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hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah Harlequin would you the middle Adam Magellan new remain Ebola mostly just subliminal Allah Manuel Kaito but he Allah another

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financial guru who Allah Messiah Ebuka Manisha Kuru who Anna Nam one of Salli ala Rasulillah from the shadow Phil Show me when noodle will Kitab will mahkum or camel in the beginner will hurt him. So you do well at the Adam. Allah the butcher Robbie Here is somebody memoriam or the Olivia 30 He Ebrahim or either his Salam Hina Cornejo, Farooq, pow AWT lehle Mohan for sallallahu alayhi wa sallam or other at very high lumen Latina BarakAllahu li him Gafford a nurse a lot of minimalism but hamdulillah Allah de la mia today's well done well let me Aquila who surely can fill milk well let me Aquila Julio Mina Dooley okay beautiful to Kabira

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hamdulillah Allah the Angela Allah Abdi Hill Kitab Willamina Chandler wherever will hamdulillah a Latina who wants to read or who want to still fiddle we will be one of our q&a He when our rules will be let him in surely unforeseen woman say at our Marina. When you have to healer who follow mobula woman you will have heard the other one a shadow Allah ilaha illallah wa the hula Sharika when a shadow Ana Mohammed Abdullah he rasool Allah Allahu Allahu Allah, Allah will Hooda within the U of Hara who are the deen equally he working Fabula he Shahida for sallallahu alayhi wa seldom at the Sleeman Kathira and Kathira not bad for him now circle Hadith Abdullah Mohammed Al Hadi Have you

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Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam were in a short roll Ohmori Magetta to her were in Aquila,

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Aquila. With it and Bala Baku la boda Lattin Finau Allah azza wa jal Vicki Tabby, he'll carry him by the Buddha Rupa bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim. Masala, Xena, Yun Fiona and welcome visa vie de la he can actually have button but it's a virus and Abdullah equally some bullet in me to hubba Allahu Allah a fully Manisha who Allah who was urinating rubbish, actually, suddenly were silly. And we will rock the Tamil assignee of konkola Allahumma sabbatarians, notably La Ilaha illa Allah homage Allah Amida Latina Nam and for me, the study heard what also will help you but also be sub Amira, Bella and I mean,

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as we approach the end of Ramadan, I know one of the most common things that we're encouraged to do. And one easy way to earn good deeds, is to actually give sadaqa to give charity and to spend in the path of Allah. And this is a prime time to do that. In fact, a lot of people even try and give them a card in this time of the year, because it's the most rewarding time of the year. And try to be as as generous as they can be to take advantage of the blessings of these knights.

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It is also the same reason that a lot of different, you know, organizations and causes, ask for your support in this time of the year, because they know that Muslims are more giving in this time of the year. I thought it's appropriate at this time to actually go over some of the things Allah says about, about spending and Allah's path, that our guidance for us so the hotbar is actually not to try to get you to give, but to get you to get myself and you to understand what what are the requirements of giving that make sure that the good that we gave actually counts. We don't want it to not count in our favor. And Allah has given us guidelines for you know, what can what mistakes

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can we make, that nullify that that, you know, ended up making all of the sadaqa that you gave count for nothing. So I wanted to go over these ayat. For that reason. This is actually one of the longest sections or if not the, actually the longest section in the Quran, on spending in the path of Allah it's at the end of SoTL Bacara and its placement is very beautiful.

