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Yusha Evans
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the deception of the world and how it is deceptive, highlighting a simple scenario where the deity is put in the wrong place to fix. They stress the importance of striving for what one has and making it permanent, as well as the loss of children and the need to prioritize one's beliefs. The speaker also warns of the loss of a child and mentions upcoming programs to honor its legacy.
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faced death. But at the end of this verse, Allah subhanho wa Taala asks a question and then answers the question himself. Allah subhanho wa Taala says we're Malahide to dunya. What is the life of this one? What is it what is the the context of the life of this world? Allah Mehta, Guru except but an enjoyment in delusion and enjoyment in deception. Allah Jalla wa Ala is reminding us that this world has many enjoyment, beautification. There's a lot of things that are amazing about this life. But in reality, they are a deception. They are deception. One of the reasons that they are deception is that they all come to an end. Everything on this planet everything in the universe, Allah subhanahu

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wata and it will destroy will destroy eludes you except for his face. So no matter how much of you've tried to compile, no matter how much you fought over, no matter how much you strove over, no matter how hard you work to get it, at the end of the day, you will either leave it or Allah subhanho wa Taala will destroy it. Now, we can look at this a couple of ways. As I said in the khutbah, there is no way where Allah commands us to be poor. Allah commands us to hate this life. Allah commands us to sit in the masjid and make dua and hope that you know, the Czech will arrive in the mail. That's not the way it works. We are to work and toil and we can have the good things of

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this life. The thing that we need to remind ourselves is not what of this world we possess. But what of this world possesses us. How does it possess us? It's not that we can't have things, it's those things should not own us. They shouldn't control us. They shouldn't possess us. It was known amongst the companions of the Prophet alayhi. Salatu was Salam and the self of our pious predecessors, that many of them had been blessed, with great amounts of wealth in this life, great amounts of wealth. But that wealth, this world was in their hands, the dean, the Dean of Allah subhanahu, Atlanta, was firmly resting in their hearts was in their hearts. And if something in their hearts became broken,

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if something in their religion came undone, or was improper, or was out of place, they would put down that witches in their hands, they would put the world down, in order to fix that which is in their hearts. Us the later generations, the newer generations, we have flipped this scenario, we have taken the world and put it in our hearts. And that's what we covet and what we love. And we have taken the deen of Allah, the religion and put it in our hands. And if that which is in our hearts is out of place, we will put that down which is in our hands to fix it. This is a simple scenario to be fixed. It simply is that we must put this world in its proper perspective, that it is

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a deception. It is not reality. The things that will last are the things of Africa. These are the things that will be permanent. So we should strive with whatever Allah has given us in this life, even if he has blessed us to have a lot. Even if he has blessed us to have only a little we should strive with that which is temporary in this life, to make that which is permanent in the next life. If you own beautiful things in this life, that's not a problem. If you have a beautiful amazing home that you go to every night Alhamdulillah May Allah bless you in it. The Prophet alayhi salatu wa sallam said that one of the blessings of this life, one of the tranquility of this life is to have

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an open big home. That is a beautiful thing to have. But if that house was to burn down tonight, would your relationship with Allah subhanho wa Taala change tomorrow? Would you have doubt about Allah subhanho wa Taala tomorrow? Would your iman lower because of the fact that Allah has taken everything from you? or would this bring you closer to Allah? Or would you say in a hamdulillah for what He has given me and hamdulillah for what he has taken away? It is in lost that we are truly tested. Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah tells us through the prophet Muhammad Alayhi Salatu was Salam that even have the greatest test of loss in this life, the test of the loss of a child. I don't

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think anyone in here as a parent could ever imagine being tested anything greater than losing their child. But even in that, the Prophet alayhi salatu salam guaranteed, guaranteed a palace and paradise for someone whom Allah subhanho wa Taala removes their child from them, and He praises them and he praises Allah. He says of hamdulillah for what He has given him for what he has taken away. He says that Allah Jalla wa Ala will tell the angels go build my slaver palace and Paradise and name it Baitul hand because my slave has praised me. So it's showing that Allah gives anything he wants, he is elegant, he he can give you without thought without taking anything from his dominion. But at

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the same time, Allah subhanho wa Taala can take it all away. And this word can either become a means of benefit for us in Africa, or it means of test and punishment for us in Africa. So Allah is reminding us with this verse at the beginning, you're going to die. This life is very short. And then he is questioning us to think what is the life of this world? It is nothing but an enjoyment that is a truly a deception. Do not be fooled.

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In this world, the prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam was once walking by with his companions. And there was a dead carcass on the side of the road. He picked it up by its ear, and showed it to his companions and said, Who would buy this from me who would buy this from me at a small price, he offered a small amount, they said, O Messenger of Allah, we wouldn't even take it from you, if you were giving it away for free. If you were offering to give it away for free, we didn't want to take it from you. He said know that Allah Jalla wa Ala views this whole world and everything that is in it with the same disdain that you view this and know that that is the worth of this entire world and

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everything that is in it to Allah subhanho wa Taala Anna, in look how we fight, and we strive, and we struggle over it, we have to realize this. Lastly, the prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam. He talked about plans. This is what I talked about on Friday having a plan, the very famous baseball player name, Yogi Berra, came up with a very famous saying that used in business left, right and center, that failing or failing to plan is planning to fail, that if you fail to plan in your life, you are planning to fail. The Prophet alayhi salatu salam said about plans, he drew some lines in the sand in front of his companions, one that was closer to him and one that is farther away from him. And he

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pointed to one that is farther away. And he said this is the human being the man's hopes. This is his desires. This is his wishes. This is his grand scheme of life. But as he walks the path, he's going to run into this first line first. That is his death. None of us will ever finalize all the plans that we have in this life, know that we can have the greatest laid out plans, but death is going to come and put in into them very soon. Insha Allah Who to Anna, so if Allah has blessed you in this life, be grateful to him. Don't let it own you own whatever you want in this world. Just don't let it possess you. Don't let it possess you. Put the religion in your heart firmly. Keep the

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world in your hands and then you'll have a proper balance and shout Allahu Tiana and when push comes to shove, you will know what to prioritize but the law does suck Allahu khairan I will see you guys again on Thursday. We have some amazing programs coming out this week in sha Allah to honor that will be announced very soon said Mr. Muhammad Allah he will dedicate to it

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