Izzah – Episode 03 – Islamic State And The Battle Of Badr

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Episode Notes

In this series, Shaykh Muhammad West discusses the Islamic state and the Battle of Badr


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The speakers discuss the history and implementation of policies by the New Zealand government that aim to avoid harm and destroy the culture of the New Zealand Muslim community. They emphasize the importance of peace and building relationships with minority groups, and emphasize the need for peace and avoiding violence. The speakers also touch on the history of being a Muslim and the importance of building relationships with minority groups, as well as upcoming events such as the AGM and ADA. They emphasize the need for peace and avoiding violence to ensure everyone is safe and healthy.

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I should have been more serene CD now Mohammed in while earlier was like big mine, I said, Molly Kumara La Habra cattle

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respected brothers and sisters in Islam

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Alhamdulillah once more Allah subhanho wa Taala has afforded us the opportunity to congregate as brothers and sisters in a man in the house of Allah subhanho wa Taala and every moment that we are here Alhamdulillah the week since that we've done from last week Juma that having the lights being removed, and we're being elevated one day, Raja Alhamdulillah we continue with our series, the days of his, and glory.

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We mentioned that hamdulillah

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we have a legacy of over 1000, nearly 1500 years as a Muslim ummah. And throughout this period, we are days of of great glory and days of honor. And we can look back and say Alhamdulillah, we are proud to be a Muslim, the current state that we are in, unfortunately, when we look at Islam, and we look at the Muslim in at large, we find it in ourselves, maybe we are shy or ashamed to even be Muslim, what we see is being done in the name of Islam. So Alhamdulillah, we hope to remind ourselves of those days, where it was an honor to be a Muslim with the label of Islam, the title of Muslim was something you kept with pride. One of the Sahaba, one of the Sahaba is mentioned that in

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the past, when we used to do business transactions, the fact that we were a Muslim was enough people would give us credit, people would lean to us we would sell and buy without worrying if the man says I'm a Muslim, we knew we could trust him. It was a time when being a Muslim meant something and it killed it. It weighed heavily. in the minds of others. We looked at Muslims, as these are good people, these aren't honest people. These are a a blizzard people, even the non Muslims respected the Muslim. And unfortunately, we are in a situation where the opposite is true. When you see something negative, you automatically sometimes imagined this is probably a Muslim was doing this.

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So in sha Allah, it does remind ourselves of those days where it was an honor to be a Muslim with the hopes and child and we may return to that. And the first bright spark that we mentioned, and we'll be speaking about now for a couple of weeks was the formation of the Islamic State. The first Islamic State in the history of this oma, as we mentioned, as we all know, in the news dominating the news headlines is the formation of an Islamic State or as the so called an Islamic state, in Syria and in Iraq. And many Muslims don't know whether we support it whether we are against it. Are these real Muslims? Are these extremist Muslims? Are these

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terrorists funded by the waste alum Stein. This is the definition by definition a fitna confusion, no one knows what is true from falsehood. But what we said and what we've been saying is that any individual or any government that wishes to be known, will be called itself a Muslim government or a Muslim state should emulate the example that was established in Medina 1400 years ago. If your policies are in line with that of the state of Medina and Hamdulillah, then you have all the right to call yourself an Islamic State. If not, then inshallah work towards that. But before that, don't label yourself as the defenders of Islam, because this is what Islam is. So let's go back and see

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the policies of the Islamic State in the time of Nabil Mohammed Al Salam. A brief, quick summary of the last two weeks we mentioned that the people of Mecca This is the birthplace of Islam. Islam came in the city of Mecca at the foot in the shade of the Kaaba, and a small group of the Muslims of the people of Makkah accepted Islam. We as we know, the majority rejected Islam, and for 13 years the Muslims would live under severe severe oppression. The people of Mecca would oppress the Muslims until Allah subhanho wa Taala opened away. Allah subhanho wa Taala opened a path a new city in Medina, and the people of Medina embraced Islam. And therefore, the road was paved for an abyssal