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A few Ayat before this Allah azza wa jal he talked about it we could see the famous iron Allahu La ilaha illa who will how you will consume and in those ayat Allah azza wa jal mentioned his unique name Al Hey, the source life, the living the source of all life, right, that's Allah's Name. Right after that Allah says Allah Who will you Lilina Avenue Euclid Johan Mina. Gulu Mati Illa know, Allah is the protective friend of those who believe he brings them out of darkness is into light. And darkness is our affiliated with death and light is affiliated with, with life. Plants, the seed is dead in the dark. And when it reaches the light, it's actually come to life, right? The same way on

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judgment day we're going to be in the darkness is of our graves, and we will come into the light it will come back out. That's what Allah is going to do but spiritually also we experienced darknesses and Allah pulls us out of those darknesses then Allah in the next ayah So Allah mentioned his name, the living that he mentioned, he pulls us out of darkness into light. And the next I love Tara lled ha Jabra haemophilia B and atta hula hula milk. If Allah Ibrahim Rob BLCU ye will you meet Allah and He will meet

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Raheem Ali Salam was facing off against a king who said, he told that King My master is the one who gives life and gives death. You see the same theme occurring again? And that King says no, I'm the one who gives life and death and he takes a prisoner and executes it and takes another prisoner on death row and let them go. Right. So this is I give life and death and then that Ibrahim Marley's have responded to him and silenced him. In the next day after that, oh can live the Mara Allah Korea to hear how we are to Allah, Arusha Kala and ye had the healer who are the motiva or like the one who passed by a town and he saw that the town was completely utterly destroyed and had been

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destroyed for a long time. You know, a place that has been turned into a ruin, an ancient ruin. And he looked at that place the prophets, a prophet looks at this place, and says, How will Allah bring this back to life this place will never be restored again. For Amata hula hula meet at an informal battle. So Allah gave him death for 100 years and brought him back to life. And asked him how long did you live? And then Allah asked him look to look at his, his mule, the donkey that was with him, the mule that was with him and said, You see those bones, the you know, the decays of a dead animal, and he restored it in front of his eyes. After that, if Allah azza wa jal again says What if Allah

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Ibrahim Robbie areni kafer to El Moussa, my master, show me how do you bring? How do you bring the dead back to life? And Allah asked him, don't you already believe it? Well, I'm talking one hour luckily, at white knuckle we know just just a tranquil my heart, I just I want to ask you this, because of, you know, I just want to make my heart feel at peace. And I've talked about this at length before. And Allah told him to do the do the exercise with four birds. That's the famous I have in 260, then Allah talks about spending. So he started talking about life, Allah being Alhaj. Then he talked about your fi, when you meet, he gives life and He gives death and all of these

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examples, and then he finally comes to spending. So the question is, what is the what is the connection between life and death and spending? You see, if a believer truly internalizes, that Allah is the One who gives life and death, then they become comfortable with the fact that they are this this journey that they have, in this life, that this journey that I have, it's going to have a necessary stop, which is going to be my depth. And then after that, there's going to be another bringing back to life. So I don't see that as some faraway thing. You know, like the disbeliever, in the home yacht owner who bear Eden when the Rahu Caribbean, when they see it as something far away,

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Allah says we see it as something near and a believer recognizes that as a reality, we recognize that death and what will happen after death is a reality. And everything we do in this life, is actually not just keeping in mind, hey, I have to prepare for this week, I have to, you know, prepare for next month, I have to prepare for this trip, etc, I have to prepare for this next life that's coming to write. And so if I myself am, I'm going to be taken away from this world, and then I'm going to be brought back to life, then everything I own, everything I own becomes easier for me to let go. So Allah Now to start off the subject of giving, which is letting go a part of yourself.

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And I want you to understand why this is important. From another point of view, the money that you own the money that I own, it didn't just come to you, you had to work really hard to get it. You had to give up a part of your life, and to do a job that you don't want to do. And to spend hours you didn't want to spend, and to study exhaustively and to sacrifice, playing games and sacrifice hanging out with friends, you have to sacrifice for your education, you have to sacrifice for job training at the sacrifice for the job itself. You have to sacrifice, being impulsive in your buying. So you can save. You had to sacrifice going to a restaurant or sacrifice, you know, buying new

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clothes, you got to save we got to save we got to save you had to sacrifice a lot of yourself. In a famous Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu earlier said, I'm a person that goes out to work is by Eero NAFSA, who is selling himself, right because you're you have this, you know, the most valuable asset you and I have the priceless thing that we have is our time. Right? And we have to give up so much of our time to earn an income so much of that time. And you know, people, you know, rant about it and talk about how much they hate your job or they hate your commute. How depressing it is to be stuck in traffic in the morning and all who's why are they doing it? What are they getting out of

