Ramadan 2022 – The Religion of Your Father #16

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The speakers discuss the use of words in English and Arabic to describe emotions and actions, as well as the history of religion and its use in the culture of the United States. They stress the importance of understanding the difference between emotions and actions of people who follow different ways of worship, and discuss a plan to destroy a nation slowly and methodically. The speakers also touch on the idea of fulfilling a wish list of things one wants in life, fulfilling a wish list of things one wants in life, and creating a wish list of things one wants in life. They emphasize the importance of being a God-approved person and the need for people to have a strong bond with their God-approved versions.

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I'm going to continue speaking to you today about the passage of soba shop where Ibrahim alayhi salam is not going to utter his most famous prayer after he's done responding to his people as bothering his people. All of our angel Michael turns out we don't have you seen what you've been worshipping. The word seeing in English, also in Arabic and also in other languages is not just used for physically seen. It's also used for understanding thinking about something contemplating something, which is why even nowadays in common language, if somebody explains something to you say, Ah, I see, when we don't actually see us you understand that you say that I've seen. But you can say

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something like, I see what you're saying. Even though you're not seeing what they're saying you're hearing and understanding what they're saying. But you're using the word see it not so different ways. The Arabic language uses the word a lot. And for our uses the word the same way. So I feel like internally, you can toggle between, for example, or LM Takeda

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having to see what other people have the old time? No, we didn't see it. So have we thought about it? Right. So what is used in the meaning of seeing it's used literally also. But it can also be used in the meaning of contemplating thinking, analyzing. Alright, so here's what I read him on. Instead, I'm just asking them to do have you thought about the stuff that you've been worshipping you and talk about, about

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you and your most ancient ancestors. So he's actually alluding to the fact that the religion that his people follow in this ancient city of old is an ancient religion, even for him. It's not something recently invested, it's been going on for a very, very, very long time. And the older the religion becomes, the more prestigious it becomes the more set and ingrained it becomes. Right? And so And what about what about the moon is his way of saying, yes, you keep highlighting the fact that the earliest the most ancient people used to do this, and that's why we're following it. Well, here's my take on all of it. But in Dublin, Ireland, more than all of them are in NBT. And all of

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them are an enemy. To me. It's interesting, that language also, he could have said in the lower level, I am an enemy to them. That's not what he said. He says they are an enemy to me. Similarly, Allah could say you are an enemy of shape ah, or somebody services or Chevron is an enemy to you. So in the Shavon Hola, como movie, that's an important distinction, because that suggests that the start of the animosity comes from one side, when when we say when we look tells us Chatbot is our enemy. That means that the animosity begins with

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he starts the first different effects. If I say I am your enemy, and I'm the one declaring war, I'm going to clearing out of Boston, you understand I'm only reciprocating now I have to treat you like an enemy because you declare their animosity towards me. So the same way here, but in America will be there, all of them, meaning your ancestors, the culture, and these gods that you follow are in fact an enemy to me. They are an enemy to you, how can they be an enemy to you? Well in this world and in the next I want you to think about it in both ways. It's easy to think about it in terms of the next slide. So of course if you follow and worship the wrong god you you follow the wrong track

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the evil traditions, you know, many pagan traditions. I mentioned this to you before many pagan traditions, part of their culture was to sacrifice children sacrifice versions and sacrifice, you know, a soul to please one of the gods

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So this was a common practice, this is not unheard of, because they believe that these gods are really hard to beat. So they were evil practices that they used to do. And obviously, if you endorse a religion like that, and you'll be answerable to Allah judgment, and you're following something that's false and spiritually damaging, so yes, they are an enemy to you, in the sense that you may think that you're following a religion and you're loyal to it and all of it, but judgment day comes and you realize that they were the ones destroying you more than anything else, and more than anyone else. So the Quran consistently, it's paints a picture between the contrast of this life and the

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next life, somebody who you thought was your friend in this life. And in the next slide, you're like, Oh, why? Why did I? Why did I have this guy as a friend? Well, how if only I didn't take this person as my friend, yeah, later, the longer stuff is cool.

