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akima from the de la horrible alameen wa salatu salam ala

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Sayidina Muhammad Ali he was a beloved brothers and sisters in Islam salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. sokola. Hey, thank you so much for joining us this episode 10 of our CDs, the blizzard women around the messenger sallallahu wasallam. And for those who've been with us from the beginning of the CDs, we thank you so much for your dollars and your support and your kind words, we've received lovely messages from from all over the world. For those who have followed the series, we thank you so much. And we ask Allah subhanaw taala to accept this, the small effort that we've made might be of service and goodness to the oma amin and as for those who are just recently joining us,

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if you'd like to catch up, you can visit our website berhanu.org or you could via Muslim Central as well, or you could message us directly and inshallah we'll forward you those those those lectures such as Aquila, hateful for spending your time with us. In our last discussion, we spoke about the marriage of the prophets of Salaam to Ayesha, we mentioned how the Prophet peace be upon him was married to so that he was in his early 50s had married soda. And then after a few years, he got engaged, I shadowed Yolanda. And they did not live together initially or they had Rica and they did not love to give it initially three years or so would pass. And then in the second year after about

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eight years or so before the death of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. He's about 55 when he would when I shall have the language join him and she would live with him. So the Prophet peace upon him at this point in time he has soda as his wife and he has eyeshadow Yolanda as his wife. And that's why we mentioned this beautiful relationship between Ayesha and soda. Yesterday was about 50 years gap between them. Yes, they were very different in the personalities. There was a beautiful relationship of love and common support between these two women. And that's why she would always say that if she could emulate any woman, she would love to be like our mother soda rhodiola Marine. So

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let's talk a little bit more about Aisha as the wife of the prophet SAW salon, and we said that I share we've got a she's got such a special place in our area and why we love her so much is because of her personality. Because she was of all the lives of the province of GM. She was the most intelligent, she was the most confident she was the most outspoken. She learned the most when it came to the learning from the Prophet asylum. She was not afraid to speak her mind and the Prophet peace be upon him. If you look at his wives Pinilla. He must have you know, if you look at the women that really came close to his heart are women that are very strong and passionate women that were

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not weak women that spoke their minds women like Khadija like Aisha like Zainab, like Kusama, when you speak about these mothers, as we go up, go further, we'll see what strong characters, these women, the women are on the mission trips, also lungworm. And I shared a lot on how what made a very special was that she would learn so much about the prophets of Salaam, and she had the confidence she had the courage to share that with the oma. And if we get a very, very unique insight as to what happened between the province of Salem in his private capacity. So things that even her father would not know, things that even say normally would not know, only Ayesha and the other fellow wives have

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the problem. They would need to see that aspect of him than a B as a husband sallallahu sallam, and it was our mother Ayesha that gave this to us. So let's take a peek into the household of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, the prophet peace be upon him today if we are fortunate we go to the Muslim number we will find the grave of the prophets of Salaam, buried inside the masjid, the eastern side of the masjid. So if we are if you can close your eyes and imagine for a minute, you're facing the Qibla, the Qibla is south of Medina, to your left hand side. And this is basically the eastern side of the masjid. This is where the houses of the wives of the person comes. It wasn't

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just I shows house the the all the wives of the properties, they would be this way they would stay in there was a little compound a little complex, we only the prophets of Salaam and his wives, and very, very intimate members of the elevate very special people got an opportunity to go into that area. Of course, the sanctity of the whys of the purpose of them is something which is highly sacred as mentioned in the Quran. So I shall dwell on how she took up residence in this area. And this is the way the Prophet Salam is buried. have the honor and virtue of Ayesha she says that the Prophet peace upon him died in her arms, and he's buried in her house. And this is an alarm, it makes one

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think that this man is a killer. He's the greatest and the best of occasion of Allah. And he's the greatest man that ever walked on this earth. And when he died, he was basically a king. He ruled all of the Arabian Peninsula. You know, hundreds of 1000s of people were following him, yet his house if only three graves, only three people could lie side by side. And that was the extent of his house. sallallahu alayhi wasallam. Maybe we'll get the opportunity to visit the Blissett message of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and to be in proximity of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam I mean so this house that

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The prophets of Salaam had built for I shall Yolanda, it was very modest. It was very simple. There wasn't much in it, I would say, months would go by sometimes three months would go by. And they wouldn't be anything in the house besides the two black things, meaning the two meaning dates and water, that no fire would be made for months, meaning I think, to be cooked, the Prophet peace upon him would wake up, or he would come during the middle of the day, maybe 10 o'clock, 11 o'clock morning, and he would say Ayesha, I'm feeling a little hungry, what is the to eat? And she would say, rasulillah we have nothing to eat. salatu salam, and she and he would say in that case, I'm

