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After praising Allah Subhan Allah Allah and sending immense greetings and salutations upon the final prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa early was send them who is a discussion in today's surah the 47 Surah of the Quran in Medina in Surah, called surah Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, as if all of the previous sores that make mention of the MBL are sewers which are entitled by names of the messengers of the Gambia, that that is all a prelude to the build up to speak about the most favorite or the best or the seed of prophethood. Thus, you find numerous references or inferences inside the Quran, that all of the messengers who existed before came to testify to his truthfulness,

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or to prophesize the coming of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam that you find in a hadith is Narrated by Abu Huraira. Inside Buhari in the monarchy of Khartoum gonna begin. So the Lord so I'm speaking about the virtues. And the blessings of the final prophet Muhammad salatu salam mentioned is that his Hadith in messily commercial MBA, probably my parable and the parable of the prophets who came before me, can muscley Raju Lin burner Beighton is an example of a person who built a house built a great big palace. And everything inside this building is beautiful, is complete. In Lebanon were hidden, except for one brick is missing. Everything in this building is complete. But one brick is

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missing. And people are saying if only this one brick had been slotted in its place, that this building would have been complete. That is the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, that is a seal of Prophethood he completes the building of what was established before all of the Gambia, all of messengers came before he beautifies the house completes the house and complete paradise as well. Because we know that the gates of paradise won't open until he arrives there. And the angels are waiting there for the arrival of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam and it will give him the ultimate permission, those will go for him and then the ultimate intercession will be granted to him. But

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prior to that he will show his obedience, of praising and remembering Allah subhanahu wa to Allah that we find. And as inside the Surah, if on this context is quite clear, there is not just about a prophet of mercy and compassion, that many times that we spoken about. There's also another side of the Prophet Allah also that many of us have forgotten about his life. The striving and struggling so many of them have called the surah Emblica theory mamsa decided to see don't just call it surah Muhammad, they call it Surah to return the surah of physically fighting is a difference between a jihad and Alcatel locaton was Sharon that some of us begin to overlap these two terminologies. Jihad

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is a genuine struggle that we find. The Quran is quite unique and precise when it speaks about fighting it uses cotton, Alcatel speaks clearly about it. So people can't hide behind terminology. You say no, this means jihad. It doesn't mean that it means a physical combat warfare that exists inside the Quran and highlights the Prophet alayhi salatu salam that he has to strive against him when an ummah compare that we find what yeah, he don't be Jihad and Kabira strive against him by the use of the Quran. And then later on, Wahhabi didn't mean in turn, inspired the believers in Medina and Frey phase that we find that is important to read the seer of the prophet Elijah from the first

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13 years in the Moroccan period, being passive being tested, overlooking certain things and then the 10 years inside Medina, the Medina and civilization does read the Surah Surah Muhammad the 47th Surah, then the following Surah alpha to the 48 surah. Then Superleggera, the 49, surah. These are all muddied and sutras. And the crux of all the sutras is the establishment of the stomach society. It's not just going to come as some of us think it just got to be some fair game fair preaching, there's going to be moments of difficulties, there's going to be obstacles, there's going to be moments whereby we have to override our nerves and accept certain teaching the existence of the

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Quran, not to over come them not to place our hands over them not to shy away from them say these passages don't exist inside the Quran. Or these passages don't mean this inside the Quran. Or this wasn't the way of the Prophet alayhi salam he highlighted clearly that my risk my sustenance has been placed underneath my spear. It's been placed underneath my spear what is the context? What does that mean? That is going to be moments where he strove in his struggle 28 battles that he participated in, or he sent out is the seed of the Prophet and it's time that we need to read inside the lives and read the meaning of the Quran to understand this focus of the prophet Isaiah and just

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like we read, as we spoke about social media, so to Muzammil, so to do her, so to share, all speaking about the Prophet alayhi salatu salam in American phase. Now read the sutras in the Medina and face how they describe them.