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If only I hadn't taken this person as a friend of mine. And then there are people who had terrible friends, terrible associates. And they walked away from that because of Allah. And then on Judgment Day, they're in the safe zone, and their friends are down in hellfire. And they look there to actually see their friend and now fire and just say, you know, and kick the little team, you almost pushed me off the cliff to man, if I was with you, I would have ended up in the same place. So the idea that's been reinforced in the product over and over this understanding is that you're in my feelings towards someone in this life will not translate the same way the next slide. The only way

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that will translate over like, I love my family. And the only way that family will not become an enemy of mine in the next life is that if we were doing the best for each other for this slide, while preparing for the next, this is why I like to have as much from what I do and that there's no doubt about it out of your spouses and your children. There are enemies for you. How can your spouses and children be enemies for you? You know, this is not talking about domestic violence or people trying to kill each other. It's like the family. What it's talking about is when when your family becomes a reason for which you abandon the religion. You abandon Allah's name, you abandon

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what's right, you commit to what's wrong, I would love for your family. So yes, on the outside, they love you. They love the fact that you're doing that, and they appreciate it. You know, but judgment day comes and that's not the scenario, you know. So Madhava Illa athlete here from UCLA. Hola. Hola. Hola. Right? The person goes back to this family happy after rebelling against a lot offending the messengers. And Allah says disruption will follow up on you on top of other disruption, then the same judgment comes in a person's running away from their spouse, their children, their mother, because they were on opposite ends of this right? They don't want to be associated. Why do you think

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on Judgment Allah describes that somebody is going to run away from their mom, because then because of the moms and because of the child, the child says because of the mom, they support each other and doing something wrong. Now, they want nothing to do with each other. You know, if the two year old may not have been what I would either but other times, we will as well. So Takara very heavy is one of the people who used to be followed, are going to declare that they have nothing to do with their followers. And their relationships will be cut. You know, when they when they all look at the followers and the follow, we'll all look at the punishment. Sometimes the wife follows the husband

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into wrongdoing. Sometimes the husband follows the wife into wrongdoing. Sometimes children follow parents into wrongdoing. Sometimes parents follow children into wrongdoing. Somebody's following somebody and all that they all go relationships are cut. So this tradition that's making people follow the religion or the elders that are making people call the religion or the society that's making you follow something there, you might feel like you're fitting in now because you're going along with them. They're all an enemy to you and judgment that comes. So for me is his way of saying even if I don't see the animosity right now, the reality is that isn't animosity you are wanting my

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destruction. You know, there's there's two kinds of enemies. You know, even even nowadays, the more dangerous warfare is actually not on the battlefield. It's it's cyber warfare. It's it's cold warfare. It's intelligence, warfare, right? intelligence gathering of your enemy, stealing secrets of your enemy, co stealing technology of your enemy. And what kind of destruction is that? Oh, we're gonna we have a 50 year plan to destroy this nation. Right? We're not going to kill them overnight. It's a long term plan. And you know what, that's a lot like what Allah is describing with the least. And the people. If you have the wrong kinds of affiliations that looks like friends on the outside

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arm around your shoulder, but the plan is to destroy you slowly. And Ibrahim Ali Sam can see that he can see for another module, you see, look at it from his point of view as a young man, if he gives up this religion, and he goes back to the old ways they'll be happy for everything will go back to their normal that'll give him a hug.

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Things will be perfectly fine. Life will carry on. And, you know, there's no hostility left all the problem, probably pain points in his life will disappear. Right? So but that's what you call a slow burn, you're you're allowing yourself to go back to sleep, not realizing you're all you know, falling off the cliff, they're falling off a cliff, they want to make sure you fall off the middle. So, right. So that's one meaning of in the home.

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But the other meaning of these also in the worldly sense, that's the opposite of sense what I explained, but in the worldly sense, also, they aren't enemies. To me, because Allah as described, for instance, in the Chicago woman, I think that ship is the ultimate volume, it's the ultimate volume. And if you deeply study, not just should, but the psychology and the implications of ship what happens when somebody does ship? What happens when people send partners besides a lot, what happens when people set up some subcategories of gods besides the love what has happened in societies that did that, that you will see that directly related to that religion are all kinds of

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evils, all kinds of evils in this life spur from that. So morality goes out the window, for instance, because those other gods are set to secondary tertiary gods, they're like different departments that take care of different needs in your life. So you have a god for wealth, you have a god for health, you have a God for you know, destruction of your enemy, you have a god for, you know, fertility, you know, these different gods, right. And each of those gods that what's your relationship with the higher beings, your relationship with them as well, I need something fixed in my life, I need I need a child, or I need money, or I need my Enemy destroyed, or I need to get

