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Episode Notes

Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan gives a final lecture on taking lessons from the story of Haroon AS who is the brother of Musa AS.

Doing Israf, spending luxuriously and showing off are acts that are detested beyond measure in Islam as it sets a false standard for people to follow who may not be well off or financially stable. This sets forth into motion a conundrum of problems such as debts, Riba, etc, which sends us into a turmoil and from which there is no return.

We need to be authentic people and delete all fake influences and supposedly good standards of happiness. Listen intently to discover how we can stay away from these false facades and make us content with what we have and be a source of happiness and contentment for others.


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The title of the book is a story of people who have experienced corruption and have experienced it in the past. The speakers emphasize the importance of avoiding victimization and showing one's true values. They also discuss the negative impact of social media and the need for authentic values. The speakers stress the importance of avoiding false accusations and acknowledging one's own needs, but also sharing good examples and being authentic in one's own lives.

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hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah Hilda de nada who want to start you know who when I saw Pharaoh when he went to La Rosa Villa Himanshu Rue de unforseen a woman sejati emelina when you have the healer who follow mobila woman you follow her deola when a Chateau de la ilaha illallah wa la sharika when a shadow Ana Mohammed Abdullah what a pseudo sallallahu taala Buddha didn't have leovera hora de Nicola de Vaca fabula he shahida for Salah sallallahu alayhi wa seldom at the Sleeman Catherine kathira I'm not bad for in the US Dhaka DC kita Villa verheyden howdy howdy Mohammedan sallallahu alayhi wa sallam were in a Sharon moody mcdata to her were in Nakula modesetting without wakulla

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without and bodalla wakulla polariton for now got a lot more isogen e kW Kenny brother an akula ministry Tanaka Jim babatel he FEMA attack Allahu Dada Hara will attend Tennessee becoming a dunya well as income as an Allah who Lake whether wl facade or fill in Allah Allah you will move sitting rubbish sadly sadly, we are silly Emily munakata melissani of koko de la Mata Bittner in the multi B La ilaha illa Allah, Allah homodyne Amina letting me know Amina Sally hurt whatever Soviet happy whatever Soviet Southern Armenia but I mean, today's my third and final Hooda on taking some lessons from the story of our own. This individual that allows that we had mentioned in the Quran that was

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from the people of Musa alayhis salaam, and who had some very particular qualities, and I remind myself in all of you that the stories in the Quran are not just stories, they're actually archetypes they are Allah could have told us so much more information about any individual in the Quran, Allah could have told us their exact, you know, their exhaustive family background, or exactly which town they lived in, and all this other historical information, but it seems to be missing in the Quran, Allah will only tell us a handful of things in a story, very limited information. And the reason for that is whatever is told to us, and whatever events are talked about, or whatever conversations are

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talked about, are the kinds of things that are going to repeat themselves throughout history. So what Allah chooses to tell us in any story is kind of what is going to happen in your story and in my story, or in our lives. That's the purpose of these stories. They're not just historical events of something that happened a long time ago. They're living events, right? So whenever we learn something about, you know, whether it's Ibrahim alayhis, salam, or Isa de Salaam or Musa alayhis, salaam or gardeners and so to have, we're not just learning something that happened a long time ago, we're learning something about ourselves and something that happens in our lives. Having said that,

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the people that are on came into contact with tried to give him advice. And I've talked to you over the last couple of years about some of that advice. And the last bit of that advice is actually something I wanted to dedicate this call but to It's the final bit of advice that they told him. The words are very simple when a wl facade fell out in the LA LA City, don't pursue corruption in the land. don't pursue corruption all around. So and certainly Allah does not love those that cause corruption. That's Those are the words, okay. Now, what in the world does that mean? The few things you have to know it's not just talking about corruption or pursuing corruption in a general sense.