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Okay, at least not to slam that we find. So the surah has two basic themes. As you mentioned, either the prophet Ali alayhi salatu salam, the Prophet Muhammad Salam, o al Kitab. Both of these are the main two themes inside the surah that we find. The time of Revelation is Surah rhythm of Aruna Quran mentioned is either straight after butter, and just before or heard. So the whole context helps us to understand when we read this is what is taking place straight after butter, butter and the build up of that we find that once again, they have to return back to the battlefield and some people are going to pose these questions just like in today's world, people asked us questions. What Why is

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Allah written down upon us? Why is fighting written upon us? Why is hijab written upon us? Why is prayer written upon us? Why is this written upon us? That's the common question that we find not from atheists or people who reject God from amongst Muslims ask these questions, even basic elementary questions. Why why is there five daily prayers? Why do we have to pray? Why should we pray? Why can I pray in the way I want to pray? Our understanding, proximity and closeness to to God to Allah subhanaw taala this is what this society does, it infiltrates our mind, our perception of those things which are crystal clear inside the Quran, the even practicing Muslims, they find it

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They find it offensive that if a person says something about this is the law of Allah, they go to another extreme. No, this person may be speak about rebelling against governments and regimes and people. See what see what the kuffaar have done. What they've instilled in our mind. That the minute you speak about the law of Allah, you take it to the opposite extreme, that this person may be a rebellious individual. He is making duck fiddle hokum. He's rejecting the leaders, he's speaking out against the leaders. This is what they call brainwashing inside our brains. That's what they've done. So at the minute sermon says that we should rule by the book of Allah, Muslim go to the

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extreme. And that's what they've done instilled in our mind, we should all be working towards the context of that the belief of a Muslim in in hook more into dilla. The hook and belongs to Allah, who come here is clear, is explicit, of governance of ruling, it belongs to Allah subhanaw taala. As we know, it doesn't mean that every time that we should be preaching about this by should be in the back of our mind, that the real essence of change inside of society, is that when the Hohokam and the Sultan, by Therefore, many are mentioned by a desire to be Eddie Sutton. Let me talk a little bit here the Quran, that which can be changed by the hand of the Sultan cannot even be done by the

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Quran. What does that statement mean? It means that when a person in the physical power believes in the Quran, they can have a great big impact in changing society. That's what it means. just reciting the Quran won't change society, memorize the Quran won't change society. These are all good things. Don't get me wrong, we should be doing these things. But the ultimate goal of the Quran that many elements are fussy to spoken about, as you mentioned many times what do they entitle they works at the Faasil camel Quran, rules and injunctions and regulations of the Quran. Why did they title their books, camel Quran? How will it come back? How is it going to be plausible, this has become passive

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tacit individuals in society and just turned a blind eye to everything. There is a struggle. There is not just about wealth, creating wealth inside society, they speak about generation wealth. Generation of means that the wealth carries on. It's not just temporary that we just live for today. Gather some wealth for today. And that's it is generation wealth. It goes from generation to generation. That's what knowledge and it should be generation knowledge is preparing, equipping for tomorrow. Equipping ourselves for tomorrow, what's going to take place and inspiring ourselves inside this when that inspiration is lost and we become what we're facing in the face of the

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downtrodden us that we continue to face inside our lives. And that's Allah panda begins the surah Alladhina tofu was subdue unsavoury Li and then the Amanda whom is the only surah Allah begins with a Latina tofu the those who disbelieve the all the other times or the Quran kuliah you will Cafe rune, we Allah addresses the disbelieving individuals about their disbelief in Allah subhanaw taala. And then Allah is proud to go straight into the topic to speak about these individuals was so do unstability Allah, they prevent people from the Path of Allah Subhana Allah Allah, Allah Allah Allah Allah whom Allah has made their actions to be wasted, to not be accepted by Allah Subhana Allah.

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Then Allah mentions when Latina ermine, why middle solidarity with the man who Zilla Allah Muhammad will call me Robin to Fran who say Tim was La Bella home and he speaks about the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, those who believe and carry out righteous actions were Armand will be no Zilla Allah Muhammad they believe in that when you sit down upon Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam you find inside the Quran Allah Subhana Allah normally speaks as Rasul unabIe but for places inside the Quran

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Allah speaks in the past tense in a third person tense speaks about using the name Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam once inside the surah and three other places inside the Quran and he uses the name Amod inside Surah SFX. If you study all these locations inside the Quran where Allah speaks about the prophet Elijah in the following surah in South Sudan, Allah mentioned speaking about Muhammad Rasul Allah will lead in the matter a sheet that will refer you to hammer obey, known to Rohan Rocha and suggested that we find Muhammad Rasul Allah will lead in the matter a shader will prefer the Rama obey no, Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah, those who are with him and around him. They are