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better than I used to go to the right department, I got to figure out what they what they want from me, because they don't get me for free. So I better you know, slaughter a goat and put some blood in front of them or, you know, or, you know, whatever sacrifice I gotta make, right, it's an exchange. But now those gods all they want from you are some sacrifices and some some money, right in the form some donations to the temple, whatever. They want that and then they'll give you supposedly what you've been wishing for. So it's kind of a business transaction. And then beyond that, if you do any other wrong, that's okay. There's no moral code left, then religion is just a way of you fulfilling

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your wishes. That's all it is. But there's no you're not answerable for any wrong that you. In fact, even if you do wrong, you can come back from the God that is in charge of destruction and say, Hey, you can go to that guy and say I killed somebody but his families come after me. There's some extra donation, get them all killed, or I'm about to kill them. Make sure you're hoping you know,

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morality is gone. Well, it's just it's just a you know, it's just the demand Amazon.

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You please different orders for what you want in this life. That's all it is. It's a wish list. Human beings turning their religion or their religions into a form of their own wish list, right? Muslims don't see our deen like that we don't just see our relationship with Allah Ya Allah, I want more money, I want a new job, y'all. I want this yellow. I want that. And just If Allah doesn't give me Allah didn't help me get into med school, oh, I didn't help me, you know, get my my immigration paperwork or whatever, forget it, and listen to my prayers. You know, how much more donation to the masjid do I have to give for my targets. And that's not the mentality of the Muslim. And by the way,

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some Muslims have this mentality. And when they have this mentality, they're not that far away from the mentality, the psychology of Bucha.

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They're not that far away from it. Because what Allah gave us is that you what he gave us is not a way of fulfilling our wishes. What he gave us was a purpose. You came on this earth, temporarily, you're here on a journey, and that journey in that journey, you have to accomplish certain things. You have to make certain efforts, you have to fight certain temptations, you have to live by a code. You have to be you have to live a life of gratitude and thought you have, there's some things that he expects from us, you know, and when you can do that, then Allah will give you the best of this world and the best of the next role and the best of this world will not be on your terms. Because

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you said I'm gonna ask you nothing. Yeah, Hassan.

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Hassan will be made that what what does that do for the life the worldview of a Wilson, Allah will give me good that is good for me here and there together, Allah will ever give me something. I'm asking Allah for something that's good. Not just that it's good for me here and it ruins my afterlife.

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So when I and then maybe something that I really liked, would have been good for me here, but would have been bad for me the next life or it wouldn't be good for me here for a year and then what I'm probably 20 years of misery. I don't know that. I don't control the future. So what when we asked for the Ramona attina Dunya Hassan, Hassan okay, we're not turning to Allah the same way that the mystic winter

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to their dogs, because the way they tend to their gods actually fuels greed, fuel selfishness, fuel, self centeredness, and fuels corruption in our society. And he can see that Ibrahim Allison can see that. So all of them, these gods, this entire, this mechanism you created are an enemy for me, except for the love except rumble ALEMI, meaning not open either me, I reject all the false gods and the only one who is not my enemy to me. In the end, I have no one left everyone else you, your ancestors, the gods who worship all of them, and because they declare their animosity, they want the worst for me, the only one who doesn't want the worst for me and what's good for me is a little bit

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either in the master of all nations and all people. So it's he had to lose everyone and everything in this declaration, he disassociate himself from everyone and everything. And then he finds his bond with Allah, his connection to his true loyalty with Allah. And you know what, we don't have to go through the Ibrahimi experience radical salaam, we don't have to go through the full 100% sense. But you know what, there are plenty of people around the world, there are plenty of lives plenty of souls and experience something like this. They've turned towards Allah. And when they turn towards Allah, people want them to go back to the old ways, Hey, come on, let's just go to the bar. Come on,

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just go to the party. We went last week, why can't you go this week, it's not a big deal. Like pulling them back into the wrong pulling them back into the wrong and until this person realizes I don't hate you, but the thing you're calling me to these gods that you worship, and those gods I told you back in the day, the gods used to meet idols and temples and all that and some societies allow that. But now your God could be designers. Your God could be you know, keeping up appearances your God could be your image you got could be any of those things that God could be just making sure people have a good opinion of you. Their opinion becomes a God for you, that you worship, everything