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fasting, don't worry about it. Even you know, Subhan Allah, whenever you hear about the prophets of Salaam, you'll find that he's always in an optimistic mood, always positive, no matter how bad things are going, he's always confident. He's always, you know, looking at the bright side of things, or hamdulillah always things are good. So we don't have food. Alhamdulillah today is an opportunity to fast when they asked the lives of the prophets, Allah, What was he like, at home? What was he like when we didn't get to see him? They would say he was you know, like a walking around. And in the household, he would do things himself, he would come and he would spend time with

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us. He would make them the center. So even those viola, he's dealing with the the issues of the oma, he's dealing with revelation from Allah, he's dealing with enemies from across the world. When it comes down to his wives, his attention was fully on them. They were the center now they got all his attention. His whole demeanor was to please them was to make them happy was to speak to them about the day. And when he came in there, he didn't come in and say, you know what a miserable day I had, how difficult it was do this for me do that for me. He would do his own domestic chores, he would fish his own things. He would even prepare his own food. He would even saw his own clothing. When if

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there was a hole he would so he didn't ask one of his wives to do this. He would do it himself. So a lot of it was lm. Yet it was in this simple house that he had with Russia, that we see how much love and light and beauty there was between them. And he made an effort to, to to bring happiness the prophets of Salaam would say between my pulpit my member and my house, the house we had lived basically with the grave of the problem is today is an older term in reality man that is a garden from the gardens of Jenna. And Pamela we know that this is perhaps the most sacred place of measured another week is the place between the member the pulpit of the prophets of Salaam and the house of

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Ayesha. So if you come to visit in Abba, when you're facing the table again, this area between the with the Imam would stand and we the house of Isaiah is a garden from the gardens of Jenna, as the prophets of Salaam explained. And if we were to go into the house of Ayesha, what was it like? Sorry, she would tell us that the Prophet peace be upon him was fond of giving not just her but his wives. In general, cute nicknames. He wouldn't call them on the name. he would he would give Ayesha for example, His nickname for her would be homemade, homemade Amin's The one who turns eight, because she would blush often. And he would like to watch her when she was eating. And she becomes

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blushing, you know, because she becomes shy. She turns it in? And he would say yeah, how am I wrong? And he would say actually, Shakira means the lady with beautiful colored hair, like kind of a, you would call her on these names. So it's like saying, Oh, sweetie, oh, cutie lovely. How are you? This is how you wouldn't address them on the names. And in fact, some of his wives as we'll come to know, they were actually the birth names are horrible names, or the names, and he will change them to the name like Xena, which means beautiful, someone who is, you know, very attractive. That's what he would give his wives. I share with you a lot on how I would say that he was an affectionate man, you

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know, he loves to hold his wives, he would love to kiss them. He would like love to be in physical contact with them. There's not just what I share with all these wives. I should even say the prophets of Salaam would recite Quran while resting his head in the laps of his wives, they would be sitting cross legged, and he would he would lie with his head in the laps, and he would recite Quran and they would even be in the maintenance behind Allah you find some people. This is incorrect notion that when a woman is in her means she's dirty, that everything she touches is dirty, but even the angels of mercy, don't visit the house because she's in her menses, you find this inner critic

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notion that when a person has passed away, the lady in a hate is not allowed to, you know, kiss her husband or her father, because the angels of mercy would be disturbed by this upon a lot of thought from this the problem so solemn, would recite Quran in the labs, and it would be in the head, I shall would say that the Prophet peace be upon him. He would be fun when he would come into the house, he would kiss his wives, and he would even kiss them on the lips while he was fasting, but she won't. This is not a practice that we should try to emulate because the prophets of Salaam was the strongest of men when it came to, you know, abstaining from what is haram. So, if you're

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fasting, especially in the month of Ramadan, try not to kiss your wife on the lips but the Prophet Salaam actually did this this hadith you find Muslim. The prophet SAW Selim, when you would have a meal with these wives Ayesha would say that he would let his wife eat first. And when they would put the utensil down, maybe she would drink from a cup. He would pick the cup up, and he wouldn't just drink from the same cup. He would do.