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It's talking about someone who was wealthy, who was well off. And actually he was well off enough that other people would notice that he's actually different from them. He has more money than they do. His clothes are different from their clothes. His ride is different from their ride, right? So it's clearly and his housing is different from other people's housing. And we learned later on in the story that he liked to show off that he had He's different. He didn't just travel, he traveled fully decked out, you know, in all out, my God, this guy's got some kind of money. You know, there's some people that really need to show you how much money they make. And they need to make a statement

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about that, right? I'm reminded of an interesting story. I was traveling to a Muslim country one time, and somebody had reached out to me, they volunteered to pick me up from the airport, and we got to know each other. And I said, Sure, you can pick me up from the airport. And the fellow came and picked me up. He had a 1993 Ralph for right and, and he's driving me around, he drops me to the hotel, he says at fudger time, if you want me to take you to the machine, I'll take you. And you know, we can go get lunch, get whatever. And we got to know each other. And I asked him so what do you do? You? I mean, you're taking off from work? He goes, No, I don't work. Because if you don't

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work, so how do you make it? Well, I used to I used to have a business I sold it was like What did you What did you own is that well, I used to work for, you know, the biggest oil and gas company in my country. And then I started my own company. And then it became public and I sold it for $25 million last year and I just don't do it. I just memorize Quran and hang out and he's driving around for 1993 you will not know you would not know that this guy is in the multi millions. And because he's just completely humble. And then on the other hand,

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I've met people that start making six figures for the first time. And they act like fit, I want you to come get their autograph, right.

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So you have people that when they have money, sometimes they can have a lot more money than you can imagine, and you will know it. Like they're not throwing that in your face, he didn't come pick me up in a helicopter, you know, he didn't have he could he could buy a couple of Lamborghinis just on the side, because he's bored on the weekend, he's not gonna do that. He's just living a simple life. And that's okay for him. He's completely happy with that, because at the end of the day, you can have a 20 bedroom house, you're still going to sleep in only one room, you can have the biggest bed, but you only take up this much space, right. And when you're sleeping, you're just as dead. If

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you're sleeping in a $2,000 bed, or the floor, you're still just as dead. Right? At the end of the day, whatever food you eat is, some of its gonna get consumed, consumed. And some of its gonna come out of you. Life is that simple. But for some people, they have to show what they have, have to show it off. And this person, this cartoon, felt the need to show the others how much he has. And the other thing is to spend on things. When you when someone looks up to you, and you spend frivolous frivolously and you spend on luxuries, and you'd like to show off how much luxury you have, then what happens is you it's not just something you're doing for yourself, you're creating a false

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standard, you're creating corruption. Why? Because other people look at you and say, Man, I wish I had that. I want to get a car like that. I want to get a house like that. I want to get a watch like that. I want to get clothes like that. I wish I had this or had that. And sometimes it's about material things. But nowadays, because of social media, we show off everything people show off, you know, their children, people show off where they are on vacation. You know, like, if you're standing in front of a beautiful waterfall somewhere on Earth, then stand there, look at it and think Allah No, no, no, I want to stand and think of love. But I want to make sure somebody else sees how

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awesome My life is first, you know, and just show it. And so yeah, just having my vacation. Why do you have to report this to the world because there's a need to show off. And then the people who are watching and are going man, their life is so great. My life is so terrible. I wish I had a life like that. And what does that do? It creates constantly a fall in gratitude inside a person because you're always thinking this person has I don't have they have I don't have they have I don't have Why can I have that? You know, I've even seen people, you know, show off how cute their babies are. Mashallah, what a terrible idea. You're asking for evil eye on your children, you're asking for

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people to be jealous of a healthy child or a beautiful child. What a horrible idea. And on top of that, there are so many women are so many fathers and mothers that can't have a child. And every time they look at that they're just thinking themselves when they have and I have nothing. And some people have lost a child. And they're looking at that and they're feeling terrible, but you don't care because you're just this is how cute my baby is. I want the world to see how wonderful My child is and how cute they look. And this is, what is this? The shallowness this need to show and so as a result of that you create in gratitude Now why is that such a big deal? Because our faith our