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it? They're only getting one thing out of it, which is that money that they earn, so that money isn't just you know, dollars, you know it that that money represents a huge portion of your life sacrificed away. That's what it actually represents, which is why letting go of it is not easy psychologically somewhere in the back of your head. You know what you have to spend what you had to give up to get there to get that. So do

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becomes much more difficult to let it go. Right? And letting it go is almost as if letting go a part of yourself. And so Allah says this, look at look at how he explains what spending we should think about spending methodology. Now even Fiona and Wila, whom visa vie the law, the example of those who spend their money in Allah's path, gamma 30 Hubbardton. And But Sebastian Avila is like the example of a single seed, a grain, that gate when you when you planted it, it gave out seven sprouts. Frequently, some will attempt to have buy in every one of those sprouts, there are 700 seeds. So this one seed eventually grew, and it turned into 700. But pause for a second, What process did it

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take for the seed to turn into a tall, you know, tall stock that has seven sprouts, and has 700 seeds that's farming, that the process is farming. And farming doesn't happen automatically. Someone has to plant the seed, someone has to make sure the soil is good. You have to make sure it's getting enough water somewhere, you have to make sure it's getting enough sun, you have to make sure the you know, bugs aren't coming and termite and you know, other kinds of creatures aren't coming and destroying your crop. Weeds aren't coming in destroying it, the farmer has to protect it delicately, almost like a mother takes care of a baby. It's a really delicate process. And they have to keep an

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eye on it until it eventually reaches to the point where Okay, now I can get back its investment. So Allah giving this example is really remarkable. We started thinking oh, we give $1 Allah will turn it into $700. Right, that's the Yes, it's true. In fact, not just 700 he says Allahu Allah, a fully Manya SHA, Allah multiplies on top of that, whoever however much he wants, meaning the multiplication I can think of is 700. But even that 700 Each grain will get replanted, and then it will grow another 700. And each one of those is seven. So it's 700 times 700 times 700 into infinity. And even that isn't enough for us to understand how Allah multiplies. So he says Allah who

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will die for the minutia. But before all of that there's something more important, which is, the grain doesn't just come out on its own, Allah created a system by which the farmer actually has to take care of the plant, he has to exhaust himself. So the fact that he just planted it isn't enough. So you know what that tells us about spending in the path of Allah, the fact that I gave isn't enough, just the fact that I get, that's just the start. That's the first step. There's other stuff I got to do before I make sure this crop doesn't get ruined. And so he's pretty mentally preparing me to be, you know, to understand, this is not the kind of an act that is done. And that's it, it's

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been deposited, like, you know, like in the bank, when you deposit money in the bank, then you don't have to think about it again. It's yours. Now it's sitting there, you know, at least $100,000 FDIC insured but you know, beyond that, you know, you have some some level of security that that's there I already put it there. Not so when you give it the path of Allah we give it but then there are some it's still in danger, just like that seed is delicate, and it's still in danger. So what could those dangers be? He says Alladhina Yun Fukuda and wala hyung visa vie de la Sol Mala used to be Runa. And for Coleman, well, other than those who spend their money's in Allah's path, and then they don't

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follow up what they spend with two things, two things that can destroy men, what are other than

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and I'll explain them in a second. And if they can do that, meaning if they can spend and after that not make these two mistakes, then the homage to him and darabi him whether How can I let him know? And then they have their award with their master? Then they have nothing to fear, then they're not going to be sad. Okay, what are those two mistakes that are going to make sure I don't mess up? He says they don't follow up what they give with men, which actually means to remind anyone, yourself, anyone have the favor you did to someone?

