Mohamad Baajour – 40 Authentic Qudsi #07 – Divine Calculation – Hadith #5

Mohamad Baajour
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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullahi over

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Smolov hamdulillah salatu salam ala Rasulillah, alumna aluminum and fauna on finally my limp Tana was an ailment Dr. hamre Hamid I asked my brothers to come closer in sha Allah to Allah

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may Allah subhanaw taala make us from the people at the end of the gathering, they will be told como mcphedran Lakhan but what did I say I think on get up all your sins are forgiven and all your evil deeds are switched into good deeds in sha Allah Tala. We mentioned in the beginning of the series, the difference between the Hadith alkoxy and the Quran, right? The hadith could see, what did we say anybody remembers?

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It is the word of Allah has the meaning is the meaning of from Allah azza wa jal and the words are from Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and we said that there's a difference between it and the Quran. For example, I cannot recite the frequency in the solid, I don't have to have when I touch the book of Hadith, I could see the Hadith and could see some, some of the some of it is not any it could have some weakness in it. But the Quran is without 100% no doubt in it, and many other things that we mentioned today's Hadith Subhan Allah, it shows us the Rama and the father of Allah azza wa jal.

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The hadith is both in Bukhari and Muslim multifocal Ali, and thus are the Allah on Houma and in Nabi SallAllahu, alayhi wa sallam, female Yahweh and Robbie. And this is we said that when you see the statement, the beginning of the Hadith that means the Hadith has got three female Yahweh and Rob behave as a Virgil call in Allaha Kitab al Hassan it was say at some Bayona Dalek Thurman hunmanby Has anything Philomena mela kotoba Humla hula hula endo her center 10 Kameelah 13 Who him maybe her for Amelia her kotoba Hola. Hola. Hola. Asha Hassan. Illa sublimity live Illa biofin kathira women handmade visa yet in Fela Mia Mila Katha Allahu Allah who were in there who has an earthen Kameelah

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fine who have maybe her family or her katiba katha Hala who say yeah, 10 Wahida

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even our best or the Allah Han narrated

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Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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said and then plus was a Salam said that Allah subhanho wa Taala said, or Yahweh and Robbie he narrates from Allah azza wa jal that Verily, Allah to Allah has written down the good deeds and the evil deeds. Allah has already written down the good deeds and even these here written down means he assigned the angels to write them down. And we all know the male Federman colon Illa. Do you hear? It is no word we utter nothing we do, except it is recorded. And we have two angels, the angels on the right writing the good deeds and the angels on the left writing the

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evil deeds

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and words from the Bayona Dalek. And then Allah subhanaw taala explained, whosoever intends to perform a good deed but did not do it. Allah writes down with himself as the deed is a complete good deed has an camera and if he intended to perform it, and then he did perform it, Allah will write it down 10 good deeds and Allah subhanaw taala might multiply it to 700 deeds, or many, many more are the orphan Kathira and if someone intended to perform an evil deed, but did not do it, and he

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did not do it, Allah writes it down with him with himself as a good deed.

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If he intended to do a good deed, and he did not do it and will explain Of course, he will, it will be written as a good deed. And if he intended to do a good deed, evil deed, and he did it, it will only be recorded as one evil deed

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First of all, Abdullah does have the Allah on Houma.

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He was from the yo

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Young Sahaba very young Sahaba and he was born

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three years before the Asia so he died

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when the assassin and died he was very, very young when

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he has narrated around many a hadith but from his Hadith the Buhari narrated 28 and Muslim narrated 49. So he is

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very well known or are we an Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Now this hadith yeah one showed us that

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decree varies between federal

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and adult.

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History Rama on the minivan is a father and the mother of the kuffaar is added by the adult.

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There when he rewards us, this is a funnel from Allah azza wa jal, we do not do much to be rewarded. Our men are very minimum. And when he punishes the careful, he only punishes him with adult with justice. And all that man vary between federal and adult. Now, this hadith showed us here one, the importance, the extreme importance of Nia intentions. So the Hadith goes by saying that whosoever intended to perform a good deed

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I intended to come to a shop in JAMA, and I went outside the car did not start. I intended it, and I did something.

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You it will be recorded, as if you have prayed a shot in JAMA.

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I intended to go to tomra. And I took by all the means, and I put a deposit and I sent my passport for a visa. And then something happened I got very sick, I could not travel, it will be recorded that you performed ombre.

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Look at this. Look at this deal. Where did you find this in any Dean Subhanallah this is the net amount of Islam. This is the beauty of Islam. This is the greatness of Allah azza wa jal I did not even perform the better.

