Musleh Khan – How the Quran teaches us what to do #12 Assumption, Spying and Backbiting. The Ultimate Destroyers

Musleh Khan
AI: Summary © The importance of assumption in Islam is highlighted, as it is the only person who should be considered. The speaker discusses the overwhelmed nature of communication during the pandemic and how people messaging issues. Backstorms are discussed, including assumptions used in relationships and the concept of "backstops" in the context of Islam. The speaker also touches on the idea of "backbits" and the use of "backbits" in the context of "assurance" and "backbites."
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So them are they come to love you about a cartoon. Uh hamdu Lillah wa Salatu was salam, ala rasulillah were buried. So let's get right into this. Today we're going to talk about the ultimate destroyers and there are three of them mentioned in the Quran. The first is assumption, second is spying. The third is backbiting. And what's interesting is that all of them are mentioned in one verse. So let's get right into it. We're at verse number 12. of sorbitol. hoogenraad. Allah subhanho wa Taala begins and he says, Yeah, you have levena m in Egypt tenable kathira may not one. So here's the first part. Allah says, Yeah, Xena M and O people of MN, which immediately tells us that

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whatever is going to be talked about in this area, and it begins with a man means it's due it has a direct link to our email. So whether we fulfill the command or we disobey the command, it's going to have a direct impact of our faith and Amen. with Allah subhanho wa Taala. So this is really critical for us to pay attention. What is this verse going to teach us? Yeah, even an Athena em in Egypt enable kathira main oven stay far, far away each Tina one keep as far of a distance as possible from assumption one. Now, here's the here's the problem with this subject, is that it's so rampant, people assume about one another so much to the point, where assuming has become a norm, it's a part

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of our culture. You know, if I see some two people walking together, at the assumption immediately, are they together? Are they married? Why is he walking with her? I thought he was married to someone. So I thought this, I thought I thought that the immediate reaction for believers is that they're married, CASE CLOSED, or why whatever reason he's walking by, don't interfere, don't get involved, especially if you're not called to be involved. Nobody is dressed you with anything. Nobody's talked to you about that situation, leave it alone. And we have what the what our Dean calls us novan. So we have, you know, this positive presumption about somebody we think good of our

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fellow Muslim. So a lot. So a gel is telling us stay far, far away. Each Tina would distance yourself as far as possible. When it comes to assumption, some of the scholars say that assumption is one of the worst type of lies, because why you've literally fabricated what you presume, or assume about somebody else that, you know, definitely could, could could potentially not be true. So you're going to live with the idea that Yeah, I saw them walking together, then I saw them walk into a store. And you have no idea that that could have been, you know, his sister that you've never known about and met that was living in another country coming to there to see him for the first

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time. There could be so many different scenarios. assumption is one of the worst, shameful, despicable qualities in a human being, especially for Muslims. And we're very good at talking and assuming that the the surrounding communities, the cofounders, and so on, you know, they've got all the problems. And you know, when it comes to character flaws and issues with personality, and mannerisms, they're this and they're that we're really good at doing that. But internally as within our own math, we have our own problems in our massagin. Even in some leadership, there are people who constantly assume, you know, I called the Imam but he didn't show up. I don't know why, you

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know, this happened to me one time where

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somebody emailed me, and they needed some help with something. But of course, as many of you know, we are so overwhelmed with emails, especially now during the lockdown. It's the only way for people to communicate. Now people are getting my phone number, and I have no idea who they are. They're messaging me, they're calling me they're, they're texting me all of their issues. And I'm like, immediately thinking in the back of my mind, how did you even get my phone number? Right, I have one private line. But the point is, is that one time I got this email from I believe it was a sister, right? She ironed out her issues. I didn't get to her email until maybe about a week or so later,

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because why you're just going through the list. You know, I have 12 email accounts. So I'm going through going through as much as I can, not realizing that, you know, her email is somewhere at the bottom at the end of the list. Eventually when I got to that email, and I read through it, and I asked the person, the person who emailed me to give me some more information. When they eventually responded with more information. I couldn't get to the email on time again, the same cycle started all over. By the time when I eventually about another week later, I got to that email Subhana Allah, it was absolutely filthy. I mean, this person started

