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in Alhamdulillah Muhammadu Hornstein who want to stop federal when I owe the villa he may surely unforeseen ailments say the Medina, Mejia de la who follow a model Allah wa my yield the little fella hottie Allah wa shadow Allah Allah illallah wa de hula Sharika wash hadoo ana Muhammadan Abu rasuluh Johan Lavina on otaku la Hakata hottie What are tomo tuna Illa Juan to Muslim moon? Yeah you have Latina on otaku? Allah how Apolo Conan sadita Useless glaucoma glaucoma, glaucoma xinova Come when were you to Allah how Rasulullah who forgot the Pfizer? Fosun Alima and my bad for in US talkin Hadith Nikita Allah wa Arsenal howdy howdy Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam with Sharon more

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data to her? Well coulomb that invada Wakulla with attend Allah Allah will call it all 10 for now. Brothers and Sisters in Islam, we titled this hotbar what kind of leader would you be? One of the interesting comments that you hear all the time because of what's going on in the husband and Philistine? We hear a lot of the blame on the Muslim leadership. And there's no doubt that a lot of the blame is on Muslim leaders.

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But it begs an interesting question. How is it that the Muslim countries always tend to have the worst leaders? And it's not just recently, but for decades has always been the worst leaders? Is it that Allah subhanaw taala is always testing us with the worst? Or is it that

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the worst in every country just happens to rise up to power? Or could it be that everyone is the same? We're just like them. But we just haven't been given the opportunity and been given that much power and wealth at our fingertips. Meaning let's look at it another way.

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For sure every single person in this room would like to believe that if Allah subhanaw taala put them in charge of a nation tomorrow, that they would want it like Abu Bakr, they're low on home, or run it like Omar.

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And it's hard to believe that anyone in this room wouldn't wouldn't plan it that way. Nobody would say, You know what, I will be corrupt. I'll imprison my opponents, I will steal the wealth of the citizens, I will favor my family and friends and give them advantages over others. Everybody in this room believes genuinely, that they would run their nation like a rulebook, like Omar with justice, with equality and all that.

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But now we have an exercise we can all conduct. And that is every single one of us, Allah subhanaw taala has put us in charge of one group of people or another. Either you're a husband, you're in charge of your household, you're in charge of your wife and your children. Or you're a business owner, you have employees or you're a manager and you manage people who work underneath you, or you run an adult organization, every single one of us is in charge of one thing or another. So in that small world where Allah subhanaw taala has put you in charge, do you behave like a miniature Abu Bakr and Omar?

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If the answer is yes, then most likely if Allah gave you an entire nation, you would be like the big Abu Bakr and Omar and if you right now behave like a mini fill in the blanks Qaddafi CC Mubarak fill in the blanks. We're not going to we're not going to agree on names. Just put any name you want. Do you behave like those people? The point of this Hotbot brothers and sisters is that when you dislike a quality in someone, make sure that quality is not in you. And it can't be that way.

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We're drinking tea and talking about what is wrong with all the leaders because they're corrupt because they're liars because they're unjust. And we're just like them, we're corrupt, we're liars. We're unjust. When we dislike a quality and someone, we have to make sure that we don't possess the same quality. So right now, with your employer, with your family, with people that you are in charge of, do you behave like a miniature Abu Bakr Omar, or like a miniature fill in the blanks with any Muslim leader name. And if the case is that we behave in a miniature scale, like a corrupt ruler, what makes us think that if we're in charge of a nation, we would be like a rulebook and like oh my

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God, Allah on home.

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Let's take this example of Omar Abdulaziz Ahmed Abdul Aziz was considered the fifth of the rightly guided Khilafah even though by an order he was number 13, the 13th Khalifa, but they consider him to be the fifth of the right legal Khilafah. Because he was at that level, I'm gonna have knob disease in his home, he had two oil lamps one where the oil was paid for from his pocket. The other the oil was paid for by the, from the treasury of the Muslims. And as long as he was doing work for the Muslims, or for the government, he made sure he was using the lamp that was paid for the oil is paid for by the Muslims. And if he needed to stop for a minute, and do something, wash his hands or do

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something for himself personally, he would put out that fire and light another one, the one where the oil is paid for from his own pocket. And you would think like, why not just estimate it'll probably be a teaspoon of oil. No, this is the level to which he was careful. And they would say that sometimes he would turn these lamps on and off multiple times a night, as he switches from his government work to his personal work. That's one example. The other example is one day he woke up and it was a cold morning and the water the bath water was cold. So he told one of the servants go and hit up my bath water. And the servant comes a while later, and the water is warm. So he asked

