Hasan Ali – Remembrance of Allah in Ramadan

Hasan Ali
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of using the "remedy" meaning of the tongue to connect with Allah's message. They stress the need to make a set of actions to achieve this goal and encourage people to use the Arabic words to describe their thoughts. The goal is to bring their minds together and achieve their goals.
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Another reminder I'm going to give you

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is going to be about the other car and the vicar that we can do. One of the major parts of Ramadan and one of the major parts of us trying to get connected with Allah azza wa jal is to do with the vicar now they could means remembrance. Every person is doing vicar at every single moment.

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If you're if you're thinking of, let's say, your house, you're doing vicar of your house.

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You guys and son, you think of your house, you can use remembrance, so that you didn't think of your house. If you do, if you think about your exams, you can think of exams if you think of what you're going to cook is liquor of food. Okay? If you do Zik if you think of a star, a star, he started and says if Star, star star, star, star, star, star star, that is it, some people they wake up in the morning, and all day, they didn't take care of one, part two, part three, part four, and five and six, the critical

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role they finished,

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but it's not getting them anywhere in terms of the akhirah. So now when a person sits with a spear and they say Subhan, Allah Subhanallah SubhanAllah.

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It's the zikr of the tongue. Yes, but it's not necessarily the vicar of the mind.

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Again, one of the things that a lot of Muslims you know, they miss out on is that they think that if they just say these things a few times, you know, everything will be no, no, not everything will be there, you will get to reward you will get your reward for moving your tongue and saying Subhan Allah Alhamdulillah Allah Allah, Allah, Allah but you won't get the effect that you need in the body. You won't get the NOR of Allah, the light of Allah that is supposed to provide you won't get the heart don't change. You won't have the the heart connecting to Allah azza wa jal. Why? Because you haven't put the mind to Allah azza wa jal. So what we need to do is we need to make a set of

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things that we can say, to make ourselves come closer to Allah. So what are you going to say Subhan Allah and when we say Subhan Allah it means that Allah you are you are you are glorified, you are free from every blade, you are pure. I am impure. I am not free from blame. I have problems you have no problem. I have done wrong to myself. You've never ever wronged anyone. This is all Subhan Allah, this is the meaning of Subhanallah Okay, so you're saying that Allah you are pure, pure, pure, pure, pure, 100% pure, and everything besides you is impure. Nothing is ever pure besides you, you are the pure you are the the perfect, you're perfect. Nothing besides you is perfect. That's what

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Subhanallah means. And that's why you're supposed to think Alhamdulillah it means that I'm feeling my my whole life, everything whatever, I've got whatever I've had whatever have right now everything belongs came from you, therefore you deserve the praise, everything I'm gonna have in the future, you're gonna give it to me. So therefore you deserve the praise and that's Alhamdulillah all praise not only me, but the whole of the creation, everything you created, all their praise all belongs to you. That's a recognition. La ilaha IL Allah it means there is no other day t no God, there is nothing that will ever control should control me can control me has ever controlled me except for

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you. Allah don't want an only God everything that that is provided is from God. And there's only one god that's you. So essentially what I'm saying is that you are everything La ilaha illallah there is nothing that exists that has any power has anything that it has of its own own control, on own strength, nothing except you you're the source of everything. So that's La Ilaha illa Allah hookah You are the greatest greatest than everything greater than my problems greater than, you know my sole great in my life greater than my my people that I have greater than people closer to me greater than the things I have the items I have greater than the dunya greater and things that I'm attracted

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to. You are the greatest. Allahu Akbar. That's what it means. So imagine you sitting there saying Subhanallah you are the most pure pure, pure, pure and nothing besides you is ever you know that pure your perfect nothing is perfect. Alhamdulillah All praise belongs to everyone Praise belongs to you. Line Allah you are the source of everything. And Allahu Akbar, you are the greatest can imagine when the mind connects up with with Allah azza wa jal, you're actually making yourself come closer to Allah your mind is collecting, connecting to Allah azza wa jal and at the same time, you're getting a lot of reward now you're getting a lot of quality in what you're saying, your soul change,

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your heart will change your mind will change. Allah will give you guidance will give you nor will give you light will give you mercy will give you Rama, all because you're now using your mind to connect with the vicar. So don't do any zikr without knowing what it means. And then by knowing what it means you're supposed to then think of what you're saying. Use the Arabic words but think of what you're saying either in English in order in Somali language in any other language. And then you know, you you carry on doing that and you'll find them

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benefit of that okay

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