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religion, it starts with the Fatiha and the Fatiha begins with Alhamdulillah doesn't it? To be grateful and to praise Allah Alhamdulillah Praise and Gratitude belongs to Allah. Praise and Gratitude, as I've told you before, it's not something you say from your tongue. It's something you feel. But if you feel like you're missing out all the time, and if you feel like you're comparing yourself to somebody else all the time, then how are you ever going to be grateful? How are you ever going to not live out of jealousy? You know, this is exactly what the devil wants. The devil wants you to keep comparing yourself to somebody else. And now because of people that want to just show

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off their luxury, or show off their happy lifestyle, I'm not saying you shouldn't have a happy lifestyle, but there's no reason to broadcast it. If Allah has given you a favor, good for you. There's no reason to put that out there. You know, just be grateful for our last favor. Even some people say no, no, but the Koran says what am I being material because I had this when Allah has given you a favor, you should talk about it. You misunderstand the ayah the I was saying what a Melia team, our la familia team of Allah Takara masala for that and how well Am I reading material because I had it when it comes to the orphan. When it comes to the poor people that are having a

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hard time. Then you go to the Prophet selection of his told go to them and remind them of the favor of Allah on you. In other words, remind them I used to be an orphan too. I had hard times too and Allah favored me. So level favor you give hope. It's not when you go to an orphan and a poor person you say I know a hard time you have hard times check my Rolex though. Check it out. Alhamdulillah is a favor from Allah. Because Allah has mentioned the favor of Allah. Ridiculous. Actually, you're supposed to give hope to people that Allah will bring you out of difficulty as he brought me out of difficulty that is the favor of Allah that you should talk about. Remember your hard times and

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remind yourself and remind others when they're going through a hard time a level pull you out.

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This is just a test in the level bring you through it alone will get you out of it. That's actually the point. It's not to show off the things Allah has given you, or Allah has given me whether it's good looks, whether it's money, whether it's family status, whether it's good news in your family, whether it's a new job, whatever it is, you know, when you get a new job, congratulations to you. But you know, a friend of yours, we're looking for a job for a year you don't go Hey, bro, I got a job. Still looking? Yeah, I got a job. That's so good. So good. You know, he's still looking right. So looking, okay. And, you know, some friend of yours couldn't, you know, afford more college

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tuition. And they, they, they stopped going to school, when you graduate, you shouldn't call them first and say, by the way, I graduated, bro, let me I sent you a picture of my diploma, just so it burns a little MiG tau for me, that kind of person is not going to make no to offer you. Okay? So that's you're creating hatred in society. The other thing that it does, I mean, give you a real example what it does, when you keep doing things in luxurious ways, you know, when people some people can afford it, some people can, when they want their child to have a wedding, they can get a really expensive haul, they can get a really fancy, like they can have a location wedding at a beach

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somewhere at a resort somewhere, or they can fly in all their relatives and have them put up in a hotel, all this kind of stuff. And they have all kinds of meals coming in, and a special designer cake or whatever else, they can do all that they can afford it. But then the people who are attending that wedding, some of them are not very wealthy. And they're like, our daughter is going to get married next year. Man, we got to compete, because all these relatives are gonna say, Oh, we went to that wedding. Look at that wedding. And this one's in a machine

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you're gonna have seriously, are you that poor? No. And then you know what they do, then people like us, we take loans, we take loans, so we can compete with the people who can afford. And we put ourselves in financial difficulty. And we you know, we get into river, we get into all kinds of things. Because when you want something that somebody else has, then you figure I don't care, I'll do anything to get it. If they got to show off their wedding and take those pictures or whatever, I want to be able to those those fake pictures. That's what I need in my life without that my life is incomplete. So I'm going to put myself and my family through whatever financial misery, whatever

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problems just so we can be fake just like them just for that purpose, and you ruin yourself you bring ruin to even a newly married couple because they start their life with financial debt. And how many if you if you talk to marital counselors, or you know, people in the family therapy profession, you find out how many families are in deep conflict because of money issues. And you started people's lifestyle lives off with money issues. Why? Because somebody created a false standard. And when they created that standard, you're like, how can I do anything? How can I? And then people treat it's not just about marriages, it's even how we treat children are not even children are grown

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sons and daughters are grown sons and daughters. Allah has made the door to halaal open.

