A Great Lesson For Muslims

Nouman Ali Khan


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A Great Lesson For Muslims by Nouman Ali Khan

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Five minutes or less

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a unique combination. What did I tell you? What was the combination of

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power and guidance unique?

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And what he says about his power resources at that as Ababa he followed every resource to the maximum. He used every single resource.

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Today Muslims are confused if you really have Eman And Allah then you don't worry about dunya

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if you really had him on in Allah, then we don't need resources. We don't need Muslim believers don't need money. We don't need power. We don't need education. These are not the solution. Allah is the solution. Just remember Allah and everything will be solved.

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Wait, hold on a second.

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If the problems of those people will only be solved by their eyes, why are they asking a little complain for help? Why is Quran telling us that he did what he should have been doing? And he builds this massive wall made up of layers. Zubrin Hadid, you know, had Titus, our bonus of the fifth column, Foucault Hata, da da, da, da, da, da da, Tony, la Petra. There's an entire engineering process mentioned. Like, Allah doesn't just say he built a wall, Allah described the engineering of the wall, which is a very worldly thing. It's a material thing. Nowadays, you have the mentality, the weak mentality of the Muslims, they say, either you are people of an era of a man of Allah, or

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you are people of dunya. You can't have both. You can't, you can't, you have to have one or the other.

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Little cullinane is building something using dunya. And he's he can't build it if he doesn't understand engineering, and you don't study engineering when you're doing Vicar.

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You study engineering when you're studying metal. When you're studying construction, he understands this. And he's understanding human resource management and governance. These are worldly things. But he understands something. He understands that Allah put us on this earth to do the best we can for others using the resources of this earth.

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He understands that mama can nifi Hi. The power Allah has given me is for good, is good stuff. You know, you guys can you know, can we pay you something he has no allies taking care of me. Allah has given me quite a few resources. Use the resources Allah has given you, but don't become like the gardener because the gardener also had resources. You remember what his garden what was his problem, the attitude was wrong.

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If you compare his attitude to local naygn, his attitude is very clear. He says when he builds the entire wall, he doesn't say this is dunya. This is fitna he says, Have

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this is a loving mercy from my master. He doesn't say this is my greatest accomplishment. This is why I will win the election next year.

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he looks at it, he did it with his own hands. But he realizes even though I can see my hands I always believe in the Invisible Hand of Allah that allowed me to get here. So his his concluding speeches, this is actually not from me. The effort came from me the results came from Allah. My job on this earth is to exhaust myself in effort. And then Allah will give I'll give this wall and this wall Allah describes Yeah, juja modules can't even scale it. It's amazing. But he realizes at the end of all of that engineering, all of that work, he says, but I should tell you guys something as he's standing by the wall, you know, when you build something like that, you say this shall stand

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tall for generations and it will be a mark of our victory in blah blah, blah, you get this victory speech. He says for Elijah our Abuja Allahu dakka

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dakka such an awesome speech, he goes when one or less promise comes, this wall will be crushed.

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These poor people spend years building this wall and leads done and the speech says one day I was promised will come and this wall will be what? Crush IKEA like why did we do all this work then?

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If this world is going to be destroyed anyway. Why put so much effort in?

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This is another part of the weakness of the Muslim mind sometimes when they're when they're far from Quran? Why should I make all the effort? Why should I do all this work? I see this dunya as temporary. We're going to go from here. Why don't you give that name

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because before he bothers to build a wall, you should just tell him listen.

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Unless promise will come and the wall will be gone. Don't build.

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Allah wants you to build in this world. Take care of yourself, take care of others in this world, but know that

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One day it will come to an end. This is the same logic that says he one day you're going to die. Why are you eating? Just die now?

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The Deen of Allah wants us to take advantage of this world just like you take advantage for yourself every day. Every single day you eat, you eat what you like to eat, you eat good food. And you thank Allah for it. The same applies to the world and what we build around the world. We're supposed to put good effort to make things better in the world around us was dharmaraj config. Allah says he wanted you to build more on in this world. You know, this is not a negation of our humanity.

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This is actually an acknowledgement of the Dharma Allah has given us so May Allah azza wa jal make us of the people who get the best out of this dunya and the best out of the ASPCA. And don't forget either one Latin Tennessee becoming adonia Don't forget your portion from the dunya Ravana Tina Fey dunya Hashanah Well, it hasn't been up. It's the balance between both of these things. So May Allah keep us from becoming people only have the aka or people only have the dunya May Allah azza wa jal give us the balance that that allows book has taught us so beautifully