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stern and harsh towards the disbelievers, a merciful and compassionate towards the believing individuals inside Zoopla has that said he said chapter Quran

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Muhammad Rasul Allah if I remember him but Allah Rasool, Allah Bron y Muhammad, ala Rasulillah, Coconut Milk Company, Russell, who is Muhammad some except for messenger and many messengers, they came before him. If he used to be slaves, he used to be killed. Are you going to turn back on your heels? Are you going to turn away from the message of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, and so Salah has said that we find the Prophet Muhammad is the father of any man amongst you.

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Look at his revelation from Allah stranda none of his sons lived

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the Quran prophesizes he's never going to be the father of any man. He only had four daughters. Three of them, they died in his lifetime and Fatima died off six months after the death of the demise. So the Prophet alayhi salatu salam does prophesy from Allah Subhana Allah, that he doesn't control his life. He wept about losing his sons losing his daughters during his life for his daughters, you know, so you read about his personality that you see the striving to struggling the hardship the difficulties he went through. You have to conclude conclude just as it sort of last up is nothing but praise of the prophet Elijah cannula configure a solid day Oh, certain Hasina. Into

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in his conduct his behavior for you to emulate to copy he never crumbled in his life.

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He had moments inside his life as a human being at those moments he may have reflected he wept he cried, he thought about it. But you know, deep down inside his heart was nor a powerful nor a powerful light existed within him. Therefore even in Warford fit he never said to his companions, fans have unto call you and your companions for Katella dude, you can't fight. We're going to stand here remain here. I thought Bani Israel, they said to Musa alayhis salam. They said no, he went with his companions. he strove and he struggled with them. The fifth he was there with them at all times. If and when fighting became severe and harsh

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companions with what would they do, they would come behind the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, they will seek protection behind him. As I'm telling you the Shema al Muhammadiyah mentioned he was given a string for 30 Min. About the reward that we find some weak narrations got exposed to extreme motive 100 men,

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but Allah called che 30 minutes strength of 30 Min was given to the prophet Elijah to sit down. When he wore his shoe, when he always armor he wouldn't back down. He wouldn't weaken. He wouldn't become a weak person, weak individual, he would go out for front that's the Prophet Allah is not to sit and read those narration that describe him. When a company's had a noise inside Medina and they came out to listen what the sound was, who was riding back, riding a horse, without a saddle,

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was riding back and saying to his companion, be at peace, be at rest, who was it is the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, he never sent soldiers out to go and see what was taking place. I was like This harmless. He was himself. It was himself that you wrote up to see what this commotion was. That's what you call true leaders. True statesman, true people who have conviction in something that's the benchmark we should be looking at because around us this world is fast, crumbling, fast crumbling around us. That's what I've got. I mentioned Regia hidden Sudoku. I had ally ally for minuman Cadorna hippo who will make no money on top, but dulu tab dealer read about Sefa to region inside

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the Quran. In surah. Allah has there been other pages so to know who are real men, real men are those individuals strong determination, strong focus inside the life of achieving and want to achieve something and do something with their lives. And even you don't make that achievement inside their lives. When my buddy solutab dealer, they never changed their desire. They never change aspiration, maybe obstacles KB never achieved the end result. But that aspiration, that inspiration inside the heart it remained with them until they meet Allah subhanho wa taala. And as you find if you look at the context of all these, if you mentioned, you could safely conclude the context of all

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these four If we speak about Muhammad, in the third person, they all speak about warfare. They all speak about striving and struggling. That's what this is speaking about. And you're all establishing his profit, your profit or salary all establishing his prophethood

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That's why it's very important to understand the context of IR inside the Quran. How Allah's practice uses certain words or mentioned certain things and his struggle inside his surah Allah mentions yo yo Latina Avenue in turn Salah on Surah Kumagaya submit Akadama calm

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and we just sit there kangaroo to happen like this, this will happen that will happen or just let the boat flow.