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To not bring it you know, you don't you don't get to eat and mashallah, this year, I gave a $10,000 check on hamdulillah

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don't do it. Don't remind anybody else how awesome your charity was, you know, this year was good. And I was able to Alhamdulillah give lots, you know, I also gave her uncle, you know, 100 I was able to help him. No, don't, don't drop these lines. Don't do it. You know, mine is to remind someone or remind yourself or to boast in any way about something you've done as a favor to someone. The problem with that is I haven't done a favor to anyone. Allah says Well, me, Mara is now home. You'll feel good. They're only spending from what we gave them to begin with. Allah gave me I didn't give Allah Allah gave me. Allah gave me this body. Allah gave me every ounce of risk that I have. And

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then from all the infinite blessings He gave me, he said, Give me this small percentage of it back

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So and then I act like I'm doing him a favor.

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And I didn't do him a favor. He did me a favor by allowing me to take to give what was already his, it's not even mine, it was already his, and then he multiplies it and then gives it back to me again. You know, you understand this is the, this is the right mentality. And if you don't have that mentality, then you and I will start thinking that when you actually wrote a check, when you gave somebody some money, that you did them a favor. And that's a big problem. Because if you think you did them a favor, congratulations to you. You did them a favor, you have nothing with Allah, the deal with Allah has finished that so what we give can be destroyed by our mentality and by our

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attitude. And then he adds one more word, he said, What are other Manila oven? So the first one is to remind somebody of a favorite. It's a hard word in English to put in brief language. The oral language has a Sanjana right to just remind somebody that you did something for them. Right? And then the other one is actually pain, the Arabic word for pain. Meaning if you're insensitive in the way that you give, you're insensitive in, you know, here, here's a check. How much do you want?

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How would you like when you wouldn't have that attitude? Aren't you making someone feel diminished? Aren't you making some feel pathetic? Isn't that the most condescending, arrogant attitude? Okay, fine, you wrote a check for a million dollars, you wrote a check for you know, 100,000 whatever you wrote a check for that the fact that you acted like that caused pain, you humiliated someone, you belittle someone and Allah says when you want to do that, then you don't want to if we're the one who does not give honor will not receive honor. So if you can't give honor that Allah will not honor that on Judgement Day, you want it to feel all big, well, you already got your award and in this

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life, that was that was your motivation. So man, then what are other than you know, in the in the, in the case of charity organizations, like for example, people donate to a masjid, right? When they donate to a masjid and later on, they say, you know, I donated so much money to them, and they still haven't changed the carpet.

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Or donated so much weight to them. And then you know, and I'm a member of the board, but they still don't go with my opinion.

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Did you? Did you buy your opinion? Is that was that why you gave the charity because now your your vote is heavier down because there's a check behind it? Because if you want to buy influence, then you're not giving it to Allah you're giving it to your influence. Right? So this is Monday and Willa then Lahoma gentlemen, and Rahim Allah when Allah whom Allah Who?

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Then he says, and Allah says, he adds, if this was, you know, we get it. Allah said, these two things can ruin your charity, don't mess up after you give. But it's like you we don't see we don't recognize the seriousness of it. So he mentioned this three times over this idea, the next idea, and the next idea, are about the same thing. You know, how Allah was reinforcing life after death, life after death life when I started, and how you look at you, then the story, then the story, then the story, like he's reinforcing the idea. Or he's saying, Well, if you want your charity to come back to life, after your death, don't kill it. And these two things will kill it. And so he says, Again,

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hold on microphones are not forgotten. Hi, Roman, sadaqa 10. Yet Barua. And the next is a good word, a decent word, or even forgiveness for forgiveness. And I'll explain what these two mean is better than any charity that is followed up by hurtful words or causing hurt.

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In other words, it was better for you to not give than to hurt someone

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if you wanted to give someone and humiliate them at the same time, or say even a single hurtful, hurtful word at the same time. And it's not even you maybe you helped your your cousin, because he was going through a difficulty. He didn't have legal papers or whatever you helped him out 10 years ago, and then 10 years later, you had a fight with your cousin, you're like I should have never helped you. 10 years ago,

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I in my home, my mom was telling me this is a mistake, because you're from my dad's side of the family. So

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I should have known when you got that sadaqa you gave 10 years ago gone?