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you do is surrender to that. What are people going to think? What are people going to think when the before every action you only thought is what are people gonna think then Allah is not no longer the ultimate authority in your heart? This is people and their opinions. That's what it is. You know, somebody's impulses, somebody's urges can become their gods. All right, I'm gonna Dakota Ilaha illa Allah Allahu Allah, amen. Have you seen somebody who takes their, their, their desires and turns them into their God? You know, and Allah, Allah says, Allah allows that person to be misguided, even though they know better, even though either even despite that, despite having knowledge.

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So here, when he says, he's lost all of it, I'm telling you, there are people around the world who taste the sweetness of Yvonne, after having let go of so much. Like, you know, you, I'll give you one last thing to think about as we as we conclude this, this Declaration and the Burning Man is,

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you know, like,

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there are trees, or their trees that needs grow around them, or vines, they wrap around those trees, right. And there are also different kinds of insects that burrow hole into the marks of the tree and delete their homes in them. Right. So the tree itself is pure wood, and there are things wrapped around it that are rotting away eating away at it, right, the same way you can have metal and metal can be very covered in dirt, rust, right, it can be covered in impurities. And in order to get to the refined pure metal, there's a really aggressive cleansing that has to happen. Right the same way a tree of really aggressive scraping of all that stuff, and painful scraping of all that stuff has

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happened before you get to the pure essence of it. Sometimes when you come towards Allah, Allah wants you to become purified and maybe the environment or the people or the situations that you're used to all the time they're like that rust that is stuck on you. Right and then Allah will painful you remove all that's a painful process because you're used to having them you know the with you anything that you expose yourself to long term you have the drawls letting go of it, right if you're used to eating sugary food every single day, and the doctor says you can't eat sugary food anymore, but a few hours ago you're gonna feel like your soul is being pulled out of your body. You're gonna

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look at you know, a piece of chocolate and you're gonna think this has to happen.

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Because you're used your it's so painful to be deprived or something you're using. But Allah azza wa jal does that sometimes CBP puts us through a cleansing process. That's one of the meanings that we use a key that will purify people you'll purify their surroundings to the purify them from environments that are better, polluting them and corrupting. And Ibrahim alayhis salam understands this. He understands he loves us that he everybody who has an affinity and Allah

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Up to the society in which they're born and raised. All the all the people they've known their entire life, the friends they have the relatives they have, but he has to let go of so much of that because he's holding on to a lot. And he realizes that painful separation is actually a cleansing and deal and when you're isolated from everyone else, you feel lonely from everywhere else, the only company you will truly find is the company of Allah. That's where you find your sweetness. You know, this is our island is truly a lot of anatomy. There are people that are Can I tell you they've experienced this when they change when they when they turn towards Allah their friend says we don't

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like you anymore managers and serious What happened to you used to be called their family says Why aren't you What have your trainer to the family? You know, why are you why are you doing that? Why are you so extreme? Why are you this? Why are you that constant object of criticism, the same family they used to bring you joy without constantly giving you criticism, sarcasm, commentary, you know, in your just the joy of family has been replaced with pain, you feel so isolated and alone. And in that moment, then you find these these words that are bringing your your fears and your heart and end up on are doing me and

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they're all an enemy to me, except they become an enemy because I'm not their enemy. They're becoming mine. You see, that's again, I you don't become their enemy. But you recognize that they're even without knowing they're watching your destruction. They're wanting your destruction. And so now from here, he's going to talk about who the Saurabh is to him. If he's letting everybody else go and holding on to his job, and what kind of relationship is he going to happen as well along but I mean, under the Halacha neutrophilia dini for lucky volume MOUs he

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he will live up to be familiar if you need

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to have a DD or we have the Pokemon while we just saw the thing, which I believe is happening, which I mean, what effect agent as well friendly Lee in the academy on Monday, whether there's any silver numerals, Himalayan federal endowment of Allah, he said the entire passage only of Guyana at night. That's what we're going to talk about tomorrow. Now that he's held on to his love, what does that rub been to him? What does he want from what is his reply from him? What does he hope with his love? What connection does he develop as well? We're going to contemplate those words and shalom. And through that develop our own bond