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Salaam and the Muslims of Makkah to make a hegira to Medina, and we say this migration, this is the turning point in Islam, one of the turning points in Islamic history. We went from being a people without a home, we went from being a people being oppressed to having a state of our own, and now we have a central government of our own. And this was, of course, the first Muslim state. in Medina. We said that while Al Hamdulillah beautiful day one of the greatest days in our history was the birth of the Islamic city in Medina. It did not come without any challenges. huge challenges faced the Muslims in Medina and we look now

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At the leadership of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, what did he do with those challenges? And we said, it's so applicable to today, because many of the challenges that were faced by the Muslims at that point in time, we are facing it here locally, and other Muslim countries are facing those same challenges. How do we solve these problems? Let us look at the best of examples, The Beatles album, what he did. What are the problems that were faced facing this new city? Number one, of course, as we mentioned, the mohajir 1800s, of people coming from Makkah was not a saint in the pocket was nothing was just the clothes on their backs. These are people these are families, women

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and children who need jobs, they need housing, they need a place to stay, they need livelihood out, there's gonna be so seldom solve this poverty, we, as I mentioned, we can liken this today to the refugees that come from all over Africa to our country, or from the Middle East mela make easy for the people who have built the lives in a certain country. And war overtakes that country. And they have to give up everything. Man was, you know, so many of them, millionaires, billionaires in Syria, in Iraq, and have to flee their homes with just the clothes on the back start from scratch. How do we deal with these refugees? How can I be so solemn deal with the refugees that came from Makkah?

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What did you do with a new Muslims? We said within Medina, the Muslim state now is in charge. There's a government in Islamic government that hamdulillah but not everyone in Medina is Muslim. We have non Muslim pagan Arabs who are worshipping idols. We have within the city, we have Jews who says we totally reject you. And we know that the Jews will show the most hostility then they'll be so sentimental today, the hostility from the Jews is still there. Right? So what do we do with this? Do we? How should we respond to this? And then, of course, even worse, worse than all of that we have those who may be salsa, lemon, Allah so behind this device, that they only embrace Islam,

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through hypocrisy. They are disbelievers in their heart, but on the outside, they are Muslims. And every opportunity they get they look to undermine Islam from inside. What do we do with all these groups, and we still have the external threats. The people outside of Medina wants to attack the attack the Muslims externally. So we asked How can there be some Salaam solve this problem? And we like in all these situations to today, external threats of the West, within our midst? We live amongst non Muslims. What do we do we have Muslims of different aqeedah and ideologies and belief. How do we deal with these different groups? sha Allah, we see and we mentioned briefly discussing

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this over the past couple of weeks, we said that this of the strategic steps and we saw some did is that number one, when it came to Medina, he solved the social problems by creating a brotherhood between the unsolved and the mohabbatein that we saw Salam said Oh, Ansari is one family from the, from the people of Medina needs to adopt a family from the Maha Jean. And they accepted and hamdulillah within one year, the solve the problem. And we mentioned this last week, we also said Nabeel Salaam, entered into an alliance and created a constitution. And this is something we should tell our non Muslim friends and colleagues that when avviso salaam entered into Medina, one of the

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first things he did is he had a meeting with the Jewish tribes there, and they entered into an alliance and since for you is your religion, or benissa, in practice your religion as you wish you don't recognize me as an Abbe, no problem. You live according to your religion and your laws, and we live according to our religion, our laws, but we are one city, we don't undermine one another in the city, and we will defend each other from common enemies. This was the Alliance. So we ask a Muslim state forms, it has within its limits Christians, as we see in Iraq, what do we do to these Christians? Do we expel them? You we execute them, we force them to convert? Yeah, we see the

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example from the results of them. He said you free to live according to religion. However, however, we work together, we don't undermine one another. And then of course, we spoke about NaVi salsa lamb in implementing and this is what is so important for us we'll talk about today the leadership of Nabhi salsa lamp, but with what nobody saw some stressed was that an Islamic State is not formed. It is not formed from the top down. It is formed from the bottom up, it is made up of individuals. And when the individual plays his role in society, whether he's in the Islamic State within a non Muslim state, you will see the changes come from itself. Now we saw Salam emphasize this very early on that