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I will be getting the Azure of as if I have performed the better as long as I have the real intention. And I took by the means I did something not I am intending I go to sleep. You know, we give the example all the time. I'm intending to come to Azure in JAMA tomorrow, and I'm sleeping today at four o'clock, no alarm, I did not ask anybody to wake me up. What kind of intention is this? There has to be followed by Amman, by me by taking by the means. So when always make the intention, we will talk to me and brother Adnan. He makes the intention that tomorrow in sha Allah, I want to go visit my brother in the hospital, he makes the intention and he makes a schedule that

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he is going to visit. Something happened at that time. He already booked that schedule for that visit. And something happened at that time, but he already made the deal the intention. And he took by the means he blocked that out. But on his way he got a phone call he has to go somewhere Subhan Allah but that's why it's extremely important to always have the intention. Always do the intention, the right intention, and Allah subhanaw taala will reward you and we see this sometimes like you know Rasul Allah, as I said, when he said the Hadith in the dunya, about Nefer. The people in this dunya are one of 4141 of them is Allah who have given him money and knowledge and he uses it. He

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subete Allah both of them the money and the knowledge to study the law. The other guy has a knowledge but he does not have money. And he said to himself, If I have money, I will do the same thing like that guy.

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Whether the Ross was hustling, say, for whom Murphy actually, Saba, they get the same reward.

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I saw Brother raised his hand in the fundraising $20,000

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Leia, Allah, you know, if you're blessed with this money, Allah would give the same thing like him. You will get the Azure Yeah, one look at this business.

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Look at this business. Well, man Phil actually salah and the third guy, he has money but no. And he's spending everything and haram, haram haram haram

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and the fourth the fourth guy is the worst guy.

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He said if I have money, I will do like the third guy.

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Life I have the money tomorrow, Vegas. We're gonna go do this and do this. There are the Vegas

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pastor. He gets he gets

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filled with research and he will not he will ask you

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We'll explain later he will not get the same say yet as the guy who actually went and drank and gambled. But he will get a yet he will get even though he's not the only thing, but Allah knows. Because some people might think that this hadith contradicts the Hadith we're talking about right now. It says he did not do it how he's getting so yeah, Allah knows that if he had that money, he is going, he is going. So the business of intentions. We have to try to get into that field of business. This is an amazing business, the business of intentions. Always. When you come to a show you're coming to pleasure tomorrow morning, you're coming to Joomla Allah grant me every Azure the

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salah Salem promised us about attending Joomla

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maybe I know some of them maybe I do not know Yeah, hola. Yo when you eat when we are coming to fish react when ya Allah grants me every Azure resource I seldom promised for the one who prays pleasure in Jamaica for the ones who come to the masjid and inshallah Tada, you will get so many visual for that 510 Second intention, pure intention. So the first one, he intended to do a Hassan

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and he was not able to do it. He was not able to do it, but he already made the intention like we gave the example. Now the other guy he made the intention to do the Hashanah and he did it.

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Allahu Akbar minimum 10

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days actually,

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Allah says in the Quran, Whosoever does a Hassan that will multiplied by 10 this is the minimum Subhanallah minimum. And then it says God can go up to 700 on the earth, only Allah knows it will be multiplied, many falls only known to Allah azza wa jal Subhan Allah, so the minimum is 10 I give $1 It will be recorded $10 I

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fasted one day it will be recorded 10 days

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SubhanAllah. So, the business with Allah azza wa jal, the divine calculation is different than the calculation that we have among each other. Now

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the Hassan Earth multiply, because of few things,

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it multiply, sometimes because of the man because of the time, sometimes it multiply because of the Macan. Because of the place that you're doing it, sometimes it multiply because of the action itself. And sometimes it multiplies because of the sincerity of the person doing it. So number one, there's a man, for example, or Salah sigh Salam said that the actions of the days of the hijab, the first 10 days of the hijab are better than any action done through the whole year. So that there's a man you know, it gave more preference to the Amazon more has an add to the oven, because it was done in the 10 days of the hijab. The Macan Rasulullah Sasana for example, said that salad in my Masjid

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is 1000 times more, right? So that is the Macan gave that more Azure for the Amazon. Now the third is the ML itself. Rasul Allah says Allah said that Allah said, which hadith is coming with us

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that the most beloved animal to me is the frog. So the frog is more beloved to Allah, then the Sunnah, and then nothing. So the product also make the Amel also preferred. And then it depends on the sincerity of the person who's doing it. how sincere

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is the person performing the animal will decide the amount of Hassan out of the oven, the more sincere we are, the more rewards we will get for for that for the time and now, in case the third now, this is the who does a good deed. Now, what does a bad deed and if he intended to perform an evil deed, but he did not do it? He did not do it, he will get a hasna does that apply to everybody? No. When it comes to evil deeds, we have three scenarios. Listen carefully. Let me Why don't you help me out? What are the three scenarios about somebody intending to do an evil deed? First one.