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Because you brought it up again. You throw it in somebody's face, right? He says it was better for you to not give at all and say a decent word instead.

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Our deen is so powerful. Rasulullah sociala will even tell us smiling can be charity. Smiling can be charity. Now we're learning a new dimension, giving and then taking away someone's smile will destroy your charity.

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And then he says what mother feel rotten. seeking forgiveness. seeking forgiveness is two things seeking forgiveness from Allah right

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What is that doing here? If somebody came to you and said, I could really use some help, I'm really in a difficult situation. It's embarrassing for me to ask, I can't believe I have to, but I'm, you know, they come to you and they ask and you're not in a position to give. You don't have yourself. Instead of saying, bro, you know, I have a hard time myself, right? Well, you got to put me on the spot like that. What? Why you gotta, you know, what do you have to? You don't see that it's hard for everyone. It's COVID. You know, the economy's tough all around, and then you're going to, you know, make me feel like I'm being cheap. You know, I'm good, right? I give you all the time, right? I

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can't do it anymore. Instead of those words. Allah says, a kind word and even you apologizing, you're apologizing to someone, you weren't able to help? Why? Because that was an opportunity from Allah that came to you for an investment that you were making into yourself, that will multiply infinitely larger if you were to give. So someone asked me for help is actually granting you access to infinite rewards. They're a gift of Allah to you. You're not God's gift to them.

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You're not doing them a favor. In fact, they are doing you a favor. That's the right mentality. And if you weren't able to take advantage of that favor, you should be asking forgiveness. Yeah. Rob, something came my way and I wasn't able to do it.

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Well, ferrata Hi Roman sada continue to grow, it's better than any charity that you're going to follow up with hurtful words. Then again, in the next i Yeah, you Hallelujah, Amen. Ducati, COVID, manual other.

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Again, those of you who claim to have faith, do not nullify your charities, by these two things. Again, I'll man while other by reminding by mentioning it again, by imposing it as a favor by showing it off, and by causing any kind of hurt using it. And other than, you know, well, these are open ended words. So you can do it in any number of ways. You can even do it in unspoken ways. You know, you give somebody some some family that's not,

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that's not doing so well. And you decide that you want to give their kids eight clothes, right? And you give them eight clothes, and you're like, these are nice, you don't have anything like that, right?

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It's pretty good. I know this. You know what you just did you know what is better, you don't give anybody

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because this way, you lost that money in Indonesia, and you lost it in the Astra, you could have just got you bought yourself some candy and ated

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that money instead of ruining it for dunya and akhira. Don't ruin that for yourself. So that's one major warning that can can destroy any good that I give. That's it's a secret between me and Allah. Now there's another on the flip side, on the other extreme, Allah says in this part, it's a long passage. So I'll be in a couple of minutes, I'll just mention two more things. He says, in total, sadati. Funny, Emma here,

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if you were to make the charity that you've given, are the contributions that you're giving, if you were to make it public, well, and good. Well, and good. So there are contexts in which you can give, and you can also make it public and there's no harm. Then he says, we're into hoo ha, what to hell, for Cara Ohio, law calm. But if you were to give it hid in a hidden way, and you got it to those who need it, it's better for you. So then how come giving in public is good? Because sometimes giving in public can be an encouragement for others. You guys may have gotten to you were Muslim. So we've all been to a fundraiser says who's gonna give? Who's gonna who's gonna be the first one to give? Who's

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gonna be the first one to give? And everybody's looking at each other, bro? Anybody? Does anybody? And then one guy raised his hand, everybody since the creed. And when that guy raises his hand, did he do it in public? Yeah, he did it in public, or she did it in public. When they did that, somebody else got encouraged. Right. So they did it too. They raise their hand too. In other words, they didn't do it. So everybody looks at them and go, Yep, I'm going to jump out first. For all y'all. Like, that's not that wasn't his intention. His intention was to encourage others, that they can also take take step, maybe I can just take that step, right. If you're if your, your your, your

