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Let's keep moving forward with patience. Stay strong on your mission, because you are commanded by the by your rub. Because of the HUKUM of your rub, stay, keep working forward, because you are definitely under our eyes.

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So you're you know how in engineering, there are stages of product development. And you have to go through one design phase, then the next design phase and the next design phase. It's like Musab asylums, life was being engineered by Allah, and every part of the design, every one of those experiences was part of the design, so you could be ready for your real mission. And then this is a really beautiful lesson that the experiences that we go through, they are part of Allah's design, to help engineer us because we are like the human beings are like, like a baby's like raw materials. Right? It's like raw materials. And as Allah puts us through these experiences, actually, each one

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of those experiences starts building our understanding builds our maturity builds our experience, sometimes you develop strength by going through pain, right? Like for this is just Allah is designed, you know, athletes, for example, if they want to improve themselves, they have to push harder than their previous stamina to improve, right and that's how they're being engineered to perform even better and better and better. So Allah says to him when he does it so you can be crafted, engineered even under my watch, and I want you to remember this phrase crafted under my watch. Now, I told you the connection, there's some sort of a connection between Musa alayhis salaam

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and new Hyundai Sonata and I told you about the mountain and the sea, and the story of Musa alayhis salaam and the mountain and the sea, and the story of new Elisa. Then I told you that Musa alayhis salam said, Allah says to him, you will be craft you were you're so you can be crafted under my watch. And then you find a similar phrase, in the story of new Halle Salaam. When you look at the story of Noah de salaam, and He, Allah told him to build this ship, which was a strange instruction, because there was no water anywhere nearby. Why am I building a ship? And nobody even knows how to build a ship? Nobody because they don't, they're not people that live next to the sea. So they have

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no reason to know how to build the ship. So Allah gives him why and he says, what's natural full caviar, you Nina,

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engineer the ship, under our watch.

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Musa alayhis. Salam was told, I engineered you under my watch and knew how they said I was being told, engineer this ship under my watch. And so this phrase is similar between these two stories also. Now what let's focus on new Hyundai Salaam for a couple of moments, when he was being told to engineer the ship, then everyone around him who already they already called him crazy. They already insulted him for many generations. In fact, some of the things we learned in the Quran, the hints that we get is that people used to disbelieve in new holy Salaam and then they would get married young men disbelieved in him, young men and women. They got married, they have children, they bring

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their children and say, don't listen to this crazy old man. And then those children get older, they get married, they have children, they bring their children and say, Matt, my dad told me don't listen to this crazy old man. So generations and generations used to insult new highlight earlier he said up, but now after 950 years, Allah is telling him build a ship. And they are looking at him building a ship. And this is the we told you he's crazy. This is see this is the craziest thing he's ever done. Right? So one of the big allegations against new holiday Salaam is that he is insane. By the way, that same accusation was made against Musa alayhis salam also he was called insane also.

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But anyway, so he's building this, this this ark, the ship under the watch of Allah. But while he is building it, the more he builds it, the more people make fun of him, the everyday he's working on it, you cannot build the ship in one day, you cannot engineer it in one day. You're working on it, working on it, working on it. And Allah is it's almost as if you know, when you when you design something, when you especially construction project engineering project, and we know it's big enough that it's going to fit human beings, it's also going to fit animals. So it's a very large construction project, right? So you have to have blueprints, and you have to have a schematic. So

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you can put the right pieces in the right place and you have to have structural engineering given all of this has to be taken care of. Allah says well how am Allah who Allah that Allah Han will do so in another place? He says, we made we boarded them boarded him onto something made up of boards of wood planks of wood and nails. It's as if every board of wood and every nail was this

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lined by Allah put this here, put this here, put this here. So everybody else is calling him crazy, but he's working according to the design Allah has revealed to him, you know, and he's designing this ship. Now why did I mention both of these things to you? Now I slowly work towards the point that I wanted to share with you in this court bar is a really beautiful surah in the Quran that I came here to, to not only study but share some lessons from with a group of our students sudo to tour so tourists are number 52 in the Quran, and I'd like you to go after the football this weekend. Just read through the tour on your own. In the beginning of Soto tour, Allah takes a number of

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oaths, he swears by a number of things. The first thing he swears by is the mountain.

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And the last thing he swears by is the sea. So what tool were Kitabi muster? Fira? Cavemen Sure, well Baitul Marmore WELL, WELL battery mature, actually was suck filmer for a while battery mature. So the first thing was the mountain and the last thing was the sea. And it's very subtle and delicate. That at the end of the surah Allah talk to his Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, Allah talked to Muhammad Rasool Allah salAllahu Alaihe Salam. And he said to him, was barely hooked me Rebecca for in NACA br Yuna

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says keep moving forward with patience, stay strong on your mission, because you are commanded by the by your rub, because of the HUKUM of your rub, stay, keep working forward, because you are definitely under our eyes. The same phrase that I told you was used in the story of Musa alayhis salam, the same phrase that was used in the story of new holiday Salam is a similar phrase that Now Allah is using for Muhammad Rasul Allah salAllahu Alaihe Salam, and he's using it as pseudo tour in the beginning of which he made a hint towards the mountain and he made a hint towards the sea, though but what does it mean for our Prophet alayhi salatu salam, it actually it's kind of a