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every one of you don't look at the Imam don't look at the MJC don't look at the president, look at what I can do. All of you in Episode Seven said you're all leaders and you're all responsible for your the things that you are under your control your family, your home, and each and every one of you. You are responsible for what happens in your society. If there's crime in your area, you are partly responsible to find a solution. If there's poverty in the area, you must rule on that you will also have to play a role in that the masjid does not belong to one person, one community, one individual, it belongs to the community, all of us when we are when when we collect we either

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collectively succeed we collectively fail.

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This is the emphasis that we make an abyssal Salah mix, and Islam says so whether you live in the Islamic states, or you live in a state in South Africa, each and every one of you, you have all of us have a role to play to solve the problem. And we said the very least, if you cannot contribute to the solution, then don't contribute to the problem. Don't make matters worse, look at yourself. And at the very least, if you can't help solve the problems that we are facing, then at least the very least you can do is not to make the situation worse, then just stay away and keep your your harm to yourself. That is the message that the system gives us. So this is really the principle and the

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foundation, the foundation of the Islamic State is not the amount on top, yes, that is the the pinnacle of our state, but it's built by Muslims on the ground level. But of course, the government plays a huge role. And this is what is lacking in our Ummah, the left that we do not have a leadership that we can look to and pointed at hamdulillah This is the leadership we wish to follow leadership to take the lead. So we as Muslims, we openly declare, and we say this without shame that we love and we hope to see an Islamic State being born, a government ruled by the laws of Allah subhanho wa Taala and authority established under the authority of Allah subhanho wa Taala. We do

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not believe in a secular government. We believe in an Islamic government, if it is implemented correctly, if it is implemented correctly, it is for the benefit of Muslim and non Muslim alike. It is for the the prosperity for Muslim and non Muslim alike and Allah subhanho wa Taala confirmed this. And this is a message to our in particular those in governmental roles, those who are ruling Muslim majority countries, Allah subhanho wa Taala says severely and very importantly to all our leaders and governors three times and sudama either Allah repeats this statement thrice, one after the other three consecutive ayat or two consecutive ayat and then soon after that another ayah Allah

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Subhana Allah says, And whosoever does not rule or judge or govern by what Allah has revealed, then it is those who are the kaffee rune that they are the disbelievers. And in the next ayah Allah says, and whoever does not judge and rule and govern by that which Allah has revealed, then it is they who are the wrongdoers, and those who do not judge and rule by that which Allah has revealed, then they are the ones who are disobedient, so unless made severe to our rulers and our governors, that there is no rule there is no law except the law of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And Allah says in the Quran again, would you prefer the law of Jamelia, the law of ignorance, over the law of Allah, Allah knows

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what is hidden and not even knows the future and the past. Allah does not legislate, to make difficult, you legislate for your own benefit. And then hamdulillah you know, I grew up in a in a in an Arab society in in Saudi Arabia, where some Islamic principles are established, some Islamic principles are established, and you find those who live they may criticize Why does Islam say this, that and the other, it's a bit backward, then we can't Why does Islam Why are they so strict on criminals who steal and murder and rape so strict and severe, brutal, we say come to South Africa and see where the law of Allah is not implemented. You will see the effects on society will lie you

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can walk and we know that we judge how they walk freely, without any harm or fear. This is the law of Allah subhanho wa Taala. In effect in implementation, the minute you turn away from it, Allah says it's to your own detriment. It doesn't harm Allah, whether we live by our laws or his laws, it harms us. So we say proudly, that we wish to see a true Islamic State being formed. But one It must be number one, based on the sharing of Allah subhanho wa Taala do not form a state and label it and Islamic State and you contradict the example of Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam and you contradict the laws of Allah. Now we ask, What did the Nabi sallallahu Sallam do once he became the leader?