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And we say no, no, not until our son graduates. No, no, not until he gets a job. No, no, not until he buys a house. No, no, not until he owns at least another property. No, no, not until he gets established and it sounds like 35 years old, and the kids are not those parents aren't getting let him get married. And every time some proposal comes the mom's got a rocket launcher on her shoulder. She shoots it down like no, no, no, not yet. Not Not Not for our son. No, no, no. And you think 35 years old, this guy is gonna go to school, college university in the professional life and no fitna is gonna hit, he's not going to do any harm. What delusion Are you living in? This is creating

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facade on the earth, because of an image, because you're more concerned about an image without who facade or fill out. So this, you know, this showing off creates this vying and it creates this false standard. I mean, I used to be given an example. You know, in many Muslim countries, and this even happens here, you have people that have these luxurious parties, like artica NACA is supposed to be something simple, but we want to have 500 people, I want this like big old thing, or people buy a house, right? And they have a house, you know, welcome to our new home kind of party. And when people come to that, those kinds of parties, and this is our four bedroom, this is our they're

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giving you a tour. This is our bathroom, but nobody needs to see your bathroom. It's okay. Would you want to give your video tour? And this is where kids sleep. And this is where the other kids sleep and the other kids sleep. And some of the people you invited have four kids and they live in a one bedroom and the kids sleep on the couch. How do they feel? How do they feel? Did you earn those people's lives? Is that what you did? You know, when Allah has given you It's okay. But it's not right to go around flaunting it. It's not okay to do that. It creates corruption. And so, you know, you know, making people feel bad creates an animosity in society. Allah says well at wl facade I

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fill out. Now the let's take a step back. You know, living well the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam used to dress well. He had exotic perfumes sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he liked eating good food. Having good things in your life is not a bad thing.

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If you can afford it, you should get it. That's also a favor of a law on you. It's completely fine. And that's something not condemned. But the extreme of it. The extreme of it is rough going overboard, and then showing off and spending frivolously. This is where the problem comes. When we start spending money on things that there is no need to spend money on it. What is the law called that? He said, Well, I had to buy Delta zero in Del Mar, Marina Conway, Juana Shelton. Don't spend like that because people who spend wastefully our brothers to the devil, Juana Shelton, O'Connor shaytaan, Lila Vika flora and the devil has been extremely ungrateful to Allah. Take the example of

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our children. You know, some of our kids, they have so many toys at home, that you can't even walk in your in the room without stepping on something hazardous. And some of them have gaming systems, a ps4 a PS, whatever portable, whatever Nintendo is out there, whatever systems out there that whether it's the Wii or whatever, whatever else, and they want this new game that came out a new game that came out a new game that came out. And now many of our kids have iPhones and you know, Android devices, and they've got download after download after download. And you know, they've got these games and these luxuries and new movie comes out. We have to go see it. We have to go watch it. And

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every time you get them one more thing, one more thing, one more thing. Do you see that your children are really grateful? Because you know, and they're happy with it? How long does that happiness last about 24 hours. And then after that the game you bought them or the you know the clothes, you got them, there's something else still left in the store, Dad, let's go back. There's plenty of merchandise we can still get. There's plenty other games you can still get we're creating in gratitude, or creating not being satisfied with what we have in front of us. This is what I thought when facade fell out. And when that happens to Muslims, when Muslims become like this, when

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we just want to consume, consume, consume, and show off, show off and show off, then what's the difference between us and people who don't believe in an afterlife if you want to turn everything in this life into heaven? And you just want to go from one luxury to the next to the next. Why are you interested in the next life anyway? What's the difference left for somebody who doesn't believe in an afterlife and they just want more luxury and more fun and more entertainment and more consumption and more showing off in this life? Then there's no difference left between believer in this believer practically speaking, you could say I have a Muslim name, or Muslim sounding name. We have a few