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Look, we was her lips, and then he would put his lips on that same spot, or she was eating some kind of meat and she took a bite, you take that piece of meat, and he would eat from the exact same spot as her mouth was on just to show that extra emphasis of love and affection. We find this hard even sooner and necessity. It is reported by an astrologer that the prophets of Salaam once he would he would stay into Ayesha's eyes and he would say how beautiful How lovely they look, he would just look at his wives and he would mention how attractive they are, how beautiful they are, you know, he prefers a solemn says, when you approach your wife in intimacy, start with beautiful words, you

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know, they preceded it begin with with beautiful, beautiful words.

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I used to ask him, how he would describe the relationship. And she would ask, how would you describe the relationship between us? What is our love, like? And you would say, Our love is like a knot, you know, like a like a not like you tie something. And then she would check on him now and again and say, how is the knot doing? And he will say, as strong as ever. It's as strong as evil even stronger than before.

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On occasion, the prophet Salam would, you know, he would come home, and we would check on them. He would ask about the day, he would listen to the complaints, he would listen to the concerns, and he would make it all about them. Once I shut off the lawn mentions that, you know, the professor lamb came home, and she was sitting in his lap and they were talking and she was in a good mood. And she was smiling. And she said, Yeah, Rasulullah you know, a big deal for me. And you know, on a side note, here we find eyeshadow is very dramatic. She's a woman that loves romance Omen that is very sentimental. So she would find a lot of drama from her and a lot of excitement. That's beautiful,

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because it shows to our Muslim sisters, that this is nothing an Islamic that as part of being a Muslim, is to show you a fiction to show that romance was the one that is halal for you, your husband, your wife, this is a good thing. So she's sitting to imagine that she's sitting in the lap of the professor lamb is holding her, and she has a lot to offer me. So the process of selling that makes it to alpha is Oh ALLAH forgive Ayesha for all her sins, those that were done in the past, those were done in the future. Those were public, those that were private, and she was she so moved by this duality. She lost she feel so good that she actually falls out of his lap. And in the

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prophecies to her, you may do it, you really make you that happy? So she said, Of course why wouldn't you do it make me feel this way? So he says, Do you know that this is a do I make for all of the people I've met in every single solar solar system? Imagine that long before we're born 1400 years ago, the prophet Salaam was making a new app for you and for me, that Allah forgive us, forgive all our sun Sol Allahu alayhi wa sallam, the prophets of Salaam, you know, we imagine when we think of Nevada, and there was no one that was more stricter and more devout in the sense of worship in the province of them. But when we think of Nevada, we almost imagined someone that is

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almost cold, that he's only focused on the afterlife, and he doesn't think of any human contact. He's just in the masjid 24 seven. He says, Do you know that when the prophets of Salaam would be nice in the masjid magic number, we need decaf. And obviously his house was next to the masjid. And there was just a curtain or so separating the masjid and his house. And he would sometimes speak to Ayesha across this curtain, and then he would tell her, you know, could you do my hair, so the proper piece of wood would put his head into the house, while the capsule only is Hades in the house. And he would also share with you comb my hair, or you even wash my hair. And she said I would

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do this for him. And at times I would be in my head and there would be no issue that his body would be in emerging magnetic, but his head was in my lap and I was doing is he I don't know spinal these as soon as how many of us have asked our wives, brush my hair or wash my hair sooner that is easy to practice, but bring so much love and Baraka in our marriage. I should again and this this this is somebody who had mentioned how the professor lamp would put his head in a housewarming teacup and she would do is here Subhan Allah, one of the great you know great things about marriage and the things which Allah subhanaw taala encourages, is the intimacy between husband and wife and Swan

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Allah we find in this this complete perfect Deen that Allah has not only encouraged us for husband wives to be intimate to have intercourse with one another, but even rewards us for that as a hobby. We're complaining the poor Sahaba were complaining about the rich companions, not because they wanted more money, they said Yeah. Rasulullah Sanam, how can we compete with our brothers that are wealthy, you find that our brothers that are wealthy, they make Salah we make Salah, they fought and we fought, but they give charity and we can't give charity so obviously they're going to get a higher place in Ghana than us so the prophets are sometimes they always have charity other than

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giving money. Every Suhana wise charity every every little light is a charity, even smiling with someone is a sadhaka is a charity events.

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Spending intimate time with your wife having intercourse with your husband with your wife is a charity Sahaba was shocked.