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Something has happened. Okay, let's take this was my third but we'll take it off my first

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he wants to do an evil deed. And he did not do it. Because things happened. For example, I went to rob a house and I put the ladder the ladder turns out to be short.

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I could not reach

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But I went there, and I made the intention for the video for the evil deed. And I proceeded. I went, I went to buy a

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bottle of alcohol and the store closed. I took the means to buy the means to perform it. Do I get an evil deed or no

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you get a good deal.

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He only stopped because he could not reach. The store was closed.

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I said When did he get an evil deed? Did I say good deed?

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Yeah, no. Did he get an evil deed? Because definitely he's not get a good deed.

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Yes or no? Did he get an evil deed or no?

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No, yes. Okay, he did get an evil deed. What's that? What's the deal?

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With because of the, the example we just gave, right? Yeah. On Allahu alayhi wa sallam.

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He said

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is I'll tackle Muslim man. If two Muslims met with each other with their swords, and they kill each other. What happens? They're both going to *. So the Sahaba said, Yeah, rasool Allah type you understand the killer. What about the McTell? The one who was killed, he said he had the intention to kill his brother.

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He made the intention he's coming. If he had the opportunity, he would have killed his brother. So they are both in the hellfire. So from that delene is that this person who intended to do an evil deed and was not able to do it because not not because of Allah, because he could not do it, he could not proceed anymore for any other reason. He will get an evil deed. Just like the one we said. He did not go to Vegas, the guy. He just said if I have the money, I will definitely and Allah knows he will get an evil deed. Second scenario.

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He went to do an evil deed. And he made the intention and he went ahead, proceeded to do it. And then he stopped for the sake of Allah. He will get a good deed. He will get a good deed. He stopped for the sake of Allah. What example do we have for the numbers that has cropped up?

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The man in the cave the second one, right? He was there to perform with the woman. She was right there. She said it tequila well out of

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the hockey, do not do anything unlawful here. Immediately he stopped and he backed up and he gave her the money. He stopped for the sake of Allah azza wa jal. So that kind of iman. I was going to perform any kind of evil deed and I remembered how Nakota Lola Stafford Allah, Allah blessed me with all these blessing and I'm going with the blessings He blessed me with I'm going to disobey Him with it. No, no, no, no way. Stafford Allah, He will, even though he did not, even though he made the intention to do it, he will get a good deed Subhanallah that was the third one.

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It was like the first

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Because he wasn't able to do what happened. He was wrong. No, no, that's too late, if that needs to fall in Charlotte will be forgiven. The third scenario is the example we gave about the guy who went to Vegas, right? He made the intention to do an evil deed. And he did not do it. Because he can't.

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The other guy, he went to do it. And circumstances made him not do it. The store was closed. Is it clear? Because I think I confused you between the last one and the last one. Okay, this guy, he went out to buy a bottle of alcohol, he went out he made the intention. And he went out when he got to the store, the store was closed, he did not buy because the store is closed, not because he cannot afford it or No, no, no, no. Now this guy, which is the one who he said to Vegas, he said I if I have the money, I would do that he was stopped from doing the evil deed because he cannot do it. He cannot. Personally he cannot do it. He doesn't have the money to do it.

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Is it clear? So that guy will get an evil deed also

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against the money

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so we have three scenarios, the guy who went and stopped for the sake of Allah will get a good deed, the one who went and stopped just because circumstances he will get an evil deed and the third guy also will get an evil deed. Now there is a fourth scenario, if somebody he did not stop for the sake of Allah and he did not stop for any kind of

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Oracle says what he what? He just changed his mind.

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So this guy would get nothing. You understand? He did not stop for the sake of Allah and he did not stop because no he has the money but he's you know what I don't feel like doing it he's not do it so of course he will not get anything because he's not doing anything. He's not proceed with the with the Amyl Okay, now

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after all this Jaquan Subhanallah with the word for Salah Salem Allah Allah said hacer una Kameelah and he to make us feel that don't worry that Hassan I will be recorded in full in full you will not miss anything Subhan Allah so yeah when when we hear how generous is Allah azza wa jal how Kareem is Allah azza wa jal and when you do the calculation, when you do the calculation that listen to this carefully, I'm doing I did the evil deed, I'll get one deed, and I'll did one good deed, I'll get 10 100. Right. So

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can you imagine how evil the person must be in order to go to *?