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willpower is strong enough. If you have, if you have, you know, the solid way of thinking about yourself, you're not you don't waver easily, you know, you're literally the only other way I can just the only way I can describe it a strong willpower, that you don't you don't you don't care about who's looking at you who's not looking at you. You don't care about what people are gonna sit to read or people are gonna say stuff like you don't care. You're doing this because you know, it's going to encourage somebody else. That's it. That's all that's on your mind. And well and good. Raise your hand, make it public. It's okay. It's not hurt. By the way, the first two conditions are

00:24:47--> 00:25:00

already met, you're not hurting anyone. You're not causing any pain that's already met that's already discussed. But then on top of that, if you want to say it in public fine, but there are people that don't have strong willed that are too occupied, preoccupied with whatever

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nobody else thinks there are some people like that. I'm not saying that's a bad thing necessarily. But it can be a weakness in your in your willpower sometimes I meet people that say, Brother when I come to the masjid, I have a real problem. What's your problem? Because, you know, before the salah when I pray sunnah somebody walks by, I keep thinking they must think I'm a really good person because I'm even praying Sunday. Like, why are you thinking about everybody else?

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You're so preoccupied with what other people think that makes your own willpower weak. Because every time you take an action, you're taking into consideration other people's, you know, perception, and the impression you're giving. Once you let that go, you have stronger will. Now you're doing things and you're clear while you're doing them. And people and their opinion and their perception has no impact on your actions, right? If you have that kind of strong willpower Alhamdulillah for you do it and be encouraging to others no problem. But if you don't have that, then keep it secret is better safer for you. When to her? You know what to look for? Correct? Follow up.

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Now the last last thing that's in the middle and I'll conclude Allah azza wa jal says, Yeah, you're Latina Amano, and people mentor you batty Makka septum why Maharaja Allah communal are the way that I am will hubby's I mean hold on for your own wallets to be asked at he told me to fee.

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He says those of you who believe spend out of the good and pure things that you have earned. And from what we brought from the earth for you, meaning what we pulled out of the earth for you the crap that we brought out and do not replace, do not exchange it for the filthy things from within it. In other words, you have all of this this year, we should give, you know, to an orphanage, we should give clothes to an orphanage. Okay, kids, let's go through our closet and see which clothes we don't they're not worthy of us being us wearing them anymore. And let's make a pile of all the clothes that have you know, holes in them. Or they don't fit us anymore. Or they're you know,

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they're raggedy? And let's give those away. Right? Don't do that. Don't give the worst of your stuff. Oh, there's the refugees here. They want furniture, oh, let's give all of our broken furniture to them. I didn't know where to throw it out. So let me just give it to them. I'll get sadhaka and I got rid of my old furniture.

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This this mentality Allah says don't give the you know the worst of what you have. Don't do that. Allah says London aloe vera Hatton fecal matter a boon, you cannot attain anywhere near goodness, until you spend from the things that you love. So if I'm going to go get the family, some new clothes, toys, whatever, right? And then some of them, we plan on giving charity, buy those same clothes for the people you're gonna give some of the country

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and make your kids give it of the things that they love, of the things that they love. That's it's a principle Allah has given we want the best back from Allah, then we have to demonstrate that in this life. And he says, and will assume be our he told me to feeds upon Allah.

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If the tables were turned, if you were mean, Allah forbid, if you were in a position where you are financially bankrupt, because you're your risk and my risk, your money and my money, your job and my job, your financial security, my financials, none of this is guarantee this is from Allah. This is just from Allah, it could turn out that things could turn in a day and in a second, in a second. And then I'm in a position where I need somebody to give me I don't have clothes anymore. And I need somebody to give me Allah says, if the tables were turned, and people handed you the same things you're handing to them, and you would have to squint your eyes before you accept it. You'd be

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cringing if you accepted it. That's what Allah is saying. Allah told me to fee. And why do you think you have to give such cheap things, low quality things when you give in sadaqa he says we're a level and Allahu Hamid, you had better know, Allah is free of need. Allah is already praised. Allah doesn't need you to give for his wealth to increase. You're making yourself wealthy not Allah.

