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Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan delves in elaborate detail on Surah Araf verse 11.

Iblees’s status was elevated more than the angels because of how much effort and work Iblis put in. Iblis and all the angels were commanded to bow down to the creation of Adam. However, Iblis objected and said – “What’s so awesome about him? I’m created from fire and Allah created him from clay “You didn’t have everyone bow for me?” Allah exposed Iblis’s motive of worshiping Allah all along which was only for recognition and not to please Allah. 

A point of interest is that though both Adam and Iblis disobeyed Allah, Iblis tried to justify it, while Adam didn’t try to justify it. The first human being that could’ve asked that question is Adam, but yet he didn’t, in humility. Whereas Iblis tried to offer a logical excuse. Adam’s response was humility, he was embarrassed that no matter how logical I think I am, I can’t be more logical than Allah and when I make a mistake I will take ownership instead of blaming Allah. 

Prophet ﷺ said that all children of Adam make mistakes.but the believers own up to the mistakes and repent. The Prophet ﷺ also said, “By the One in whose hand is my soul, if you did not commit sin, Allah would replace you with people who would commit sin then pray for forgiveness.” Prophet ﷺ says ” Every son of Adam sins and the best of those who sin are those who repent.” 

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welaka mechanicum fill out the wedge Allah confy Hama Irish kalila mata Sharon Wanaka. Holla Kanako sama savarna come to makalah lil mela equities Julia de Mufasa de la bliss. The Miracle minister Jean

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aloha Miranda Minnesota de Colombia Saudi recently Emily looked at me lasagna Coco de la Mata Bittner in the multi v La ilaha illallah wa la Miranda Mina Latina Amano me no sorry hottie whatever. So Bill Huck, what are so many other blind I mean, my intention inshallah for the next few hobas is to actually reintroduce myself and all of you to our father Adam alayhis salam. And what I hope to do the the story of Adam alayhis salaam is mentioned in two major places in the Quran, it's referred to seven times in the Quran. But it's talked about in some depth in two places in Bukhara. And again in SoTL era, and in these are in the series of courses that I'll be conducting with you

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will go through the art of solara. I have done a detailed study and lecture series on the bacara. ayat, so this is B, it will be a different dimension. And you will see that even though you could think you would think it's the same story, Ally's already told the story of Adam and his ram there, it's actually a completely different dimension of the story that's mentioned in solotaroff. And I want to start today by giving you sort of an appreciation of why that's important. Why is it important for us to know the story of Adam and Islam and really the earliest lesson in history, you can think of it as the first lesson in human history. And I want to start with an example it might

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seem a little bit silly, but I think it'll help get the point across. Imagine for a moment that you woke up today and you have no recollection of anything about your life, except what happened in the last 24 hours. You know, nothing else, you don't know who your parents are. You don't know your name. You don't know what your history is, where your home is, you know nothing else. You know, if you don't know your past your own personal past, then you actually don't know yourself. You see, you can't even identify yourself. Our sense of identity is actually tied to our sense of knowing our past, knowing our parents as part of knowing our past, knowing our families, part of knowing our

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past, even knowing our language, our upbringing, our friends, our likes, our dislikes, all of it is connected to the experiences we've had in our past, you know, so not having a sense of what happened in the past is actually a loss of a sense of identity. So it's pretty cool that in the Quran, Allah azza wa jal across the Quran, emphasizes lessons from history. And the Prophet of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam describes all believers, you know, like the Quran describes now how the oma to cometan wahida Allah talks about previous prophets, all of them, and then says, By the way, this is all your nation, one nation, meaning not just the oma of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, but

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everyone who believed from the beginning is actually one nation. That's actually one giant oma and Allah is their master Well, anara buco. But then on top of that, the prophet alayhi salatu salam would describe the entire oma caja said like a body like one person. So just like a person can, if they forgot their past, and they can't remember it, they have amnesia of some kind. They can't identify themselves. Anyone that's a member of this oma, it's the same thing. If we don't know our past, we actually don't know who we are. We don't have a complete sense of identity. So understanding that first lesson in history, it's a brief reminder of why that's valuable. Why is it