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With everyone, there's 1010 1010 10 So this guy does not have really much has an ad otherwise, they will bury the say, yeah, they will bury them. Because whatever you want to get 10

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on the other side, so you can imagine and with all that,

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we know that random would say, Yamato corrigendum No Menaquinone Johanna lm t, but a colo Helmand mozzie. And Jana will ask on that day, is there any more people is there any more people SubhanAllah. So the Shannon will be full. Even though we have this great opportunity, that of Amel will be multiplied up to 700. Or even more. So yeah, when keep that hadith in mind, every time you're about to perform Hassan beg Allah azza wa jal to make it might be multiplied many, many, many folds and do not put a number leave it to Allah azza wa jal, we are we're Colonel Insano Cateura we are stingy by nature, right? We are stingy by nature. So leave it to Allah that could occur mean

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when we do a hustler, hoping that Allah subhanaw taala will accept and multiply it many many faults. And

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I promise the guys Yes.

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Want to stealing?

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on the week if he thinks

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I have to ask the guy.

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This guy, brother runner, this guy, he already made the intention and proceeded and went and if the ladder was enough, he would have stolen and ruin somebody's family or ruin somebody's

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wealth and Allah annum would maybe damaged their home. And so he went colors full, full power. Now, keep in mind, your question is, keep in mind that no matter what damage is, if somebody repented, in sha Allah to Allah, it will be accepted as repentance. But in that specific situation, when there is harm against somebody else, the Toba is only with Allah. Right? And there is also the right of that person, he took something. Let's if we take the other example, that he got, he went and to buy alcohol, and he stopped. And then he repented Hamdulillah, his repentant Charlo will be accepted. And he does not have to ask anybody else for forgiveness. But this guy who stone there's somebody

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else other than the Halak, there's the Creator. Now the creation is involved. He cleaned himself with the Creator, He still have to clean himself with the creation, he has to go and return what he stole or any harm that he has caused to the other people. He had to go and ask for their forgiveness.

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Are you planning to steal something?

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If you remember ALLAH, this first guy, absolutely you will get a Hassan, not only you will not be recorded this a year you will get a Hashanah. If you stop. Maybe you do not know the story of the second guy, the guy in the cave. He said, Yeah, Allah, I used to love my cousin. And she came and she was in dire need. She asked for money. I told her I'm gonna give you the money only if you let me perform haram with you. And long story short, she agreed. And when he was about to perform the Haram, he said, Well, I was in a position where a man with a husband is with his wife. And she looked at him and said, fear Allah and he stopped.

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at that position, he stopped because he feared Allah. That is what we're talking about. Not only an evil deed will not be recorded. A hashanah will be recorded.

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because he feared Allah in such a situation, similarly that guy if he was going to steal and then he feared Allah of course, it will not be recorded but it will be recorded as an but if he went and because of circumstances he was not he went to buy alcohol and then they told him your favorite alcohol is up now $10 More. Oh this is too much money.

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Man Allah he will get an SR. He made the intention. What stopped him is not Allah. What stopped him are the circumstances is it clear?

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Let's finish the HELOC I'm gonna be discussing charlatan. So in Charlotte, I promised the brothers that I told him that in Charlotte I don't ever attend today inshallah. They're gonna go outside and try to buy a ticket for the fundraising for the cemetery. So please, inshallah Tada. I promised him

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helped me I'm going to have to pay for 50 of them. So help me as much as you can, and I'll pay for the rest inshallah. Tada. Zakon lucky please remember tonight is the night of July in sha Allah Tala. The night where we say a lot of Salah on the Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Allahumma Salli ala Muhammad Ali Muhammad can isolate that Ebrahim by the LE Rahim in the Kameena Majeed along with Eric and Muhammad Ali Muhammad can ever act algebra him, or him in Nikka Hamidah Majid and please come to measure tomorrow. It is the most beloved Salat at the sight of Allah salatu treasure of Joomla in Gemma Gemma has at 645 Baraka Luffy calm, may Allah forgive all our sins, may Allah

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fill all our homes with love and mercy and tranquility. A solid line of you know hamadryad Germaine Subhana Allah Maria Hambrick Michigan Layla Hill and the staff Utica Ana Tobik

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