Wisam Sharieff – Learn To Read Quran- Putting Together Surah 107, Ma’oon Pt. 1

Wisam Sharieff
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Peace be upon you around you and May peace emanate in everything that we're doing Bismillah we want to learn to read Koran, so let's do it together Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim

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ru zu beeding He mi na Alif Lam che on ni Rulu bIllahi min ash shaytani right now that doesn't that's not perfect for you right now you're like, Well, I think I know what that is. But let's stick in the dots. Rusu be loving he mean, che Okay, so the puzzle opens up more, there's A cian. Shavon out regime Alif Lam ra Jeem. Yeah, meme G. Give me my dots gene with a jug and yeah, yeah, yeah. Up to here. We're good. If you have if you don't know these letters yet. We can take a little time. And we can tell ourselves and if I mean wow, that the letter ba Alif la lamb lamb ha. That does a lot for us mean noon. Alif Lam? Sheen.

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The letter? Yeah.

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and new

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Alif lum ra Jeem. Yeah, I mean, you can ask yourself of the letters. What? You know which one disturbs you? And of course I know none of them because you're comfortable with it. So let's take it up to the next level. Bismillah yield ra learn you'll Rahim. Bye. Bus scene meme Alif lamb lamb ha Alif Lam raw ham meme noon. Alif Lam raw. Ha yeah. And the letter mean that you got you're aware of you can see and I know you can do it. So here's a bar. Here's a scene meme. And if lamb lamb ha Alif Lam raw ha meme noon. And if lamb raw Hi. Yeah. And yes, even if you don't know the letters at all just me repeating them. It's gonna bring it to life. So be BBB bee bee. Mee Mee Mee Mee Mee your

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brand. Oh get this. La Hae Ra ra ra ra ra, ma ne ne ne ne ne Ra, he me. So the blue is going to tell me that it's an ar e or oo sound. Now I want to bring the Kinect sign in. So that's the C. The C says B BBB bass bass bass bass Mila here

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connected to sounds. This was this. And this is going to be rah, rah Manuel Rahi. Now there's a W a thing called the shutdown which connects and hold sounds. It connects and hold the sound. This may open your tongue and apply to the roof. Mee Mee Mee Mee Mee. Anytime you see the W it's going to tell you to hold the sound, it's going to tell you hold. This is just connecting. This is holding. So when I say this, here's a connection. Here's a Connect.

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But here I have hold me.

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Here, hold that sound. Here. Here, here. Rah, rah, man near

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nearer Brahim. And now your brain understands why the green is going to tell us to go. The green is gonna say stretch the sound. So this means la, la la la la. That's a plus two plus two when it goes north to south. This means

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your mom tell me how long you're going to stretch that meme. Oh plus two because it's north to south. Neil ra E M heme and here, I'll stretch that out. So I have this meal.

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Man, yo, Rafi. Take a second if you give me a moment here students that I want you to be able to say is this. Me?

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stretch for to hear

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I can hear hear ah, ma Neil Rahi I think you can get that. Now let's keep going let's take sort of Mao and that was our goal right? We wanted to be able

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to recognize sir Amar Hoon so Allah ah, Ra

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a de

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yeah the letter is yeah you can be boo. You can can VEBO you can VEBO our our a levy you can be boo ba LF B Big D Big D

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hour a tell Larry you can the movie The now listen to the sounds open your ear because they go oh you know what this is I don't know what to do hang on listen to the sounds and see

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our Hey hater lovey you can be will be the

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now when you put the Datsun ra a here's your yap that two boys in the boat that that our eight lead the than a year you can put the dots. You can V that's a dowel. How do you know this is not about sisters? You guys can tell me that? How do you know this is not a noon rather? How do you know you can the BU K v bu How do you know? Because it doesn't

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connect on the left? Be the here's my BA Yeah, and the letter noon? Ba Yeah. And the letter noon.

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No connection on the left? You got it right. Now put in my RTE values. At AT AT raw.

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raw A.

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Okay, so that definitely has a connect because you don't hear a single

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raw a

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la vie. You gotta you gotta tell the Boo be be in a lengthy you can we will be dealing with the knee. Okay

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and such we continue. B D now can tell me where you hear the sounds connecting that the to the light blue. Or? A V

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eight 810 That's a hold on a 10 V you can the Boo be Dean. So not too many connects. They're out. Now I'm gonna look for my W I'm gonna look for my hold sound. Oh, ah a then there's my hole. Then the hold. Done. The you can you can kakaka the VVD Can we can we boo. BB bid? Bid. Dean there's my hold with Dean out on a

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busy okay, can the Boo be Dean? You might not be able to do that on the first go. But the idea is to strip away that there's no way I could do this. I want to come to our rescue for one thing out of eight. Larry. What are you going to do with this? Alif

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let me give you a little hint. Nothing. I just What are you going to do with this lamb and this LF? Nothing. In English we don't usually skip letters. This is what throws off the average student that likes word, bro. I get it. But what about all these extra random Oh letters? Your day saying nothing to you? Pardon me? They aren't saying anything to you. So don't make exactly Syrah just drop it. Like just leave it alone. I'll eat a leather you can be will be Dean. All right. I'll take a number one if that first eye works for you.

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let's keep moving. All right. Oh, a little lady. You can the booby Dean. Okay, now

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Now let's keep working. And let's, let's stretch it out together.

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Far, one dot further.

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Lamb gaff further Lika la Alif Lam the Federal Medical Levy. Yeah do for radical Levy. Yeah. Doll. The big app. Yeah, Douro. I live love ya. Yeah.

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Yatta yummy. Yeah, team. So at face value what letters can you hear? Great. Can you hear further further? Oh, I gotta.

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I gotta.

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And I got a car to get affected by the dots. Further leak the zipper further the can the Yeah, yeah. Do rule Yeah. Yeah here's my dots. Yeah.

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Yeah. Meme further. He can learn the earlier team keep it going. Far. That li girl la vie. ya do? Boo doo doo doo your door oh,

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Yeah, the me father. He can learn the door only at the IMA

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Where do you hear the sound connecting? Where do you hear it connecting Bismillah

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Can you hear

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further? You can learn the the Year Door roll, roll, roll. Yeah, door roll, roll roll yet the w's please. Further. Nick.

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The Kinect and hold that sound. Hold further early Cal Cal Cal. Lovey. Yeah, do ya doo doo doo doo doo? And then I'm going to hold the guttural eye in your door roll. Yeah, door on Roll. Roll. Yeah.

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Yeah, do do do do Door Door roll. Team. Yeah, door only a team. Further you can let the door roll at

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all as well. All as well. Are there any stretches to come out? Further? Stretch me for two because I'm north to south. Further. League.

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Left the yes, do Door Door let it drop into your throat door. Roll, roll roll here. Team. Please remember a lot of times it's hard to keep in focus. I lived in the second part of my throat. I live and ha live down here.

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Ha and the letter I open it up ah, ah. It lives in the second part of the throat line and Hall. So I want you to put some emphasis on that ah, further. Leave the door door roll Yeti.

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I'd like to pause here of course just to refresh. What are we going to do with this Elif? What are we gonna do with this?

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You know, it cancel. What are you gonna do with this other is not saying anything. It's not stretching anything, so just leave it alone. Leave it on. Why you gotta make trouble. Troublemaker. Okay, we did it. Friends. Let's pause here. I'm going to pause for a moment I was biller

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