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important to go back to that first lesson history, the story of Adam Madison, my other motivation of going through that story is for lots of people that have been, you know, either raised without a formal Islamic education, or a lot of young people that have gone to public school. A lot of people that have maybe had a very limited education or seen some things on TV here and there, the story of creation, the story of Adam, and Howard Solomon, Allah Hema, Adam and Eve is often confused with the Christian version or the Jewish version of the story. So even among the Muslims, we don't really know. I mean, even even I've talked to lots of kids and young Muslim young kids, you know, what

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happened to the story, I think there was a snake and there was an apple or something. And, you know, the Christian imagery is actually very prevalent even in Muslim minds. So it's kind of important to go back and refresh and understand that Koran came to actually correct the stories that were already deviated and altered from the original teachings of Allah. And Allah retold the stories in the Quran are not to reinforce what was already there in the Bible or in the Old Testament, but actually to correct the changes that were made to bring back the actual history because again, if you have false information about your past, your sense of identity becomes false. Right? So it goes back to that

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same problem. So I want to start today with just one fundamental difference or maybe two things and childlike and this isn't sort of a lot of before a lot starts the story. He says well a cosmic cannot confirm or be which are analogous

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Hama is that we settled you down in the land, meaning Allah placed us in this world. And he settled us down. He wanted us to have stability here. He wanted us to have a stable good life here. And he didn't stop there. He said, What janela comfy Hama Irish, and we placed in this life for you lots of means by which you can have it now is in the Arabic language is actually to live well, actually your issue to live but not just higher, and higher, to live, but actually to live well. And so marisha is also used for a living, like when you earn a living, that's also called a marisha. Will do speakers actually deviated that word a little bit get them where they asked for that in itself from the same

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word, it's from Irish. Now Allah says what another country hammer is what he means by that is he placed or furnished for you provided for you in this world, things that you can use to live really well. luxuries comforts, you know, Allah made human beings different from other creatures on this earth, there's lots of life on this planet. But no other life puts ketchup on their food before they eat it. Nobody else has like ratings on their food, the horse just eats whatever haze in front of it. And it's good. You know, but we have taste buds we have, you know, I want more salt on this, or I want this or that, you know, and I didn't just you know, like other animals, you don't put their

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food on a plate and put napkins on the side. And would you like some more, you just throw it on the ground and they lick it off the floor. That's what they do. Or they hunt animals out. But human beings look at how Allah gave us fruit, even the way he packaged fruit. You know, what not luzardo Quran describes that Allah gave us palm trees, where every date is packaged in a gift wrap. Right? So that's what Allah did literally describing, look, I didn't just give you food I beautified food for you, I wrapped it for you. I mean, think think of something as simple as an orange. And you're smelling just a peel, you haven't even peeled it yet. But the peel itself is beautiful. The peel

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itself has a scent, you know. And you compare the package, you know, food packaging industry in the modern world, to the food packaging that Allah does himself the packaging of a banana, the packaging of an orange, the packaging of a watermelon, it's already designed, it's already beautifully colored. And on top of that, you know, when you have candy or other items, you have the wrappers and you throw them on the ground. What are those wrappers do they poison the earth. But when a lot package this package this food and you take a banana peel and you throw it into the soil, it feeds the earth. And actually even that is beneficial. So pound Allah. In other words, Allah made human

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beings not just and I'm just highlighting food, but the way we live, the way we close the things Allah gave us in this life, there actually means by which we can live really well much superior to any other creature on this earth. Now that's important to note, before we get to the story of Adam alayhis salam, why, because the other version of the story is, Allah got angry at Adam, and Islam, and therefore He punished him. And as a punishment, he sent him to the earth. So being on this earth is a kind of punishment. And as a matter of fact, even taking it further, our Christian Brethren, who we you know, even went as further to say human beings are born in sin, meaning you're born