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combination of both of those stories, and then even more, in the sense that Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is going to go through many, many experiences while he is in Makkah. And every one of those experiences is part of what Allah wants him to go through, not just for him, but actually the the lessons for all of the Ummah until Judgment Day are being designed by the experiences that our Prophet is going through Salallahu Alaihe Salam, if we contemplate that for a little bit, that's a very powerful lesson. What is that lesson every Surah of the Quran that we recite so beautifully, our Quran, memorize them, and we enjoy them, reciting them in the prayer, when those sutras were

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given to the Prophet sallallahu, alayhi wasallam. When he would recite them, people would call him crazy. People would insult him. And he had to go through those experiences. So that 1000 and a half years later you and I can recite those same sutras, you understand? So He, Allah put him through that, because actually, he had to go through that. So one day we can value what were reciting. So one of the things that every Muslim myself and yourself should be aware of, is the words of Allah that we get to recite. They're not cheap. It was a big sacrifice that had to be made. And there was also a Salam was being crafted and his mission was being designed by Allah with a lot of pain. So

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that one day we can have the convenience of having access to the word of Allah, because it did not come to us in an easy way. It came through us to the soccer through the sacrifices of our messenger, salallahu Alaihe Salam, and those that believed in him. The other thing is that in both of those stories, and especially in the story of New Orleans, salaam, Allah azza wa jal told no hana, he said I'm to build this ship, but why was he telling him to build the ship, because the adab of Allah is very close. The job of Allah is very close. So two things are getting closer to two things are increasing. One, the time they have left, and the state of emergency is increasing to the way they

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make fun of him is also increasing. And as the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was making his Dawa, and he was sharing the Quran with the people of Makkah, their aggressiveness towards him was also increasing. And the more their aggressiveness was increasing, the time for hijra, was also coming closer and closer. The time to leave MCCA was coming closer and closer, when he has to leave Makkah. The moment he will leave Makkah, the new chapter will begin and a new chapter is not just the life in Medina, it's the chapter of adab punishment for the people of Makkah. And the first episode of that punishment was brother the

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The second episode was awkward and so on and so forth. Right? The punishment was the phase of Dawa is over now Allah's punishments will begin for them. No holiday Salam has to build the ark and soon after that the punishment of Allah will come. So to suicide Salam is being told you stay on your mission. We're watching. We're watching for a Nikka br You Nina. But there's a subtle difference. There's a really interesting small difference. And there's a beautiful connection also between the building of the ark and what the Prophet SAW Selim was given when Allah says in Naka br Yanina Russell, new Holly salon was told to build the ark was Neral phulka be Ioannina. It also suggested

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that we will watch over every single nail, every single piece of wood, we will control every part of this design. And Rasulullah Salallahu Alaihe Salam is being told what's really hooked me Rebecca in NACA br Yanina, stay committed to your mission, no matter what people are saying to you, no matter how much they call you crazy. Whatever insults they give you. Keep moving forward, don't back down. Because every step you take is being designed by us.

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Every single step you take is being designed by us. So don't think these people have control. Don't think these people can cause any failure, they cannot cause anything, you just keep doing what you're doing. Your mission is this. And it doesn't matter what anybody else says. So it's almost like when Rasul social and is thinking about the work that he's doing, he can't help but make the connection between what new Hadees Saddam was doing, as he was building the ark. But the problem with that was, the more you build the ark, the closer you get towards the punishment. The closer you the people of Newhart getting towards punishment, and the more Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam is

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giving Dawa, the closer his people are getting towards the punishment, things are about to change. Things are about to change, and so beautifully what Allah does in this in this surah he tells the Prophet alayhi salatu salam to make this be

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he tells him seems like it's unrelated was when you hook me up Becca, for Inaka, br you Nina was sub we hum the Arabica Hinata comb Wamena Layli. For Sabir who worried about a new job. As you get to the end of the surah. The Prophet socialism is being told, keep doing this be of Allah until it's about on new June. Meaning do this we have Allah in the nighttime also, until the stars begin to disappear, meaning Fajr time Yeah. And this is a very important image because the image of doing the speech of Allah in the night is actually like his mission. He is calling to Allah describing the perfection of Allah, sharing the word of Allah. And around him is the darkness of Cofer darkness of

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shirt like the darkness of the night. And soon that situation is about to change. There's going to be a new morning that's coming. A new light is going to emerge out of Medina, a new situation is going to arise and to prepare for that mentally. The prophets lie Selim is being told Wamena Layli for Serbia, who were advised on YouTube, declare Allah as perfection until the coming of the morning until the disappearance of the stars meaning there's new light that's coming, right so in it, there's a subtle hint that things are about to change until the hokum of Allah comes. Until then you keep doing this what's really hooked me up because until then you keep working. But soon I will give

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you a new home, a new rule and that rule will be to make hijra, and you'll have to go Hey guys, you just watched a small clip of me explaining the Quran in depth as part of the deeper look series. Studying the Quran in depth can seem like a really intimidating thing that's only meant for scholars our job at Vienna is to make deeper study of the Quran accessible and easy for all of you. So take us up on that challenge. Join us for this study the deeper look of the Quran for this surah and many other sources on Vienna tv.com under the deeper look section