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him, Where did you warm this water? So the servant said, I walked into the kitchen of the Muslims paid for by the treasury of the Muslims. Early on in the morning, they wake up and they cook for the poor and the orphans and the widows. And they had finished cooking, he said in the wood was just burning. So I put your pot over it and I heated your water. So I'm gonna Abdul Aziz was shocked. He said, you use the fire of the Muslims, the fuel of the Muslims to heat my personal bath water. And the servant explained to him, he said, Yeah, I mean, they'd finished cooking. And it's not like today we can turn off the stove. The fire was just gonna burn into the air, he said. So instead of

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just burning it to the air, I put your pot over it. And I'm Rob Abdulaziz refused to use that water. Look at the example of above the second Khalifa. One time a man came from a distant part of the Muslim empire, and he had a large container of musk or oil. And he gave it to a hotdog and he said, to distribute it amongst the believers. So oh my God, Allah, Allah will now need someone to empty this vessel into smaller containers, so they can distribute this to the people. So his wife volunteered to do it. So he refused. So she asked why he said, because you're gonna go with your finger haka, and then you're going to go out Qaeda.

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He said, It's inevitable as you're emptying out oils, someone's gonna get on your finger. And when a good odor get on you, what do you do, you don't wash your hands. He said, You're gonna wipe it on your clothing, meaning you're gonna get some of that scent. And the man didn't say this is for the wife of a middle minion. And for the believers, he said, This is for the believers, and he didn't want his family to just even get the scent on their fingers, tips or on their clothing. So this is the example. If we examine ourselves now, do we behave like a hotdog or ombre? If not the disease with our employer? How long? And how many minutes over? Does our lunch break? Go? How are we with

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our timesheets? Do we round off? 10 minutes over here and 15 over there? Do we use the copy machine for our for our personal use? Do we serve the internet while we're supposed to be working for employer? Do we use the color printer for our personal use? Do we listen to Islamic lectures people thinking they might make it halal by doing that Islamic lectures even instead of working?

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So you answer your question to yourself, are we miniature Abubaker an amaz right now in the places where Allah has put us in charge or has given us some type of authority? Or are we miniature examples of the same ones that we critique and we blame for everything

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that is happening and follow Steen. Let's look at how we treat our wives. Many of us were very mean to our wives, we threatened them. We raise our voices at them. And many people though it goes primarily or mainly and unchallenged, but many people hit their wives even Imams hit and strike their wives. And the prophets Allah Allah, Allah made it the measuring stick to tell if a person is good or not how he treats his wife. Call us on Allah Salam, hydrocodone, hydrocodone. Leah, Holly, well, Anna Hi, Eurocom Leah Holly, I am the he said the best of you is the best of you too, though their family, their wife. And a scholar said why the wife because a man can be in the masjid. And he

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can be outwardly showing signs of Eman. Yeah, and he has so much Taqwa he's going to faint. But then when he goes home, profanity and hitting and beating and threatening, but the scholar said, if someone is decent with his wife, then he's probably decent outside of the house as well. But the opposite is not necessarily the truth.

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So if we're this way with our wives, and Allah has put us in charge of them, then what makes us think that if Allah puts us in charge of an entire nation, we're going to be fair, we're not going to be corrupt. We're not going to imprison our enemies and give preferential treatment to our family members. If you remember the narration, Amara Allahu Anhu. He was in an in an area called and hammer and hammer is where they would put the camels to graze. And he noticed some cameras that were particularly fatter and in better shape than the other camels. So he asked who these camels belong to. They said they belong to your son Abdullah, the son of a mural Mini. So he called his son

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Abdullah. He said, What's the story behind these camels? He said, I bought them and I let them graze here so they can get older and bigger and then I could sell them for a profit. He says, sell your camels and keep your capital and get rid of all of your profit. So he said, why? He said, because your camels are in better shape and fatter than the rest, because they got preferential treatment, they got better treatment, because people will say Eero Abel, even Ameerul macmini is Oh, even even even Ameerul Momineen. Give let the camels have the son of middlemen in drink first, let them eat better let them graze in the better area. That's why they're in better shape. So sell the camels

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Take back your capital and put all the profit back in the treasure of the Muslims. This was the example of Omar Radi Allahu Anhu. And only you can answer this question by yourself. And only when we improve as a group will our situation improved? Allah azza wa jal says in the Quran, Willow and Cora Manu what tako la Veta Hana Allah him Baraka de Minister Ma, it will org and if the people of the village where God conscious and God fearing we would have opened blessings from the heavens and the earth upon them, and Allah azza wa jal says in Allaha la yoga you Roma Bill Coleman had you a Euro, maybe unfussy him. And as a note in the verse says, Indeed, Allah does not change the