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This is not the methodology of the Quran. You ladina Amaroo internshala Yong Soo como it's a bit academica if you help Allah aid the deen of Allah, you make your effort, Allah doesn't need our efforts. But this is what Allah has placed this on his of you do these actions. Allah will aid you and help you. When you submit academic calm, I will make your heart your feet firm on the ground, establish your faith, establish your conviction. So the more that we can away from our faith, the more that we week away from practicing our faith, the more difficulties or obstacles that is masoumeh will continue to face and these are individuals that Allah mentioned about these

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individuals Delica the way of it Yeah, you'll add up to Allah wa T or Rasul.

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The only way to gain this steadfastness is obey Allah and then obey the messenger. That's the only way to gain steadfastness inside our life, obey the commandments inside the Quran, and then obey the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, and then Allah mentioned that it could be in Allah mode and Medina and Manu. When you're following the path of Allah Subhana Allah, then Allah is the moolah Allah is the Protector for net mon Mola when it Manasi in another patients are the Quran. He's the best protector the best a the best helper. You know, when you have Allah on your side, you have nothing to worry about. That's why today we're worried. We don't have Allah on our side. We don't have Allah on our

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side because we deal in riba we did an alcohol we did in Haram, we deal with all types of vices and sins. So Allah subhanaw taala is basically is not on our side. That's how simple it is. But the more that we traverse on the path, on being on the side of Allah Subhana Allah will be what in our aid, Allahu Allah, you Latina Manu, your regimen of Umatilla nor Allah Allah is a Wally is a protector is a friend of those who believe. He takes him out the realms of darknesses and he brings him to the note of Allah Subhana Allah. The hell it could be and Allah Mola Lavina Amman, Wanda Katherina la Mola home and as for those who disbelieve they have no protector, no aid or systems that these

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individuals they have no protector that Allah mentioned in the LADEE Natadola Adam Gouda Taqwa home, those who strive in the way of Allah subhanaw taala who exert their efforts, Allah is proud to increase them in guidance. Why tell them Taqwa home and grants them piety? God grants him consciousness, devotion and commitment towards him subhanaw taala and his guidance on Earth as you mentioned many times the Quran doesn't leave us in his obsolete world. You know, we just carry on doing these things. What is there for me? You know, the Quran uses the language entices us. Allah Subhana Allah knows what he's crazy Allah Ya Allah woman Halak, what will the people be? Does not

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Allah know what he's created? Allah Hunter doesn't know what he's created. And as he mentioned, Master agenda tility War Adel Motoko. So now Allah mentioned that what is he the Jana has promised for the Moutoku inspiration for us. That is not all doom and gloom at the end. They you strive and struggle of what's going to be given to you Allah gives these promises woman has stuck with me and Allah Hadith a woman has stuck with me Anna Lee, who's more truthful in speech than Allah Subhana Allah, Allah promises the pious individuals, Paradise, gardens, rivers, and as rivers Allah discuss here and how Roman mine Haiti as seen in four types of rivers are mentioned that have given us that

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paradise the believing individuals

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and contaminated water, rivers of water, pure water, no contamination, no fills. You don't need a filter. You don't need something to purify that water. It's pure water that's going to be given inside paradise. Then Allah mentions what haram in Lebanon la Mitaka your top mu and milk that desert become sour on easy with desert go off. pure milk is given inside paradise one Hiram Cameron, let that in the sherry bean and rivers of wine. Let's that initially been a beautiful taste for those who drink it. We give it inside paradise. And finally we find what Holloman acid Mustafa and then rivers of honey. pure honey we given won't be I mean call Lisa Murat and every types of fruits

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we give it to us individuals are more clear to me Robbie him and forgiveness from Allah subhanho wa Taala and in the beginning of surah Allah gives us a shout out while your diploma janitor or Rafa Allah whom we entered them into paradise that they know about it.

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As if to say that these believing individuals who's striving and struggling, they know what their end destination is knowing what the reward is going to be.