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So what if he was here today? And he formed an Islamic State here in the blue cup? Like he did in Medina, what would happen? How would he the state be formed? What are the steps the government took? So there is the role of the individual which we spoke about last week? Now what is the role of the government and what is the policies now? vehcile salam did one of the very, very first things he did. And again an example for us Muslims when we go into a new area, and we form a new community, a new Muslim area Alhamdulillah Islamic spreading, where do we begin? within the first few days that we saw Salam came to Medina before he even built his own house, then abyssal Salaam established a

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Masjid and we'll see why he did establish a Masjid. Why? What is the focus? Sometimes we may think, you know, if I was to ask yourself, I became the king overnight. What would I do? I know what should I do first thing when I first closed the shebeen, would I first tell all the women to cover the hair when I first burned down this churches? panel or what am I going to do? What is my focus? When do I start the first thing that he did was he built a center for his community. The ministry does not just a place of Salah he built a place of belonging for all the Muslims in the community. There was no mention in Medina at the start here, a place that belongs to everybody.

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Before he built his own house, he said this is the house which belongs to Allah. And everyone is welcome, as measured in nabawi. Right now we saw Salah boats, there was a machine in Cuba, maybe some boat before measured in other way, but mostly the number we this is the first measure inside of Medina and beautiful example of how this message was built. Now visa Salam citylit he was riding his camel. And of course we are going to select which area Am I going to select the rich area, the poor area, the area of this tribe or that tribe who is going to get the honor of having the machine in the area. So he said, Let the camel decide. My camel will ride where he stops with the camel stops.

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This is where the motion will be built. And it stopped on a piece of land which belonged to two orphans. Two orphans own this land. And so in abyssal Salam and the Mahajan answer, whatever they had, they said we will purchase this land again. This is the main street of Allah subhanaw taala. But we don't take land, the government does not take land forcefully. without compensation. And example once again, this is the rights of someone else, you cannot infringe on the rights of the individual. For Allah sake then this is not for Allah sake. So stealing of land, even if it's done to build a Masjid Haram haram not allowed to do it. So they purchased this land from these

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individuals. And they built an every Muslim contributed in building that mesh. It's a hobby. So from the left to the projects that are going you're going to make solar in a message which was built by the hands of those who will also sell them. You're gonna make solar in a machine which Billa and Abu Bakr and Omar they put those bricks in that machine. Today it stands a lot. But what a great honor. What a great privilege to have. You stand in that Masjid. And of course, very simple. This is the greatest site on earth the greatest image at that point on Earth. Very simple made of mud made of date palms in these very no lighting except at night a lamp was lit. And this was a hamdulillah a

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Masjid built on taqwa. Allah subhanho wa Taala says Surah Toba and again, an example for all of us in our areas, be part of the masjid committee, be part of the running of the masjid Allah see some beautiful words to these committees and to our people that make the effort to run them as Allah says, The massaging of Allah shall be maintained only by those who believe in Allah and on the last day and they perform salah and give zakah and they fear none but Allah, it is they were expected to be on through guidance Allahu Akbar, but beautiful lines for those who run masajid get involved in sha Allah Allah affirms your taqwa when you run that Masjid with sincerity.

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And Abbey's all Salam encourages us and this is of course, the building of massage is something we continue right now besides consider riverboats msgid for the sake of Allah, Allah will built a house or something similar for him in Jenna and Abby salsa lemons for our projects that are going on except the Hajj, Grant all the sins to be forgiven. You know Allah Salam reminds the judge that one solder in my machine is better than 1000 solder in any other machine on earth except munsieville haraam only Majid Hara masala de is better. And you know, we just I digress just a few this for a minute or two, that these are the months of Hajj, right and these months, Allah has made her arm

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sacred. In fact, Allah before Allah made it sacred. The Arabs said that in the month of the al Qaeda this month, and the ledger and Muharram, these three number 1112. And one of these calendar, these three months, no fighting, and then the Raja the seventh month of the Islamic calendar month or harar, meaning no fighting allowed in these months. Why? Why did you make this month around Oh, Arabs before Islam, because these were the months that the project will travel to Makkah. And in Russia, they will travel to Mecca to perform camera. So if we are fighting in the road, then of course the hijackers are going to be harmed, they're going to get caught in the crossfire. So we saw

