Mohammad Elshinawy – Revenge is Halal, But!

Mohammad Elshinawy
AI: Summary © The importance of forgiveness is discussed, including the need for individuals to act like nothing happened to them and fulfill their rights as Muslims to avoid negative consequences. forgiveness is not just a means of revenge, but also a means of empowering others. The speaker emphasizes the need for individuals to fulfill their rights as Muslims to avoid negative consequences and mentions a recent incident where a woman was supposed to receive a reward for her actions, but did not receive one. forgiveness is not just a means of revenge, but also a means of empowering others.
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Okay, so I want to go to La Habra Gatto Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah hora de vich Marian will begin the name of Allah all praise and glory be to Allah and may spyness peace and blessings be upon His messenger Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and his family and his companions and all those who tried his path may Allah grant us and your life upon his path and upon his religion and our union around him drinking from his hand

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and being admitted into gender before everyone alongside him a llama I mean.

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So I received the question that I will send to my reminder around this evening regarding forgiveness, forgiving others, and it is basically asking, when I forgive someone, does that mean I have to act like nothing ever happened, like forgive and forget? Because that could subject me to

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harm in the future from that person or from my inability to restrain myself with the behavior of that person? That's a beautiful question. And

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you know, it brings to mind that Allah subhanho wa Taala said in sort of assura and we'll make that the, I guess the the eye of the night, which is that we say to say to miss Lu, her feminine alpha will also have a Jew who Allah.

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Vic consequence, the just unfair consequence for an evil deed being done to you is an evil deed back to them. Meaning and I friend I basically and then Allah says, whomever pardons others, then their reward

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is with Allah subhanho wa Taala. This ayah is just a it is so beautiful, because it reminds us that that our Deen does not make just retribution, just justice. How am on us? You know, I remember

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I remember like fair vengeance, his head. Of course not promoting chaos was through the proper mechanisms and if we're sure that there actually has been a crime and due process and all that, all that stuff, but I remember last year when the Christchurch massacre happened, there was a video going around saying we had to forgive the killer we had to forgive the shooter. And while we should

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be people of forgiveness, be people have mercy. Allah azza wa jal also told us to be people of justice and strength, like we're not pushovers. And Allah is not going to ask you to be a pushover to just make yourself a doormat for someone.

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And in fact, it's such mercy from Allah and such wisdom from Allah to make revenge halal, why? Because if you tie people's hands from justice, they're gonna rebel. So it would be much more harmful to tell people, you have to continue subjecting yourself to this. So our Dean is the Dean of mercy and justice, mercy and strength because mercy

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without strength, his weakness, and strength without mercy is oppression. And so our Dean is both. And so Allah says here, when someone wrongs you eye for an eye, that is hella, he's permitting that. And then he says, But whoever forgives,

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then their award is with Allah. And of what you should notice here is that he never obligated you to forgive. In fact, it's as if and this is the reality because people do rebel when you don't give them a chance to get their rights back. He said, you have the right. And now since you do have the right, take what's better for you than vengeance, which is the reward of forgiveness for pardoning.

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And I should small disclaimer here, when it's something like murder or something of that nature.

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pardoning that person for their murder would be wrong. That's why Allah said Femina de la sala whomever pardons and mens their relationship, meaning that person is not going to be emboldened that person is not going to just get a clean pass on their on their atrocity. This is someone who wants to mend and he's leaving it up to you whether you're going to allow them to mend their relationship, or reform their life by giving them another chance or quitting them. That is when it is allowed, but not mandatory.

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For you to forgive, okay, and so since it's not mandatory for you to forgive,

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that is actually now It opens the door people are more likely to forgive when it's in their hands. That was just the first part of the ayah. Now to our sisters question, once I do forgive, does everything have to be lovey dovey it to the end of it? No. If you notice a laser jet from from a NASA, whomever pardons and so what you're doing is you're pardoning the person for the harm that was effected.

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acted upon you by them, you are not placing yourself at their mercy, you're, you are allowed if you know that they are volatile or you cannot, you know,

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be in your best Code of Conduct when you engage with this person to create a healthy distance after that. And so keep that in mind, so long as you're fulfilling their rights as a Muslim if they're Muslim, because there's certain rights that no matter what you have to give to every single Muslim, when you see them, you give them some time when you when they give you some time you return their salon when they are sick, you visit them when they pass you, you prey on them. This is the right of every Muslim that's obligatory on you regarding every Muslim, but beyond that, it would not be obligatory, though I should mention one more thing, your rights towards every Muslim, whether you

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like them or not, whether you'd like to continue your like warmer relationship with them or not, is not just the salami must give them and the salami must return visiting and preying on there is something else here.

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And we overlook it a lot. When we have resentment towards someone.

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We may not insult them, harm them, shun them, disrespect them, but we may allow other people to do it. So of the rights of a Muslim upon another Muslim, even if you don't like them of their rights on you, especially if you want their award of someone that has forgiven them

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is that when they are oppressed, you come to their aid, you speak up on their behalf you step in, and you do not allow your brother or your sister to be oppressed while you know about it. You know, you can't just

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say they're not a Muslim, they're off my list. They're not my brother, they're not my sister, and not give them those bare minimum rights. Because in that case, if you were to do that, then your problem is not with that person. Your problem is with Allah subhanho wa Taala as a scholar say how can you not accept as your brother or your sister, the one that Allah has accepted as his servant and is slave meaning Allah has deemed them worthy to be in listening, so you don't deem them worthy to be your brother and sister and get that bare minimum.

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And the last thing I want to say is the ISS whomever pardons and men's for agita, who Allah Allah, their award is with Allah, he didn't specify what that reward would be. Exactly. Because for the believer, when Allah Subhana Allah ta number one tells you it's your right you have the right to get your revenge. And then he says, But who is up for my reward and he doesn't even specify it that's even greater than telling you your reward is x, y and z. Like when you tell your child I have something for you a lot so jealous telling the servants your reward is something that's not even going to be spelled out you just wait till you see me that should be enough to stir

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inside of us enough of an incentive for anyone that knows that our good deeds are just so flawed that we really don't want to meet our laws though agenda with any bad deeds. We want this forgiveness. So we're gonna do this forgiveness thing, right?

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Does like a lot later on Hope that helps allow us to know a lot of kind of vnm hamadryad. He was like the attorney and said I want to come

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