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So as if they're just returning back home, they're returning back to what is our real home. As I mentioned, welcome to our demo stalker one, one Metatron Illa when you're all units air for a small span of time, this this is not our real home. So these these individuals they know they know their gardens, they know they paradise they know the home. So they just make that journey back to Allah Subhana Allah, and then his ultimate reward is given how Allah describes this are the sort of fat and no La Ilaha illa Allah was stuck Fridley them bigger will mean in a minute, will Allah Allah Momota Collabra como Warmoth welcome the greatest way to get to Jana to paradise for a no La Ilaha

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illa Allah have knowledge that none has a right to be worshipped except for Allah subhanaw taala that's why I'm Sadie highlight some eight or nine points how to understand what the Tauheed the belief of Allah is inside itself See, how to get close to Los pantalla. To firstly to study a smile was deferred the laser pantalla to study the names and attributes of Allah Subhana Allah is the most strongest ways of knowing who Allah subhanaw taala is that you know His names and his attributes. Now too many of us we studied, it becomes a becomes a tertiary reading of should apply to defame people to derail people. The real essence of studying names and attributes of Allah span Garhwali

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lead, smell Prusiner for the Rubia to Allah belongs about Beautiful Names attributes implore upon Allah. Ask Allah by these beautiful names and attributes, ask him make dua to him. So these names and attributes of Allah kind of the more that you know, the names and attributes of Allah Hunter, the more stronger you're born, your relationship becomes with Allah subhanho wa Taala as we find more stock friendly than big,

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then why does Allah mentioned seek forgiveness for your sins? If you know Allah subhanaw taala Why do you need to seek seek forgiveness for your sins? Because many runaway retirement I don't remember the highlighted that no matter what peak you reach inside your life, what peak you reach inside your life, you are still going to be a sinful individual under concept we have Tinder you're deficient in fulfilling the rights of Allah subhanaw taala even you don't sin in major sin, we are all deficient. That's an artist Salah we say a stock for Allah three times why this deficiency, this corruption, this negligence, we're never going to read that peak. But Allah just wants us to make the effort and

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to recognize the inner deficiency, that I'm still trying my best. That's what Allah wants to see that this servant of Mine is trying his best was stuck. Really don't become one minute, one minute and seek forgiveness for the brethren around you. Don't shun people away. Don't shun them away, make make dua for people around you, that Allah guide them, rectify their affairs, make them become good Muslim good people. That's why you find the person who hears the message, become more stronger and understand that message. The one who initially conveyed the message is a Hadith of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam that's what I find that just conveyed the message, that someone may hear that

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message and take it more strongly than us inside their lives and become more committed to Allah subhanho wa Taala and then his main source

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of his knowledge Allah mentioned Africa yet the brutal Quran Allah colubrid Aqua dua why don't they ponder over the Quran? That's the main source of understanding everything about Allah Subhana Allah is to dobro Quran Kitab when unza No Ilica Mubarak would be A WA T will yet at the camera above key terrible MOBA rockin. This is a blessed book that we sit down upon you, Lea W. T, you may ponder and reflect over these iron Imam and hustle bustle you mentioned the web, the YouTube TV that you implement the Ayat of Allah Subhana Allah, Allah Allah yet at the bottom of Quran, Allah Allahu Akbar Allah. Allah didn't say on the on the heart on the heart is just one shakin one chain. One

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padlock on there. Allah said Oxford were many chains. Many shackles are placed upon the person who doesn't reflect over the Quran, who doesn't live with the Quran on a daily basis. There's the more and more the HA it becomes colourable Allah Kulu Ibrahim, Ron Don't be mad can we get this wrong? This dust this filter comes upon their hearts who you find a person who misses three Juma add three jewels in a row consecutively without any other without no excuse is not sick is not traveling. What happens to the individual Allah sees that person's heart sees the heart. That's insane. These are the salah mentioned Tabouleh columbium Allah is imprinted on their heart stamped on their hearts.

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That's a sad state of affairs. That someone's heart becomes stamped become seen that nothing trinkets into the heart everything about

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Life is dead, but the heart is lost. That's what these are called. What break these shackles the padlock. There's many padlocks and all of our hearts, the padlocks of desires, whims, the dunya, the world, family, whatever it may be all of these are shackles that come over our heart and our mind. That is shroud does that cover us that blurry image player, a life where we want to head towards and as a continuous struggle that we need to break inside our lives. And then Allah mentioned that those people who don't who just as we mentioned, despise what Allah is prime data has sent down. And he mentioned that there are some Muslims, as we began with who despise what Allah has pointed out,