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the Arabs This is before Islam. They said these four months, no fighting is permitted between us we delay any fight violence so the judge can travel and come freely Subhana Allah yet now in this day in time, Levin confirmed it and said these 12 these four months I've made also Haram, no fighting allowed in the How is it still that people harm who judge? Oh, exploitable judge when even the pagan backward Arab understood arming a Haji is something major in Allah is that he's the guest of Allah. So we ask Allah Subhan to protect our for judge to make the Hajj accepted and to make dua for us and they come back with a blessing and Baraka for our community and our society in sha Allah. So we ask

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once again, what was the reason behind building a ministry? How does this help society How did this was it simply and this is the role of the masjid then compared to the role of the masjid now, number one, of course, at that time, there was no zetta there was no fasting there was no hedge, the only pillar of Islam which was established, of course, which is still hate, it's the basis of Islam and inshallah The only thing compulsory on the Muslims at that point in time was Salah, and this is the beginning. Nobody so Salam advises that when societies want to change when goodness wants to come, the perfection of Salah is the beginning and the first step. Whether you find people come to the

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marriage counselor marriage is not doing so well. The first question you'll find the chef asking, Are you

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Performing Salah. This is the beginning of all success, your relationship with Allah. This is the first thing. Secondly, Nagisa Salaam as I said, the masjid was a community center. The people who had no homes, they came to the masjid. Women who were looking for husbands came to the masjid. People were angry and had problems they came to the masjid. Maybe some would sit there and from there he would govern the society. It was the seat of government. The Masjid was a center for the community. And this is where you came to for you meet your brothers and the brother would strengthen Salah you know, the Imam always so before Salah strengthen your support. One of the reasons that if

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the subwoofer not straight, and his gaps between it have the punishment for that is that there'll be disunity amongst your hearts. Right.

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So to build that unity, you had a place where the Muslims came, maybe the man who is rich never ever interacted with the slave. He never speaks to him. He never meets him. But now in the machine, he stands next to him side by side. He shakes his hand How are you? My brother Subhan. Allah, oh, this is happening in your family. This was happening in my family. This is what Islam does. It brings you This is the purpose of the masjid. And for that reason, the first step, maybe some did was he built a Masjid. And we'll find as I said, You What if you travel outside your community, you would look with a Masjid. In a country we may be Islamic, not so prominent. When you see a Masjid is a Muslim

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community. Now you feel at home, this is where we belong. Wherever you are in the dunya. You find that Masjid, that's where I belong. The second thing that the system did, and as I mentioned, as I mentioned, that he began not by forcing salah and for prohibiting alcohol and calling the women to dress correctly. He began by implementing proper a HELOC by building a cohesive and united society in this period if you look at the laws that were passed, now these are some entrenched brotherhood and society. He says For example howdy abusing a Muslim is Fisk is a is outrage is a huge sin and to fight him and harm him. His disbelief is Cooper, a Muslim is the brother of a Muslim, He neither

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appreciate him, nor does he fail to assist him. Wherever he moves, a difficulty, a worldly difficulty for a believer, Allah will remove for him a difficulty in piano. And whoever shields a Muslim Allah will shield him on the Day of Resurrection. Now be so solemn again to help the poor. He made these statements. He is not a perfect believer who goes to bed fool and his neighbor is hungry. And obese have seldom said show mercy be kind and good to the people on the earth. So the one in the center, meaning Allah will be kind and merciful to you. So the policies were looking at what policies didn't implement. And we asked these governments that are coming now claiming to be an

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Islamic State. This is where you begin. You begin by building a harmonious society implementing brotherhood and kindness and mercy instead of destruction and harm