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rituals, but your mentality is no different from anybody else's. And there's a door in the Quran we ask a lot Robin Allah Tatiana fit Natalie Latina, cafaro our master Do not turn us into a trial. For people that have disbelieved. Do not turn us into a trial for them. Do not let us become a trial for them. You know, you would imagine a lot would say or meet teachers to say, don't let them be a trial for us. Don't put the excuse they will put us in fitna they will attack us, they will pressure us, they will curse us, they will they will blame us, they will hate us, and therefore they will become a trial for us. No, no, no. The ISS Don't make us a trial for them. Why? Because if they see us

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behaving in this way, why would they ever want to come to this faith? Because everything everything we represent in our lifestyle is what they already have. So why would they even come anywhere near this faith? All the things that make our religion bless it disappear. And what greater corruption in the land that the people the people who say la ilaha illAllah the people who believe in Alhamdulillah the people who believe in Ramadan Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, the way they live says nothing about Lyla, Hezbollah, the way they act, the way their attitudes are, their priorities are, they say nothing about Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam that their mentality is

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just like Valley come up la homina.

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You know, they that these people, the extent of their knowledge, and the extent of their thinking is limited to this world. That's all they ever think about is this world. This is facade on the earth. So your decisions, personal decisions to be this way, because no, you know, and we know in this day and age better than any other. Now's a day and age. Now we're living in a day and age where no decision is personal. because everything's out on social media. You're creating an impact. Whatever you do, whatever you say, whatever picture you post, whatever comment you made, you created influence online, whether two people saw it, or 200 people saw it, or 2 million people saw it, you

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are now a source of influence. Either you're following everybody else. Or you're you're leaving something good behind. What is it? What impression Are you giving people? You know, what impression is it that you're giving people? How obsessed have you and I become about showing off? About You know, how many filters Do you have to go through to say that I'm gonna post this picture. You know, to give images of false happiness. We need to cut all of this out from our lives. We have to cut all of that and be authentic people. This is actually the end

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He was given with a template for sada filler. And you know, what is, as I read him, you know what his response was? He said,

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I was given all of this because of knowledge that I have. I'm, I'm a millionaire because I made good business decisions. I'm really smart. I got a degree, I got this, I worked hard, he got a job. nobody's saying that you didn't get the job. nobody's saying that you didn't, you know, you didn't do well, and all of that, first of all, okay, there are people that are much smarter than you and me, that make no money.

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There are people that are much more talented, that have nothing. And there are people that have no degrees, and they have no qualifications, and they make 100 times more than you. Isn't that the reality? So when someone says, I have all of this because of me? Well, there's plenty of people who have what you have, and more, and Allah decided not to give them. They're selling bananas on the street somewhere. And there are plenty of people that have nothing like what you have, and yet Allah gave them anyway. I'll give them anyway. So when you and I start thinking, what we have is because of our qualifications, or what we possess, or what makes us special, what makes us unique. That's

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why we have what we have. That's our first problem. The second problem with this statement is he didn't answer any of what was said to him. The problem wasn't You shouldn't have money, you shouldn't have wealth, you shouldn't live well, that wasn't the problem. The problem was you shouldn't be a show off. You shouldn't be showing you shouldn't be making people feel bad. You shouldn't be behaving in this socially irresponsible way. Because it creates influence. It creates a negative kind of influence. And in response to that he gets defensive instead of addressing the issue itself. He just says, but I earned it. But I deserve it. Okay, whoa, you want to be defensive

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that way. This is what happens to people that want don't want to use common sense. They don't want to use common sense, criticism, the criticism was a and you change the subject to be like it has nothing to do with that you change the conversation altogether. This deflection is actually what a lot of people use to not look at the mirror to actually not address what the criticism is what the issue is, and you turn it into something else. And what does the law say when he says okay, well, I I earned all of this in the mountains 80 to 90 hours in the locker

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Doesn't he know Allah has destroyed so many generations before him?

