Sulaiman Moola – Where Do You Live?

Sulaiman Moola
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses a unique house in which humans live, and how it is impossible for them to be occupied by animals. They share their own experience of living in a house and being treated for their health, and their message is that everyone can live in their heart.
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Bismillah Ar Rahman AR Rahim, humans are known to pride themselves with the houses and the homes in which they live. But the truth be told, this is not exclusive to the human race, even other creatures, construct their own little homes, be the end home, or the nest of a bird. And if you look at the nest of a bird, you will be amazed to see the engineering skills of this little creature of nature. What is the definition of a house mm portobay says if it gives you protection from above and beneath you, then that's the roof and that's a covering what Coloma satara coming article about rune and if it conceals you from four sides, then it's pretty much a wall for that one government for who

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were beaten. And a structured combination of this is a house and a shelter. Well, today I share with you a house that is unique to the human race, and every one of us can afford it. And by the way, no one can evict you from it and you know, what's the best part of it? You can continue residency in it? Post your demise as well. And what is it? It is precisely what the Urdu poet said, below Mariana siko girl Meadow sabirah they had learn to live in the hearts of people. Otherwise we all occupy homes, the real place to reside and live is the heart of a human. When I didn't even know her saying open rallies they you know RBD passed away. Only at his demise did people discover that it was easy

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he didn't hand that was providing 400 families 400 families for the Moto mon wama mata to maka Remo home, while Ashok Oman were home fitness and where to some people die of physical death, but their legacy keeps them alive. And that's my message my brother and my sister. I often say it is difficult to recall all the names of people who request to ask from you. But it is more difficult to forget the names of those people who have earned to us from you by occupying a place in your heart.

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