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policies towards minorities. And this is a big question, how did Muslims treat the non Muslims in the society now that the tables are turned? We were under your booth in Makkah, now we are in charge, what are we going to do to you? We're going to harm you, we're going to force you to to follow our shediac or we're going to impose our law on you. And the best example we give the story of Herbalife and Sam rhodiola and who have to live in Sam was one of the biggest Jewish rabbis of Medina. He was one of the rabbis the great Lama of the Jews. Of course, he heard the news, Abdullah Abdullah, that a man from Makkah, Mohammed Salim, he's come and he's claimed to be a prophet, what

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are we going to do the Jewish rabbis, you know, they are now on the on edge. So he being one of the most learner that I buy said, Fine, I'll go and speak to him personally and see if he's telling the truth or not. So I believe in Salaam is giving us his story. And this is an example for you an example for us. We see the government change overnight, like in South Africa, one government collapses and a new one comes into a new minority. You may be a white person during apartheid, you're benefiting from it. And now the new president is coming on top. And he's going to give his first public address, you're worried What's he going to say? Is he going to say we take back our

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land, we're going to show you people what you did to us. So now you're in the crowd, you're waiting to hear what he's going to say, I believe in Salamis, in this position, I'd Muslim a new government. We Jews are minority, what are we going to do? So he says, I want to go and meet and be so solemn, but there's a huge crowd around him. I can't get to him. I only see his face and immediately, I think, a lie. This is not the face of a liar. He recognized the newly Nabeel Salam. When he says, When I got closer, the first thing I heard from Nabisco, salaam, the first public address there'll be some gave to the people and they'll be asked again, you, you know, the ISIS, whatever, Baccarat

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Daddy, you know, whoever he is, right? He takes control. And I was giving the first public address to him. What is he going to start with? Where's he going to begin? That'd be so solemn begins by saying this beautiful Hadith. He says, oh, people, as she said, spread Salam spread peace, greet one another. This is where he begins with let everyone know we are here to bring peace for every single individual.

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Salaam, WA automaton and feed the person who is hungry, was singular ham and see to your family ties was so low in Estonia and mixolo when everyone is sleeping, the whole agenda to be salam, when I guarantee you will enter into gender easy for things you do. greet everyone that you meet, feed someone that is hungry, make solid when people are sleeping, keep ties with your family. And I get into you into the agenda easily. What a great statement to make for you as a minority person living under that when you hear this hamdulillah You know, you're safe. He begins by saying words of peace, don't worry, we're not here to harm. And this is how we saw some great statements and deployment,

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whatever the live and said I'm doing from that point in time is not inclined to Islam. He didn't even debate within the Visa Center. And this is one of the chief rabbis when he became Muslim. Maybe some of the Jews found it easier. What if now becoming Muslim, then maybe this is the way to go. Right behind only became one of the greatest hobbies based on the simple Hadeeth. But it had he had said, Today we are going to build up our army and our forces. And we're going to show our places. What would have the result been the shows you the statements that The Statesman nobody saw none was,

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of course, whether we like it or not, we have enemies. We have enemies inside outside. What do we do with the enemies? That'd be so solemn, yes, we love peace and willing to live in peace. But what do we do with our enemies? How do we respond? Especially those first of all, our enemies are all the non Muslims, our enemies? What do we do? So this is the foreign policy of Nabil Sal Salaam, again, very applicable to us today. Allah Subhana Allah says, Allah does not forbid you from having good relations from those who do not fight you because of your religion, or does not forbid you from having alliances and good relations with non Muslims so long as they don't fight you because you're

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a Muslim, and they do not expel you from your homes. They don't kick you out of your homes, from being righteous towards them and acting justly towards them. Allah say, no problem having good relationships with good non Muslims. Indeed, Allah loves those who act justly. But Allah only forbids you from those who fight you because you being a Muslim your religion and expel you from your homes and aid you in your expulsion. In that case, Allah forbids that you make allies of them and also ever make allies of them. Then it is those who are the wrongdoers. So Allah bolts here, the law. Not all non Muslims are the same. We don't print them all with one brush. You can live by your