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guilty. And if you're born guilty, you're imprisoned. So this life is actually supposed to be misery. And it's miserable. Because your your starting point is sin, you're born in sin. Crime comes and actually changes that narrative altogether. Before I even talks about the fact that this earth is supposedly a punishment, unless, as I put you here, I settled you down here. And we pleased for you furnish for you means by which you can live really well. But then the question is, why did he do that? He says, kanila matter, Sharon, how little you think, how little you think, all of you. In other words, the entire purpose of giving us good things in life was so you and I can become

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grateful. It's the only purpose. That's the fundamental reason, Quran begins, the first guidance of the Quran is Alhamdulillah. Just to be grateful, just to acknowledge the favor of Allah. That's it. That's the heart of it all. for human beings to become grateful Allah describes how ungrateful and how miserable human beings can be focusing on all the negative in their life and overlooking all the things that was doing for us just completely like they don't exist, like Allah is not doing them. And unless it's good enough insano mark for the human being is has been destroyed, and it cannot even be may be destroyed. how incredibly ungrateful Can you be? How much in denial Can you be? So we

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start the story, from the perspective that we are supposed to be grateful for this life, that we're supposed to actually appreciate what Allah did for us here, that he did not send us to the earth as a punishment. As a matter of fact, when we came down from heaven, you know, the idea that our family salami ate from the tree, and our parents got in trouble. And as a result of getting in trouble, they got expelled, and therefore they ended up here, right? That's actually a very over simplistic way of looking at that story. And it's actually

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Not the way the Quran tells the story. Now, I'm going to take some time in this hold by and tell us a story. And it's going to feel like I'm not telling you the story of Adam alayhis salaam at all. But at the end of it all will tie it all together, that's my intention to first first, at least in this code by give you a framework for how we're going to approach this subject. So I want you to imagine a young, you know, a young man who got a job, his first job, right, and he just entry level, like an internship kind of thing barely gets paid, if anything at all, right, he just goes and gets his boss coffee and makes photocopies, or whatever else, whatever they tell him to do, he does. He's

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just grateful to have this on his resume. And then later on, he gets he, they promote him to part time. And then later on, they promote him to full time. And then later on, they, you know, they see that he's doing good work, and he becomes a manager. And then later on, you know, years go by, and he dedicates decades of his life to the same company. And he keeps getting promoted and promoted and promoted and promoted, until he's actually the VP of the company. Now he's he, when he started from zero, and worked his way he didn't, he didn't just get there without any hard work. He labored his way all through those promotions, to now only have one spot above him, the owner of the company, and

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he's right underneath him, right. So he's worked his way all the way up. And he's put in 20 years, 30 years into this company. And now after putting that time in one day, you know, who's the only the only one above him is the boss, right? The boss walks into his office with some teenage kid, some 15 year old chewing gum, and says, Hey, I want to introduce you to this kid. He's our new VP. He's taking your job. And I think you should go get him some coffee.

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And you're sitting in his chair.

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Oh, if you were in the room, a fly on the wall. If you're observing this, you can imagine what's going to happen next. The guy who's sitting in the VP chair earned his spot. He put the years in, he's gonna say, What are you talking about?