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putting me down started insulting me started saying that all Muslim leaders are like this Your imams are useless and bla bla bla bla bla, this is exactly what the verse is talking about. This is exactly the first most shameful quality in a human being is that we just assume that if they don't fit in our category of opinions of perceptions, preconceived ideas of how we think they should be, or what they're doing or what they're involved in, if they don't fit in that framework, then the assumption kicks in, then the assumption kicks in Oh, they're probably this, they're lazy, they're ignoring me, they're not taking their job seriously, so on and so forth. Allah subhanho wa Taala

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says, the people who do that stay as far away from them as possible. So that's the first quality. And remember how this a a began, it began with the men. So what Allah is saying that if you have a problem with assuming on others, then this is an E men problem. This is an E man, this is a bankruptcy with your faith to him. So what's going to end up happening now is you start thinking about assumptions even while you're praying while you're reciting the moment. there's a there's a, there's a particular scenario or something that triggers assumption in you, you run with it without realizing and thinking and pausing for a moment, wait a minute, a lot told me stay far away from

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this as possible. So it becomes trivialized afterwards. And this is what scholars teach us all the time that eventually a bad habit becomes a habit and it becomes trivialized, and it could potentially turn into just a good happy habit instead. So that's the first ultimate destroyer is that assumption surely is alive and well and exists within our communities within our families. It is one of the reasons why relationships break up, marriages break up, there is confrontation amongst the community amongst fellow Muslims, so many different endless amount of scenarios. Then Allah subhanaw taala continues in the Battle of Vandy, Islam, some assumption is Islam, it's sinful, some

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of it, which means there's an exception to this now. So a parent can assume about their child. So they can say, you know, I was knocking on your bedroom door. And you didn't answer me, but I heard you on the phone, are you talking to him again. So they can make that assumption. So there is some level of assumption that's allowed in the shitty era. And that's a separate discussion, because it has its time and place, and there are certain laws behind it. It's not just the free open door, that if you fit in that category, where you're allowed to assume something, then you just run with it. And then the assumption turns into Okay, well, maybe that's the truth. So there are some conditions

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behind that. However, let's move on with this a and finish this conversation in sha Allah. So after Allah subhana wa tada warns about assumption. Now keep in mind, the first destroyer, Allah mentions his assumption. The second that comes while that just says zoo, which is number two spying. What scholars have taught us is that this is what ultimately assumption leads to, if it's not controlled, if it's not recognized that it's a problem, it eventually leads to Okay, so you have an assumption in your mind. Now you start spying to justice, you know, you start looking for evidence, you know, I saw them they came to the masjid. But I don't know why it wasn't solid time. So let's go check the

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cameras. Let's go see, oh, my God, he's walking to his car. Oh, my God. So panela he got into his car, and he drove away. No wonder where he's going. This is all unacceptable. So that's what the Justice who does when one is not cared for? It doesn't stop it's not treated, then ultimately, what comes afterwards, is you take assumption and you try to prove your assumption, validate that assumption. And because nobody knows that you've assumed something about them, then that ultimately leads to Hmm, you start looking at them a certain way, you start spying them following them. All of this is called the justice of so awesome handle. It's just amazing how Allah put this in order. So

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when that just says so. And then the third ultimate destroyer, what a yellow barrel, dakumar, Alda and you don't backbite amongst each other. backbiting are several types in the shared era. The most common of them is LIBOR. But you also have bought Bhutan or Boo. Boo Tannen is when you make up a lie against somebody and then you backbite so you literally fabricate a lie and backbite about it. mimimi is when it's a collective. It's a group of people that backbite so collective, whether it's a community, a family of group, but they take a story and they carry it on and they continue backbiting they add layers to it. So Bolton is in it as well. So it's a combination of everything

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but it includes multiple people. This a lot is