00:29:13--> 00:29:54

And Allah does not need for you to do things that you know he this is not your way of praising Allah, Allah already has praise, he already owns all the praise. He's not looking for validation from you. This is all for your own self. This is the mindset I again because we're at the at the tail end of Ramadan, this is the time many of you will give sadaqa of some kind or the other these things are important to remember and then finally, as I leave because this is you know, I don't want to make it a long quote but look at is number 177 of social Bukhara as an assignment for yourselves. Allah separates zakat from giving Okay, so giving is a separate category is a cat is a separate

00:29:54--> 00:30:00

category. What I tell my Allah Allahu Akbar, he will CORBA will your Tamil Misaki inwardness Sybil was

00:30:00--> 00:30:16

So even with your record, and then separately, while coma, salata will act as data just to separate. So the first category of giving, he gave people who should you give to? Who should you give to and the first category was close relatives,

00:30:18--> 00:30:58

close relatives, you know, there's a reason for that, right? Because you hate your close relatives, and even when they need money, they're like, not him. I remember what he said two years ago, at a party. There's no way I'm giving him or my my mom, my mom told me don't give to that one. Or my dad told me don't give to that one. Because in your family, you always have drama. And because of that drama, you don't help family. You can easily help a stranger you saw a poster somewhere for some crisis, you can give with an open heart. But when your own cousin your own uncle your own, you know, brother, their need, you're like, I know him. I'm not helping him. No, no, no, no, no. Allah says,

00:30:58--> 00:31:35

Give the family first. Why? Because humanity the hearts gets softer when you give to family by the way, what did I say you don't remind of the favor, you don't say hurtful words, that gets even harder when you're giving to family doesn't it gets even harder. So those are those categories. 177 sort of Bukhara go through them. And then do a do a self check of where in your family I'm sure in your family there are some extended distant relatives that are in need of help find them out and find a way of giving to them in a way that will not violate these principles. And also don't give sometimes you don't give directly you say to your your your your brother or you say to your mother,

00:31:35--> 00:31:42

you say to your relatives, or your uncle, hey, go give this to this cousin right. And then they give it and they give it in a hurtful way.

00:31:43--> 00:32:07

Right so make sure that people you the channel is safe from destroying your sadaqa make sure that you do that and may Allah azza wa jal accept all of our sadaqa and make us make the sadaqa that we give a means of our own forgiveness. And may Allah azza wa jal not allow us to ruin the sadaqa that we give with the mistakes that we make. BarakAllahu li Walakum filled Quran Al Hakim when a family were er, it was

00:32:10--> 00:32:51

hamdu Lillahi wa salatu salam ala everybody Latinos stuffer husen Allah of Bali him Mohammed Ibrahim Mohamed El Amin, while early he was so happy at Marine Allah Allah azza wa jal FICKY tambien Karim binocular arugula Himalaya shaytan al rajim in Allahu wa Mala Ekata who you saw Luna and then maybe you're Latina, Amanu Sallu alayhi wa salim Otis Lima Allahumma Salli ala Muhammad Anwar other early Muhammad commissar later, Rahim, or other early Ibrahima Phil Alameen indica Hamidah Majeed Allahumma barik ala Muhammad Ali Muhammad, Kamal Barak dalla Ibrahim Ali Ibrahim Al Al Amin in the middle Majeed about Allah, Allah Hema Kamala, it took Allah in Allah yet motivated as the election

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were eater it will Korba when her annual fashion it will mooncup whether they could Allahu Akbar Allahu Allah Allah momento stone okay Masada in the salata Coronavirus, mini Nikita Makuta