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situation of a people until they change themselves what is in themselves. And this verse is actually revealed concerning changing a good situation to a bad situation. But the scholar said, it also applies to when you're in a bad situation, and it's going to change into a good one, you also have to change yourself to the good. What we're talking about brothers and sisters is beginning with ourselves, because it's always easy to point the finger and point out what someone is doing wrong or what is wrong with their character and their behavior. But we want to begin with ourselves and examine ourselves. Do we have the qualities of Bobak and Omar probably Allah on home? Or do we have

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the qualities of the same Arab leaders that we blame for everything that's wrong with the Ummah and dislike, and only you can answer the question for yourself Akula kolyada was tougher, Allah love him. Lee welcome and Jimena Buena Vista Pharaoh Fairphone Mr Vereen ask Allah Subhana Allah for his forgiveness Indeed, those who ask for his forgiveness shall prosper.

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah meanwhile, he wants us to be here Jemaine about

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sometimes even amongst religious people, you find intra intense hatred. And it's becomes the worst when they think they're hating someone else who is not a heroic

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IQ is not a motor there is not someone from a different yeah need brand or sector of Islam or follows a false prophet, but someone from amongst them similar to them and believe in Al Qaeda, but they will hate him. And it's worse when they hate them thinking they're doing it for the sake of Allah azza wa jal, and that's far worse than doing it for the sake of dunya. Because if you hate someone because Allah gave him a mansion, you hate someone because Allah gave him a car one day you're gonna feel ashamed of yourself, for hating them for what Allah gifted them with. But if you think you're doing it out of religiosity and obedience to Allah azza wa jal, what will ever make you

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give that up.

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One of the students of Scheffel Islam, Ibn Taymiyyah, Rahim Allah, He said, I wish I could treat my best friends, the way Ibn Taymiyyah treated his worst enemies. I wish I could treat my best friends, like how even Taymiyah treated his worst enemies. He says one day, one of the biggest enemies of Scheffel Islam, even Taymiyah rahamallah, one of his biggest enemies died. So I came to his house, and I told him good news, your enemy, so and so died, he said, The Imam got so angered with me. And he rebuked me and he said, How can you rejoice? How can you be happy that someone died? Because there are people across town, this is the worst day of their life. For their children, they lost

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their dear sweet father, and this is the saddest day of their life. For the wife, she lost her husband and this is the saddest day maybe he left some siblings, and this is a sad day for them and parents will outlive them. So he said, then he immediately got up and he got dressed. And he went to the deceased, the family of the deceased, and he spoke to them ever so kindly and ever so gently, and he told them that I am to you. I will be in in his place his replacement, whatever you need, you come to me before you you go to anyone else. And if you need money, I will give it to you before anyone else. And that's why the students said I wish I could treat.

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He said I wish I could treat my best friends the way you've been Tamia dealt with his worst enemies. One of our friends in Virginia, he was making a stand for the OMA. He was reprimanding the FBI agent and telling him to leave the Muslims alone. This is after 911. And then the FBI agent started to reprimand him. He told him Do you know how many calls we get per day, which we are required by law to pursue when Muslims call on other Muslims saying this person is an extremist, you need to look into this person. He says we are required by law to look into it. And when we look into it, we just find that it was someone who owed someone money or two that had a business deal that didn't work.

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We're doing it to each other look at this level of hatred.

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There was also in Virginia, a businessman and a chef who made a business deal, but they didn't write down the details. And it didn't work out and both of them lost money. And the businessman was telling me personally, he said Wallahi there is not a sujood that I make except I make dua against the sheer

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need to this degree. And this was at a time when the US was invading Baghdad invading Iraq and and Afghanistan by beyond you couldn't save this every such that for George Bush. Well, Tony Blair, the shareholder people.

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But with that, ask Allah subhanaw taala to make use of those who recognize the truth as clear truth and follow the best of it. And to make use of those who recognize falsehood as clear falsehood and abstain from it. Allahumma will help the hub convert alternativa What I didn't know about Villa Battilana was orphanage in Alba Allahu Allah Jalla dunya Akbar Hamina. While I'm a blogger, Elmina wala Elon Musk, Tirana, Allah homearama Halaby one and mustafina Fear Allah homearama Halaby one and mustafina Fie Philistine Allahumma Fuka Hisar. Home will forage hammer home when a fiskardo home, were ASIMO batalla home wash female da home watch orchestra home whether we are home walk by the

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shahada home Allah Houma Kula home owner wanna Sera? Allah whom McCullough whom I don't know what else era Allahumma bream Luma tell Islami um run up to Arctic Wi Fi Illuminati ma see Arctic whale Murphy Hubble maruf while Yun haffi Hanuman SML da also Allahumma robotic Arbroath, Ratan la Alameen wa ala he was so happy hedge my angel como la salatu Mohan Kamala