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religion and we live by our religion, and we can live peacefully and harmoniously. We can interact and work together as a Muslim man, you can marry the woman. The Quran says you can eat the food as well. I look it up so long as you don't oppress us for our religion, and we won't harm you. But if you attack us and harm us, then Allah subhanho wa Taala legislates a different ruling. So let me say Salaam we started off by building peaceful relationships with the minorities in Medina and the tribes living around Medina later we are all neighbors one another. You have no religion I've my religion doesn't live peacefully. And the agreement was, I will not aid your enemies. If you have an

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enemy, they become my enemy. Similarly, my enemies are your enemies now. We live together, we fight together, we defend Medina together and we have peace in the city. But as for those who showed hostility and the courage of Makkah, openly show the hostility to Medina, the state of Medina was formed, the people in Makkah openly showed the hostility, for example, they look to look for all the influences in Medina, which can overthrow the leadership of knobbies of Salah they called the non Muslims, they paid their money. They said, you know, assassinate Mohammed, change the government salatu salam, and you will be our allies. And they showed the oppression and the hatred to Islam.

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Those Muslims who could not leave Makkah, those Muslims who could not leave Makkah, they were abused in Makkah, and they were tortured severely. They weren't allowed to go to Medina. So they openly showed the hostility and then the wealth belonging to the Muslims that lift the bucket list with all these Well, all the Sahaba were wealthy, they left their homes. The Qureshi said we'll take this money for us now. And we can distribute it amongst ourselves. So the hostility was there.

00:29:11--> 00:29:47

Before this point in time, the Muslims were being oppressed in Makkah, and Allah subhanho wa Taala did not allow the Muslims to defend themselves. Now visa Salam is being abused. No one can, can can can fight back and attack Abu Jamal, Allah did not allow this. Now that you have a state of your own, and you're in a position to defend yourself a lot opens the doors to jihad. And this is where Jihad first becomes applicable. Allah Subhana. Allah now says to the Muslim mean, permission to fight is given to those who are fighting them or fighting you, because they have been wronged and surely Allah is able to give them victory. So because you are being oppressed, and your wealth is

00:29:47--> 00:29:59

being taken, and they wish to destroy you. Now, Allah says I've given you permission to fight back. And this would open the door now to hostility to the Muslims at this point in time, and I'd be so solemn did not have any enemies.

00:30:00--> 00:30:36

Besides the people of Makkah his own people, the people of Medina non Muslims, is an alliance with them. The people around Medina non Muslim tribes alliance with him, no problem. In fact, as I earlier in the slide, you'd find Muslims were living, not only in Medina, but you had Muslims living in Abyssinia, Muslim tribes living outside Medina who some did not say, Come and leave your non Muslim cities and come to Medina. Today there's an idea that any Muslim living in a non Muslim land automatically you are committing a major sin, you must come to the Muslim state. That is not the case. Maybe so Salaam neighbor told the Muslims that you need to leave your non Muslim land so long

00:30:36--> 00:31:11

as you're not being oppressed. If you can practice your religion openly and peacefully no problem you can remain the but as for those Muslims living in Mecca, being forced to act and not allowed to make Sadat not allowed to recite the Quran and they have the ability to leave. And that's such a person that such a person is commit sin. So now the stage is set up. So Salam says our only hostility is with the people of Makkah, and they said we also hostile towards you. So this would begin the first steps to the Battle of better which inshallah we'll talk about next week, the introduction to the Battle of butter in sha Allah, Allah, Allah Hey, Salaam Alaikum Salam

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We have just announcement with regard to ad hoc which is in the fourth and the fifth of October inshallah, right and inshallah The machine will be slaughtering yet the bronto Center on Sunday, and on Saturday and Sunday, the price of a sheep is 1600 and for those who wish to contribute in sha Allah, and of course just a reminder that our classes, the Syrah of nebby Mohammed Al Salam continues on Tuesday of the month of the month of inshallah, also we have a suggestion box outside for any comments, anything that you like or dislike that's happening in the masjid. We have our AGM coming up, we'd like to collect these comments and inshallah implement them in sha Allah