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Look at all this stuff I've done. What are his qualifications? What experience does he have? is even our high school yet. This is ridiculous. I can't accept this. I'm not gonna listen to this. This is absurd. This is unfair. It's not right. And as a matter of fact, if you were watching the scene, you'd sympathize with the poor guy. Man, he puts so much work in, he did so much dedication, he worked all the way up and some guy some new guy comes along with zero qualifications, hasn't done any work yet, just got on the job just picked up off the street. And now all of a sudden, he's taken the place taking this place. Well, if you understand something, I'm actually not talking about some

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guy who got promoted and became a VP. And I'm not talking about some 15 year old, I'm talking about Iblees. I'm talking about the devil, who before he was the devil served Allah and some accounts tell us served a lot more than any other creation. So much so that he was even promoted above the ranks of angels. It's not easy to get that promotion. Can you imagine you and I are competing with the worship of angels. Like think that Think about that for a second. Allah describes angels Leia, asuna, la Hama, Amara home, they don't disobey Allah and whatever he tells them to do. Can you imagine an existence a human existence in existence, human beings, engines have choice, right? So

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our creation that has choice, to live in entire existence in so much obedience to Allah, that you can surpass the ranks of angels, it's easy to say. But just imagine that for a moment, that's an incredible amount of work. That's an incredible amount of work that he put in and dedication that he put in to the point where he's given that rank. And when he's given that rank, Allah creates this new creation, made of dirt, with no pass, no history, nothing. And all of a sudden, all the angels are gathered and when the angels are gathered, of course, their their their their senior management is gathered to even though he's not an angel. He was given rank above them. So he's got there too.

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And so you get to the next fire alarm. So just so

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we created all of you, meaning all of us what so muscle, Warnock, calm, and we molded and fashioned all of you will highlight that next week in Sharla. And then he says the Mako lallianzuala is Julie Adam, the reset of the angels makes it not because of Adam. On a side note, I do want to mention something that I personally in my own studies are more convinced of, you are completely free to disagree, but I will, I will, on a side note mentioned that for you. There are two times in the Quran. Allah mentions that people did say that to someone other than Allah. Okay, two times it's this size that that was done by the angels to supposedly to other money Salaam. And the other size

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that that's mentioned is the size that that was done by the brothers of use of when the dream was fulfilled. Okay, but the lamb is used llama Talia, it can be understood as llama Talia also should do Li Adam, you can understand it also, as he says that because of Adam, not to Adam, but because of Adam, or that it says that because of the brothers of use of why that's important. Why I feel that

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That's important to understand is because from the point of view of Ibrahim alayhis salam, Allah gave Ibrahim alayhi salam, the task of building the Kaaba and told Ibrahim Alayhi Salaam, you're going to build this house with ifim, whether aquafeed or rockeries sujood you're going to make this house for people who will do tell off people who will do I take off people who will do the cooler and people who will do sujood sujood. And he taught this religion to his sons, his marine and his heart, and his heart taught the same religion to his son, Yahoo. And Yahoo taught the same religion to his sons, including use of an incident. So I can't imagine Ibrahim alayhis salam, who was given

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the task of building the Kaaba, allowing for such that anywhere other than the Kaaba, but do you do find in the Quran that people do such that when they're overwhelmed by something Allah does, like when magicians were overwhelmed by the staff, they fell into such that now to the staff, but because of the staff, the same way the Christians came around, describe some Christians came to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam heard the Quran, and they started bawling in tears and fell into such that because of what they heard in the Quran, okay, so you have incidents of why such that happens, because of it now allows magnificent creation of the human being. And why is it so magnificent,

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that's next week. But it's this magnificent marvel that Allah created. And because of it, he commands the angels do such that, so not necessarily to ultimately salon, but because of him, this is such an amazing thing, that you should be humbled by the creative power of Allah, that you should be humbled and fall into such that and he says, What's so awesome about him?

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hakaniemi Nah, I mean, you didn't ask for the creation to do such die and be amazed that you made me from fire fire is pretty awesome. You made him from mud, dirt, Clay octoman thing.