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Oh, this one guy. This one guy says I earned it. And unless so angry, he doesn't even talk about a person who said this before him. Allah says I have destroyed nations with this attitude. entire nations with this attitude. man whom I shadowman who Chua will accelerate Yamaha. They were much more powerful than he was they have way more wealth gathered than he did. While I use a new Angelou Be humble Maji moon and criminals are not going to be even asked about their sins, they're just going to get wiped out. They're just going to get like this angers Allah so much, then instead of Allah describing what they are going to get in hellfire. In the next life on judgment day, Allah

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describes after his words, I earned this, I'm entitled to it. Allah says, Have you not seen what I've done to entire nations in this world? In this world, this is a lot of threatening people that are this oblivious after being Muslim, because he was actually from the blue side. So they he believed in musala, Islam, he believed in Torah, he believed in the lives of Muslim and a Muslim having this attitude Allah makes me it makes me so angry, that Allah decides to teach people like that a lesson in this life. Let's not become like those people. Our own is a scary case, because our own gets punished in this life. He got our son came into the earth, along with his home in this

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life, when he used to walk by people used to say,

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Why wake up number odms lamacchia. You know,

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if only we could be given what our own was given, Man, I wish I had what he had. He's got the life. And then when after, after his home was sunk, people are like, Oh my god, Allah saved us. Thank God, we're not like him.

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So the eyes open up when it's taken away, when the palace was there, when the luxury gate was there, when the expensive ride was outside, man, slow down the car, I want to look at this. I want to check it out. And after it was sunk a stop, it'll keep driving, don't even look. You know.

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So let's open our eyes before that happens before that happens, because that's what it's worth. At the end of the day, the wealthy and the poor, the one who has and the one who doesn't have all of them are going to sink into the earth aren't they are all going to be sucked into the earth. It's not none of this is going to matter. So don't be diluted by material things, social things, status things, these statuses and the socials and these likes and dislikes online. That's all fake stuff. Nobody really likes you and doesn't matter. Because even the people who love you and people who love me, won't matter on Judgment. A Mama's gonna run away from you. dad's gonna say I got nothing to do

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with you. Your children are gonna walk away.

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from you, they're actually going to say to a lie Allah when fill out the Jimmy and from my own g take everyone on the earth yeah Allah, I offer you humanity they can go to hell can you please save me? That's what we're going to be saying on Judgement day that's literally in the Quran. So and that's the real relationships. What about these fake likes that you run after all these fake comments that you learn unless somebody had a good comment, you keep checking who praised me who praised I feel better, I feel worth it. Now. This this is this is facade. This fakeness this is facade. We have to cut it out of our lives. May Allah azzawajal make us authentic people melasma did

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not make us a false standard for others to fall into corruption and to become ungrateful themselves. We allow zodion mucus content with what we have and be grateful to Allah for what we have. And may Allah azzawajal make us a source of you know, spreading good examples to the people around us with the way we carry ourselves with the way we communicate. And the way we spread anything that we spread anything that we say should become a source of goodness for others barakallahu li walakum or Anil Hakeem, whenever anyone er can be it was tacky.

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hamdu lillahi Wa Wa Salatu was Salam O Allah Abadi Latina Safa Susana Allah, Allah him bohart Amina bien, Mohammed Al Ameen rather early he was a big Marine, Allah azzawajal Chiquita Hickory, Madonna Buddha arrow Villa him in a pan of a gene in a la la la carta who you saw Luna lnav Yeah, you Hello Dina amanu sallu alayhi wa sallam Moses Lima Allahumma salli ala Muhammad Ali Muhammad Ali tada Ibrahim Ali Ibrahim al al amin in Naka habido Majeed Allahumma barik ala Muhammad Ali Mohammed Omar Abdullah Ibrahim Ali Ibrahim al al Ameen in naka homido Majeed rabada la rahima como la de la in the La Jolla Shan Zhang Wei Ito is in Koba Vienna and in fact, you will look up whether the Corolla he

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acaba, La Jolla la medicina on alchemy Sala, in la sala de Cana mini Nikita makuta