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The first thing I want you to note is then we're coming back to page six, even if you don't understand it, it is absolutely essential that you memorize this. It is not a luxury. This is not making you memorize something that you will not use. I guarantee you every day of your Arabic learning for the next few months, you will need this. You will need this. So mostly men, mostly men, mostly men, mostly money, mostly mainly Muslim mainly was the Munna, musty Mina, mostly Mina and I want you to understand why you're memorizing this. So let me explain again, this is broken up into how many groups good group one is called was Lehman was Lehman was Lehman. What's in group two? Was

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the money was the main name was lemania. What's in group three? Was the Munna Muslim ina Muslim ina Now some students come to me and say we'll start oneone eenie meenie miney mo, I don't understand there's too many unis.

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You know, you know what you're doing? You're bunching everything together. And then it sounds intimidating and overwhelming. What am I telling you to do? First, break it up into how many groups keep them separate you jumble things together, you're gonna mess yourself up.

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Math class mathematics or good mathematics teacher. When students do their work, sometimes students do they don't do their work neatly. They write everything on top of everything, and they get the answer wrong. Right? Even though they understand all the concepts, they don't separate neatly. So what does a good math teacher tell you to do? Separate light, write the numbers separately. Put this neatly so you can see what's going on. Because then you're taking the test and you're all anxious. And you're writing all messy when you gotta go, because after you do your answers, you want to go back and check if you did everything right. If your answers were messy, you can't check your work.

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But if you're if your process was neat and clean, you can check your work, same logic. Clean it up. Mostly men, mostly men, mostly men, separately then what was the Imani Muslim mainly Muslim mainly then what was the Munna Muslim Mina Muslim Ina. If you try to look at this all at once jumble it together Muslim

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you're just gonna mess yourself up and you will you'll miss the point. So now each of these three groups is made up of how many members

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each each group has three members the first member is always refer

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the second member is always nothing the third member is always jobs. Is that clear? So when I say Muslim women Muslim men Muslim in was the moon is what refer Muslim man is now so Muslim in is John okay, then why do we have three groups? Why not just have one group? What's the difference between the first group and the second group fine, even Muslim Annie is an author, Muslim he is not some Muslim he is John. The same thing I find a subject even in Muslim Munna Muslim Munna is an author. Muslim INA is not some Muslim Amina is John so if it's always referred now some Joel referred now soldier, Rafa nossob jar. Why do we have three groups? Because the first group is for what? For

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singular words one Masjid One Book, One Muslim. The second group is for what? To Muslims and refer to Muslims in Knutsson to Muslims in China and Muslim Munna is for who

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more than two Muslims in refer more than two Muslims in the US have been more than two Muslims in general. Does that make sense so far? Okay. So now we did it this way right top to bottom Muslim one Muslim and Muslim in was the man he was the man he was the many was the Muna misdemeanor misdemeanor. We did a top to bottom. If you look at it across, like for math class, if you look at it across the x axis, instead of the y axis if you look at it across the x axis, what's the common thing in mostly Mon? Mostly mani and mostly Munna? What's the thing that's in common? They're all refer that's one refer to refer and three refer. And mostly men, mostly mainly and mostly Mina. What

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do they have in common? One nossob Tuna sub three, but they're all muscle. And if you look at the bottom one, mostly men, mostly mainly Muslim, Amina, what do they all have in common? They're all gel. Now why am I making you memorize this? Because I want Page Six if I meet you five years from now, and he says I took your Arabic class and I said page six.

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And what are you going to say? What's the one Muslim and Muslim in Muslim it was the mainly Muslim a Muslim or non Muslim in a Muslim Mena and I'm going to say which one is plural Jada?

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I'm gonna say this to you. I kid you not I will say the one which one is plural Jada? And what are you going to tell me? You're gonna say mostly Mina.

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I'm gonna say you are a good Muslim.

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Okay, there's a pun intended in

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everyone the clip you just saw was me teaching something about the Arabic language and the intricacies that are involved in appreciating the depth of the Quran. I want you to have that skill for yourself. I want to be able to teach you this stuff so that you can appreciate firsthand what's going on in the language of the Quran. I know that might be intimidating, but the first steps you can take are actually available from me on YouTube. Just take a look at the series that showing up on the screen. Get started on this playlist. It's called the dream intensive one. Start with day one. It's just a 10 day commitment. Let's see how far you get. And I'll give you further

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