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So I want you to first understand when I when I was telling you that story about the guy who got promotions, you felt bad for the guy. And now you may be confused. Why am I supposed to feel bad for the devil? Because he got all these promotions and all of a sudden he got the job got taken away from him. I want you to understand something here. I want you to understand and I want to remind myself, what is it that at least was gonna get

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if if that rank was not given to other monies around? If that honor wasn't given, was he gonna get wealth? Was he gonna get gardens? What did he do all this time this these centuries that he worshiped, align, serve the law, he was doing it just allegedly just to please a lot. He wasn't getting anything material from it. All he wanted actually was recognition, appreciation. I just want to be recognized as the best because I've put my work in, you know, this desire to be recognized, this desire to be appreciated, this can overwhelm this can be bigger than any material greed human beings have.

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Just a desire to be recognized. And inshallah in subsequent years, we'll connect that desire to arrogance. Now it's okay for you and I to do work and for that work to be recognized. That's a natural desire. And even the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam on many occasions when Sahaba would do something good, he would praise them, he would acknowledge them. But Allah knew something about the police that was hiding inside him. And Allah describes all my quantum tech to Boolean social Baccarat. I know what you show and what you have been hiding for a long time. Among the angels, at least, was hiding something in his heart for a long, long time. And what he was hiding was, all of

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this wasn't for Allah. All of this was for recognition. You see, when you do things for the right reason, and then someone appreciates you. That's okay. It's an added benefit. But if you do things for appreciation, it's a completely different thing. That's a completely different now on the outside about you, nobody will know the difference. I also want you to know today, the things that are common between Adam and Adam ultimately what is in common. They were both created by Elias special creations. They were both given a rank. And the supreme rank even above the angels in this case is not because of our family saddam. They were both honored by Allah. And later on in the story

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they both disobeyed a leaden thing. At least disobeyed Allah. The mother Islam also disobeyed Allah azza wa jal.

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What's the difference then? That one of them when he made a mistake, He justified his mistake. He said, Yeah, I messed up. I'm not gonna do that. And here's why. Because it doesn't make any logical sense. I have the rank I have the experience I have the better ingredients from which I was made. I don't see any common sense behind me having to do so is that a him? Now flip the equation go on the other side of malissa

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Adam alayhis salam, when he when his mistake was made. I'll take you through it very briefly. So you can compare these two when his mistake was made.

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You know, Allah had announced before he even made Adam alayhis salam, before he even made him. He told all the angels in Nigeria don't fill out the halifa I'm gonna put someone on the earth that will have generation after generation.

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Allah didn't say I'm gonna put someone in heaven. Allah said, I'm gonna put someone where on the earth the purpose of other malleson creation was actually to be on the earth from the beginning. From the beginning.

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And on the earth, you're not going to live forever. He had no fiata Moon, you're gonna live here you're gonna die here. It's not like gender, genital whole gender, you live there forever.

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it bleeds comes to Adam alayhis salam later on in the story and tells him listen, I was there when the announcement was made. You're actually not supposed to stay here in Jannah, you're going to get demoted down to earth. This is what you were made. The only people that stay here are permanent residents. You want a green card. You want it you better eat from that tree.

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Because the only way you can stay here is either your angels which are not in mind. takuna Mela Kane, way Morocco, Amanda Guna. Mila Holly Dean, or you have to be from those who live here forever. And the only ones who live here forever are people who eat from that tree. Guess why he didn't tell you didn't want you to eat from that tree. He doesn't want you eating from that tree. Because if you eat from that tree, you'll become a citizen. And then you can be expelled. You see, because the plan is you're gonna go down to the earth. That's the plan. Oh, who would be in Gemini and want to leave Jenna.

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Father, Melissa, Lisa over time, is seduced into our parents are both seduced into making that that historical mistake they eat from that tree. And again, details will come later. But today's point, I want you to focus on today's point, which is what when a less has now you're going to go to the earth when the after the mistake was made a bitumen Hajime and go down to the earth. That's what Allah told them. And he said, Go down to the earth. Now think about that. Couldn't either man Islam say wait a second. What do you mean go down to the earth as punishment for doing this? You were sending me all along? That was already the plan. It wasn't my fault that you're saying that I'm

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going to the earth because I made this mistake. Apparently the announcement was already made that I was gonna go to the earth. You ever heard people say Phil already knows what I'm going to do? Why is it my fault? Right? The first human being that could have asked that question is the first human being.

