Mohammad Qutub – Is Palestine important to Iran and its proxies – Relations with Hamas

Mohammad Qutub
AI: Summary © The conversation covers the history and potential conflict between the Republic of Afghanistan and the Republic of Syria, including the shia's support for the Iranian-ises-orrliant and the shia's support for the Iranian-ises-orrliant. The speakers express concern over potential conflict between the Acad Acadied and the Republic of Syria, and the potential for conflict between the United States, Iran, and other countries. They also discuss the use of chemical weapons and the potential for conflict between the Iranian and Iranian societies.
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Thank you for that. Excellent question. Brother. This was not rehearsed. By the way. I'm surprised by this question, but it's an excellent question. It has to do with some of what I wanted to conclude with as well, and didn't have time to do so.

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For a very long time,

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then this could become another lesson. So, stop me if it goes too long. Because there's a lot to say here and to unpack. Honestly, there's a lot to unpack here. There's a lot of confusion about this issue.

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For a long time, Arabs and Muslims try to see Iran and the Shia as their brothers in battle against the Zionist including yours truly. Okay. So most of the Arab and Muslim world respected and even looked up to Hezbollah in Lebanon, right.

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In fact, I wouldn't be exaggerating if I said, then if you pulled up a picture of Nasir Allah, someone might kiss it.

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After 2011 If you show him the same picture, he has spit on it.

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What caused such a change? The Syrian issue,

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the Syrian revolution we called

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alpha the HA the one that exposed

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the Syrian revolution exposed

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countries, organizations, personalities,

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and especially Iran and the Shia, because they sided with the tyrant Bashar Al Assad against the Syrian people completely. unabashedly just like everyone supports the Zionists Okay.

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upon that, Arabs and Muslims slowly

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understood the true colors of Iran and the Shia, that they are not truly our brothers in this battle.

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Then why does it seem that they are fighting Israel, and they are helping Hamas and the resistance and and and

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the ones who do so are doing so for their own self interests, state interest,

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the Shia are a minority in the Ummah and need to gain credibility in the eyes of Arabs and Muslims. Bashar Al Assad is the same him and his sect. They need to gain credibility because they are even further from the stand and the Shia. Because they are

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Musa Eries, also known as Allah whites,

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they need to gain credibility in the Ummah as well. What is the best way to do so? Right?

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Or get into the Trojan horse of Palestine?

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I call it a Trojan horse. Why? Because they use it.

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They ride on the issue of Palestine in order to show that they are indeed part of this ummah, they are fighting against Israel, so that they can continue to fool us as they did before. And then they

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did what they did, and they continue to prop him up and they continue to kill your brothers and sisters in Syria.

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Now, this, of course,

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was a problem for Hamas. Right. And to be fair,

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Hamas abandoned its offices in Damascus

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from the beginning of the revolution later with time unfortunately they started re establishing those ties. However, many people started losing respect for Hamas as well because of this

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ostensible relationship, okay.

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But even then, most people understand that they are the

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they represent the most important resistance in Palestine to this barbaric occupier. So, we will not allow that to

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For us to change our opinion of them to that extent. But yes, we severely abhor and condemn

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any kind of support,

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or acceptance they have of

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Iran or Hezbollah, or the Shia and so on.

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And this caused a lot of problems. And to be fair and honest as well, there are a lot of people within Hamas, who continue to criticize

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those who are in that camp, because it's not monolithic. So there are some in the group that continue to criticize that connection, and they want to sever it, and others say no, and it is about Aurora. And we don't have a choice. And there is no one else who is going to support and so on and so forth. So you have people who have been influenced in different ways.

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And of course, this led to a lot of back and forth between the Syrians and the Palestinians on the issue.

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Now, this is a very important point.

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Of course.

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Those who are not words do not have the pressure that Hamas have.

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Were able to say it like it should be said.

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Such as right salah.

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Okay, the leader of the

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Palestinian group in and within the green line in the Palestine of 1948. Right, they are able to talk more freely.

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And his deputy commander Catherine, they both said it

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liberating and Aqsa goes through Damascus.

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Meaning if you want to liberate the Aqsa, you need to liberate Damascus first. And this is highly

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I would say expedient and historically and religiously accurate. And they were able to say it that way. Because they realize that that is the case. Because my brothers and sisters, the cause of Palestine, the mother cause

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before 2011 was simply Palestine. But after 2011

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It became a little bit wider. It is the cause of a sham,

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a sham.