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there's nothing wrong with saying that this is something hard. That's all of us human beings to get up for further, let's not beat about the bush to get up three o'clock in the morning and a summer's day, it's not easy. And then to pray isha 11 o'clock at night, then too fast for 1415 up to 17 hours in a day. It's not easy, but a person doesn't despise it. Person acknowledge that this is something hard to do. But when a person questions it, and say, and once the question, why is Allah telling us to do this? That's what really spoke about different examples. For example, a person who commits a sin. For example, a person may Allah forbid, commit Zina inside their life. And you ask that

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question, why did you commit Zina last desires? environment around me got the better of me? Who are our sin? He's a he's a person who's a disobedient individual. Am I the person who never committed Zina in their life? Rocky Sula. hada never ever committed Zina inside their life, never committed, said What's wrong with committing Zina? One who asked that question, that why are we not allowed to do it? What's wrong? We do never never does it in their life. Never done it in their life, but simply says that, why is it haram? Why is it forbidden? There's nothing wrong with doing it. I don't want to do it. That person will leave the fold of Islam in comparison to the person who may do it

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and acknowledge all of us have that weakness, of desire, that temptation, whatever it may be sacrilege. That's how accurate the Sharia is. And that's the onslaught we're facing at the moment that Muslims are posing these questions inside our society. Why is this? Why is this inside the Quran? Why is it like that? The feminism, preaching at the moment Muslim women are saying that the liberal rights my free rights were equal, how are men equal to women? The Quran says what a sadaqa? Who can answer the Quran says that a man is not equal to the woman. And who knows feministic books that everyone printed from the 1960s that we find all those women who wrote those books. When I

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wrote a new version of books, 20 years later, they said we were wrong.

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They said I moved over not having children in my life.

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The leaders of feminist movement, they said I mourn. I mourn, I never children in my life. I never the family. And I've had a unit that the same women that in the 1963 6467, who wrote these books that created this feministic movement are facing today at the moment, 6070 years old lady later that we find they say that we feel regret, we were remorseful. So they were they themselves say that to take care of the home to fend for the home to look after the home. This is the natural role of the women of the woman. Studies have been done, that those engrossed inside their work inside their career.

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Something like 55 or 60% of them are unhappy with their lives.

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They are unhappy that these are not our statistics. This is not Muslim clerics preaching. This is their own research, that they have concluded that these Muslim these women are not happy in their lives. Because they they're missing the family unit. They're missing children. They're missing raising children. Having children is a natural sunnah that Allah placed inside there. There is a concept of equality in Islam. That means each have their own roles. The roles don't overlap.

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The roles don't overlap. They separate entities, separate roles, each has their own reward given by Allah subhanho wa taala. The only could be care you may under the law.

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That's because they despise that which Allah Subhana Allah has said that the believers say they've only the oh they said make a statement. They've only a suit had been sent down. Remember I said either this Surah Surah, Mohammed tourism or any iron, speaking about what further Uzi only that surah

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was Bokeria female kita.

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Where as we began with the Quran is categorically clear. If an idea comes down, a verse comes down, and the word the verb or the usage of pital is mentioned in Saudi right AlLadhina ficolo Yun Runa alayka natrual mushy middle boat they're looking at the death has appeared in front of them just like some Muslims today, just as we began with if you mentioned Kitaen as if death has appeared in front of him. How how can people exist inside the Quran? This is a medieval practice. This is abrogated. This doesn't exist anymore. We should speak about

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out this is the 21st century so modern world. These are two German Suha which are abrogated from previously they don't apply today anymore. This is the same concept the Quran, it stays for all time. It stays for old people, but because we don't understand the Quran or language of the Quran, now there are monks here aiming for Allah Allah who then Allah mentioned will

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not animal Mujahideen I mean come was Sabrina, when the blue bar come. We're going to test you see Who amongst you are patient, those who strive and we're going to we're going to disclose your hidden affairs. We're going to bring it out. That's the inside the sewer is nothing but speaking about this disbelieving individuals or the hypocrites look at the amount of punishment inside the surah some 12 different references are de la Milan for tat salaam wa de la mallam the mandala Allah him wonder Katherina la moda LA home one na rumus Allahu Taala columbium la anomala

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for the young ferula home, look how many times in this suit of 38 verses how Allah continuously speaks about these kofod These disbelieving individuals these hypocritical individuals who fighting against a Prophet alayhi salatu salam even more humiliation the elimination common we're calling of winner was suku was so cool man Hanuman for kata and