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Talking about the one individual while I have the battle to combat although that you should never ever backbite amongst each other, let's understand exactly what backbiting is, the scholars as well as our messenger solo levar, it was seldom described that backbiting is a vehicle a harp B may occur, that you remember your fellow Muslim, your fellow brother or someone with something that they dislike, even if What if that thing you're talking about is true? So you're saying, so a conversation be like, yeah, I think she's pregnant. Yeah, she told me she was she was hoping to have a baby. And I think it's happening. If she told you this in confidence. And in confidentiality, hey,

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I think I'm pregnant. But just keep it a secret. I want to wait until later. You don't have the right to expose, you don't have the right to talk about it, even if it's the truth. And that's the critical part of this. And it's one thing when you're talking about somebody and they don't know. But when you're just saying you don't get to say now Well, I'm just telling you the truth. Yeah, eventually people are gonna see that she's pregnant. So I'm just saying it anyway, what's the big deal? No, that person told you something in confidentiality in private. And even if it is the truth, they dislike for it to be announced to be told to others. liebeck comes from the word hub, which

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means the absent one. And it's called this because the scholars define that you're speaking on behalf of somebody who is not present. In other words, all of us, it's our nature. It's how Allah created us, we all want to be present when our name is being mentioned or talked about, we want to be present. Now there are some exceptions to this amendment. No. mala gives us six categories, that you're exempted from a labor. So in other words, if you need to sit with a counselor, or a judge, or a psychiatrist or something, and you're and you're trying to get treatment, you're trying to get help, you're allowed to mention a person's name. Yeah, this person said these things to me, they

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destroyed me, they put me into depression, they insulted me, etc. So you're allowed to mention names, testifying in court, you can mention names for identification purposes, you can mention names. So there are certain scenarios that disclosure, they're very obvious, they're very straightforward, nothing complex about them, where you're allowed to, quote unquote, back by to warn somebody that this person is a troublemaker, this person is preaching their own version of religion or something along those lines, you're allowed to refer to their name that way. Put that aside.

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LIBOR, is probably the worst of the, of the of these three that we're talking about is LIBOR. Because why nobody's present. And juicy gossip is something that's been glorified and promoted and advertised as a complete norm. Like, juicy gossip is the thing that we listen to we see on TV, pretty much every single TV show cartoon, you name it revolves around. Can you believe what she said? Can you believe he actually did that? And they just, it became just an entertainment more so than anything else. From a spiritual religious perspective. The poor end is saying this stuff hurts people, it upsets them. Even if you're talking the truth. Just don't talk about it. Leave it alone.

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So the next time somebody comes to you, and they talk to you, and they'll be like, yeah, I went to so and so house, I went to chef, so and so's house, and Subhanallah I saw like a super nintendo into his house, Can you believe that? You don't get to say that. Because when, if if it was my house, and I have video games in my house, somebody comes up to my house and sees that I'm the one that gets to tell somebody I have video games in my house. But when you say it to others without me knowing that's called Eva, and that's where the problem is. And so a lot so a job like this is the peak of consideration love and courtesy respect. So you have been known to assume, then you have to just

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assume which if London isn't treated leads to just assume, which is spying. And if that's not treated, then ultimately just talking free, you know, just freelancing, speaking about every one of everything about any issue and that cycle continues. This is where you start to see a man fall apart. And this is why a lot so a Joe asks a question.

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I had a Yeti cooler LACMA. He may tear it tomorrow. Do you actually wish and love that you eat the dead flesh of your own brother? That's what Allah that's the imagery a lot compares to backbiting. It says if someone another human being is sitting there feasting off dead, rotted flesh of another human being, that's what the zebra is towards in the sight of allegis. Let that sink in for a minute. You know, we quote this stuff a lot. But just pause for a moment and reflect

