asked a doctor in the United States I asked the doctor and works in the emergency room.

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And he works on Friday night, Friday, Saturday, Sunday night. And I asked him what's the worst night in the emergency room? He said Friday night.

00:31:29--> 00:31:36

And he's I asked him what have you seen? He says I see why Allah says there's evil and alcohol.

00:31:37--> 00:31:40

What people do after they get drunk. I see every Friday night.

00:31:42--> 00:31:55

It's not just people running their car into a tree or killing a child. It's people abusing each other, murdering, beating and then not remembering what they did. They don't remember what they did.

00:31:56--> 00:32:17

You know? So Allah, what did he do? He could have said don't drink alcohol. But he said what? The harm is greater than any benefit. He tried to explain it to us. When it came to divorce. People are getting divorced. Everybody has advice. Don't do it. It will ruin your life. What are you going to do after that your life is over.

00:32:19--> 00:32:46

You know how much shame will come on your family? Where are you going to provide from? How are you going to take care of your your this is the most unwise decision ever, ever. And what does Allah say? Allah also has advice. Allah, Allah talked more about divorce that he talked about anything else with it, Allah says, Allah said, we're here to Farakka. And if they end up parting ways, if they both go two different ways, you will run into one coulomb in Saudi Allah will give each of them from his own vastness.

00:32:48--> 00:33:25

Allah will take care of them. Allah gave hope. Everybody else is criticizing them and blaming them and pointing fingers at them. And Allah is saying what I'll take care of you will be okay. I know this is depressing. I know you didn't get married to get divorced. I know you didn't think it would turn out this way. I know that you didn't intend it this way. Life happened, situations happen. Don't be beat up. Allah will open new doors for you. Did you know the famous hire whoever has Taqwa of Allah, Allah makes a way out for them. And we'll provide them from where they couldn't even imagine what my yet duck inna is and the homeless version, where your food human high food accuracy,

00:33:25--> 00:33:27

that's in the Surah of divorce.

00:33:28--> 00:33:36

That's wisdom. Allah taught to people that are getting divorced because they feel like every door will be closed for them. Life is over for them. What are they going to do? Where are they going to go?

00:33:38--> 00:33:44

She's everything to me. He's everything to me. Now what Allah says, here's some wisdom for you. You need some wisdom right now.

00:33:45--> 00:34:16

One of the early definitions of wisdom was also advice. Advice, what will Allah do? Allah will sometimes give us a rule. And with that rule, he will also give us what advice, here's some advice for you. Here's some encouragement for you. That's also wisdom. On this, this, you know, on fasting, for example, and by the way, just since we're on the subject of divorce, let's finish that up. Allah says, even if you are going to get divorced, he says that and so on for bla bla, you know, don't forget to do favors to each other. As you're getting divorced.

00:34:17--> 00:34:23

Instead of, you know, I'm so glad I don't have to see their face anymore. And every time I hear their name I got

00:34:26--> 00:34:30

instead of that, Allah says, Don't forget to do favors for each other.

00:34:32--> 00:34:36

Just do the favor. Let it go. That and so on Feb. Lavina.

00:34:37--> 00:34:59

He said, he then says about fasting. Fasting is a rule fast. Allah could have said just fast in the month of Ramadan or fast when I'm telling you to fast. He doesn't. He says that I look into taco so you can develop Why should I have asked Allah so you develop an awareness of me. It'll help you develop God awareness. It'll wake something in you spiritually. It'll help you spiritually

00:35:00--> 00:35:33

This is Allah providing us the hikma of fasting. What am I trying to tell you more and more and more in the Quran, you will find laws. But right next to the law right next to the Kitab. There will be the word hikma and you have to look at them together. You have to look at the moral code and the legal code together. Because if you only look at the Kitab then you will become like Bani Israel. And if you only look at the hikma, you will become like the Christians

00:35:34--> 00:35:51

that will that's those are the extremes that you will go to. But you must bring the both of them together. Right? This is what you Andy Mohammed Kitab when hekman Subhan Allah so these are the few things that I wanted to share with you in this short journey. I hope you guys benefited from it inshallah.

00:35:53--> 00:36:27

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