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Ali Hammuda
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The motivator towards the doing of good deeds is the heart. The practitioners of Islam those who practice their religion they do so because of their hearts that encourage them. This is simple it's as simple as that didn't the messenger so Allah Allah who has sent him saying the famous Hadith which Bukhari and Muslim narrated on the authority of Mr. Mani boo Bashir, he said on our interview, Jay said he moved to attend either Salah had Salah Harsha, you don't just said what either fester that fester Samuel Jackson, Allah he'll there is a limb in the body. He said if it is sound, the rest of the body will be sound. If it is corrupt, the rest of the body will be corrupt. He said that

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limb is the heart. So the heart is the king. The heart is what you choose the commands that gives out the instructions. These hands, these limbs, these private parts they are simply obeying to the instruction of a corrupt king or a just king but it's the heart so those who practice Islam you see them how is it that individual A is able to wake up for Salah to defend your day in day out seamlessly. Sometimes he or she they don't even need their alarm clocks anymore. They say it's a built in alarm. Now we just wake up without it. And then you have individual B who cannot remember the last time he listened to his alarm and didn't pray Salat al Fajr, nine or 10am in the morning.

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What's the difference between them? They're both fake. They're both healthy. It's the condition of one condition of the hearts. How is it that there may be two individuals, two sisters say for example, one of them is adamant upon the Islamic hijab the correct Islamic hijab doesn't care what time of day it is hijab is hijab, and another one of our sisters who has a weakness as we all do, and the hijab slips on and off according to the mood or the circumstance or the occasion. How come condition of hearts that's all it is nothing more nothing less individual a who's able to say no, this is a haram business deal. I can't do that. Even if you've got to do a nine to five and live off

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minimum wage. I will not put haram in my belly. No thanks. How does he do that? And then you get individual B who's falling prey to every pyramid Ponzi scheme under the sun. He doesn't care ribeye alcohol cheating depriving people of their innocent care how come one difference not to one that is what the condition of the heart so I love the words of Shemitah Doha Julian Shumate, son of agilon He's a hadith transmitter and February he said in Allah Azza wa Jalla Khadija La Quwata I mean, if he couldn't be here while on your channel, haffi Alba II Allah subhanho wa Taala has made the believer strong in his heart, not necessarily strong in his body and then he elaborates Allah Tala K

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for Anna Raju, a che, Tabby Euro up Viva Yasuo and how are your Waiuku mobile li wa jitsu a Cheban Cassidy midvalley he said Don't you see how there may be an old senile man who is weak in his body yet he's able to fast along somebody and he's able to pray whilst the young man next door is unable to do all of that. How come? It's here? It's the condition of the heart.

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