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Exactly what that is why, why such horrific, gross imagery that's mentioned when it comes to this subject. Because the that's the attitude you and I must have when we either hear backbiting or we're committing it is we have to be disgusted and fill and just be like, I don't even want any part of this conversation. That's the reaction Allah is looking for. And if not, if you're comfortable, and if you're enjoying it, and it continue it, you carry the news on to somebody else Lessing, you actually like eating the dead flesh of your brother. You enjoy that. And the word is used here is Mater Mater is different from me, it may it means a dead body. Mater means a dead corpse. It's been

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sitting there, and it's been rotting for some time. So that's the imagery of love put in our minds. heinola

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coolala Murphy Mater. What does the law say? Forget it. You're gonna dislike it, it's going to be disgusting to you. Like you're not even going to think twice about doing something like something like that. Oh, that's what Allah expects from us about assumption, spying and Lieber? How dare you? That's what I was saying. How dare you? You actually would lower yourself to that, to that degree. We're now backbiting even about the truth. But you're sitting there just wasting conversation, do you not realize that there's an angel sitting there writing all of this stuff down, like you can go back and reverse it now. So be cautious. And this is why some of the Senate for now I hope that we

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can appreciate statements like how some of the stuff they mentioned, that we were able to count the amount of words we said from one genre to another. I mean, that's that's, you know, a very extreme example, but just the concept of how they limited their speech and their conversations. So much so to the point where one jumar to another they were literally able to count all of the words in every conversation they had. What Allah subhanho wa Taala is teaching us is if you have nothing good to say just remain quiet. And if it's not of your business, then stay out of other people's business that get in tune. And then Allah subhanho wa Taala orders us to have fear of Allah in Allah to

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webull Rahim, Allah azza wa jal is exceptionally forgiving, and loves to forgive. And repentance is something that Allah subhanaw taala gives us the strength to do. And so with that being said, the ending of this area is actually hope that Allah subhanaw taala warns us, but then he also tells us that I am always I'm always accepting of your Toba and your repentance, your remorse and your guilt. I will accept that at the end of the day. There is no sin in our Deen except that the doors of Toba are open after that sin behind that sin. And so this is an opportunity for us to really, really refine our character, our speech, our attitude, the way it is, versus like this that really inspired

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me to do the series about how the poor end teaches us how to behave and how to act and how to speak all of the etiquettes that are absolutely essential and priority in the sight of Allah is all captured in the Quran. Subhana Allah. So my brothers and sisters, with that being said, I pray that Allah subhanaw taala, purify our tongues, purify our heart, may Allah Subhana Allah to Allah protect us, from assumption keep assumption far away from our conversations from our circles. May Allah subhanho wa Taala keep to justice or spine, an etiquette or an act that we never ever commit, we never are involved to justice to another shameful quality alarm. So which will keep us far from

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that. And finally, LIBOR, one that documented LIBOR and what is like LIBOR? LIBOR has destroyed marriages, it's destroyed relationships. It's caused confrontation. And it's become such a norm. nobody in their right mind is comfortable with zebra, you know, deep down inside if I told you Yeah, we were just talking about you the other day. The curiosity comes in. Yeah, well, where were you guys talking about? You know why that happens? It's not just a curiosity. It's not just the interest. But you also want to validate Let me see if you guys were when you spoke about me if I actually liked it or not, if you were saying the truth or not, if it was accurate or not all of

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these things. That's the nature of a human being, like when our name is mentioned somewhere, we want to be part of that conversation. Otherwise, we're hoping we're hoping and assuming that you're just not going to talk about me. And so it's very important brothers and sisters, that we pay attention to some of these qualities they improve our relationships, but most importantly, they make us better people and better Muslims. And as a result when Muslims and people in general continued

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To improve and refine their character, then their families become better. When families become better communities become better when communities become better than we as an oma continue to evolve. And we continue to strengthen and we become better as well. So May Allah subhanaw taala give us the blessing, the honor that we continue to refine our character, purify us from all of the bad habits and things like that, that we certainly don't want to be part of our character, power, part of our ethnic etiquettes maleness. chronotype protect us from the love of men. I mean, just like Molo, hate on everyone. Until we meet again. Take care of cinema alikum warahmatu Allahi wa barakatu

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