00:31:19--> 00:31:21

then we pull down upon this boiling water

00:31:22--> 00:32:04

that's given to these individuals and it burns air rips open their intestines is a punishment given to an individual for some mom absorbed from Allah Hi let's make some deaf and dumb these individuals. Then again Allah mentions okay for either to refer to Mala Mala aka your duty buena will do him at battle. How will it be when the death comes upon these individuals and the angel be smiting their backs and their faces, taking them returning them back to Allah subhanho wa Taala and as we find out, this penetration the world around us has penetrated many of us Muslims, that life is just play and amusement and enjoying ourselves Allah then goes on to mention about how this life

00:32:04--> 00:32:40

becomes pump and play an amusement. But prior to that we need to highlight the concept is mentioned that if certain verses existence or the Quran, or certain cool is given, or certain encouragement is given? Why do some of us muslims inside a Muslim society find it offensive inside our lives? Or quickly try to address a turn flip the coin and say this is calling towards this type of preaching or this type of thought of Islam. Let's just say for argument's sake because we're just really too much theoretical knowledge. That's what we do academia. We don't have practicalities inside like if someone says something right that there's no jihad in the face at all. There's no email there's no

00:32:40--> 00:32:54

one there's no healer for there's no distance now that time not well, could we accept all of this? We accept all of this. There is no Khalifa there is no leader there's no one email, there's no unity, there is nothing we accept all of this. So what does that mean? Now?

00:32:56--> 00:33:34

Let us study us as human beings. The Quran says we're a doula muster talk to me Oh wah, wah, we will be back in high. For answers. Were a doula who must have taught them while I do illustrate that yet. ecoblend. Seven, prepare yourself. Where's that? Where's our preparation? Have you began with passive nation, we become passive people. So people say we need to do this, oh, he must be like this type of Muslim. Because this is what they've instilled in our brain in our mind, that any form of thought of perception or preparation, that's what we should be looking at. We've accepted all your scenario that you've mentioned, technically, we accept all of it. But that doesn't deny the fact

00:33:35--> 00:33:52

that it needs to be some form of preparation, just like you prepare spiritually inside your life. You need to prepare yourself exactly how the Prophet is. And he told us to prepare ourselves that Muslim is always prepared is always equipped. Not this shallow understanding. We don't have this, we don't have that. What does it lead to?

00:33:53--> 00:34:32

It leads to weakening. That's almost mentioned in the Manhyia to dunya. Allah, Allah one. Indeed, this word in nothing about play in the music, reading the Quran, how many times Allah mentioned this, a number higher to dunya la Bucha la one. Indeed, this was played at amusement, another person who will hire to dunya, this world that deceived them, and I don't wanna have a rant about what's taking place at the moment. But you know, just to help us to understand $222 billion has been spent. I'm not gonna have a rant about what's right, what's wrong. But how much of that money, they've done a great service, and the future will tell our beneficiaries been, but it shows we have the money. We

00:34:32--> 00:34:59

have the money. We have the capability but you don't have the wind. If $222 billion can be spent in creating something of life balletto I don't want to burst anybody's bubble. But the reality down the debt juggler, we're not going to be asked about his things. If you want to entertain yourself in sports, as we all do, there's nothing wrong with it. But understand the greater picture of creating a generation is not the sports and games

00:35:00--> 00:35:38

That's not what the perfect reason was about sports and games. Yes, it's, it's a certain means of certain goodness that exists inside the world. But it's not the old end. It's not the old purpose, that certain things are created everything this This must be what Islamic and personally it's always a great start it shows who the enemies are. It clearly shows who the enemies are, that if somebody does want to do something good, or something good has been done. And it showed that why can't we take a stance? Why are we such weak, passive individuals? We live in this country we follow the rules and regulations. So they should equally follow our rules and regulations when it comes to our

00:35:38--> 00:36:15

environment. Why should we become passive individuals, weak individuals, just start they want to stand up for a cause when they go there we should stand up for our cause. We don't believe in the things that you're you're you're instilling inside our family in our children and our minds we don't believe in these things. lacantina camaleon You have your own way of life we have our own way of life. And as we find a numerous paths inside the Quran, Allah describes what Latina come through yet mr. Tarun, we are coluna Kimata Aquila. And I'm not describes people just worried about the dunya is so derogatory inside the Quran that just eat and drink and you find that these individual glucometer

00:36:15--> 00:36:30

cooler and am Allah described the eat just like cattle eat you know, so derogatory. You know, Allah mentioned that the console to room yeah and a Munna via Hera mineral hierarchy dunya womb, Anil Arcada. To whom coffee Don't they know everything about this world?