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He could have asked, ya know, you already knew I was gonna go to the earth house on my fault. As a matter of fact, you even announced it all the angels that I'm gonna you're gonna send me to the earth. And yet, when Iblees was criticized, he offered a logical excuse. And when Adam alayhis salaam was criticized, he could have offered a logical excuse. Yet his response was actually humility. He was actually embarrassed and he understood something, no matter how logical I think I am, I cannot be more logical or more wise than the wisdom of Allah. And when I make a mistake, I will take ownership instead of blaming Allah. When a choice comes between blaming God and blaming

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myself, I'm gonna blame myself.

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Whether I think I understand it, because the devil will come and rationalize that you see, you see the real difference between Adam or Lisa and at least is not that they both didn't make a mistake. Both of them made a mistake, but one of them finds a logical explanation to justify their mistake. And the other one, no matter how logical you might think in your head, look, I made a mistake. I own it. A benevolent law enforcement we wronged ourselves. You didn't wronged us? We wronged ourselves. It was important to say not just alumna we wronged but we wronged ourselves. We're taking full responsibility. We're not putting any of this on you. You see, there are going to be people on

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Judgement Day that are going to say to what law no one no law had Danny

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had a lonely guided me I would have been good. If elected that allowed him to let me be guided a lot decided I should be a bad person allows us to talk that excuse away from the first human being and that will be the difference between those who follow the way of automatic system and those who follow the way of the devil from until until the day of judgment. That's what's going to happen. There are going to be all of us are going to make mistakes. This is why the Prophet told us earlier Shalom khulumani Adam katan all children of Adam, make mistakes all of them and make mistakes. hapa is different from heart to heart. It means someone who makes a mistake. hoppa own means people who

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make mistakes and make mistakes and make mistakes. I make mistakes. I make mistakes. Like we keep on making successive mistakes. And the best of those who make those mistakes are people who keep coming back to Allah and acknowledging that they've made a mistake. Well, hello hyena tabou, those who keep repenting over and over again, coming back to a law over and over again. This is the starting point of the story of Adam alayhis salam, when he when he refused to do such that it was something inside him the first a logical explanation, a logical excuse in his head and second, a sense of superiority. I deserve this. He doesn't

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Why does he deserve recognition? Either malleshwaram didn't get some treasures. He got a tough life in this earth. Allah says I was writing about this recently in La La Land in South Africa. But human beings are created in labor in difficulty and toil, this life isn't easy. Even though a lot of luxurious things in this world you all have to work. We get old, we get sick, we have bills to pay, we have difficulty and challenges in this life. So how is it easy? It's actually not that easy. I wish I had a tough life like other mothers out. It's actually I wish I had the recognition he got, I wish I was appreciated. And people spoke highly of me. And I got that rank. And you know what the

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devil wants, he wants to come to each and every one of us and think about hey, how do you how am I going to be recognized by others? He's gonna keep coming. And putting that in your head and my head making you compare yourself to others constantly. compare yourself to others. And you know, again, in subsequent webinars, we'll see one of the devil's easiest tricks is if you can't become better yourself, the easy thing to do is bring someone else down.

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Then you'll feel better automatically you're still in the same place, but you just humiliate someone else bring someone else down, and now you feel higher because they're lower now. Right? So that's, that's what's going to come. But inshallah Allah my intention is that we revive our connection with this profound story, and really find a new sense of identity through it. May Allah will accept our learning and our commitment to the book of Allah and open our hearts to its lessons. May Allah azzawajal accept our worship and especially for our young male as always, we'll give them a strong sense of identity as believers. barakallahu li walakum pukalani Hakeem whenever anyone here can be

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it was lucky.