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The sham that was mentioned by the prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam.

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Which will be the stage. Right? As we know,

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in the end times a sham being where what is a sham? What does it include?

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Philistine and

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Syria, Jordan, and Lebanon, right? That whole area, this is a sham.

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We don't recognize what sites and Pico drew on that map in 1916. We know a sham. This is a sham.

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Before 2011.

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Nothing is going on in Syria after 2011. We see it as one in the same cause. It's the cause of a sham. This is the way we need to look at it. And the way we need to discuss it as well. So it's very short sighted.

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If some of our Palestinian brothers and sisters make it out to be a Palestinian issue, it's much bigger than that. And we know it is. And the Jews in Israel know it is okay and have said it time and time again. They are after biblical Israel, not just all of Palestine. Okay. Forget the map that Netanyahu held up in the United Nations recently that was just all of Palestine. No, they want that whole region. Okay, the whole Arab region, the point I'm making.

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This crisis reminded us of the deep hypocrisy of the world when they look at the issue of Palestine and Zionism.

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So we stand with our Palestinian brothers and sisters against all who support the Zionists.

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But in the Syrian issue,

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who seem to be the biggest supporters of the Syrian people,

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they the US,

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and other countries of the world who are the enemies, Russia,

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Iran, Hezbollah, right.

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So now,

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will our Palestinian brothers and sisters realize the sheer hypocrisy as well, and the double standards?

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And there is a difference.

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The scientists are the ones who are killing our brothers and sisters, not America. Not France, not Germany, not Ukraine. Right. But they are just supporters.

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In the case of Syria, Iran killed Hezbollah is killing. They are the ones who are slaughtering children. And this is authentic.

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They are the ones who are doing that. How can they then support or accept their support? So it's it's a difficult issue? It's a difficult issue. But now we look at it this way.

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Now, for some Syrians, they will say,

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Yeah, I mean, America and Europe and everyone that's supporting designers, but you know, they're on our side, in the Syrian issue.

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As long as the Ummah understands its crises, and its causes and issues this way, with these borders, we will never get anywhere. It just shows you that in the end,

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again, it's about interests. Nobody really cares.

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if in the case of the supporters of Zionism,

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they don't really care about what's happening to the Palestinian people. We Assyrians need to understand as well, they don't really care about the genocide that is happening to the Syrian people.

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Then what is it? It is just that it seems that he is in that camp, the camp of Iran and Hezbollah

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if tomorrow, he severs that connection?

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They could care less what's happening to the Syrian people, you will be king, we will crown you as king and he will be president of Syria until you die, just like your father. Okay?

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It's just that connection that they don't like.

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So again,

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when we look at the cause, as the cause of a sham

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will make us look differently and understand things differently. Allah Allah, I hope I've answered your question

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used by

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the water

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can provide

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so hope.

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Again, this is

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a point of contention.

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Some Palestinians will tell you Wallahi we have not received anything from you.

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It is just lip service. This just in the media, or we are with them. Hezbollah, you know, shoots a rocket or two again, we are the cause. Bashar Al Assad was convening conferences on Palestine while he is dropping the bombs, the barrel bombs on hemsson Halibut Idlib.

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And on the rest of Syria, he is convening a conference for our poor Palestinian brothers and sisters. But what he did to the Syrians, the scientists did not do to the Palestinians.

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The designers use can be a chemical weapons.

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have other information?

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The designers use chemical weapons because the Palestinians know

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Musharraf used chemical weapons several times

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on his own people,

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you see.

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So when we compare,

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we might even see there's no comparison.

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And some of our Palestinian brothers and sisters who are objective enough, know this and will admit

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So did they really receive?

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Allahu Allah? Maybe a little bit, just to prove that yes, we are on your side. But again, it is just gaining the credibility. Otherwise in Syria, why are you on the short side? Who's your enemy? The Syrian people is your enemy all of a sudden?

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As soon as their enemy

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as soon as their enemy, it doesn't matter. The only reason they're helping is sooner in Palestine is because it serves their interest. Otherwise do you think they care about a lot so they don't care about al Qaeda whether

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I'll cover doesn't matter for them. Eventually the Hajj will be to come in Iran.

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You think they really care about al Qaeda?

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Or they care about Alexa?

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They had said it very clearly. Their main enemies are ethnic sunnah.

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Husband Allah and Allah keep us lucky.

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