00:36:31--> 00:36:33

They so unique accurate about this world?

00:36:35--> 00:36:37

But what is it the luck? Well whom and to whom?

00:36:38--> 00:36:39

The heedless.

00:36:40--> 00:37:07

The end of these individuals may Allah forbid what is it going to be? As I mentioned what occurred the rally Johanna McCarthyism, middle Imola, genuine ins. So many people are gonna go to jahannam for amongst agenda the human beings, they have the eyes to see that the ears to hear that the heart to comprehend the mind to understand. But no, they did derailed away from the path of Allah subhanaw taala and as we find in confusion and loss brothers who speaks about that will load up under you want to move for Quran

00:37:08--> 00:37:38

that Allah is all rich want to move away or were impoverished when need of Allah? We should never become full of vessels or I'm a good Muslim. I do this. I've done this. I've done that inside my life. Well, lo Look honey, Allah is Rich, doesn't need our Ibadah doesn't need us. That's what I'm sorry to see. You mentioned that we couldn't have that in all of our stations or we're in a state of *er. We're in a state of need. There's another place that sort of fall. And I mentioned your your nurse and Tamil Fukuro with Allah Walla Walla Valley, you Hamid

00:37:40--> 00:37:49

Allah in Surah, five to 35th Chapter Allah says, interest is the main cause of all of mankind. Yeah, your nurse and Tamil Fukuro in Allah all if you're poor,

00:37:51--> 00:38:03

you're poor in front of Allah Subhana Allah Walla Walla, Honeyville, Hamid, Allah is all rich, self sufficient as no need the one who deserves All praise belongs to Allah Subhana Allah, then Allah then and mentors went to follow your step, the

00:38:05--> 00:38:06

third icon

00:38:07--> 00:38:16

if you turn away, then Allah is trying to bring a new people about you know, this is our problem as a Muslim society. We're so full of ourselves.

00:38:17--> 00:38:50

We think that we're so chosen was so special, but sooner to lay it out. See how different generations different people different continents, different tribes different nations, how they begin to come towards Islam that you turn away Allah bring a new people there are so many of the worlds that diversity speaks about that when it's I was sent down the Companions asked what are the mean are we are we know there's companies out there and a professor he put his hand on the shoulder of Superman authority. And he said this word is referring to that as you turn away, that there's going to be other people. There's gonna be other people who are going to reignite this faith. We

00:38:50--> 00:39:03

ignite this conviction towards Allah subhanaw taala that's all the mentors who told me the EULA Dena Amaroo may attack them in command D. Whoever monkey turns away from his Dean for Sophia Dillo. Be calm in your head, boom, boom, now, Allah bring a new people

00:39:04--> 00:39:13

that they will, they will love him they will love Allah and Allah will will love them. And then the characteristics are the Latin element meaning is that in Allah carefree, they going to be humble,

00:39:15--> 00:39:51

graceful, to the believers, stern and harsh when it concerns a disbelieving individuals uj doing a fee sebelah wala Yah ha funa Loma Tala. And they're going to strive and struggle throughout the lives while I have food and all metal and you don't worry about the blame of the people going to blame them. And just a disclaimer, we're not here crate trying to create atmosphere or go and rebel and fight against people and do this and do that. That's not what the intent here is, is to instill inside our minds in the back of our minds that Islam is a great big flame. Don't just take certain strands of the of the of the framing just hold that in your life and say this is the only element of

00:39:51--> 00:39:52


00:39:53--> 00:40:00

is a great big flame, a burning flame that we understand the power of Islam and how it spreads and how new

00:40:00--> 00:40:12

Each spread and how the effort we need to make to keep that light of Allah kind of spreading up on the face of this earth may Allah kind of give us all the Tofik and ability to live true to the words of the Quran and the Sunnah of the Prophet Allah is not to slam it