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Well, Allah subhanho wa Taala that he would mean for sleeping, having making love to my wife, I'm enjoying myself and I was going to give me the word profit of course, will you not punish you if you did? Haram, you committed Zina. So obviously, if you do, hallelujah, you being rewarded, so the prophets of Salaam and our Sharia encourages husbands and wives to make this form of ibadah. It's good for us in our marriage, and the prophets, Allah gives us complete guidelines in terms of intimacy, telling us reminding us that both husband and wife has needs and both of us need to, we need to look after the needs of our partner profitsystem says to the husband, you know, when you are

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intimate with your wife, do not withdraw yourself until she has fulfilled her desires Subhanallah that a wife when the husband is in need, you know, put everything aside if you can, anything that is, you know, not, at this moment, see to the needs of your husband see to the needs of your wife, because the spinnings Baraka, and of course, it's good for your marriage, it's good for society. So the problem seldom was very open about about intimacy. And Ayesha would say that when they when they had had intercourse, and they will universal, once we have been intimate we know that also becomes compulsory, then she would say we would make a hustle from the same bowl, they would go out together

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to a place outside of Medina when they were alone. And they will take a shower together and not a shower. Obviously, they would use a bucket or a jug. And she would say we would have one chunk and we would hustle from that same chunk. And even even in that moment, they would be playful, she would mention how the hands would patch and rub against each other. And they would splash each other with water, they would compete and then she would say leave me some water don't use all of it because I need to also and he would say to her, leave me some water we find this mentioned both inside Buhari and NSA sort of Lord Himself What a wonderful husband he was the prophets of Salaam. He understood

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his wife's and he knew that in Asia, there was this playfulness for there was this youth This was inquisitive nature about that she needed to be entertained, that she would love to see new things and experience new things. So when he wasn't a journey, as we said before, he would throw lots amongst his wives, you know, they would all do a lot. And he would take the lucky one that pull the the straw basically. So I share would come along on some of these Jain journeys. And she was very, very happy and excited to go on his journeys. And these journeys were not for any reason. They were not like, trips for, for for sightseeing. This was sometimes in jihad, you'd bring these wives with

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along with him during jihad. And it was during one of these journeys after the Jihad had been completed. And they were on their way back home to Medina. So the province of Lem along with his along with Russia and the entire Muslim army, they on the way back home, they passing through the desert, and he says to his Sahaba Guys, look, why don't you go ahead, why don't you go back to Medina and leave me behind. I'd like to spend some time alone with my wife speidel. I had spent, you know, the past few days maybe in the middle of in the middle of battle, he was focused on the Jihad he was focused on, on you know, spending a lot of time into our now he realizes I need to give some

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time to my wife. I had seen to the needs of the oma, Now it's the time for my wife. So he says to the army guys, leave me alone, I shall I would like to spend some time here in the desert by ourselves. And when the army had left, and they were alone, and now I shadowed a lot on how could could basically come out of her hijab. He says to her, Come, let's take a race. And they began and the race up and down. And I should say at that point in time, I was still young, I was still basically slender and skinny, and I could run much faster. And we took a race and he said I beat him and will lie in my heart of hearts. I believe he later we'd like any good husband, when you're

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playing a game. Maybe it's on the Xbox today. So behind Allah or if you are jogging with your wife, you playing table tennis or cards or whatever it might be sooner play games with your wife, literally, this is from the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu sallam. And so he no she wasn't. She was very happy about this. This she would say many years would go by, she completely forgot about this incident. And they found themselves on another one of these journeys. And all of a sudden he again, he tells us Ahava, leave me alone. We'd like to be here in the desert. And she forgot about the city, Elijah, I want that image. Remember, you beat me all those years ago. So I would like a

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rematch. And this time she says I was a little bit heavier. And I was when I was older. So we took a race and this time, he beat me and he sees and then and they laugh together. And he says to her, this is makes up for that meaning it's one one, the score now is one one and Subhanallah that's how is how it ended. The past salon passed away soon after that will continue next in our next session more on the relationship between Asia and the profitable salon to keep this very unique insight as to the prophets of Salaam as a husband. Just one announcement for those inshallah who would like to participate in our Muharram program yet Bonanno Islam as soon as

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We come into the new year 1440 and we wish all of us in the oma a blizzard Mubarak neuem Allah subhanaw taala grant all of us goodness, Allah grant all the success for the oma across the world success in this coming New Year. May Allah make it easy for the mothers going through hardship in Syria and Palestine, in Yemen, in Burma throughout the world. My 1440 bring goodness to this oma so as it's the customary Islam to commemorate the the new year we invite our youngsters, our kids from across Cape Town to join us in a walk around the book up this is basically we Islam began here in South Africa and insha Allah to see the our heritage if you'd like to participate in this, you can

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contact us directly or send us an email to support sokola Hadith. Thank you so much. Allah bless you. I mean salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.